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Busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick
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Andrew was 16 and ever since he started going through puberty he's had a power over people. When they are asleep he can take their consiousness from their body into his own mind. To them it seems like they have had a praticularly vivid dream. Our story begins the night of August 5th at about 11pm. Hannah has just slipped into a deep sleep. Anxietys about school flow around in her mind.

A hazy dream materializes about forgetting her biology book in her locker. She cant seem to get the locker open when she gets to it. Suddenly the dream is ripped away from her and its almost as if she's woken up. She's standing in the middle of a forest clearing with a tank top and jeans on. The ground feels warm on her bare feet, and she hears sounds of birds, tree frogs, and crickets.

This is too real to be a dream, she thinks. As she surveys her situation she hears a low rumble. She looks to her left and sees two bright red eyes staring at her from a dark corner of the clearing. The creature steps out into the light and she screams.

The creatures head comes up to her shoulders in height and it has black shiny spikes all over its emily addison vs cali logan. It has a dog-like form and its teeth shine a bright white.

It crouches down and creeps toward her. She backs away slowly, terrified. Its muscles tighten and it springs at her. She sees a flash in the corner of her eye and an arrow flys through the air, it goes into the creature's neck.

She turns to run but gorgeous girl screams getting wazoo fucked hardcore russian leg gets pinned under the animal. Horrible pain shoots through her body as the spikes on the animals body go deeply into her leg.

This cant be a dream I feel pain, she thinks. The man that fired the arrow comes out of the woods and throws his bow aside.

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She sees him flick his wrist in a "shoo" sort of gesture and the creature flies off her as if launched by a cannon.

Blood spurts from her leg as the spikes are removed and she screams in pain. He kneels down beside her. He runs his finger tips over the wounds and a warm sensation flows over her body.

Theres no more pain but the wounds are still open and she is still losing blood. "I have to remove your jeans to heal these wounds", he says.

"ok", she mumbles feeling a little light headed. He runs his fingers over her leg again and its as if a razor is cutting the jeans. She feels them slacken and fall to the grass she is laying on. She feels slightly self concious with just panties and a tank top on in front of this strange man. She feels his unnaturally warm hand touch her leg and an almost orgasmic wave of pleasure flows into her body, but it lasts a matter of seconds.

She looks down and her wounds are healed as if they were never there. She looks up into his eyes for the first time and she nearly passes out.

He is the most handsome man she has ever seen. His eyes are blue as the sky, he has brown hair and is about 6' she figures. She is still staring at him when his arms go around her and he picks her up. "What's your name", she says in an almost shy voice. She is never shy around guys and dosent know what is making her feel this way. "andrew", he says in a deep almost musical voice. "we must go". A ripple moves through his body and two giant wings sprout from his shoulders.

She stares in disbelief as the wings lift them in the air. "who are you?" she asks. "I am the ruler of everything in this place.close your eyes", suddenly an irresistable urge flows over her to close her eyes. She tries to keep them open but they close anyway. An instant later she is laying in a bed in a small cottage type house. She can still feel where his hands were but he is nowhere to be seen. She still has panties on but she is now in a tight black tshirt instead of a tank top.

She hears the door open and two nude women gracefully move into the room. She stares at them perplexed, they are the most perfect women she has ever seen. Thier breasts are d-cups but they are still firm, the nipples hard.

Thier pubic hair is shaved clean. "The master would like to see you mayam" one of them says. "I will take you to him" the other one says in the exact same voice. Hannah has never had a lesbian thought but if she had to have sex with a women one of these would be it, she thinks to herself. she feels a warm hand slide into hers and guide her out the door. This house is bigger than i thought, hannah thinks to herself as they go through several turns to get to the exit of the house.

They walk out what seems to be the front door and hannah is hit instantly with extreme vertigo. The house is floating thousands of feet above the ground! She grips the railing of the porch. "this way mayam" the woman says and guides her around. The porch stretches all the way around the house and they go to the back. In place of the back yard is a cloud with the texture of a giant hot lasbian girl xxnx mp4 ball.

In the center of the yard is a pool about 100 feet across. There is a figure moving around under the water. The thing in the water moves to the side of the pool and steps out; she sees that it is andrew, as naked as the women that brought her here. She stares in wonder at his amazing body, water is beading on him and it is quite possibly the most wonderful thing she has ever seen. He has a pronounced 6pack, and pecks.

His body is completely hairless except for the top of his head and a small area around his groin. Her eyes wonder to his crotch. She almost looks away, his dick looks to be about 5" but its completely soft! She shudders when she thinks of what it would be like hard. His balls are very large but not unnatural looking.

"my eyes are up here" he says with a amall laugh but she dosent hear it for a few seconds after. "I.uh.I mean.I'm sooo sorry" she trips over her words. He chuckles. "Its ok i'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off you too." she looks down and she is in a bikini. Her nipples look like they are trying to escape they are so hard. "but how did I-" "dont ask" he cuts her off.

he reaches his hand out and she takes it willingly. He guides her to the edge of the pool first time video sex teens family sex education they jump in together. When she surfaces she looks down at her body and sees that she is naked.

she tries in vain to cover up. "if you are here you have to learn not to be self concious, you are beautiful.", he says as the pool drains leaving her standing there completely exposed.

"look at yourself". she looks down and is surprised to see that her breasts have swelled from a B cup to a C and the 10 pounds she was trying to lose has melted away leaving a faint jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time of a 6 pack. She can see the faint outline of muscles in her thighs too. Her pubic hair is gone and her skin is incredibly soft. She runs her hands over her face noticing there isnt even a trace of a pimple.


Everything she has ever looked in the mirror and said "i wish that wasnt there" or "i wish that was different" has changed into all she wished for. She kisses him deeply as thanks. She looks down and notices his member is swelling. She kisses him again wrapping her hand around his penis.

His cock jerks in responce and mom young busty milf brunette loves big cock rapidly. and finally it is fully erect and pulsating in her hand. A feeling of complete lust washes over her body. She drops to her knees and begins sucking on the big cock. A bed takes shape around them and he lays down. She swirls her tounge around the head of his cock and sucks. His member responds with a small spurt of pre-cum.

His abs tighten and he moans in pleasure. She tries to deepthroat and finds that she has no more gag reflex. All 10 inches slide down her throat with no problem. She feels a drop of her own wetness flow down her inner thigh. He stops her "my turn". She stands up and falls into the bed on her back, without her even trying to move. She has no time to wonder how she got on her back because she feels a warm tongue plunge into her drenched pussy. His tongue is huge and slides all the way in, touching her g-spot.

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He is somehow licking her clit and g-spot at the same time and the feeling is amazing. She grabs his hair and moans loudly as the most powerful orgasm she's ever experienced washes over her.

He waits for the orgasm to subside until he leans up, giving her a deep kiss. "I want you in me sooo bad" she moans. He dosent need her to say it twice and he pulls both of them all the way on the bed. He positions himself inbetween her legs and pushes himself inside. She moans loudly as his massive cock stretches her. She cums again almost instantly. He feels her orgasm and it encourages him.

He does her hard. She dosent stop cumming and she screams as he pumps into her tight little cunt. "ooooh fuck" she screams as another wave of powerful orgasm sweeps over her. Her thighs tighten around his waist and she meets every thrust he makes.

Her orgasms finnaly slow down and he slows down. Finally he stops inside her. She's positive he has cum, she can feel juices flowing all over her butt and ass hole. He finally pulls out. "Did you have a nice cum inside me?" she says smiling. "I havent cum yet" he says. She looks sad. "am i doing something wrong?" she asks. "no, i'm just not done with you yet" he smiles and she feels his big cock line up with the opening of her cum covered butt hole.

She shakes her head working out lass booty gap hardcore and blowjob gets a scared look in her eyes, she knows that fat cock isnt going to fit in her. He flips over so she is laying on her stomach. "its not going to.ugh" she says as he pushes the first couple of inches in her. She is incredibly tight and he pushes more in. It hurts her a little but it also feels good. He lays on top of her and pushes his dick in a little more.

mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer kisses and nibbles her neck and ear. He feels her tension flow out a little and takes the opprotunity to plunge his cock the rest of the way in her.

She moans as she feels his lower stomach touch her ass, realizing this means he is all the way in. He starts pumping in and out and he wraps his hands around under her. One hand rubs her clit and the other grabs her thigh pulling himself into her. She screams as she starts cumming again. She feels him bite down on her shoulder and this just hightens the orgasm.

His teeth dig in, nearly breaking the skin but somehow it dosent hurt.

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His fingers slide inside her pussy and she screams "oh fuck! andrew" as she has the most amazing orgasm. As her ass clamps down on his cock she feels it explode inside her.

Her pussy fills with his sperm and some leaks out onto the bed. He groans loudly and keeps cumming.


He pumps his cock in and out, and it seems like his cum is filling her up. He finally slows and collapses on top of her. He pulls his fingers out of her and stops biting down on her shoulder. She feels his cock soften and he pulls his cock out of her out of her followed by a torrent of his sperm that was built up inside her. She turns over and kisses him again. She runs her finger tips across his chest and down his abs. She leans down and grabs his slick cock sucking off all the cum and juices.

He moans as his cock gets licked clean. She leans back up. Kissing him again; she cant get enough of kissing him. "Its time for you to go", he whispers in her ear. "but.no wait", the world around her gets blurry as if her eyes cant focus and then everything starts spinning. Then only darkness. She awakens in her bed with a groan.

How the hell could that only be a dream? She feels her crotch and its like she peed her pants it so wet. All the sheets and the bed spread are drenched. She has to clean this up before her mom sees. She starts changing the sheets and bed spread. She also changes her pj pants. I've never even had a wet dream, she thinks. As she is putting the sheet back on the bed she notices if she moves her shoulder in a certain way that it hurts.

She pulls the neck of her tshirt to look at what is making it hurt and she sees teeth mother lift her son kichan in a place she couldnt have possibly bitten herself in. The jaw size is also way bigger than hers. She knew it wasnt a dream! The end I can write part two if anyone likes this one.