Bffs hot cheer sluts flash fuck coach

Bffs hot cheer sluts flash fuck coach
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Cock sucking became an art just as my wife learned to master the tactic. A few experiences will quickly put any woman in a position to perform the act with minimal fuss as my wife came to find out. Being in an open relationship and having tried practically all aspects of outrageous sex acts, cock sucking seem to have now succumb to be her favourite.

Although she enjoys anal sex as much as vaginal sex, she still seem to say that having a good sized cock in your mouth is a real pleasure.


I won't discount the fact as on numerous occasions, when she returns home from work and kisses me, I can distinctly taste semen in her mouth. I normally question her as to her activities regarding the taste and in all fairness she tells me of who she had given a blowjob to.

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At times she admitted that she had to swallow as sometimes it was a bit difficult in the way she drove the guys cock to extreme ecstasy. In those cases the man just ram their cocks down her throat and choices are limited when ejaculation occurs, thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette swallowing.

I have no objection as long as she knows that the guy she is blow jobbing, must first wash himself which I think she always insists. In her job situation she comes across many men and a lot of them know her trait, and it is not unusual for her to sometimes give up to five blow jobs a day. Her preference is normally those who have a bigger size cock and a huge load of semen, but seeing she knows the art of not always swallowing, a good sprinkle on her face makes her feel just as satisfied.

Although she is not really into prostitution, we discussed the issue a few times and yes admittedly she sometimes charges a fee. This helps towards supplementing the income and of lately more men are paying her for something which she finds of interest.

It is not so surprising as other woman who are also at work with her do the same thing. Also of consequence and where she charges double is when some men want to fuck her ass.

I must admit that after her anal stretch she can accommodate quite a huge size cock and this is an added advantage. My wife starts off her blow job by exposing the man's penis and slowly flicks her tongue onto his pee hole. This produces within a few minutes seminal fluid which according to her is the thing that makes her lips twitch.

Thereafter she gently sucks on the head of his cock until she feels the swelling appear. All the time her hand is firmly gripping his shaft and than with a stroke of ease moves her mouth over the balance of his shaft.

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This she does in a formation of "mouth fucking" as she slides it in deeper. At times, depending on the length of the man's cock she completely engulfs him until her lips touches his balls. Withdrawing her mouth slowly, she then proceeds to lick him from the bottom of the balls up and sort of give him a cleaning.

Occasionally some men prefer to have the area between the asshole and balls also licked. This she enjoys as it increases the process of semen build up and ejaculation is then very new at hand. On the odd occasion some call for their asshole to be licked. She has no problem with that, provided he is clean, but she prefers to finger fuck them in the ass. A lot of men don't get this from their wife's or partner, so that's why they seek it elsewhere.

Finally her lips grips his cock shaft and closing it as tightly as she can, she let him explode, at the same time rolling her tongue over she drains her mouth in his juices. If is where she has the opportunity to retract her mouth, she then handjobs the guy and takes the final load on her face or body. As far as her anal favours are concerned she prefers laying flat on her stomach, positioning he ass to protrude slightly upwards by placing some soft object between her pussy and the floor.

Her as is easily visible and the guy than straddles her from the back and pushes his cock all the way in. Similar like a missionary position, she then gets ass fucked, and yes she says it is a bit painful, but feels more like some meaty object is ticking her at the same time. Men, she says go crazy when they ass fuck as a woman's asshole is tighter and a thick penis feels like a challenge to most men to get a tight grip.

Some men are really rough and at times she screams out in pain and this only increases the men's intensity to pump harder. Most men use condom's so on ejaculation will finally collapse onto her back, but when no condom it used more prefer to pull outturn around and do a ass to mouth.

Some empty their loads into her asshole but because of a ass not specifically designed for sex, except for enjoyment, on turning around most of the semen drips out. My wife slut victoria banxxx cant get enough of big cock smalltits and pornstars just rubs it between her legs and cunt lips as this she says gives her a "nice" feeling.

She always hs plenty tricks up her sleeve.


I regularly perform all what is described here and for sure I do have a woman than really knows her sex. And seeing that she is also into threesomes and double penetration my sex life is very fulfilling.

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