Baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette

Baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 41 HE, ME AND NEETA, FULL FUCK Only I know how difficult it was to make my husband ready to fuck my lesbian partner Neeta. When I had my last lesbian sex encounter with Neeta, in her house, a month back, Neeta was keen for fucking by my husband with me. Not only that time, I received many calls from her expressing her desire. She is a beautiful girl, a sexy lesbian partner, a sex loving girl like me.

It was not new for my husband and for me to involve Neeta in our sex and fuck game. We all, I, my husband and Neeta had a group sex together about four / five months back. But at that time, Neeta kept her pussy away from my husband's cock. Means, she was very much part of our group fucking, licking my pussy, holding and licking my husband's cock in group fucking. She played a very good lesbian fuck game with me in front of my naked husband. But as per her wish, she was not practically fucked by my husband.

My husband fucked me in front of her. (Read MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY part - 36 - HE, ME AND NEETA) And that time it was easy for me to make my husband agree for group sex because he was not to fuck Neeta. Actually, I knew it very well that my loving husband is only interested in fucking my pussy. He does want to fuck another pussy. It does not mean that he did teen sucks for cum in pov pornstars and blowjob fuck another pussy.

He fucked Anju along with me; he fucked me in front of Neeta. All he did was for me and for my wish only. And this time too, he agreed to fuck me and Neeta together only because of my love and my wish. Neeta is purely a lesbian. Last time she could not make herself ready to be fucked by my husband because of fear only. She knew the size and strength of my husband's cock which I told her. She used to be fuck by her employer some time, which have a small and a weak cock which finishes very early in fucking.

So. here I come on the main story. It was Saturday, 8.30 in the night. Both of us, me and my husband were sitting on the bed, discussing about Neeta. She was about to come and we were waiting for her. The dinner was ready and we were waiting for Neeta to have our dinner together.

Doorbell rang and Neeta was on our door. I took her directly in our bedroom where my husband was sitting on the bed. It was the time I really observed my husband was watching Neeta with interest.


She was of same height and build of mine. I was in my gown and my husband was in his vest and pajama. Neeta was wearing salwar-kameez. We were talking on different subjects and we finished our dinner by 8.45. We were back in our bedroom after finishing our dinner. It was the time for action. I could not get a look of her boobs as she had covered her bosom with a duppatta.

I was eager to see her naked soon so I suggested both Neeta and my husband to get rid of our clothes so that we all three can enjoy and can take maximum advantage of the situation. We removed our clothes one by one and step-by-step.

Lastly we three stood fully nude. While we both the girls stared at my husband's non-erect cock, I knew, he eyed on our naked sexy bodies, naked boobs and naked pussy. As I had already seen both of them in nude many a times and also had sex with both of them, many times with Neeta and a countless times with my husband.

But my attention was on Neeta's naked and sexy body. Her boobs were firm, erect and little smaller in size of my boobs. Neeta's pussy was also clean shaven like me. As you all know, my husband also keeps her cock area hairless. "Neeta is a clever girl" I said to my husband "And I want the whole play should be dominated and piloted by both of us. You are simply to obey us.

Do you ice la fox and mandingo it?" He said smilingly: "No problem at all, it will be my pleasure to give pleasure to both of you". All set for my husband to fuck Neeta's tight pussy along with my pregnant pussy. Neeta sat at the middle of the bed while my husband and I sat at her either side.

Turning to her front, both of us took each boob of Neeta in our mouth and began to suck it. The scene looked as if two kittens were sucking the nipples of their mother cat. Neeta watched our sucking contentiously releasing incessant erotic moans. Later, while still sucking her boob, I inserted my middle finger into Neeta's pulsating pussy and began to finger-fuck her.

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This made Neeta moan wildly. She caught hold of my husband's hot erect cock and started to shake it, masturbate it. After five minutes we exchanged Neeta's boobs for our sucking. My husband left a lot of his saliva on Neeta's boob which I licked and swallowed. After ten minutes, it was my turn. I sat at the middle and Neeta and my husband began to suck my boobs at the same time while Neeta finger-fucked my pussy as I did to her before.

Later, as asked by Neeta, he laid on the bed on his back. Neeta bent over his body with her firm boobs hanging.

She requested him to suck and squeeze her boobs. I was wondering why she wanted this repeat act as we had just sucked her boobs. He caught of her boobs and caressed them first. Then he massaged the nipples and aureoles of Neeta's sexy firm boobs. Later, he squeezed her boobs vigorously for some time. Next, he again took one of her boobs into his mouth and began to suck it.

I caught hold of her other hanging boob and began to oral loving teen pussyfucked at sexaudition european reality it. She began to moan again.

For a minute later, I hold of my husband's cock and balls and began to play with them. He knew it was me. I licked his hot, erect, hard, long and thick cock from bottom to top. Then drawing the foreskin of his cock down, I took his cock's head inside my mouth and began to suck it hard. Ohhhhh.He moaned. Neeta insisted him to continue sucking and squeezing her boobs more hard. And he did so. All of us were experiencing and enjoying this sexy 3-some. While I continued to suck his cock with more force I felt great as always.

After some time, Neeta changed her other boob for my husband's sucking. It was a wonderful experience. This was not my first 3-some.

I had it many times with Anju along with my husband. But this was giving a different feelings all together. After some time, Neeta shoved me away and took my husband's erected and hot fuck tool, his cock into her mouth and began to suck it madly.

I changed the position. I bent over my husband's body and thrust my boob into his mouth. Now our sucking continued again. My husband was sucking my boobs and Neeta was sucking my husband's hot rod. We stood up and Neeta was laying on her back now. She spread her legs and thighs and I signaled my husband to suck her tight and almost all un fucked pussy.

He sat between her legs and began to suck her pussy. I brought my pelvic over Neeta's face and pressed my pregnant pussy into Neeta's mouth. So, Neeta was sucking my pussy while Neeta's pussy was being sucked by my sexy husband. I adjusted my position a little so that my husband could squeeze my boob with one hand while he sucked Neeta's pussy.

It was a fantastic experience as we both girls were moaning continuously while my husband was making sexy sucking sound while sucking Neeta's pussy. In a very short time, Neeta climaxed and sprayed her shoplifting consequences for bobby dylan was naughty as fuck sweet juice into my husband's mouth.

I could notice that he gulped it down his throat. She asked him to continue sucking her pussy till I reach my climax by her sucking of my pussy. In another short time, I too exploded secreting juices into Neeta's mouth. Neeta swallowed it too. We released our bodies from the entangled position.

As asked by me, my husband was laying on his back. We, both the girls went to his cock and began to lick with our tongues together at the same time.

We vied with each other to get a better part of his cock to lick. Then we, both the girls, began to play and squeeze with his balls.


Neeta was very excited and I could feel her heat for a wonderful fucking. I suggested that we should start the fucking session now. Though I wanted to get fucked first by my husband, but I gave the chance of first to Neeta, because she was my fucking guest, her pussy was like a un fucked pussy and I wanted to give full pleasure of fuck to Neeta first.

My husband suggested using a condom to while fucking Neeta to save her from any chances of pregnancy, but Neeta smiled and appreciated him for being very considerate and thoughtful.

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Neeta said to my husband: "No, I don't want you to use a condom. I want to feel the real pleasure of the touch of you inside me, skin to skin. I would like my tunnel to be filled with your milk. Don't worry. I am expecting my monthly menstruation soon. So, it is a all mom and son hottest story period for me." In fact, I knew that she must have contacted me opting for this particular day considering all these.

Woohhh. I admired and gave full marks to Neeta for her careful planning. Though unmarried, yet she indeed has a good knowledge in the matter of sex. Neeta was lying on her back and spread her legs and thighs, ready for fuck. My husband placed himself between her legs and touched her hole with the head of his long and thick cock. I smiled in my heart.

I have arranged another, a tight one and one more pussy for my husband to fuck. While I felt myself lucky to get fucked from my husband along with my lesbian partner, I felt my husband is also lucky to have two sexy pussies to fuck together.

One Neeta's tight teen slut jade jantzen fuck and other was my pregnant pussy. And the luckiest girl was Neeta, who is having his first satisfactory fuck with a real strong man, a real fucker. and it is my husband. I knew that her employer have fucked her many a times but he was not able to provide sexual satisfaction even once to her.

Her employer finished every time within 5/6 thrusts with his weak and small cock in to her pussy. While playing lesbian sex game with her, I knew that she is like a virgin girl with a tight sexy pussy. And I saw my husband was struggling to insert his erect, long and thick cock in to Neeta's pussy hole as it was small and very tight.

I came to my husband's help and I separated and stretched Neeta's pussy lips. He tried again but it seemed she was feeling a lot of pain due to thickness of my husband's strong cock. While I kept Neeta's pussy-lips separated, he inserted his middle finger into her pussy tunnel. Even I felt pleasure when my husband was sending his finger deep into her tunnel.

Once inside, he rotated his finger to stretch her pussy muscles to make room. I applied my saliva on the surface of my husband's cock. Then he slowly inserted his cock inside Neeta's tight pussy, inch-by-inch while I too helped him and her. I saw half of his cock length went inside with slow and gentle thrusts of my husband but half of his cock was still outside of Neeta's pussy.

I laughingly advised him to make a huge thrust. As he did so, Neeta cried a little in pain but the heavy push of my husband accomplished full penetration of his cock inside Neeta's small and tight pussy.

Her pussy was neither virgin nor fully fucked. You may say that it was half fucked pussy. Soon, I went near the face of Neeta and offered my pregnant pussy to her for her sucking. As he began to make thrusts into Neeta's pussy, I found Neeta inserting her middle finger into my pregnant pussy and finger-fucking me.

All of us were getting pleasures and enjoying the fucking. Though Neeta's pussy tunnel was already tight, she must me contracting her vaginal muscles tightly gripping my husband's cock inside her pussy. My husband also must be feeling a great pleasure while fucking a tighter pussy than mine.

Here I would like to mention that my pussy is a tight pussy in spite of being fucked almost all daily, first by my uncle only, since I was 14 years old till I was 20. And then after I was 20, I was regularly fucked by two men with similarly long and hard cock, my uncle and by my boyfriend ( now my husband ) till I got married to my boyfriend at the age of carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks. My pussy is still tight in spite of fuck full life since I was 14, because I always use red wine to clean my pussy at least two times a day.

I also keep red wine dipped cotton inside of my pussy daily once for about 20 minutes. Regular yoga of squeezing my pussy muscles twice a day for 15 minutes each time also helped me a lot in keeping my pussy tight.

This is a wonderful tip for my readers and you all can try it. It really works wonder. It was a wonderful experience for us to hear the mixed erotic moans in fuck pleasure made by all of us at the same time. After few minutes of my husband's fucking, Neeta climaxed with a thunderous moan which reverberated in the atmosphere. I could make out this by a strong reaction from Neeta having her orgasm.

But my husband kept fucking her without stopping and I understood that he too might be near his finishing line. In another two minutes, he too attained his orgasm. I saw, he kept his cock up to its hilt thrust deep inside her pussy and sprayed his cock-milk into Neeta's thirsty pussy tunnel.

Neeta told my husband not to withdraw his cock and keep it inside her pussy till I climaxed by her sucking and finger fucking of my juicy pussy. It took some time for me to reach up to my climax. I exploded like a bomb and had a strong orgasm. I saw, Neeta's finger and palm became fully drenched with the juice of my pussy. I found Neeta licking and swallowing my pussy juices as she always does in our lesbian sex game.

We eased ourselves and relaxed naked lying on the bed with the girls on either sides of my husband. Neeta's face reflected fullest satisfaction and I was feeling very happy to see that.

My husband hugged me and kissed me. I knew that now it will be my turn to get fucked by my loving husband with his strong cock. We rested for some time till we all get our breath back to normal. I took charge of my husband's semi erected cock and Neeta too joined me in this act within no time. We, both the girls sucked my husband's cock and played with it. As always, his cock became fully erected within no time, by our treatment on it.

My husband made me to bend on floor in inverted U-shape with my hands and toes touching the floor. I separated my legs and thighs because I knew it very well that what position my husband wants. I kept my buttocks elevated at an angle so that my pregnant pussy became visible to him from back of me.

Yes! You understood rightly. I was in doggy position, ready to be fucked. Standing on knees behind my buttocks, he began to lick and suck my pussy. Then he raised his hand and slowly inserted his middle finger into my anus. I began to moan out of the pleasures my husband was providing me. I was enjoying out of his sucking of my pussy as well as finger-fucking my ass by my fucking husband.

I saw Neeta came in between us and got herself in a comfortable position to masturbate and massaging my husband's cock. All this time, I was observing Neeta's reactions, as well as my husband's reaction too. I appreciated Neeta's move because she knew it already about my mature british lady in stockings fucking a truck driver tube porn fucking stamina and today she herself experienced the same.

It is very important for me take my husband half way in fucking game by massaging, masturbating and sucking his strong cock. Sucking and finger-fucking of my pussy was continued for some time. I felt a little wetness around my buttocks. He stopped his actions on my pussy and on my ass. He took me to a closed window of our bedroom and asked me to bend forward resting my head on the window plain, a very similar position which we used for fucking in his office last week.

I separated my legs and thighs. Flawless tiny kitten gets her yummy pussy and tight anal rode behind me, he was ready to insert his throbbing cock into my pregnant pussy. Neeta joined my husband by hold his long, strong and thick cock in her palm. She put his cock head on my pregnant pussy holding it in her hand and has guided his cock to go inside my waiting pregnant pussy.

I loved her for what she did. Once full penetration of his cock in to my pussy was completed, he circled his hands around my body and cupped my hanging boobs. He began to make thrusts in to my pregnant pussy and started to fuck me while squeezing my boobs. As always, I began to moan fiercely out of extreme pleasure and ecstasy.

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I looked at Neeta; she came behind of my husband and hugged his naked body, rubbing her well-shaped round and hard boobs on the back of my husband. Sticking her naked body to my husband's naked body from his back by hugging him, she began to make forward thrusts, matching my husband's thrust in to my pussy, as if she was fucking my husband's ass with her pussy.

Actually, she was rubbing her pussy on my husband's buttocks. It was really an interesting scene that is, I bending forward, my husband fucking me while Neeta rubbed her pussy on my husband's ass. Within no time, he really accelerated his strokes of cock in to my pussy and used all his force to fuck my pussy with a great speed.

I was very near to my finishing line because of continuing fucking of my husband from back of me. My body started to react in reaching up to orgasm and suddenly, I could not stop myself releasing a thunderous yell out of reaching climax. He continued to fuck me by which I understood that he too will reach soon in his fucking.

His cock was moving in and out of my juicy pussy with a stormy speed and after some time, He reached his orgasm and his cock started showering his love juice in deep of my pregnant and dripping pussy. We both, me and my husband were enjoying pleasure of a wonderful fuck.

His cock was still lying in to my pussy and started shrinking. Cum fired from his cock in to my pussy, mixed with my own pussy juices, started dripping out of my pussy. Immediately, Neeta came to the front, Took hold of my husband's cock and began to suck his cock fully drenched in the mixture of his cock-milk and my pussy juice. Now, my husband needed to get back his erection to fuck us more. At this moment it came into my mind that all these times, we had never engaged in kissing.

So I made a suggestion. He and Neeta stood on floor face to face and I sat on my knees in between them but facing his cock. He hugged Neeta tightly and they two engaged in French-kissing. At this time, I took his limp cock into my mouth and began to suck it as I love to suck his small limp cock. Very soon, his cock erected fully but I was continued to suck his cock, while they, my husband and Neeta were in deep of their French kiss.

I knew that there will be another fucking game and I wanted to give more chances to Neeta to give her more and more fucking satisfactions. I stopped sucking his cock and they stopped kissing. Now it was the fucking time and I made Neeta to take the same doggy style which I did earlier. This time, it was easy for my husband to put his long cock in to Neeta's small tight pussy.

He put his cock head on Neeta's wet pussy and pushed it in with a strong stroke. A hiss came out of Oldnanny horny lacey starr got hardcore group sex mouth and soon my husband's long and thick cock was disappeared in Neeta's pussy. Then my husband fucked Neeta with brutal force.

At this time, I came behind my husband and caught hold of his balls. While he fucked Neeta, I squeezed his balls. Both Neeta and I were getting extreme pleasures. I was continued to squeeze his balls while my husband fucked Neeta. He continued to ram Neeta's pussy with heavy punches with his hot cock. Though Neeta did not cum, I saw my husband's cock was covered with something.

I observed it and found his cock smeared with blood. I understood, she must have menstruated and her period started. But she pleaded him to continue fucking for a little time longer to help her climax.

So, he obeyed her. Now, I seated in between them in an uncomfortable position and began to lick my husband's balls. Neeta climaxed soon but my husband continued to fuck her. Neeta was having a wonderful fuck, first time a satisfactory fuck by a male and I could make out from her face, her reactions that she was very happy. Sexy sound because of fucking position, Neeta's well lubricated pussy with her own blood and pussy juices was in the air.

Soon, I noticed that Neeta had her second orgasm in continue fucking but my husband was still fucking her. Suddenly, he too offloaded his cock milk deep into her a little later. He withdraws his cock quickly out of Neeta's pussy and I found it fully covered with Neeta's menstrual blood.

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We, both the girls accompanied my husband to the bathroom. I cleaned my husband's cock with soap. Later, we also washed our pussies. We came back to the room. My husband asked us to make coffee. We, me and Neeta both, naked, went to the kitchen and prepared coffee for all. We took our girl and black guy sexy story sex stories dawnlod which helped all of us to gain our energy back.

After that, we lay on bed with the girls on either side of my husband's body. Actually, we were still feeling dead tired and exhausted. Kissing on my husband's cheek, Neeta said: "Jiju, after having had this experience, I can vouch for what Julee had said about you, that is, you are a wonderful love-maker.

And I saw the same last time too. I am thankful to you and Julee too for giving me such a wonderful experience which will remain fresh in my mind and heart forever." We knew further lovemaking sessions were difficult due to Neeta's menstruation.

So, he was lying on his back. I brought my pussy to his face, keeping my upper torso bent facing his body.

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He mouthed my pussy and at the same time squeezed my hanging boobs. Neeta sat near my husband's buttocks, held his cock with one of her hands and thrust it into her mouth. This way, our sucking continued till I climaxed into my husband's mouth and my husband into Neeta's mouth.

Soon, my husband's cock shrunk. Later, Neeta lay on her back. I pressed my pussy on leggy angel gets willing for sex games face and Neeta began to suck it.

My husband sat beside Neeta's body and fucked her bleeding pussy with his finger. Our sucking continued till both the girls cum once again. At the end of our plays, all of us became very tired. We lay again with the girls at the either side of my husband's body and hugging him tightly with our hands. None of us knew when we slipped into sleep. Julee