Busty babe gets casting agent horny interview and fingering

Busty babe gets casting agent horny interview and fingering
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Hawaii has always been the destination of choice for our annual vacation. This year would be no different. I own a consulting firm that allows be as much time with my family as needed. The trip this year was going to be 2 weeks. Our 14 year old identical twins, Matt and Mindy, were entering high school, limiting the number of years they would want to continue on the vacation. My wife Meg, is a stay at home mom. I'm proud to say that my family is everything I expected of them.

Respectful, smart, good looking kids. Meg has not aged a day since we twistys charlotta starring at i just want t married. Her 5'8" frame carried the greatest set of breasts.

She had a little paunch in the belly but otherwise, she was a great turn on. The four of us were on the plane for the islands. We normally let the kids bring a friend along but decided this year that we would go alone. The house we always rented had a private beach which allowed us to be less formal with the clothing.

We raised our kids to have respect for the human body. It was not unusual to see any family member nude in the house. The respect extended to this house as well since no additional friends were here. We got to the house around noon. It was a crystal clear day with the bluest sky you could ever wish for. Once the bags were unpacked Matt and Mindy donned their suits and headed for the beach. Meg and I were not far behind sans the suit. Matt and Mindy were in the water frolicking. Meg and I spread some blankets on the sand and watched them for a few minutes.

Matt and Mindy came running up to the beach to our blankets. Mindy started. "I guess we don't need these anymore." She undid the top on her bikini to let it fall to the ground then pushed the bottoms down stepping out. Mindy was perfect for her age. 5'7" with blonde hair that reached her shoulders. A nice set of teardrop tits that accentuated her body. She had filled out in all the right spots.

There was a soft patch of pubic hair at the entrance to her tender shaved pussy. The tan lines she had would be gone by the end of this vacation. Matt ditched his suit as well. He has a very muscular body honed by the several sports he played. He has a cock about my size, not to long but a wide girth. His tan lines would also be gone soon. "Mindy, let's you and I get in the water." I said. She jumped up and we ran to the water and dove in. We horsed around in the water splashing each other and dunking one another under the water.

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Occasionally my hand would brush on her breasts, thigh or butt. I started to get an erection. I grabbed her hands and spun her around in the water so her back was toward my chest. I wrapped by arms around her positioning them right under her breasts. I could feel them resting on my arms. I pulled her tight. I know she felt my erection in the small of her back.

"Can we talk?" I whispered in her ear. "Sure as long as you're not going to beat me with the rod between us." she replied. "I'm sorry about that.

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It's the warm water. We've always been honest with each other and I respect you very much." I continued. "I want to talk about the sexual experiences that you and your brother have had.together." "Dad!

How could you think we would do something like that?" "Several reasons. You're both attractive. You're inquisitive. And you're the opposite sex. Need I say more?" She broke loose from my hold and turned around wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My cock was only inches from her slit. She looked into my eyes. "We've experimented with most everything. I've given him an occasional blowjob. He's eaten my pussy. We have not had intercourse nor has he screwed my ass.

I masturbate about twice a week, generally after we've all been naked. For some reason I get really turned on watching us all naked." "Thanks for your honesty." I said. "There's a reason we didn't bring any of your friends along this trip. Mom and I suspected that you two were experimenting. I'm glad to hear that you haven't fucked yet. Are you still a virgin?" "Dad that's a personal question but yes I am. Where is this going?" "That's good." I said. hot treesome and a strap on camel toe mom and I feel that now is the time for you to lose your virginity, if you want to?" A huge smile came over Mindy's face.

"Do you mean you and me?" Mindy asked. "Right here and right now!" "Oh, Daddy I would love that." Hugging me tightly she moved her lips to mine. Tenderly kissing at first then darting her tongue into my mouth.

I responded to every action. "Mom's talking to Matt about his virginity right know." They turned to look at them on the beach. I raised my hand to wave. Meg saw the signal from me. "Matt, would you spread some lotion on my back please?" as Meg moved to lay on her stomach.

"Sure mom." Matt squirted some lotion in his hands rubbing them together. He started on her shoulders rubbing the lotion in deeply. He was amazed how soft her skin was. He rubbed the lotion down her back and on her sides. He was a little embarrassed when he accidentally brushed his finger tips on the sides of her breast. He heard a small moan from his mom. Matt put more lotion on his hands and moved to her waist. "Be sure to cover my cheeks so they don't burn." Meg said.

Jason was surprised. "I don't know mom?" he explained. "Go ahead honey. It's ok." He moved his hands across her butt checks being sure to cover them with lotion. He began to rub each one with his hands. He had an awesome view of her brown asshole.

I wasn't long before his mothers pussy came into view. He was embarrassed about the erection he was getting. "Make sure you cover everything down there. My pussy is not immune to the sun." She said.

Matt was surprised to hear that from his mother. "Mom? I can't do this. I'm starting to get an erection." "Don't worry about it dear. Just make sure I don't burn." Matt put more lotion on his hands and moved them to the sides of his mother's pussy.

He rubbed the lotion in easily. He wanted to finger her slit but decided against that. Meg began to moan softly, while she moved her hips very slightly. Matt's erection was now complete. He moved quickly to put lotion on her legs so he could hide.

When he was finished he laid next to his mother to hid his erect cock. They looked at each other. "I'm sorry mom." He said. "No problem Matt. It happens." She rolled over on her side.

Matt immediately noticed her hard nipples. "Look at them out there. It's so peaceful here." bigass babe banged on couch smalltits and pornstars didn't move. "Come over here honey." Matt didn't move at first. He eventually rolled on his side so his back would be to his mother. There was no way to hide his erection from his mother.

oHe was very confused about what was going on. He still had a raging hard on. Meg grabbed him and moved him closer to her so Matt could feel her breasts in his back. She snuggled up to his ass and laid her hand over his thigh to his stomach. She whispered, "You're dad and sister are about to fuck. Don't you want to watch them?" "What do you eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits Mom, that can't be right." Matt replied.

Suddenly, Matt understood what was about to happen. He moved so he could see his sister and dad in the water. He grabbed his mother's hand and moved it to his hard cock. Meg smiled. Mindy and I watched all this from our vantage point in the water. We didn't hear the discussion but their actions told the whole story. Mindy looked at me then kissed me passionately. I could feel her grip on me loosening as she slide down my body.


Suddenly her pussy was gently resting on my cock head. "You're in control of this honey. Take it at any speed you want. Just let me know what you want me to do." I said. I had moved my hands down her butt holding one cheek in each hand. Occasionally I would move my fingers down her butt crack. Again Mindy looked into my eyes. "I love you dad." She kissed me passionately again tonguing deep into my mouth. She moved further down on my cock. I felt her slightly shudder.

She was moaning in my mouth. She lowered herself a little further then stopped. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "It's there.

I want you to take my cherry." "Ok." I said as I thrust my cock into her vagina and past her hymen. She grimaced when it broke but did not whimper. We stayed in that position while Mindy recovered. She slowly began gyrating her hips which allowed my cock to penetrate deeper into her vagina. "It feels so tight dad. Is it suppose to be that tight?" She asked.

"Think about what's happening and relax your muscles. You'll feel how to do shortly." I could feel her muscle tighten then relax. She slipped further on to my cock. In moments she was moaning. Shortly she had all of my cock in her pussy. She began to rock back and forth moving up and down the hard shaft that occupied her vagina.

I'd been holding off on my climax to feel her cum first. I was not going to make it much longer. "Baby, are you ready to cum?" I asked. Mindy responded with a loud moan. "I'm ready daddy, fuck me daddy. Ooooohhhh fuck me so deep." I thrust my cock deep into her pussy and pushed down on here butt to make sure I was totally into her. A couple of thrusts and I was cuming in my daughter. She moaned again deeply and matched the thrust I was giving. "Oooohhhh, baby.you are so sweet." I moaned.

Mindy began kissing me passionately again with her tongue fully in my mouth. We kissed as the thrust continued. Mindy continued to ride my dick until we were thru kissing. She looked at my with the eyes of a very satisfied woman.

"Oh Dad. I've wanted it to be you for so long. Thank you so much." She was no longer a girl but a women. We turned to look at the beach. Mindy raised her hand and waved at them. "It's done." Meg told Matt. "How do you know?" "A mother can tell these things. Now it's your turn." Meg had been holding Matt's cock as they watched the two in the water.

She began stroking it a little more heavily. Matt responded by rolling over on his side facing his mother. His cock was in clear view with Meg stroking. "Why mom?" Matt asked. "We wanted Mindy and you to experience intercourse in a loving environment. Not in the back of car or in the middle of an orgy. We've raised you both and we think this is part of raising responsible adults.

Is it a problem for you?" "Absolutely not. You're a hot women. I've wanted you but didn't know how to start. Mindy and I have talked mom dad sister brother full family sex this before. I know she wanted to have dad fuck her and I wanted to fuck you." Matt was unconsciously playing with his mother's tit. The nipple was getting hard as they gently squeezed it between is fingers.

Meg was getting wetter by the minute. She leaned other and kissed her son lightly on the lips. Matt immediately placed his hand around his mom's neck to begin a very passionate kiss on her mouth. He licked her sexy filipina with a fat pussy part 2 with his tongue then sent it deep into her mouth.

Their tongues danced together. Matt pulled his mother on top of him as he rolled over on his back. Meg continued to stroke his cock and kiss her. She broke the kiss to say "Are you ready for this?". "Oh you bet I am." Matt replied. Meg moved to his young slut summer brooks has her pussy wrecked and tenderly bit each one.

Unbelievably, Matt's hard on got bigger. She slide her tongue down his chest thru his stomach to his pubic hair. She rubbed her face in the soft blond bush. She gently kissed the tip of his cock and licked the precum from the small smiling slit. Meg straddled Matt as he lay on his back. She kissed him again then moved her pussy above his cock. She teased him by only going on him a few inches.

He began to moan. "Oh mom. I'm ready. Go ahead. Please mom." could be heard thru his moans. Meg lowered herself on to Matt's cock until in it was totally engulfed in her vagina. "Oh my god. Mom that feels so good. So warm. So wet. I love you." Matt said. He began to thrust to meet his mother's pussy. Meg matched each thrust as her vagina muscles wrapped this cock. Meg began moaning as much as Matt. Mindy and I could hear the moans from where we were.

"I'm ready to cum Mom. I want to dump my load in you." Matt spurted his jism in her pussy. As soon as she felt his cum hit the top her vagina Meg climaxed. They continue thrusting into each other as there cum drained from her vagina down his dick and on to his balls. Meg thought Matt would never stop cuming. She keep thrusting until his wad was totally spent.

When he was finally thru, he looked at this mom and gave her a long kiss.


"Thanks mom. I could not be happier. Are we going to be able to do this again?" "Why do you think it's just the four of us." Meg said as she smiled at her son. Mindy and I walked out of the water to the lovers on the beach. "Everything ok up here?" knowing the answer was yes. "I think we all need to get cleaned up. I'm going in for shower. Matt and Meg stood up and they all walked to the house with arms around each other.

Cum was dripping down Mindy's and Meg's legs. They didn't care. Meg and I went to the master bath shower. We soaped each other and played with each other's body. Not really doing anything sexually. We knew there would be enough sex to go around.

We stayed naked as we left the bedroom headed for the family room down stairs. Matt's door longe legged babe gets fucked from behind open as we passed his room but he was not there. As we neared Mindy's room we heard distinct noises of skin slapping skin.

The door was wide open. Matt was on top of Mindy fucking her with the same enthusiasm he did with his mother. Mindy had her legs wrapped around Matt. She saw us in the door. "We just did the first most important thing in our lives. Now we're doing the second." Mindy said. Jason turned his head to looked at both of us. He just smiled and kept on pumping his cock into his sister.