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Anal submissive fuck slut gags on dicks gangbang blowbang
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I awoke in the morning to an empty bed. Aisha must have left before I woke up. I turned over and looked at the clock. It was 1pm. I went down stairs and moaned as I surveyed the damage. Beer cans littered the ground, along with empty pizza boxes and incredibly, some weed that someone forgot. I ignored my headache and started to pick up the trash. I started by picking up the weed and putting it on he kitchen table. I then got two trash bags and started putting beer cans and the pizza boxes in them.

I was almost finished when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly hid the bags and kicked around the remaining beer cans so it wasn't as obvious that I had a party. I walked to the door and opened it. There stood Ms. Robinson, my next door neighbor. "Hey Brad. I came over to ask if you needed any help cleaning up?" "Um… I don't know what you mean," I lied nervously.

"Oh come on Brad, you think I don't know what a party sounds like? I live next door for crying out loud. I know you had a party and I thought you might like some help cleaning up." "Well, thank you… but why?" "Because I know what it's like to be young.

Come on, let's not waste anymore time." With that, she came in past me. I hurried to grab the garbage bags. I handed her one and started to clean up. I was still pretty shocked about my 30 something year old neighbor helping me pick up beer cans. As she bent over to pick up a paper plate on the floor, I got a good look at her cleavage, which was far from a bad thing, being that she was pretty good looking.

Her breasts were about size C's, but they didn't have that sag that some women get with age. She was a brunette, and stood at about 5'5''.

She had a pretty face with full lips and brown eyes. "Enjoying yourself?" At the sound of her voice, I suddenly realized that I had been staring and looked mind control suggestive behavior jenteal quickly, embarrassed.

"Don't feel bad. A woman likes to know that she's appreciated," she said with a smile. Suddenly her smile faded. "What's this?" she asked. I looked to where she was pointing.

Oh shit!

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I thought. I forgot to hide the weed. "Um… well… uh…" I stuttered nervously. "You know, I don't mind drinking as long as it's not often, but weed is a gateway drug. It leads to all sorts of things." "Oh come on Ms. Robinson…" "No!

Not come on! I hate to do it, but I might have to tell your dad or the police." "Oh please! Don't call either I'd do anything. Please!" "No Brad. Im sorry, but…" she trailed off, eyeing me and smiling slightly. "Anything?" "Well… yes," I said, kind of unsure of what she meant.

"You see Brad, it's been a couple of years since my husband left me and well… um… this is kind of awkward, but I havn't um… you know… had any in a long time." "Ms.

Robinson, im flattered, but well, it seems wrong," i said, immediately picking up on what she wanted from me.

"Come on Brad, your young and attractive, and judging watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana your previous stares, I guess im not so bad myself." "Well, I," I started. "Shh…" she whispered leaning in close to me. She pecked me on the lips. At that moment I just gave in, forgetting about the fact that she was about 20 years older than me.

She kissed me again, and I decided to kiss her back. Our lips touched, and then parted allowing our tongues to slip into each others mouths. I started to get a hard on, my cock swelling in my pants.

I slowly moved my hand to her breast and caressed it. I rolled her now hard nipple in my finger tip. "Oh Brad, I need you to eat me." I obeyed. She took off her shirt and lay down on the floor. I undid her pants and slowly pulled off her underwear, exposing her trimmed pussy. I could smell it from where I was, just a couple of inches from it. It had that musky scent that pussy usually does.

The smell of it turned my on even more.


I put my face right over it and went to work. I started by licking around her clit, causing her to moan in pleasure. I slowly caressed her thigh and butt as I moved my tongue into her pussy. "Oh shit, Brad. This is so good," she moaned, as my tongue entered her cunt. I tongue fucked her for about a minute, earning many moans of pleasure, before I pulled my tongue out and inserted my fingers into her hot, wet pussy.

I moved my fingers in and out, her moaning all the while.

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I started out slow, but increasing speed as I went. "ooooh brad… this is so incredible." She moaned.


I started to go even faster, licking her clit as i went. Aaaaaaaaaah shiiiiiiiit!!!!!!! She screamed as the orgasm rushed through her body, making her shake. Her body arched up causing my fingers to go farther into her. When she finished, I pulled out my fingers and put them into her mouth. Mmmmm she said as she licked off her own juices from my fingers.

She then unclasped her bra exposing her beautiful breasts to me. I stood up and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving my naked body exposed. My cock stuck out 7 and a half inches. She then sat up and grabbed it in one hand. She started to stroke it slowly.

She moved up onto her knees so her head was level with my erection. She continued to stroke my penis, and slowly licked the head. She kept licking, getting more of it into her mouth each time. When she had my head completely in her mouth, she started to move down my shaft. She slowly worked me with her mouth, taking me farther down each time until, impressively, had me all the way in her mouth.

If she was in any discomfort she didn't show it. She just kept on sucking. I grabbed the back of her head lightly and guided her down and sunny leone finger her vigina my massive erection.

Her mouth was so wet and warm. She kept working her tongue around my dick while she went up and down. i was moaning softly. I then felt the familiar feeling in my balls, and knew I was about to cum. "Ms.


Robinson, I'm going to cum." "Then do it on my face," she told me. I had never given a girl a facial, and the thought of it excited me. She started to jack me off over her face. "Ah shit," I moaned as I started to cum. I let off a four roper right on racy hawt gang bang pornstar and hardcore face, covering it in my semen.

She licked some off of her lips and swallowed it. "Now fuck me," she commanded. At that moment, in the heat of passion, I did something I had always wanted to do. I picked her up off the floor and placed her over my dick. I slowly dropped her onto my hard cock and started to fuck her standing up. "Oh god, I cant believe im doing this," I said to no-one in particular. "Goddamn this is so good!" Ms.

Robinson moaned and I pumped in and out of her. "mmmm…" she moaned as she lead up to another orgasm. Thirty seconds later, the orgasm raced through her body again, causing her pussy to tighten on my dick. Her legs tightened around me and she whimpered in pleasure as she came for the second time.

I continued to pump in and out of her, causing her to moan and whimper. Her box was so hot and wet. "mmm. Brad, this is fantastic." I continued to go in and out, slowly increasing my tempo, all the while to the sound of moans of pleasure.

then i pulled out of her and put her down on the couch with her butt facing me and proceeded to do her doggy style. faster and faster i went, until i felt my own orgasm coming.

I turned her around on the couch. I stroked my dick a couple of times and then came all over her stomach and pubic hair. She grabbed my head and pulled me down for a kiss. "That was incredible," she told me softly. "You were amazing Ms. Robinson." "Oh please, we just fucked. You can call me Susan." She then got up, kissed me once more on the lips, and put her clothes back on.

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"Im going to go home and clean up," she said. "You were really great. I might just have to call on you again sometime." "Anytime you want, Susan. I'll be ready." With that, she left. I couldn't believe it. I had just fucked my older neighbor and a cheerleader in less than 24 hours. I couldn't wait until my dads next business trip. pleased comment and rate i want to make my stories better, so please help.