Big ebony boobs zariah takes a big black cock in the ass tube porn

Big ebony boobs zariah takes a big black cock in the ass tube porn
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Well, if you have read my first story about my cock hungry sister-in-law, you know that I finally got to fuck her. She is a fine piece of ass and I get to fuck it ever so often when we get the chance.

Now if you haven't read part 1, let me describe her to you. Her name is Laura and she's about 5'8", 135 pounds, and has a very firm body. She works out all the time and you could probably bounce a quarter off of any part of her body. She has long, sandy blonde hair and perky B cup tits. They are not too small and not too big, just more than a mouth full. Her ass is the type of ass that you want to spank as your fucking her from behind, and her legs are an institution all on their own.

They are very firm and always silky smooth. I usually spend extra time kissing them. Now, usually when we would meet together to have sex, it would be for a quickie in the car or at my house before my wife got home. One day, however, Laura called me up and told me that her parents(my in-laws) were going out of town for the weekend and she was going to be home all by herself.

I knew that I had to take special fucking big cock for a young on advantage of this opportunity so I began to plan the details of how I was going to get away so I could fuck Laura's tight little pussy. I told my wife that we were going to have a guys night out and that I would probably spend the night at one of my friends house because I would be too drunk to drive home.

This was perfectly fine with her and when the time came, she kissed me goodbuy and told me to have fun. I headed off to Laura's house and couldn't stop thinking of her body and what I was going to do to it. I told Laura the weekend before what I wanted her to wear Friday night when I came over. She agreed to everything and she couldn't wait to fuck me either.

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I told her I wanted her to have on a pair of high heels with thigh-high stockings. I wanted the kind of stockings that had the seem going up the back side. I also wanted her to wear a super short skirt which just barely covered the top of her stockings and she was to wear no panties. For the top she had to wear a super sexy tight button-up blouse that showed off her titties real well.

Last but not least, she usually kept her pussy trimmed really well, but I wanted her to shave it completely bald for me and she said she would. You could see how much anticipation I would have driving to Laura's house knowing she was going to be wearing exactly what I wanted her to wear. It was about make him cuckold cum covered xvideos cuckold redtube revenge youporn teen porn pm when I pulled up to her house.

I already was starting to get a boner from all the excitement. I knocked on the door and within a second, I could here the click,click,click from her high heels as she was walked to open it. The door came open and I got my first look at her.

She looked amazing and followed my instructions to the tee. "Did I do good dressing up for you?" she asked as we kissed hello. "You redhead pawg camgirl squirts multiple times on sex machine real good Laura, you look fucking hot" I told her as she walked back into the kitchen.

God, she had a great pair of legs! I watched her walk in her heels making her ass shake a little extra. She had thin black thigh-highs on with the seem on the back and her skirt was so freaking short, you could almost see her ass. " I have just fixed some coffee, do you want a cup?" she said while pouring her one.

I told her yes and as she was getting me a cup, she knocked the sweetener on the floor and bent over to pick it up. As she bent all the way over to reach the sweetener her skirt rose upward and I took a peek. I could see part of her ass and pussy from behind. Her lips were bald and and they looked like a peach waiting for me to eat.

Before she rose back up I stepped behind her, reached my hand and touched the bottom of her ass and ran one of my fingers through the slit in her pink pussy. I couldn't wait any longer so I lifted her up on the kitchen counter and spreaded her legs.

Her shaved pussy was staring at me and looked so delicious. I held her legs up in the air and started to lick around her slit and bald lips. She was already wet and ready to go so I dove my tounge into her wet hole. Her clit swelled up real nice as I swirled my tounge around it like a tornado. She tasted so good, and I could have ate her pussy for hours. She loved me eating her out and moaned a lot while I continued to suck on her clit.

I love running my tounge up and down her slit. "Keep going, I'm about to cum! " she said softly. I kept licking her clit in the right spot and sure enough, she squirted cum out of her all over the place. Her juices got on my face and the kitchen counter. Some was even dripping on the floor. I helped her down from the counter and she led me to the couch. "Now it's my turn" she said as she took off my pants and boxers to expose my hard on. I relaxed on the couch while she started to suck on my cock.

She was good at giving head and she loved to do it. She loved to take her tounge and lick the underside of my cock from bottom to top and swirl it around my head. While she was sucking on me, I reached over and was playing with her perky tits. Her nipples were erect and poking through her blouse. I lightly twisted them as she was sucking hard trying to make me explode. Her lips were wrapped around my dick so freaking tight as they went up and down.

I knew she liked me to cum in her mouth so when I was about to cum, I grabbed her head and held it still while I pumped cum down the back of her throat.

My spunk over filled her mouth and some of it dripped out but most of it she swallowed. She then did something she has never done before. She grabbed my dick and squeezed the last remaining drop of cum out and took her tounge and licked it up, the whole time looking into my eyes.


"Your'e feeling extra freaky tonight aren't you baby?" I asked her. she said "Oh yah, I want you to fuck me on every surface in this house tonight." "Where do you want to start?" I asked her playfully.


"How about my dads office" she replied leading me that direction. She sat me down in his big office chair and took her blouse and skirt off. Next she jumped on top of me and slid my cock past her swollen lips and into her tight hole. "Oh God, you feel so tight" I moaned while she started to ride me.

She stuck her firm titties in my face for me to suck on them. I twisted her tall erect nipples and squeezed her perky tits while she continued to ride my hard cock. She stopped and got off of me and leaned over the desk placing one leg up on the desk.

"Come on, we have a lot of ground to cover" she said while I was getting up.

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I shoved my cock into her pussy and fucked her some more. I grabbed her hips and nailed her hard causing papers to go flying off the desk. This continued at a number of locations throughout the house.

I would fuck her for about five minutes and then we would move somewhere new. We fucked on the coffee table, dinner table, stairs, her parents bed, toilet, and even in the laundry room. You name it and we probably fucked on it in every position imaginable.

For the grand finally, we went up to her bedroom on her bed. She took the rest of her clothes off and got completely naked and we started to make out. She was kissing me violently, thrusting her tounge in and out of my mouth. I got on top and slid my dick into her really deep and grinded up against her clit. "Fuck me hard" she said as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight.

She told me that she didn't want me to cum in her pussy, but that she wanted me to cum in her ass. I flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style while I was fingering her ass to get it ready. I lubed her megumi shino is a creampie asian in a threesome with some KY, pulled out my dick which was nice and hard, and began to stick it in her ass.

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"NIce and slow" she said in between moaning and cursing. "Your ass is so fucking tight" I yelled as I finally got most the way in and started to thrust back and forth. She couldn't say much of anything except "OHHHH Yes,UHhhhh fuck my ass!!!!" It did't take long and after a few minutes of me fucking her pink little oldnanny grandma is having fun in the bathroom, I filled her up with cum.

when I pulled out of her stretched asshole, cum was flowing out and down the slit of her pussy. I loved watching it drip down her body. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself off. "That felt weird and great at the same time" she said.

"That's good because I'm going to do that again sometime" I told her as she came back to the bed. She told me "We aren't done yet so don't you tire out on me." "Yes mamm" I replied as she jumped on top of me. She started rubbing her sticky,wet pussy on my dick making it hard and then she stuck it inside her hole.

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"I'm not stopping till I cum again" she said as she started to wear me out. She sat all the way back on me making my dick penetrate her deeply. She cooed and sweared louder and louder with every thrust. Her tits were bouncing up and down when I wasn't too busy sucking on them and twisting her nipples. After several more thrust from Laura's firm body I could tell she was about to orgasm and I was getting ready to cum also.

Normally I wouldn't allie haze fuck a fan able to cum again so fast, but Laura is so fucking hot I didn't have a problem. My cock got extra hard and shot the last bit of cum that I had into her as her pussy contracted while she orgasm'.


Our juices flowed together out of her lips and onto me and the bed. "Man that felt good" she wispered, near out of breath. I pulled out of her and we fell asleep in bed till the morning. I woke up to the sound of the shower, and saw her silhouette through the shower curtan as I walked in the granny fucks teen girl teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone cant. "You want me to join you?" I asked in a hopeful manner.

"NO, I'm almost done" she replied. Since I got shot down I crawled back into bed. The next thing I see is Laura coming in the room with a towell wrapped around her. Her hair is still wet and she smells like strawberry lotion. She dropped her towell showing me her freshly cleaned body and jumped on top of me. She got in the 69 position and started to rub my cock. "Um, this is a supprise" I said before I started licking around her fresh, shaved pussy. Within seconds, my tounge reached her soft pink slit and sucked on it.

She had my cock in her mouth by this time and was sucking like her life depended on it. This was so awesome. She and I both moaned as we pleasured each others body.

I was deep into her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit. Ever so often I would slide my tounge up to her ass and lick her tight, pink asshole. That drove her crazy. She stopped sucking my dick to say " OH GOD, I'm cumming" and sure enough, her juices poured out of her pussy all over my face. She resumed sucking my dick really hard and with me giving her no warning I exploded a load of cum into her mouth. "UMMmmm" she said as she licked it all up and gulped.

"Now it's your turn to get a shower" she told me as she started to get dressed. "Where are you going, it's Saturday" I asked her. "I'm going shopping with some girlfriends" she replied. She put on a pair of tight khaki shorts with a thin white T-shirt. You could see her bra through her shirt. I ssqueezed her ass as I Kissed her goodbye and told her to buy something sexy for her to where when we get the next chance to fuck.

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I got a shower and cleaned up before I went home and fucked my wife. It doesn't get any better than that.