Rough and deep anal fucking interracial cock for slutty babe swallows cumshot

Rough and deep anal fucking interracial cock for slutty babe swallows cumshot
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It's finally happening! For years you wanted to bike across England but no one ever wanted to go. But recently a good friend you've known for years got permission from his wife to go with you.

You're worried he may not be physically in shape to keep up but he assures you everything will be fine. It's supposed to be a 12 day ride but you are hoping to do it in 8. You figure you will see how it is the first day or two with shorter distances to gauge his ability and adjust the distance you want to cover each day from there.

You both agree that you keep the return tickets at 12 days and could change the return as you got closer to the end. The first day of riding was amazing.

The beautiful countryside combined with good biking weather was picture perfect. You did a lot a research before you left and determined where you would stop for the night would be a decent sized city with a hotel. As you check into the hotel, your friend asks the front desk where a good pub is to get a meal and few drinks. After getting directions, you drop off your gear in the room and take quick showers before heading to the local pub. As your friend is getting dressed, man loves sex and massage likewise hardcore handjob towel slips off and you get a good look at him.

You feel yourself getting hard as you think about what his cock would taste like. You know he is straight but he doesn't know what you are thinking, right?

The pub is noisy and crowded so you decided to get a drink at the bar until you can find a seat. A couple of ales later, you are seated. The alcohol is taking effect quicker on an empty stomach. You both order and your friend keeps the drinks flowing, more for you than him although you don't really take notice. The conversation is great and the time flies. You don't realize you've drank more than ate. You really feel it as you stand to leave and you buddy thinks it's funny.

He seems ok so you try not to stumble as you walk back to the hotel around the corner. In the elevator, the wall holds you up as you ride up to your room.


However, you notice your friend seems to be checking you out. You shake off that thought because you know he is straight. The elevator lurches a little huge boobs with perfect nipples on cam you off balance and he grabs you so you don't fall. He doesn't let go and helps you down to the room as the elevator stops.

Once inside you fall onto the bed and close your eyes. You feel good and know you will sleep well tonight. But your hear your friend say "Damn!" "What's wrong?" "My zipper is stuck." Did you hear right? "Your zipper is stuck?" "Yes. Can you help me?" You stumble off your bed and approach him. "It might be better if you kneel in front of me." In your inebriated state it makes sense so you kneel and grab the zipper tab on his pants.

It slides down easily.

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You look up at him confused and see the smirk on his face. "I guess you have the magic touch," he says. "How about you help me get my pants off now?" You begin to get excited but fear your overactive imagination is making more of the situation.

You have fantasized about sucking cock so for long. You push his pants down and he is commando so his hard cock is right in front of your face. You lick you lips and he laughs. "Do you want to busty milf double fist fucked to a wild orgasm it?" he says "Wwwhat? No. No, I don't" You aren't sure this is really happening. You don't want him to think you want it. But your lip licking gives you away.

"Yes you do. Suck my cock!" he says as he grabs the back of your head. Your reactions are slower than normal and the tip touches your lips. "Open up and take it! " You are stunned by the turn of events and obey automatically. His hard cock slides into your mouth and it feels so good. You taste the salty pre-cum from the tip. Just like you've imagined and jerked off to. You feel yourself get hard and he notices. "You like sucking my cock, don't you?

Take off your pants. I want to see how much you like sucking me." You stand up, reluctant to let the cock slide out of your mouth but you do as you are told. "On your knees and suck me!" he said once you are naked. You gladly take his cock back in your mouth. God it feels so good!

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You lick it and wrap your hands around it because you are afraid to deep throat it. You suck on his balls and feel him grow even harder. "Don't be a pussy! Take it all in. I want to feel my cock hit the back of your throat as I fuck your mouth." He grabs your head in both hands as he says this and forces himself all the way in.

You gag at the sensation but he doesn't allow you to move away as he begins to slide himself in and out of your mouth. Faster and faster, harder and harder.

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Slamming the tip against the back of your throat. You moan at the delicious sensations and he is grunting with the force of his attack on your mouth. mom son sexy xxx dad come back ready to swallow because I'm coming!" You feel his cock swell as he grunts and holds your head so you can't pull away.

His cum squirts into your mouth and you swallow as fast as you can. It keeps coming and you keep swallowing the salty liquid. Once it stops you expect him to go soft but you realize he is still hard. He laughs your surprise and says, "It's your lucky day!

I'm one of those guys who doesn't go soft and can have multiple orgasms. Now be a good boy and bend over the bed so I check out that hard ass of yours. All day I was riding behind you, seeing it moving as you peddled and all I could think about, besides fucking your mouth, was sticking my hard cock in that ass." You do as he says and you feel him caressing your cheeks. He grabs your hard on from behind and begins milking your cock.

As he tugs and strokes you, you can't believe he knows your fantasies. You moan and hope to God you aren't dreaming! You hear him reach over to his pack and next thing you know a warm liquid is squirting between your ass cheeks as he continues milking you. His other hand begins to smear the lube around your asshole. More lube and you feel his finger begin to push into you. It feels good but as he pushes a second finger in to stretch you, it feels a little uncomfortable.

You whimper and feel more lube being squirted. A third finger goes in and it hurts. You clutch the bedspread in your fists and bite it as you muffle your cries. But as he stretches you out more, the pain/pleasure lines blurs and you anticipate what is coming next. You hear the rip of foil on the condom and the squirt of the lube as he rubs it on this cock.

He takes his fingers out and stops milking your cock. This is the moment you've been waiting for but nothing prepares you for the feel of the tip of his penis pushing against your tight asshole. As he tries to push in, your tighten your sphincter in a spurt of fear. He grabs your hair and says, "Don't even think about not letting me in. I will do this whether you help or not." You try to relax but you still tense up as he tries again. "All right.

I guess I'm doing this without your help." He is strong as he grabs your hips and pushes himself through your tight sphincter. The pain is excruciating and you try to push him off elena gilbert in rich girl learns a lesson you. He grabs your wrists behind your back and you feel the handcuffs click on them. You whimper submission, knowing you had to let him fuck you now. "Good boy. You know fighting me isn't going to make this stop.

Now I'm going to fuck your ass hard." He slides part way out and pushes farther in. Each time he pulls back and pushes into you, he gets deeper and deeper until you feel his balls hit your ass cheeks. You can't believe you took him all the way inside you. Once he is balls deep in your ass, he pumps into you harder and faster.

You hear the sound of his balls slapping your ass as your hardon rubs against the bedspread. All you can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

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You hear someone saying "Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Deeper! Oh God! Don't stop!" and realize it's you.

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He is grunting with each thrust and slapping your ass and that is turning you on even more. Just when you think he's going to cum in your ass, he pulls out. You cry out in frustration. "I'm doing all the work here. Now I want you to ride me." He lies down on the bed with his hardon waiting for you.

You climb on the bed and straddle him. It's a little awkward with your hands cuffed but you have really strong legs from all the walking and riding.

You can't grab his cock to position it right to slide it in so he holds it upright for you. With all the lube and previous fucking, he slides right in. But in this position he is in even deeper and you close your eyes in ecstasy. You use your quads to raise and lower yourself on his stiff cock. He grabs your dick and squeezes the base. The two sensations are overwhelming. You have never felt such pleasure in your life. He begins to squeeze your cock from base to tip and back again.

You hear your ass slapping his hips every time you slam down. You feel your cock swelling as you cry out "Oh God Yes!


I'm going to cum!" As your intense orgasm rips through you, you feel him cum in your ass. As you try to catch your breath and not pass out from the pleasure you see him swirl your cum on his stomach and use his fingers to bring it to his mouth. "Mmmmm. Just like I always fantasized your cum would taste." As he goes soft inside your ass, you roll off him. You can't believe what just happened. You feel the him release the handcuffs and say, "I hope you don't mind but I've asked a friend to join us on this trip and he'll meet us tomorrow morning.

I know your ass will be sore so that will give us plenty of excuses to stop and have you suck us off. He has some friends who will meet us at tomorrow night. I hope you won't be too tired for us to gangbang you. But even if you are, we'll tie you up and force you anyway." You can still feel the sensation of his hard cock in your ass and the taste of his sperm in your mouth as you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

Maybe you will drag out to the trip the full 12 days…