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Heavenly skin diamond in hardcore anal sex with her new hunk bf mick
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I walked out onto the patio and sat down on the edge of the pool with my legs in the cool water.

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I heard the door open behind me, so I turned to see who it was. To my surprise, Whitney came over and sat beside me. She was wearing another tank top and some cotton shorts that were tight on her full figure. I could tell she had not bothered with putting a bra on as her nipples were hard from the coolness of the morning air.

She placed her legs into the water and sat silent for a moment. Then she looked at me with those big brown eyes and smiled. I smiled back and moved my hand over and laid on top of hers. "I normally do not do things like I did last night," she said, apologetically. those horny college hot sexy amazing gals hardcore and reality just when I looked under your blanket, and seen your ah…you know, I could not think of anything else.

I had to have it." I smiled, "you are not hearing me complain, are you?" She giggled at my response and shook her head. She looked around at the scenery.

"It is so peaceful out here." We sat there for a few more moments in silence. Then Kim came out and announced they were going back up to her room. Whitney smiled at me, then stood up and went back inside.

I could not help but turn and watch her ass wiggle as she walked. The morning was uneventful. I completed some chores that my Dad had left for me. I mowed the lawn, trimmed some hedges and put the clippings in our compost pile. All of those were chores that I had always completed clothed, so it was no big deal. When I was done, I was washed down in sweat. That is when I regretted having my sister's friends over.

Normally after yardwork, I would strip down and jump into the pool. With the girls upstairs, and only a window shot away, I knew that it wasn't going to happen. As I was putting the tools away, I heard the girls come out and jump into the pool. All of them were dressed in skimpy bikinis. I smiled and had an idea.

I walked toward the trail that lead to the stream that flowed through the property. Once I arrived I knelt down and put my hand in the cool water. It felt so refreshing as I splashed it on my face. I stood, and with a quick movement, I tossed my shorts onto a log beside the stream and waded out into the water.

The water was barely over my knees, so I squatted down so everything, but my head was under water. I took a deep breath and went under. I stayed in the stream for some time. I always enjoyed the quietness and being surrounded by nature. Off in the distance I could hear the girls giggling and splashing in the pool. I floated on my back for a few minutes before my body sunk back into the water. I waded over to a rock that laid in the middle of the stream. It was not a big rock, but it provided a place to lay my back and relax.

The stream constantly flowed. The water was cool and it was not long before my eyes grew heavy. I was awakened but a snap of a twig nearby. I opened my eyes and sat up. I looked around in all directions but did not see anyone. I stood up so I could see better.

That is when I saw Whitney walking down the trail toward the stream. She was startled when she saw me standing in the middle of the stream naked. She blushed, and I saw her eyes wander down to my cock, hanging between my legs. "I saw you come down this way, I didn't mean to disturb you." She started to turn back toward the house. "No stop, you are fine. You just startled me, that is all." She turned back around.


She still had on her bikini. It was a floral print, a lot less skimpy that what the other girls were wearing, but it was sexy on her, just the same. She walked closer and waded out about ankle deep into the stream. "Oh the water feels much better than the pool." I walked through the water closer to where she was. "It does, you should come out deeper. It is only about knee deep." I reached my hand out and she took it. With her hand in my I led her into the deeper water. She continued to hold my hand as she looked around at the scenery of the trees and vines surrounding the stream.

She then looked up at me and smiled. She was shorter than me. I am 5'9 and I was almost a head taller. We stood in silence. I would look at her, she would look at me and then around the area. As I looked at her I could not help but remember what we had done the night before.

The sweet memory began to affect my body. She noticed. She looked down at my growing member then back toward the trail, as if she expected someone to walk down and catch us. The laughter and screaming were both present at the house, so I was assured no one was coming. She looked up at me. "I feel over dressed." I smiled and felt her release my hand. Her hand moved to her opposite shoulder and tugged the string holding her bikini up, then she did the same to the other shoulder.

I stepped back with anticipation. The night before she had been naked, but the darkness of my room did not allow me to see her body. She peeled the top off her breasts. In all the breasts I had seen, hers were the most perfect.

They were round and full, her dicksucking stud fucks busty babe during mmf were dark brown, highlighted with hard pebble sized nipples. I smiled as I looked into her eyes. She turned around and I untied the back string. She tossed her top to the bank. She stepped back and began to untie her bottoms. One tie on the sister virgin and brotfrench rape jabardasti xxx story2 hip, the other on the left.

She opened her legs slightly and pulled the thing material from between them. She tossed them over on top of her top. Her pale skin looked even paler against the blue of the stream. She had a dark patch of hair above her vulva that was neatly trimmed. My mouth watered as I gazed upon her nakedness.

A smile and a fully erect cock was the only compliment I could give her. We stepped together and I leaned down for our lips to meet. A sweet innocent kiss quickly turned into a hot passionate one.

Her bare breasts pressed into my chest as I pulled her closer. I reached down and picked her up. Her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked towards the waters edge. Sunny leon fucking story husband each step my cock rubbed between her plump vulva.

We made it to the waters edge and I laid her down onto the soft, wet mud. I broke our kiss and moved my kisses down her neck, down her check to her right nipple. I gently sucked it into my mouth. Her body arched up to meet mine. I flicked my tongue from one nipple to the other. Her breathing became staggered as I left her tender nipples and traveled down her soft belly. Her legs opened wider as I slid between them.

Her vulva glistened with her dew. I pressed my hands against her labia and opened her.

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My lips parted and I sucked and flicked on her clit. She was tossing back and forth seconds into my gentle assault. She tasted heavenly and I wanted as much of her as I could get. Her full thighs pressed against my head as she thrust her hips, feeding me more of her honey.

Her hands pressed against my head as her ass lifted from the ground. I could hear breath full moans escape her lips.

Her body trembled. I remembered the reaction from the night before. I positioned my mouth over her labia and snaked my tongue inside her velvety love canal as far as I could. Her body jerked several more times and I was rewarded by a thick stream of her womanly cum over my tongue. I continued to suck and lick until she became sensitive and pushed me away. I kneeled between her legs and wiped her juices from my mouth. She pulled me to her. My cock slipped into her post orgasmic pussy with ease.

We kissed as our bodies came together as one. We slowly made love.


There was no rush. I loved the way she grunted each time my cock pressed into her. Her ass was getting raw from the sandy dirt, so we changed positions. I sat on the massive cumshot mega cum compilation while she sat in my lap facing me. I took advantage of the opportunity and as she slid down my cock, I sucked a swedish girls reacting tblack guy porn 27 into my mouth.

The more she rocked, the harder I sucked. Our passionate love making turned to sex as her ass bounced up and down off of my thighs.

I released her nipple just to catch the other one. My tongue flicked against her hard nipple as I sucked. She was becoming more audible as another orgasm approached. Luckily, my sister and her friends could still be heard, so there was almost no way they heard Whitney when her second orgasm hit. She screamed in pleasure and bounced so wildly, I thought she was going to break my cock off inside her.

The heat and tightening of her pussy, pushed me over the edge and I emptied into her as she tossed back and forth. She calmed and laid her head on my shoulder. Both of us were out of breath. I held her, feeling the mixture of our pleasure running down my balls. She raised her head and looked at me. "I could get use to this," she said with a smile. "Oh baby, so could I." We sat there naked for a few more minutes.

Then she stood up and began to gather her clothes. I watched her replace the bikini top and bottom. Once everything was in place she bent over and kissed me. "See you later, okay." I nodded and smiled. She walked back toward the house.

I waited a few minutes and slipped my shorts back on and headed back that way too. .