Foxy latina megan salinas getting her tight pussy devastated by a big

Foxy latina megan salinas getting her tight pussy devastated by a big
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It was 11:00PM, which meant decorate my hard cock not the tree was play time. I'd been exchanging emails with this young guy that answered my Craigslist ad. This was going to be a fun night. I'd been putting ads up online to fulfill some of my fantasies. This is my first one. I have a whole list to get through, so strap in, lube up and enjoy the ride my deviant friends. I drove into the apartment complex. I was pretty nervous since this was my first time doing this and all.

I'd hoped that he'd follow my instructions. I guess I'd soon find out. I walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor. He said he lived in 302. When I came upon the door, I gently turned the knob and found it unlocked, just as I'd instructed.


The door slowly creaked open and all of the lights were off but some tea candles burning. As I entered, closed and locked the door, I checked to see if I'd forgotten my lube.

I didn't. I slowly crept through the small apartment. It seemed to be a typical one bedroom of a young guy that didn't make a whole lot of money. He had mix matched furniture probably from Goodwill and I noticed the sink had mom a son xxx bad share few dirty dishes.

I got to the bedroom door and took a deep breath. It was the moment of truth. So far he'd follow my instructions, I was hoping when I walked through the door, some goon wouldn't hit me on the head and take my wallet or something. I slowly opened the door like a thief in the night and stared into a pitch dark room. With the dim light illuminated by the candles in the living room, I could barely make out a body appearing to be asleep.

My heart skipped a beat and the thought of what I was about to do instantly made me hard. I walked in and shut the door, trying to remember where the bed was. The darkness swallowed me in. I stood there for a minute to let me eyes adjust but all I could see was black. He must have pinned or nailed up some sheets or blankets to stop petite liona pleasures a thick dong brunette cumshot light from coming in.

With the biggest grin on my face, crept over to the bed. I undressed and felt the blanket. With the bottle of lube in hand, lifting the blanket, I slid in.

My excitement got the better of me. He was positioned on his side facing away from me. I could feel exactly where he was. My hand glided over his body. He was wearing boxers as I instructed him.

My hand moved up his smooth back and back down to cup his ass. He squirmed a little bit and I sensed the anticipation. I slid right up to his body, spooning him.

My hard cock resting against his nice ass, I hooked a finger in the boxers and slowly slid them down. As I did, he murmured, "Mmmm…no…stop." I could feel his smile as he said it.

I quietly shushed him. The boxers were now below his ass and my cock was right in his crack.


His breathing got heavier and he murmured again, "Mmmm…daddy, please stop." I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly opened the bottle of lube and squirted nearly a handful on my raging manhood. I slid my hand between his ass and aimed my cock at the prized. He lost himself has I prepared him for what was to come.

My hand shot up to his mouth as I penetrated his ass. A muffled groan pierced the darkness of the room. Boy was he tight. I could feel his ring grip my cock. I continued to push it all the way until Slut gets fist in twat masturbation and fingering felt his cheeks against my pelvis.

I slowly slid my cock out again as he moans and then thrust it back in. I was beginning to lose myself also. I started to fuck him. With every thrust, a muffled moan would come from him. As I picked up my speed, I slid my hand covering his mouth to his neck. I began to suck and bite on his neck as I continued to pound away at his ass.

The sounds of your bodies slamming into each other echoed through the bedroom. My piece of ass started to moan and say, "Oh…my…god!" in the rhythm of the pounding. I was in heaven. I moved my hands and postured up on his ass.

I looked down at my handy work.

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My cock was sliding in and out of his love hole. What a fucking whore. This slut just let a stranger come in and ram his cock inside him. "You fucking slut!" I yelled as I spanked him. He was moaning like a Chinese whore now. I was lost in ecstasy and started spewing out obscenities like, "You love Daddy's cock in you!

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You love being my whore! Who's Daddy's whore? Who's ass does this belong to?" And with that I pressed my body down and wrapped my arms around him. I jack hammered my cock in him over and over again. He was now screaming with lust and ecstasy, "Ahhhhahhhhhhahhhhh." I was trying to drive my cock through him and into the bed. Finally I felt the build up and exploded deep in his anal canal. We layed there breathing heavily and spent. My manhood went limp and I could feel my cum ooze out of his ass.

He tried to move but I busty asian wife sucks big hard cock him and said, "Don't fucking move." I got up and dressed. As I walked out, the dim lights from the other room illuminated his body perfectly. I could see the creamy liquid run down his ass onto his sheets. I smiled and walked back to the bed. I went in my pockets and pulled out my wallet. I threw down two dollars on his ass and watched it fall between his legs and into the little puddle of cum.

I don't know what possessed me to do it. But it just felt right. I left. As I rode home, I was still on cloud 9. What a good fuck that was.


I started to think of what I could do next. I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.