Chesty babe lana rhoades gets bent over and fucked

Chesty babe lana rhoades gets bent over and fucked
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As we were getting dressed we still talked to each other. "Well, I love you sis, I really do wanna do this again honestly, but what do we call this though, are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Ray asked. "Well maybe we shouldn't worry about labels for right now. Wendy and Bill are just having sex, they don't seemed to be worried about labeling their relationship," I replied. "But what if you get. knocked up?" Ray asked. Then as I was dressed I came over to him and hugged him.

"Well then we'll have a family, and mom and dad will have a huge surprise. They'll lovely schoolgirl is seduced and rode by her senior teacher how their kids feel about each other, and what their son will do to make their daughter happy," I replied as he was dressed too. I gave him another hug and then kissed him as well.

My hands went south and I undid his pants again. I took cock in my hand and began stroking it slowly. "Tell me you love me," I said. "I love you sis," Ray replied. I began stroking his cock faster and faster for lexi carrington is a mature blonde with big fake tits few minutes.

"Shit sis, we gotta get out there, mom and dad should be here soon," Ray said. "I know, but I wanna give you a hand job first," I replied. He had started getting sweaty already, I guess I really had a power over him. We kissed each other numerous times and he wrapped his arms around me.

I stroked his cock as quickly as I could an of course my hand got tired, but I was in to win it, meaning to make him cum. "Yes sis, I love you, keeping going until I explode," Ray said as he moaned. I did just that, I went as fast as I could for about 5 minutes straight and I got sweaty as well. From stroking his cock to him holding me close, but then of course my hand got wet as he moaned a little loudly.

"And you just wanted to go out there and wait for mom and dad, shame on you Ray," I said. For that I got a big fat kiss on the lips as he did up his pants. Then I took his hand and we both went out to the living room. We both sat down together and held hands. "So, just wondering, if I wasn't your brother, would I still be the best you ever had?" Ray asked. "I think so, you saw how big your dick is, how could I not have the best sex with you?" I asked.

"I was just asking sis," Ray replied. We both laughed and gave each other a kiss. We put on the TV and watched it for a little while, but as a little time went on, we began cuddling a bit. About 45 minutes later, our parents weren't there yet, so we began making out.

"Wait, we can't let them catch us, they said they'd be here soon," Ray said. "I know, we could say it's just a friendly brother/sister kiss," I replied. "But we were making out though, that's not so friendly," Ray said. "Fine whinny ass," I replied. "You know you love me," Ray said. I gave him a hug and we just continued to cuddle for a few more minutes.

Eventually our parents showed up, they came in and caught cuddling, but not kissing. "Now you two are close, you have 2 couches and you both decide to cuddle together?" Maria asked. "Yes, we're close, we don't mind," I replied. "Obviously not," Jim, our dad said. We both got up and gave Maria a hug and we all sat down. "So what's going on with you two?

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Ray, you get anyone pregnant yet?" Jim asked. "No dad, are you assuming that I'll sweet lips sucking his dick to knock someone up to get into a serious relationship?" Ray asked. "I wouldn't say that, but I did knock your mom up before we got married. We're still together now and happily married nearly 3 decades later," I replied. "OK, but we'll see about that though.

I'm not sure I'd wanna knock someone up first," Ray said. I just cheesed, I thought he might be referring to us, but I wasn't sure. "What's with you Jennifer?" Maria asked. "Nothing, just happy I guess," I replied. "What about you, are you pregnant?" Maria asked. "No, I'm not mom. We're both glad it worked out for you two, but we'll take what life throws us," I replied looking at Ray.


They both thought that was weird, but they dismissed it. "Well it would nice if we got some grandchildren sooner or later," Maria said. "But you are only in your 50s, it's not like it's never gonna happen," Ray replied. "We know, but we're impatient though," Jim said. I was a little frustrated honestly.

"So did you come over to let us know that you want some grandchildren soon?" I asked. "That was one topic on the list," Maria replied. "Anything else then?" I asked. "We just wanted to check up on you two. Sometimes it feels like we don't talk for weeks, so we just wanted to check in and make sure you aren't like going Hostel on people, that's all," Maria replied. "You think we're dismembering people?" I asked.

"It was really low on the list if it makes you feel better," Jim replied trying not to laugh. "Well you are still our kids, and we like to check on you every now and then," Maria said.


"OK mom, we get it, we'll start calling more often," Ray replied. "OK, well it's looks like you were just enjoying each others company, so we'll get out of your hair," Maria said as they got up. "OK, we'll call you or you can call us sometime," Jim said.

"OK dad," I replied. "Bye," Jim said as they walked to the front door. Then they left and I wondered if they thought something was up, but I wasn't sure. "Do you think we should have told them?" Ray asked. "I don't know honestly. We'll tell them sooner or later," I replied.

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We both laid back down on the couch and cuddled for a few more minutes. Then his hands slowly crept down into my panties. "And just what do you think you are doing?" I asked. "Just seeing how wet my sister's pussy is," Ray replied. He began rubbing my pussy a bit and it was already wet, but then it was absolutely soaked.

We started making out a little as well. He felt all the juices getting onto his hand, and it was absolutely soaked after about 20 seconds. "Wow sis, you are really excited, or you are just horny," Ray said. "Can't it be both?" I asked.

Then I got up and turned around. I look at him and took off my shirt.

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He looked at me with some very lusty and loving eyes as I took off my bra as well. "You are beautiful Jennifer," Ray said. I came towards him as he was still laying down and put my boobs right over his face.

"Would you lick those for me please?" I asked. "Anything for my sis," Ray replied. He began licking my nipples as they both hung over his face. Everything we did together sexually was entirely new to us, and I was more than determined to enjoy it as much as I could, I was going for a pleasure override you could say.

Just having sex with him once completely crushed all my past sexual experiences combined honestly. He grabbed both of my boobs and licked each nipple individually a couple times each.

I felt titillated a great deal, more so than ever honestly. I obviously couldn't be that surprised by the pleasure, he was my loving brother that would hot ass teen babes enjoyed foursome action in the woods outdoor and blowjob literally anything for me.

"Oh I like that Ray, you are titillating me," I said. "Well, I can do that for my sister. I love her," Ray replied. "I think she loves you too," I said. I leaned down and gave him a kiss. He put his arms around me and held me as close as he could for a minute.

Then his hands slowly went back down to my pants. He slowly started pushing my pants down a little past my butt exposing my underwear. "You do have some sexy underwear sis," Ray said. "Thank you, but your boxers aren't as sexy though," I replied. He laughed a little and I knew we were perfect together, we loved each other, we loved being together, and we had great chemistry.

I'd heard a few times from various different people and places that chemistry doesn't matter, but seeing us together like that, bullshit to people that say chemistry doesn't matter. It does matter, it matters a lot and I'm not saying it couldn't work without it, but it's a great thing to have in any relationship.

Then he pushed my underwear down just enough so my butt would be showing, and once it was, he put his hands onto my butt cheeks and made sure to give them a nice squeeze. "Oh Ray, I would have pegged you as a boobs man," I said. "I'm an ass man too sis, I love your ass," Ray replied. "You wanna see it?" I asked. "Yes I do," Ray replied. I got up and stood in front of brunette gives facial blowjob on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg with my butt to him.

I slowly pulled down my pants all the way along with my underwear, and he got a clear view of my butt. "I'll make you a deal sis," Ray said. "What?" I asked. "If I ever see your butt and I don't get a hard on, you can slap me as hard as you can," Ray replied as I was naked.

Then I came over to him and sat on him with my boobs in his face. "You think I'm that sexy Ray?" I asked. "Yes, you should look at yourself naked more often," Ray replied. "Damn right you should," Wendy said. "Shit," I replied. Wendy and Bill were there standing there watching. "We'll give you two a minute copycats," Wendy said. Then they left the room and we both got dressed in a hurry. We were both a little embarrassed to say the least, but on the other hand it was better to get caught by them then by our parents.

Once we were done they came back in the room. "So what have you two been up to?" Wendy asked trying not to laugh. "Well we've been watching TV, he was licking my nipples for a few minutes, and we're gonna be thinking about dinner soon," I replied.

"No shit? Tell me is wasn't the best sex you ever had?" Wendy said. "It was the best sex we both ever had, hands down," I replied. "I told you, incest is best, so how did it happen?" Wendy asked. "I'll tell you, but first why did you come over here now?" I asked.

They both just laughed for a minute. "Well we were just testing a theory, that's all," Wendy replied. "You bitch," I said. "Hey, no judgment here obviously," Bill replied. I was a little ticked honestly, I mean we just did it and our parents just left not too long ago and I wasn't ready for them to find out just yet.

"Well in a nutshell, you two inspired me a little to confess my feelings to him, but he turned me down," I said. "You turned that hot woman down man?" Bill asked Ray. "Hello, I'm sitting right here," Wendy replied.

"Sorry sis," Bill said just before they kissed once. But they decided to make out right in front of us for a minute. "Wow, I never thought I'd see the day honestly," I said.

"Well you saw me blowing him, so why not kissing him?" Wendy asked. "Hey I had literally no idea that I'd see you both naked having sex in there when I opened the door. I thought worst case scenario: you were masturbating or having sex with someone you weren't related to," I replied.

We all laughed and kissed our siblings. "So how is the incestuous sex?" Bill asked. "Amazing, but it's still really new to us. After he turned me down, neither one of us said anything about it for a few weeks.

Then today he sat next to me, gave a kiss and started to take off his shirt," I replied. "No shit? Then you two did it?" Bill asked.

"No, I was wondering WTF honestly, but we talked and we settled on me just blowing him first to see how I felt. We both loved it lad fucks sexual luscious bitch hardcore blowjob, then he decided to make my dream officially come true, so took me to my bedroom and we had passionate sex," I replied.

"Sweet. Well also, there was something else we needed to tell you though," Bill said.

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Then Ray and I had very skeptical looks on ours faces. "OK what?" I asked. "Well, you two are the only ones on the planet that know about us. I'm assuming we're the only ones that know about you as well?" Wendy asked. "Yes," Ray replied. "Well, we agreed we had to tell someone, so I just thought of you two, I'm pregnant," Wendy said. I was beyond stunned honestly. "No shit?" I asked. "Absolutely no shit, I'm about 9 weeks now," Wendy replied. Then I had to come over to her and feel her stomach.

Seriously I was beyond stunned, a few weeks ago I had zero idea that they were together, and now I find out she is pregnant too? "Well shit my lady, congratulations," I said.

"Thank you," Wendy replied. "But of course we gotta wonder, what about your parents?" I asked. Of course they both seemed less happy all of the sudden. "Well, we still do gotta tell them about this," Bill said. "And it sounds like you don't want to," Ray replied. "Well we don't, but we do I guess. We don't know how they'll take it exactly, we'd like to think they might be at least a little happy, but that's always a wild card you know, so we'll find out sooner or later we guess," Wendy said.

"But you are gonna have to tell them, of course you are gonna be getting bigger as the weeks go on," Ray said. "Yeah I know. I guess we're gonna see if there is any way to break to them nicely," Wendy replied.

"Well good luck with that," Ray said. "Thank you, I'm pretty sure you'll be the first ones to know how it goes, but it's nice to have another incestuous couple though," Bill replied. "Well, we're still trying to figure out what we are exactly. I mean it's brand new to us, and I guess we are just seeing where it goes," Ray said.

I was a little disappointed to hear that slender amateur eurobabe gets her pussy nailed for money smalltits and pornstars. I knew it was very early still, an I said we shouldn't label it, but I was already wanting more once I found out she was pregnant. I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly, but something else. "Well congratulations to you too, I hope you figure it out.

I mean we're at the roof right now and have been ever since we started. We have sex everyday, sometimes like 5 times a day. That's how good it is honestly, but we're closer than ever and now we're gonna be parents together. But still we're us and you are you.

You gotta make your own calls about stuff, but of course we're just relived that we're not the only ones that are incestuous," Wendy said. "Well you are not the only ones anymore," Ray replied.

"Well we'll all you or you can call screaming sammy gushes hairy pussy juice full sometime," Wendy said.


"OK then, talk to you later," I replied. Then they left, and we were wondering about that bombshell they just laid on us. "Wow, they are gonna have an incest baby," Ray said. "I know. I mean that was completely out of nowhere, but they seemed happy about it other than the fact that they gotta tell their parents," I replied. "Well, I think they are gonna keep it either way, but we'll see I guess.

I wouldn't think their parents would lose it over that would they?" Ray asked. "I couldn't tell you that," I replied. Then we both kissed again. We talked about dinner and eventually settled on ordering pizza. We ate and finally decided to go to bed. We were at his bedroom door and he gave me a goodnight kiss.

As he about to go in his room, I stopped him. I gave him another kiss and began undressing. "Jennifer, what are you doing?" Ray asked. "Ray, I know this relationship is brand new, but I really wanna start sleeping with you now," I replied.