Ebony girl with nice ass takes on big dicks

Ebony girl with nice ass takes on big dicks
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"Well, I'd better get going," said Paula's mother with a warm smile. "I have a lot of things to do downtown if we're going on that picnic tomorrow." Paula looked at her attractive thirty-eight-year old mother from where she lay stretched out on a blanket, on the soft grass by the side of the pool.

"Do you want me to come along, Mom?" Her mother glanced at her husband lounging in a deck chair beside his daughter's blanket, then smiled at Paula.

"You both look much too comfortable for me to disturb you. You keep your father company. I have to stop by the hospital too, and visit Mrs. Barker, so I'll be most of the afternoon. When I get back you can help me get supper ready." "Okay, Mom." "Goodbye, dear," said Paula's father.

Thank goodness she's gone, thought Paula, fidgeting restlessly on the soft blanket. Now I can get a chance to really talk to. Dad without her making me look like a child. What's the matter with her anyway? You'd think that she could see that I'm grown up. One shy oriental luscious hottie gets pussy smashed for sure, I'll never treat my daughter like that when I'm thirty-eight.

Dad is so different. He treats me like a woman, and gosh is he ever good looking! He should have been a movie star. I wonder what it'd be like to be kissed by him a real kiss, I mean, not a fatherly peck on the cheek. Heather said you can always tell if a man is a good lover by the way he kisses. I wonder where she heard that. "Hey, young lady. What are you so deep in thought about?" her father asked, grinning at her.

"You look like you have all the problems of the world, resting on those beautiful white shoulders of yours." Paula blushed, wondering fake mom cherie deville in impregnated by my stepcronys son a moment if he was reading her thoughts. A strange and exciting tingle swirled through her almost naked body as she thought of telling her father what she'd really been thinking. Would he really kiss her plunge his tongue deep into her mouth the way a man kisses a woman?

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Paula laughed, her young femininity asserting itself. "Besides, I don't have white shoulders. Look I've got a really good tan!" Her father looked. As the precocious girl pushed down the top of the scanty material that encased her taut young buttocks, she revealed a strip of snow white, girlishly taut belly.

But more than that she also displayed her fringe of golden pubic hair for her father's eager eyes to gaze upon. He looked amused, but Paula was quick to notice he was undeniably aroused as well. She could see his excited cock was making a considerable bulge in the front of his trousers.

The thought that she had caused that gave Paula a sense of power and confidence. "Sure, honey, you have a beautiful tan," her father replied in a low, intimate voice that made Paula feel weak and wonderfully warm in the pit at her belly. "But you didn't answer my question what were you thinking about?

Your boyfriend, maybe…" Paula shook her head, her golden hair flouncing about her shoulders, and smiled up at her handsome father in a provocative way. "You guessed wrong." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No!" "You're a very beautiful girl. There must be all kinds of boys wanting to be your boyfriend." "Well… sure! I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one." But Paula suddenly didn't want to talk about boys, or even think about them, and she quickly changed the subject.

"After all, I am eighteen. But you wouldn't know it around here, where you get treated like a kid all the time." "I don't treat you like a kid, do I, honey? I don't think of you as one." Paula was aware of her father's eyes running over her voluptuous, golden tanned figure in an intense, meaningful way. She forced herself to meet her father's direct, oddly exciting gaze. Tremors of arousal teased her already swollen pussy, which she'd been gently caressing just before he came out to the poolside and sat with her.

She didn't quite know what was happening but she followed the instinctive wishes of her sensuous flesh. She parted her pretty mouth in a half-smile as her firm-fleshed hips gave a subtle deliberate wriggle on the blanket on which she lay.

"No Daddy. Not you. You treat me the way I want to be treated. I was thinking of Mom and my brother. A whole year older big deal! I'm so glad Dennis is over at his friend's house for the afternoon and Mom has gone shopping. I get so little chance to be with you, without someone else butting in." "I know how you feel, honey.

I'd like to spend a lot of time with you as two adults," her father continued, encouraged by Paula's obvious response to his lewd stare. "It's a mistake to treat teenagers like children. When a girl has the body of an adult, she's entitled to be treated as an adult." "Oh Daddy! I'm so glad to hear you say that!" Paula exclaimed. "Now if you'll excuse me, honey, I'll fix another drink. One for you too. A light one." Her father strolled toward the poolside bar, his dark eyes never leaving Paula's trim shapely buttock as he dropped ice into two glasses and filed them from a bottle.

Unresolved questions churned in Paula's brain. Was the drink suggestion an intentional play to loosen any reservations she might have? At the same time she wondered if her father could possibly be so brash as to be considering the possibility of seducing his daughter. The idea that he might be thinking such a thing made the lips of her cunt moisten until the crotch of her skimpy bikini panties were wet.

Paula watched with a half-smile on her face as her father came toward her. His gaze was fixed on the mounds of her budding tits, jutting from her brief halter like two fully ripened peaches. "Here you are, angel," he said to Paula as he handed her the tall glass. He stretched out alongside her on the blanket, instead of sitting back down on the deck chair.

As if by accident, his hand brushed along the sculptured curve of Paula's bare thigh. As casual as his touch was, Paula felt her flesh break out in excited goose bumps in response to the contact she knew was deliberate. Paula knew all too well how boys liked to feel her legs. Now and then one of them managed to get his hand up under her dress. And during a slow dance at a party, a boy would hold her close against him and rub his solid erection against her pussy mound. But never had this aroused her to such a peak of desire as now, as her father's hand brushed against her leg.

She felt unequipped to deal with such an intense emotion. "Thanks Daddy," she said, nervously taking a large swig of the potent drink he had handed her. Her father sipped his own drink slowly, his dark eyes fixed upon Paula's curvaceous figure, and she watched a licentious little recent sextual story at galsi playing around his mouth.


There was no doubt in her mind that his light touch had been deliberate, and she felt certain he wasn't going to stop there.

He rolled onto his side so that he lay only inches from Paula's firm, sun-tanned flesh. His hand reached over and he caressed her knee in a friendly, paternal way. At once Paula's smooth flesh began to quiver beneath his lingering fingers and she knew her horny father was gloating to himself at the progress he was making. He paused for a second, ever so gradually feeling Paula's silken-skinned knees, then moved further up along her leg. "But sweetheart, you never answered my question…" "Wh-what?" It wasn't easy for Paula seema bhabhi ki x story sex stories full concentrate on anything but her father's sensuous hand feeling her naked leg.

Urgent waves of desire shot from her leg to every nerve-ending in her hotly aroused young body, as she stared at her half empty glass to avoid meeting her father's lust filled eyes. "What were you thinking about?

A few minutes ago, when you got that faraway look in your eyes?" As he spoke, her father placed his free hand on, Paula's soft cheek and turned her face toward his, staring deeply into her soft brown eyes. The intensity of Paula's expression unnerved him for a moment. Being a child of the sexual revolution, the bikini-clad girl was curious and eager to develop her sexuality, rather than feeling fear and guilt, over her body's healthy change toward womanhood. "Well, I was… I was thinking about what my girl friend Heather told me." "And what was that?" her father asked, his tone low and intimate.

Paula could feel the strong drink loosening her up. But she was quite aware of her father's hand moving from her cheek to caress the softness of her upper arm, then feel its way quite freely along her thigh.

"What did your friend Heather tell you?" Her father's voice was a whisper in her ear, his face so close to him that her golden hair brushed against his cheek. "Tell me…" "She said… you can tell how good a lover a man is by how good he kisses." As her father's hand moved more intimately against her naked thigh and leg, Paula began to feel light-headed. Can it be possible I'm not just being silly and imagining things? Does my handsome father want to kiss me too?

The kind of kiss I'm thinking about? Taking another gulp of her strong drink, Paula added, "I was just wondering if it's true or not. That was what I was thinking." Her father's face was very close to hers, his voice a soft whisper, "Surely you know don't the boys ever kiss you?" "Oh sure," the aroused Paula paused for a moment, then blurted out, "but I don't mean like that. I mean… there are other kinds of kisses… like the way a guy kisses a girl while the superlatively good position to fuck girlfriend and hardcore playing with his… his cock!

Heather says that's a great way to kiss and she plays with theft cocks all the time. But I won't go that far with a boy." There! Now Daddy knows for certain I'm still a virgin! She felt a thrill of excitement at the way he looked at her like he wanted to be the first one to get his prick into her little golden haired pussy.

"I know I'm being a baby about it. Heather says I am," Paula confessed. Her words were noticeably slurred, making her aware she was more than slightly intoxicated.

"I just don't like any particular boy that well. But there's plenty of them who want to do all kinds of things to me.


Tommy Sanders wants to do it to me so bad he can hardly stand it. He's after me all the time. Heather says I'll lose him if I don't put my hand on his cock and play with it. She says I should." Realizing what she was saying to her father, Paula blushed and looked down at the blanket beneath her in her embarrassed silence. "Should what, honey?" her father asked softly, reaching once again to turn her flushed face toward him.

"Should… suck his cock! Lick it with my tongue and take it in my mouth. Heather does that to a lot of the boys and she says there's nothing like it." Paula's words were almost a whisper.

"But… I don't really know how to go about it." Suddenly the conversation and the excitement surging through her aroused body was too much for Paula to cope with. Pulling away from her father's caressing hands, she leapt to her feet and dived into the pool. "Come on in! The water's great!" she shrieked, splashing it up at her surprised father as any child might have done.

Treading water, Paula watched her father removed his loafers and pull off his socks. Then he got to his feet, smiling at her warmly. He pulled off his sport shirt and removed his wrist watch, all the while never taking his eyes off Paula's cavorting figure.

He dropped his trousers, and clad only in his skimpy undershorts, he moved toward the pool. Just before her father leapt into the water, Paula got a good look at the prominent bulge straining against the thin material of his shorts. A new wave of stimulation flowed through her cunt, and she plowed furiously through the water to release the energy adorable bonnie rides cock on a leather couch like a pro pornstars and hardcore deep inside her young body.

She heard the splash behind her, then a moment later, her father's strong hands grabbed hold of her kicking feet, forcing her to surface for air directly beside him. "You swim like a porpoise," he told her.

He stood with his feet on the bottom of the pool, the water up to his shoulders.


Running his hands along the sculptured length of Paula's legs, he grasped her firm little asscheeks in both hands, pressing her luscious body to him. Paula gasped, blinking drops of water from her eyes as a hot wave, of desire erupted within her belly.

Her body went limp, pliable, and without making any conscious decision, her arms went around her father's neck and she let herself press against his hard muscled body. His cock was pressing against the thin protective strip of her brief bikini bottom so tightly she could feel schoolgirl force fuck by teachers pulsating. Instinctively she wriggled her aching pubic mound against it. God! This can't be real! It's too wonderful to be true!

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It's… heaven! Oh please, please Daddy, kiss me now!

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Her father's wet lips pressed against hers, his eager tongue shoving against her teeth. Paula gasped out in surprise. His tongue plunged into her half open mouth to tease at hers. So exciting was the contact that she hung limply in his strong embrace, supported by her arms around his neck and his hands on pounding the fag anal greed tube porn shapely globes of her ass.

Moving to the shallow end of the pool, her father picked her up in his arms and carried her up the steps and out of the water. A moment later he was setting her down on the blanket they had left only moments before.

"Oh Daddy!" she choked out, her brown eyes shining excitedly. "Oh wow… wow." He reached for her glass that still had a hearty swig in it and handed it to her. "Here, sweetheart. This will relax you." As Paula drained the glass, her father cuddled up close beside her. His mouth settled on hers again and his arms went around her.

His fingers found the strings which tied behind her slender neck to hold up her bikini bra. Casually he untied them and drew the flimsy garment from her tits. Paula's peach-shaped mounds were exposed for her father's eyes to enjoy and his hands to fondle.

While her father's hands lovingly caressed each luscious globe, his lips mashed against hers in a continuation of their kiss. Paula was in near ecstasy. Compared to the boys who grabbed her tits and gave her rough and inconsiderate kisses, her father's mouth was absolute magic. As her father's hard muscled loins crushed against her writhing body, his long hard cock rubbed excitingly against Paula's quivering pubic mound.

It made her forget everything but the hot sensuality that flowed through her. Who cared that a man who was going to do it to her was her father? Who would know?

Even if Mom came back earlier than expected and caught them like this, what did it matter? All that mattered was this delicious heat inside her and the reckless certainty that she was going to discover still more thrilling secrets from her wonderful father. As his mouth moved from hers and settled onto one of those warm tender tits, Paula could feel herself building up to a marvelous climax.

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Even in her virgin state she knew a lot about climaxes. She'd been getting herself off nearly every night before she dropped off to sleep, and sometimes during the day, if there was nobody around to catch her in brunette babe craves for a big dick act of fingering her pussy.

But this was even better. She could tell that already. Her father's busy mouth and tongue teased her nipples unmercifully. At times she thought her entire tit would be swallowed whole. She moaned incoherently, and her buttocks threshed about on the blanket.

Her first orgasm in her father's hot embrace had her gasping for breath. She was only vaguely aware, as she writhed and twisted, that his big big 10 meter cock sex had left her titties and was blazing a hot wet trail down her flat firm belly. He paused to dart his tongue into her tiny navel, while his hand tangled in her sparse golden pubic hair as he slipped her wet bikini bottom down past her shapely thighs.

"Oooh… ooohhh… oh Daddy! Ooohhh!" Paula moaned as her father's insistent middle finger slid teasingly along the lewdly exposed slit of her virginal cunt.

"You like that, honey?" her father gasped, his voice shaky with his own lust. "Oh Daddy! Yes… yes!" This is how I wanted it! I wanted Daddy to be the first. Oh it's so good! Her father's lips moved gently across Paula's satin-soft belly, his tongue blazing a wet trail around her pubic curls toward her already moist pussy flesh.

"Open your legs, honey," he said, slipping his finger into the moist folds of her pussy lips. His other hand caressed the gentle swell of one of her luscious tits. "I'll show you how good it feels to be loved." A moment later Paula felt her father's hungry tongue on the tiny button of her clitoris. "Ooohhh!" Paula moaned. Her father's prodding tongue gave her innocent body the most wonderful sensation she had ever experienced.

It was better by far than the feeling she got when she fingered her pussy each night in bed. It was better too, than the way she felt when Tommy Sanders got his hand inside her blouse and grasped her tits. Or even that one time he got his hand up under her skirt and grabbed her pussy. Her father's caresses were skillful so subtly seductive that Paula was amazed that anything could possibly feel that good. It was as if her pulsating flesh were melting beneath his magic fingers and tongue.

Paula fell into a trance of pure rapture as her clitoris radiated thrills of desire to every nerve-ending in her feverish young body. Her father had his face buried between her spread-eagled legs in the most obscene way imaginable, and his tongue burrowed into her most private, secret flesh, just as it had into her mouth minutes before.

And it felt so very, very good! He licked with practiced expertise along the tender swollen lips of Paula's virginal cunt. Paula was gasping with intense pleasure. She knew her father was making it so good for her that for the rest of her life she would remember this wonderful afternoon, when she had a man between her legs for the first time.

She would have been content to have her father lick and suck at her pussy for hours, but already she was building up to a second orgasm.

And she sensed that her father could not hold out for much longer either.

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"Oh angel," her father groaned, his voice thick and unfamiliar in his lust. "You're driving me out of my mind!" Paula moaned. Her hands reached down to pull her father's head tighter against her crotch. "Ooohhh, Daddy! Don't stop! Don't stop now!" She heard her lewd words echoing in her ears, but she was far too worked up to be ashamed of her wanton outburst. Inside her body, a wave of sensation, propelled by her father's slurping tongue, swept over her. It reached a crescendo and rocketed her into a second violent climax.

Her body shuddered, then went limp. Paula was held suspended in her crouching father's embrace, his hands holding her by the cheeks of her writhing ass, his face pressed firmly into the opening of her cunt. Moments later, her father eased his mouth away from the moist warmth of Paula's twat.

He gave her taut little clitoris a last teasing lick, then rose to his knees and tugged off his bulging undershorts. He groaned with relief as his tortured thickness sprang into fully erect freedom. Paula gazed up at her father with an expression of love and contentment. Then as his cock suddenly sprang into view, her eyes opened wide to stare in disbelief at the size of the rigid shaft that waved before her. Her expression changed to one of near panic. "Oh… Daddy… no!" she gasped.

Fear took possession of her mind, blocking out all erotic feelings and stirring doubts in her mind about what she and her father were doing. "No, Daddy! Please…!" She moaned, her body stiff and tense. "It's… it's too big!" Her father gave her an understanding smile.

Gently he pulled her up to a sitting position and cuddled her in his arms. "Relax, sweetheart. There's nothing to be afraid of. Your mother felt the same way, the first time she saw my prick. But after she got it into her, she liked it so well she wanted it inter all the time." Paula considered this. She knew that Mom had sex with Dad quite often, because theft bedroom door was closed four, and often five, evenings a week.

Mom never closed the bedroom door at other times, not even when she and Dad were dressing or undressing. The size of Dad's cock didn't seem to worry Mom, Paula thought.

She remembered the many times when the family was gathered in the living room in front of the TV set, and Mom would sit on Dad's lap and fool around. Then Mom would take Dad's hand and lead him off to the bedroom, leaving Paula and her brother watching TV. "I'm sorry, Daddy, but…" "It's okay, baby. Just relax," her father said in a soft soothing voice as he eased her back down onto the blanket.

"You'll see that sweet little pussy of yours her anal fantasies caught on camera tube porn made to stretch to hold a man's prick.

It'll hurt a little, the first time, because you're a virgin." "But Daddy, I can't…" "Okay. It's okay, baby," her father broke in.

"If you still don't feel ready for it, you can suck my cock instead. I know you're alisyas asshole filled with two huge strapons at the same time in learning about that." Paula turned almost crimson and bid her face in her hands.

"Oh Daddy, no…" she mumbled, shaking her head. Her father was on his knees, straddling her. He moved up, holding his long hard cock in his hand. Gently he rubbed it against his young daughter's firm ripe breasts and along her smooth belly with easy soothing strokes. "I guess if you really want to learn about sucking cock, you should watch your mother doing it.

She loves blowing me and she's great at it. Sure, she's had a lot of practice, wicked nymphos bang the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum all around monstercock squirting she wasn't any older than you are, the first time she sucked my cock." "Mom sucked your cock before you were married?" Her father laughed.

"She was fourteen that first time. Then she let me fuck her. She went wild over that. I was kept pretty busy looking after her pussy, all through high school. Soon as she got her diploma she bugged her parents until they let us get married. Your mother wanted me in bed with her every night, so my cock would be right there, handy, whenever she wanted it in her mouth or cunt." Paula was aware that tingling thrills of desire were dancing through her naked loins.

She raised her face from her hands to stare at the solid mushroom-headed erect shaft that waved back and forth, almost right under her nose. Somehow, with her father's words so loving and understanding, his prick no longer looked so terrifying. In fact it looked exciting and erotic.

How would it feel inside her mouth? "As you know, darling, my work takes me out of town quite a bit, visiting schools. I meet a lot of young girls very young girls." Her father gave her a knowing grin. "You'd be really surprised, sweetheart, if you knew how many young girls, no older than you, love to feel my big hard prick in their pussies, as far as I can put it.

And they love to kiss it and suck it, too." "I… I want to kiss… your cock, Daddy." Paula whispered, raising her eyes to meet her father's as she did so. Even as she muttered the words, a thrilling feeling of obscene excitement rippled through her. I do want to! I really do! She ran her tongue over her lush young lips in an instinctively seductive gesture. Before Paula knew what was happening, her father stretched out along the blanket beside her, his cock next to her face.

His hands gently eased her legs apart to make room for his head between her thighs. A small gasp erupted from Paula's half-open mouth as her father's tongue lapped along her cuntlips, instantly re-stimulating her pussy as he found her clit. She closed her eyes and let herself slip back into the wonderful erotic trance.

For a while the sensations in her cunt were so blissfully arousing she almost forgot she'd said she wanted to kiss her father's bone-hard prick. "Kiss me, honey. Open up those sweet lips of yours and suck my cock!" Taking a firm grip on the cheeks of Paula's shapely ass, her father pulled her over on top of him as he stretched out on his back on the blanket. Then with a loud groan, he thrust up, thrusting the head of his cock against his young daughter's mouth.

His tongue flicked over her tingling clit, circling it with tantalizing vigor until Teen big tits hd xxx worlds greatest stepplayfellows daughter slim shapely legs spasmed wide apart and she thrust her pussy down onto her father's face.

"Uuuuunngg," Paula choked out, her whimper muffled by her father's long hard prick moving between her ovaled lips. It feels so good! So smooth and hot! Ohhh. God! And it tastes so… exciting! And… it quivers so. Paula clasped her lips over the huge purple head seeking entrance into her mouth, and her tongue licked curiously at the liquid droplet hovering on the glans. The unfamiliar, yet pleasant taste, aroused a rampant desire in her innocent young body.

While she savored the pungent pre-cum liquid, she squirmed her hips, mashing her hot wet cunt down onto her father's face. "Oh baby! That's the way to do it!" her father called out, with his face buried in her crotch. "You're really getting the idea now!" His hands held her steady by the cheeks of her shapely little ass.

He moved forward, caressing the small of her back, then around and under, to tease and manipulate her tender swollen tits. Paula responded by running her tongue down the length of her father's cock, delighting in the way the pulsing vein on the underside quivered as she licked at it. While her father licked and sucked so obscenely between her widely spread legs, Paula lost all reservations and began to experiment with the enormous thickness thrusting up into her mouth. Although her father's hot hard cock was a strain to her uninitiated mouth, the feel of it moving toward the back of her throat sent wild thrills shivering through her body.

"Ahhh! Uuuggmm!" she squealed. Then as her father's pleasure giving tongue unexpectedly withdrew from her quivering cunt, Paula wailed out her protest. "Nooo… Don't stop, Daddy! Fuck me with your tongue!" "Have to catch my breath, honey," he gasped. "God! Do you ever catch on fast!" Paula felt her father's prick swell so big it filled every straining inch of her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it, the shaft moving in and out faster and faster. Her almost incoherent obscenities, coupled with the way she ground her hot wet pussy against his face, drove her father wild.

"That's it, baby!" he gasped, thrusting his erect cock up into Paula's hard working mouth. "Keep sucking me until I cum!" Releasing Paula's jouncing tits from his kneading hands, her father reached up and took a firm hold on the shapely globes of her writhing ass. "Grab my balls, too!" he called out, just before he plunged his face back into Paula's hair fringed cunt to first nuzzle her clitoral button, then thrust his tongue deep inside her tight pussy channel.

Paula's glazed eyes focused in disoriented excitement upon the huge hairy balls of her naked father. They jigged softly so close to her face while she sucked his cock.

With a shudder of lurid excitement at her own indecent behavior, she gripped on them with her small hands. Paula gave each ball an explorative squeeze, while she suctioned with her pressing lips against her father's throbbing cock.

"Oh baby!" her hotly excited father groaned. "Now! I'm going to cum, honey! Right in your mouth!" Paula's passion-tortured mind exploded as she saw what a violent response she'd aroused in her father. All sense of reason fled, as she wriggled her perspiration-coated loins and thrust her fire-filled cunt more securely against her father's pleasure giving tongue.

"Ooohhh… oh… Daddy!" Paula's shrill cries mingled with her panting father's uncontrolled grunts and strangled moans to form an obscene chorus of pure lust. Neither of them, in their passion, gave a thought to the possibility that they might be overheard.

The sounds of their passionate lovemaking echoed throughout the large tree shaded backyard. "This is it, baby! I'm going to shoot!" her father bellowed, ramming his solid cock to the very back of Paula's wildly working throat. Then a hot thick stream spurted from his cock. Even as his cum splashed the walls of her warmly hugging mouth, her father licked ravenously at Paula's eager pussy slit.

He needed to hear her wail out her own orgasm to make his own satisfaction complete. But Paula needed no further stimulation. As the stream of hot cum spurted from her father's cock into her warm mouth, her rampant excitement triggered a violent orgasm. "Oh! Daddy! Coming!" her high pitched, girlish voice shrilled. Her entire body began to spasm up and down on top of her naked squirming father. Her virginal cunt quivered in wave after wave of mind-shattering ecstasy, until she collapsed in total exhaustion.

Her father's deflating prick slowly slipped from her slack mouth.