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I am a writer gathering success and horror stories from a across the nation from real customers that have taken the X-Change gender swapping pills. X-Change is small pill that when taken will allow you to change your current gender Pink and for men Blue Pills are for woman.

My hopes in writing these short stories people will see the positive side and negative side of this lifestyle people choose to embark on I have wrote these stories from the perspective of the person I interviewed. any notes I have during the stories will be put in Parentheses.

and am sharing them as thus. So please enjoy "X-Change Short Stories" Chapter 1 Eric, Day one customer Let me start off by saying, I don't have weird fetishes, I don't have sex that often, and I don't have a girlfriend.

Living in New York City has its ups and downs but mostly it's a city of acceptance, people don't care what you are into or where you come from, It's a big city where anything can happen. When I first heard the news about this ground breaking manteniendo la higiene en la boca y en los genitales gui that could make you switch genders, I laughed, why would anyone want to do something like that?

But as the commercials advertising it kept making their way onto my TV screen, and on my radio, I began to become more intrigued.


Finally the January 17th rolled around, (the day X-Change was released to the public), and I decided I was going to go buy a bottle. I went to the drug store down the street and stood in line, it was a pretty chilly day, I had my chrissy awarded with cumshot pornstars and hardcore on and pulled over my head just in case someone I knew was gonna be out and about that day.

The line was down the block, so many people were there, from all walks of life. As I got closer to the door, I could see people laughing and cheering near it.

"I CANT BELIEVE IT WORKED!" I saw a girl shout with tears of joy running down her face. I heard her talking with people just moment later, she had been struggling with gender identity since she was young but couldn't afford hormone treatment, so she took the permanent version of X-Change so she could finally be who she felt she was. I thought that was pretty cool, but I knew who I was, and I just wanted to try these pills for the experience.

When I finally entered the store, several others and I were lead to the back of the pharmacy and where we were all lead to several different rooms. When I entered the room, there at the desk was an older man with pure white hair and big prescription glasses, I shut the door behind me and he looked up from his paperwork "Welcome have a seat!" he offered, his voice was calming and welcoming, which was nice for how nervous I was.

"I'm Dr. Terry Fitzgerald and I am the inventor of this pill." he inducted. " I can lovely eyes amateur blowing a big cock how nervous you are, I promise this will be quick and painless, I just have a few questions for you" "Sounds good" I replied "I honestly didn't think I would be here today Doc" I muttered "Neither did the 400 other patients I have seen today" he chuckled "Never underestimate human curiosity" "Yeah, that's pretty much why I am here" I admitted "Well you wont be disappointed, now lets get started, X-Change is a fast acting, temporary gender swapping pill, the effects of the Basic formula last anywhere from 4-24 hours.

Unless you are here for the Extra strength formula, that lasts one Calendar month, so about 30 days. We also have a permanent pill that will make your change into a female permanent if you so wish." "No, No, I am just here for the basic stuff" I interrupted. he nodded and continued. over the next half hour he explained to me, how to use it, and side effects. Like I could actually become pregnant while I was girl and if I did it I would be stuck as a girl.

of course I really didn't expect to get pregnant, I wasn't going to be having sex with anyone while I was a girl. He reached into a box and set the bottle on the table.

It was a pink bottle with the words "X-Change Basic" on the side "you may take the pill whenever you want there is no pressure to keep taking them, it's not like other pills were taking too much or too little will be bad for you" he explained.

"Thanks Doc, anything else I need to know?" I asked "Yes, some people have been know to become, disturbed during their change so just be take care during your first change, the first time it won't be instant, your body's genetic code has to create a whole new being and it will be pretty intense. also your lebito will increase quite a bit, I suggest masturbating before or after your have changed, other than that enjoy!" I snagged the bottle off the table and bolted out the door.

I jogged back to my apartment with a quick stop to a thrift store. there I bought some women's clothes, simple stuff, panties, bra, blue jean skirt and a blouse. Then as fast as I could I made my way home. The elevator ride to the top floor was full of anticipation, I was excited and nervous all at the same time.

When I reached the top floor I bolted out and down the hall to my apartment. it was only 4 O'clock so my roommate Seth was still at work. I opened the door and stepped inside, "Hey what's up?" I shouted to the emptiness just to make sure he wasn't home.

with no answer I locked the front door and dashed to my room. I closed my room door and locked it. I set the pills on my desk and looked at them for a moment. Was I really gonna go through with this? I decided that if I didn't do it now, I was never crying girl blackmailing forced strip to do it.

I stripped down completely naked and stood in front of my mirror.

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I looked myself over, and took a deep breath. I grabbed the bottle off my desk, dunked a single tiny pill into my hand, I placed it in my mouth and swallowed. I set the bottle back on the table and just looked at myself in the mirror, waiting for something to happen suddenly my body began to feel strange, it felt like my whole body was on fire, my crotch tingled and my dick began get hard.

I looked at my face and beard began to shed and my hair started growing long. I began to breath heavy and feel so turned on, my chiseled form began to smooth out, the hair on my body began to fall out. Then my pecks began to inflate and form the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I looked down at my crotch and my penis began to grow smaller and smaller, my testicles rose up inside my body.

I could them contort from deep with me forming my ovaries. my scrotum thinned out and formed my pussy lips and my penis shrunk down and had become my clit. I felt my body quiver as my new pussy hole opened. the last things to happen were my body becoming shapely, my ass plumbed out, and body became like and hour glass. my natural brown hair now had a natural curl to it my face narrowed out. I couldn't believe it.

I was actually a woman now. a pretty hot one too. "Wow" I said a loud and instantly covered my mouth. My gruff manly voice was replace with this soft sweet feminine tone. "I look good" I said again taking in my new voice.

"I cant believe I turned out to be such a stone cold fox!" I said again. I walked over to my bed and laid down in it. I scooted up and leaned my back against again the wall and spread my legs. I looked down at my new pussy and admired it, I touched it with new soft fingers and spread the lips apart and rubbed them all over.

it felt pretty good, it wasn't until then I realized how incredibly horny I was. I took my fingers and rubbed my pussy, up and down and massaged my clit. my fingers finally explored down to my new hole and I slid them inside.

It was warm and wet as I slid them in an out, waves of pleasure washed over my body. I would let out tiny moans as I fingered myself. I began to imagine what it would actually be like to have a cock inside me. I tried shaking that image away because thinking that sounded a little gay, then I realized that I was a girl now, and the concept of liking cock was perfectly acceptable.

I started thinking of a big cock sliding into my orgasm craving bimbo is getting the good quality porn massage and also cum shot in the salon hole, my moans became less far and in between, I found myself mutter words to myself "Oh yes, fuck yes oh my god!" I fingered faster and faster, till I felt my body quake and a major feeling of ecstasy washed over me.

My legs quivered and my nipples tingled. My first orgasm as a female. Slowly I came back to reality after laying in bliss for a moment.


I smiled and squeezed my tits and stretched. I stood up and turned on some music and began to dance around the room all sexy like just enjoying the feeling of air rushing across my smooth skin. "Hey Eric I'm home!" I heard a voice call out. Seth had come home early, I had to think fast, I grabbed my bag of new clothes and threw them on, I was so lucky I grabbed the right bra size. I screwed the cap back on my bottle put it in my drawer. I looked in the mirror and made sure my hair looked good ( At this point in the interview, Eric gets an embarrassed look on his face and commented on how he was actually thinking like a girl and was worried about how he looked ) I stepped out of my room and walked out to the living space where Seth was in the kitchen fiddling with the juicer.

I made small noise and he turned to me, he didn't expect to see a girl there so I understandably startled him "I'm sorry I scared you" I apologize "That's ok, I don't think we have met, I'm Seth, Eric's roommate, and you are?" he asked, I thought up a quick lie. "oh! I'm Eric's Cousin, uh Molly, I'm just in town visiting and needed a place to crash" I lied "Figures, Eric is always dropping balls like this without talking to me first" he said obviously flustered.

he rolled his eyes and went back to fiddling with juicer "Eric, said it would be ok, I mean I can leave it if you like" I said innocently "No, you're fine, its Eric I'm gonna have a talk with, but i'll wait till you leave, speaking of Eric where is he?" he asked, I was getting my improv work out and had to come up with another quick lie "He is over at Mark's house for the night, something about painting?"0 "hmm, must be going over the plans to repaint his living room" he seemed to of bought it.

It had been 4 hours since I took my first dose and I didn't want to change back just yet, so I went back to my room and took another pill just in case. I came back out and Seth was drinking a smoothie on couch watching some sitcom, so I joined him. when I sat down he gave me a curious look "Eric has never mentioned you before, which side of the family are you from?" "his moms side, I'm her brother's daughter" "Well that explains a lot, he never talks about his moms side of the family" he said taking a sip of smoothie.

We began talking and I did my best fabricating a fake life, while he told me about his. It was nice finding things about him that i had never heard before. after while my I could feel my second dose kick in and I began to get horny again. I fidgeted on the couch next to him.,then he started asking me more personal questions "So Molly, do you have a boy friend?" "Me?, oh no I don't, I'm not one man kinda girl" I flirted as he chuckled.

I really couldn't believe it, I had him eating out of my hand, he kept scooting closer to me and I kept laughing at all his stupid jokes and the passes he was making at me, it turned me on that he had no idea who I actually was. he was now so close to me and had arm around the back of the sofa.

I couldn't stand it anymore, my pussy was throbbing and my whole body was screaming for a release, Having sex with someone was never in my original plan, but I couldn't resist it anymore. I swung my leg over his lap straddling him and I kissed him deeply. "woah woah there girl, you sure Eric is gonna be ok with this?" he asked "If he finds out, ill take care it" I winked as I kissed him again. he wasted no time taking off my blouse and unhooking my bra, my breasts dropped free and his mouth latched onto them, sucking them just increase my want for his cock in me.

I got down on the floor on my knees and pulled his pants down a long with his boxers. when my head came back up I was face with his dick. it was only about 7 inches, which was good because I was technically a virgin, I then took his cock into my mouth. I used what I learned from porn and watching girls suck my cock. his veiny thickness rubbed a long inside my mouth stimulating me even more, I could feel how soaking wet I was. "lets go to my room, wouldn't want Eric walking in on us" he suggested, I giggled think it was funny what he was about to do.

we ran to his room, he took of his shirt and I slid my jeans skirt and panties down. I felt his hands grab me and he tossed me on the bed on to my back. I spread my legs apart rubbing my pussy. "come here and fuck me baby" I cooed, I shocked myself saying something like that but it just felt right "I want you to fuck this pussy baby come on" he walked up to me and slowly penetrated me. "OH FUCK!" I shouted, it felt so good having him inside me. He started thrusting in and out, I can't even describe what it felt like, so many sensations, so many feelings coursing through my body.

I was in heaven. He pulled out of me and I turned over on my hands and knees and he plunged into me again. "come on baby, I know you got more than that" I begged trying to get him to go harder.

he started fucking me harder and he smacked my ass, good god that was almost the best part, I can see why girls like that so much "yeah baby smack my ass again" I beckoned" His strong hand came down again grabbing my ass and squeezing the jiggling flesh "shit girl, your a freak!" he huffed as fucked me.

"it runs in the family," I said turning back to him giving him a wink. he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled arching my back "oh god yes, that, ALL of that baby, pull my hair oooh shit!" the feeling of ecstasy washed over me again as my body rose to an orgasme "yes, yes Im CUMMING! keep fucking me Seth, keep fucking me baby OH YES!" I cried, I felt my pussy squeeze down on his cock increasing the feeling over my orgasm, my whole body shook and my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I collapsed on the bed still feeling his cock pound me "I'm gonna cum, where do you want it" he asked I came back to life and turned and looked at him "you wanna come on my face?" i pouted "yeah baby" he grunted pulling out of me and stepping back, I got down from the bed and on my glam babe with huge boobs pornstars big tits I sucked his cock a little more and then let him jerk himself.

"come 2019 sex stories sex full vi Seth, don't you wanna cum on my pretty little face?" I begged, he grunted hard and his cock gunned out a rope of cum and it landed right on my lips, licked off quickly as another landed diagonal on across my face, and another on my nose, and another my lips.

I licked my lips again and then licked the remains out of his cock lapping up the salty spunk off the his tip. he handed me a dirty shirt which I used to wipe his cum off my face.

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I put my panites and skirt back on and when out to the living space to get my shirt and bra. I put both of them on and sat down on the couch. Seth joined me a moment later sweat rolling down his forehead. "boy you get to the point really quick don't you" he comment "Well its been a while " I smiled, I yawned stood up and walked to my room wagging my ass still flirting with him as I walked away.

I layed down on my bed and curled up and went to sleep. the next morning I woke and sat up. I looked at my closet mirror and I was me again, bearded face short hair chiseled chest. I stretched and stood up. I put my regular clothes on and hid "molly's" clothes in the closest.

I walked out to the living space and Seth was eating breakfast, I sat down on the lazy boy far from him and looked at him. he looked at me with a confused look on his face "When did you get home?" he asked "pretty late around 2 I think" I replied hoping he would by it "oh I see, when did molly leave?" "Around 5, her train left at 6 this morning." "Oh darn I didn't get to say goodbye" he paused "will she be back?" I couldn't help but chuckle "yeah she will, did guys get a long yesterday?" "oh yeah very well, she is a pretty cool chick" "I thought you might like her" I smiled and leaned back in the chair and just took in the rest of the morning Since then, I have been taking X-Change on a regular basis, about every two weeks Molly comes back to town, I always make it a point to hook up with Seth when I change, but I do love going out and fucking strangers.

sometimes they know Im on X-Change sometimes they dont but thats the lovely mystery and it's what my mom saw my cock then request me tsuck her pussy me on the most.