European facial staycation with a latin hottie

European facial staycation with a latin hottie
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Cleaning up the storeroom was without a doubt the most boring part of Michael's job, and he seemed to spend all his time doing it. In fact, looking back he felt like he'd spent the best part of his working life in this cold and dark little room blonde takes a load to the face he had often thought long and hard about leaving. He had worked at the university for twenty years, and hadn't got a shred of satisfaction out of it.

He had no wife, no children, just a dark and lonely house on campus. The only reason he had taken the job was for free time in the gym as a youngster, but it had been a long time since he had enjoyed this perk, and to escape his chequered past. He was now just a lonely, balding, fat middle aged man. Sometimes he really didn't know why he bothered. It was at just such a time, whilst readjusting one of the shelves, that he saw something incredible. Behind the shelf of towels there was a small hole in the wall, just big enough that Michael could peer through it.

Through it he could see into the room adjacent, and what a room it was. The storeroom was right next to the women's changing room, and Michael could see straight into it. It was very late in the day and he hadn't expected to see anybody, but his luck was in.


Just coming out of the shower was one of the most beautiful women Michael had ever seen, his cock instantly hardening. Wearing a towel from her chest to the top of her legs, she had shoulder length brown hair, a wonderfully youthful face and beautifully toned legs.

Michael was dying to see what was underneath the towel, as he brought his hand down to his crotch, all cfnm nasty real bitch gets a cumshot while keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the dripping wet woman in front of him.

Sara got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She always enjoyed swimming at this time, the pool was almost empty and she could just enjoy the feel of being in the water. The twenty year old walked over to the mirror and dropped her towel.

Her body was brilliantly toned, hours of yoga and palates had firmed up her legs, stomach and arse fantastically. It was only when she was alone like this that she felt comfortable being naked. While not ashamed of her body, quite the opposite, she was shy and hated being naked in front of strangers. She ran her hands over her still wet body, cupping her breasts, squeezing her arse. For some reason she felt as if she were being watched, though thought nothing of it knowing it was impossible.

Turning the hairdryer on, her mind wandered to her mundane plans for the evening. Michael watched the girl get dressed as he played with his dick. She was phenomenal and he would have given anything to fuck her. When she had dropped her towel and revealed her full body his jaw dropped. Her arse was fantastic, toned and firm like a perfect peach, standing proudly atop her gorgeous legs. Her tits were incredible, a C cup that looked bigger on her small frame, and perfectly pert.

He could just see the lips of her vagina, clean shaven and so inviting. He watched lustfully as she dried her hair and got dressed, before leaving just as Michael reached his climax, his cum spurting into his hand. Once he'd regained his composure, he completed his remaining jobs and went home, expecting that to be the end of it.

But Michael couldn't stop thinking about the girl. Her legs, her arse, her breasts, he simply couldn't get her out of his head. Sat in his armchair with the TV on, he whipped out his cock and fantasised about her, and wasn't surprised by what his mind wandered to.

In his fantasy he wasn't just fucking her, but raping her. The thought of having such a beautiful and no doubt snobby young girl completely under control, to hear her moan and beg for him to stop made Michael incredibly aroused, and gave him one of his most powerful orgasms for a long time. That night he dreamed about her and at work the next day all he thought about was her, and what he would do to her if he could.

He peered through his hole on a number of occasions, sometimes seeing some gorgeous young girls that caused him to reach for his cock, but at his moment of climax all he could think about was her. And then he saw her. Earlier than last time, she came in from the gym wet with sweat, and Michael almost exploded thinking about her on a treadmill, her arse swaying tantalisingly, and her tits bobbing up and down.

He knew that he had to have her, by whatever means necessary. Looking in a mirror in his storeroom, he knew what that would be.

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He was fat, balding, hairy and old, and there was not a chance she would willingly shag him. And that meant only one thing. Over the next few weeks, Michael studied her comings and goings, what time she was in the gym or the pool, when she would be all alone in the changing rooms.

He found out some more information about her as well. Her name was Sara, twenty years old and spent a lot of time while on campus at the gym, as well as playing tennis for the university. She was a shy girl but one who had many friends and had no boyfriend that he knew of.

He became bolder as the weeks went by, following her back to her accommodation after she had finished in the gym, noting her other routines and what else she did besides sport. One day he waited until she had left her room, broke in and fixed a camera there, and would spend his evenings watching her as she worked, read and went about her daily business.

He photographed her, wrote notes about her, and even studied what foods she ate. He would wake up thinking about her and go to sleep thinking about her, and would dream about her. He found out about her family, her friends, her life history, she was his specialist subject. His life was totally consumed by her, and it gradually became much more than sex. He wanted to own her, to be able to play with her whenever he wanted, and would stop at nothing to get his way. It wasn't the first time he'd had these thoughts, not by a long way, but this time he was going to go through with it.

He began preparing for his new guest, removing everything from his basement, crude soundproofing and gathering some equipment he might need. Finally, at the end of term, he was ready. Sara was in the gym much earlier today. She had a long train journey back home and wanted to get a quick workout in before leaving.

Most people had already left campus, but Sara was in no hurry, she had a great book to read and she was looking forward to the journey. The gym was almost deserted, and that was how she liked it. It meant none of the rugby boys waiting to leer at her, no sexist remarks, and no need to look over her shoulder.

She felt much safer when it was just her. Over the last couple of weeks she had been getting strange feelings that she was being porno latina jazmine beach sex brunette www latinas mobi tube porn or watched, and though she knew they were irrational and it was impossible she couldn't shake that feeling in the back of her mind that something was wrong.

Looking into the mirror of the changing room Sara inspected herself. She knew she was a very pretty girl, with her cute little face beautifully framed by her light brown hair and her big blue eyes staring right back at her. Her body was the stuff of dreams, she knew that, and she expected the male attention that she got. She didn't flaunt it though, preferring instead to be modest, she was a shy girl after all.

When it came to men she wasn't the most experienced, and while she could have fucked any man she wanted she preferred sex to be special. She had slept with two different men, both in long term relationships, and had enjoyed it, but while she was no prude she believed that was how it should be.

It was whilst she was looking into the mirror that she saw a black figure, but her reaction was too late. Michael clamped the chloroform soaked rag over her gorgeous little mouth and smiled as she looked with terror into his eyes. He knew she had seen him before and that she recognised him, and that there was no going back now. If he did she would go straight to the police and he would have to go back to that horrible place. He had built a new life for himself, not much of a life but all the same, if it was revealed he'd be back in there for even longer.

But his thoughts were not on that at the moment. He was touching her, smelling her. He wanted more than anything to fuck her right now, feel her hot skin against his while he slammed in and out of her. But as much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn't. The first time had to be special, and she had to be awake.

He had to move quickly to avoid anyone coming in and seeing him with her. He dragged her into his storeroom and placed her into a suitcase. It was the end of term and one more man with a suitcase was hardly going to cause a stir.

Without wasting any time he walked out with his prize and set off across campus to his house. All around people were picking up their children and there were hugs and ass titans cd mike angelo titus steel sharon da val markus waxenegger all around, and Michael could have felt bad for taking this poor girl away from that.

But he didn't. All he could do was think about everything he was going to do to her, and his pace quickened. Finally after what felt like forever he finally reached his house.

Sara woke slowly, her world still spinning. Slowly but surely the haze of the drug began to wear off, and she could look around the room, but she could see nothing, so complete was the darkness. She tried to move but realised that she was bound, and when she tried to call for help and no sound came out, glina lee loves to play with herself she was gagged too.

Her arms were spread and above her head, and he legs were spread on the ground, allowing her to twitch ad swing but not to move. The room was very hot and as she struggled to free herself from the bonds she began to work up a sweat, the t shirt she had sticking to her back and stomach.

After a good twenty minutes of her struggling and screaming she heard a sound. Suddenly there was a flash of light and she was able to see where she was, a sight which caused her to kick and scream even harder. What greeted her reminded her of a medieval torture chamber, only this one was for her.

There were benches, racks, hooks, ropes cassie courtland is a lovely chic who has long blo chains all over the place, and on shelves she could see all manner of objects which filled her with terror, much of which seemed to be sports equipment, only modified.

She looked down and saw her tracksuit bottoms had been removed, and began to realise what was happening. Just as the awful nature of her situation hit her she saw a man walking down the stairs.

Michael drank in Sara's terror with relish, and the sight of her pulling desperately against her bonds and trying to scream almost made him cum right there. He had certainly been busy over the previous weeks to get the room in top shape for his guest, and with it all illuminated by the single raunchy brunette cougar swallows a massive load bulb hanging from the ceiling, he felt he had done rather well. As a handyman he was skilled in a great many things and he had used much of his skills to create the room he was in now.

He had affixed hooks to the ceilings and walls and built racks and benches out of old bits of timber that were lying around, and anything else he could find around campus which he felt would be a welcome addition to his collection had been given a home.

He had bought nothing, only used his own tools and skill to craft everything here. He only hoped she would appreciate it. He walked down the rickety stairs towards her and he could tell that she recognised him, those beautiful wide blue eyes telling him everything he needed to know.

He walked up to her and stood right in front of her, smelling her, drinking in her fear as she pleaded with those doe eyes already red from crying. He knew if he ungagged her she would tell him if he let her go she wouldn't tell anyone, but he had no intention of doing that. "Hello Sara," he spoke softly to her, a false friendly voice, "welcome to my home." She began kicking and screaming again, more tears running down her cheeks as she tried to escape, but he had tied her tight.

He brought his hand up to take away a tear and put it into his mouth. He kissed her on her forehead, and he could feel her visibly shudder, her screams turning to sobs and whimpers. He couldn't wait any longer, and had to get his hands on that body he had become obsessed with after seeing it just a few weeks ago.

His hands moved down to her shoulders, over the t shirt she was wearing that felt so wet and sticky in his hands. He groped her breasts through her jumper, then moved down to her stomach and over her pussy, just feeling the lips through the soft fabric of her underwear, all accompanied by Sara's sobs and whimpers. Quick as a flash he brought a flick knife, the blade flashing in the light of the bulb. Sara screamed, but he had not cut her. Instead he brought it up to her face and smiled at her.

"Stay very still." He began to cut through her t shirt until in no time at all she was before him just in her underwear, her body slouched over, her head lolling to one side as she continued to sob. He moved over to her side so the hidden camera directly ahead of her could get a good look at her perfect body, her tits only just concealed beneath her bra, her long legs leading up to that perfect arse.

Michael traced the outline of her cleavage with the knife, moving over the tops of her tits with the sharp blade and down over her nipples, applying pressure through the fabric. He brought it between her breasts, just underneath the bra, and pulled backwards, the fabric coming apart and revealing those perfect mounds that he had seen through his peephole all those weeks ago. He folded the knife away and using his fingers this time caressed her gently, cupping her breasts lightly in his hands.

He began to gently squeeze and fondle them as the sheen of sweat that covered them made them shine in the harsh light, feelings her nipples hardening as he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. His handling of them steadily became more violent as he squeezed both breasts roughly, pulling on the nipples until he knew she would feel some pain.

He took both her nipples and pulled upwards, before releasing and watching her tits bounce up and down, a process he repeated several times. They were not huge, normally he liked girls with big tits, but on her slender frame they looked plenty big enough, and so hot as he jiggled them up and down and then slapped them hard with both hands. He brought each breast in turn up to his mouth and slowly flicked his tongue at her nipples, then licked them before sucking them twats amp booties are licked masturbation and smalltits, slurping as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.

He looked deep into the eyes of his little bitch and she once more pleaded with them to let her go, but he was just getting started. His mouth moved across to her right tit and hovered there for a second before he took her nipple into his mouth and bit down hard. Sara screamed and bucked wildly as the pain shot through breast and her body as he ground his teeth into her flesh.

When he had stopped and before she had time to recover he bit down just as hard on the other one, drawing yet more desperate movements from his captive. He smiled as he watched the pain flash across her face every time he flicked one of her sore nipples that were already turning an angry red and he kissed her cheek while toying with them.

Moving both hands down her side her side he settled on each arse cheeks and began to fondle those, feeling the muscle in her plumb behind as he kneaded it and began slapping it hard. While his left hand concentrated on her cheeks, his right came round and buried itself deep within her underwear, stroking and caressing her pussy.

His fingers slowly parted her lips and began to steadily explore her cunt, his thumb darting up to find her clit while his fingers roamed ever further in. He worked away at her for a good while until he could feel her body respond, her juices flowing over his hand as her stimulated her. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" Michael whispered in her ear, which drew yet more sobs from the poor girl, "I know I am." He pulled her underwear up, forcing the crotch between her lips hard, and continued to pull upwards until her entire body weight was supported by her crotch, then flicked out his knife and cut at both sides allowing her to drop an her dainty underwear to fall to the floor, and leaving her virtually naked save for her ruined bra.

He stood back and admired his catch. She looked amazing. Her perfect body glistened with sweat in the harsh light, highlighting every curve. Her head hung to one side but he could still see her pretty little tear stained face, her eyes closed as she began to resign herself to her situation and what was going to happen to her.

He knew that as soon as he began to do what he planned to do she would wake up and resist him again, and he was determined that eventually he would break her. But first to claim his prize. He began to slowly unbutton his blue overalls, and seeing him out of the corner of her eye she began to plead at him with her eyes again, just as he had wanted her to. It had been a long time since he had felt a rush like this, getting off as much on the terror of his captive as he was on her gorgeous body.

After stepping out of his uniform and taking off his shirt he stood before her, his massive erection bulging against his stained pants, hand visible even beneath his fat belly. She looked at him with complete disgust, and couldn't believe this revolting pervert was going to be able to do whatever he wanted to her and she could do nothing to stop it.

He moved over to the wall and unhooked the rope holding her right leg, allowing her to swing it freely desperate to try and undo the rest of her bonds, but he is knots were far too strong.

"Keep still you bitch," he snapped, "or I'll be forced to hurt you." He moved behind her so she could feel his cock on her thighs as his hands moved up to her soft tits and began to fondle them again, savouring her struggles as he played with her.

Then he moved round to her front, and punched her hard in the stomach. Sara couldn't breath. She stopped kicking her leg and tried desperately to get her breath back from his savage blow, all the while her tormentor grinning over her. "See?" he whispered menacingly, "now do as you're told." He dropped his trousers and revealed his weapon. It was long, one asshole examination up close anal inspection the few things about him which women found attractive, a good 8 inches, and thick as well.

Sara, still struggling for breath, began to weep as she stared at it, knowing exactly where t was going.

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Pre-cum oozed from his member as he moved his hand up and down the shaft whilst licking his lips. She watched him move towards her, still not recovered enough to begin kicking with her free leg which hung limply, his cock's eye staring at her. He grabbed her free leg and wrapped it around his waist, his dick now centimetres from her vagina. He positioned the head right at the entrance to her cunt and moved his head right next to hers.

"Get ready," he said with a huge grin on his wrinkled old face, "eyes open. Here it comes." With that he thrust his hips forward with all his might, his dick powering into her pussy with tremendous force, as Sara tried desperately to scream.

Holding it there for a moment, he pulled back until only the head was inside her, and then fucking her again hard. He looked into her eyes, drinking in her terror and her despair. It was every bit as wonderful as he had imagined. Finally being inside her warm wet cunt, the walls of which were gripping his cock as she tried in vain to deny him access. Her wide blue eyes showing how much she hated it, how complete his domination of her was.

He licked her cheek as he continued to thrust in and out, one hand clenched onto her arse cheek, the other holding up her head so he could look into her face. His pace quickened, his jackhammer thrusts pushing her body up each time, her busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore bouncing up and down. Michael knew he would not last long, he had been too excited. As he neared his climax he moved his mouth down to her neck, his hips now a blur as he plunged himself again and again into her pussy.

He came. It was probably the most powerful orgasm he had ever had, his cock spurting out wave after wave of cum into her hot pussy as he bit down on her neck, drawing a scream from Sara. She could not believe he had come inside her, her body defiled by such a horrible man.

He stayed in her, savouring the feel of her cunt around his cock, until it finally went limp and he reluctantly let it fall out, a strand of cum following it out of her. He looked his sobbing victim up and down as he moved over to a chair and sat down, still recovering from his exertions, and lit a cigarette.


Her pussy was still glistening, thin strands of his sperm dripping down from her entrance and onto the cold floor, angry red marks on her neck and tits where he had eastboy gay cz 2019 hero her.

She looked so pathetic hanging there, bound up and his to use whenever he wanted that he was almost ready to fuck her again right there, and soon he would. But first he had other things he wanted to do to her.

He stood up and reattached the rope holding her right leg to the wall, so once again she couldn't move at all. Then he moved into the background to fetch something.

Sara looked desperately at him, not knowing what he would bring back but knowing it would certainly be something to make her current predicament even worse. When she saw what he had in his hand she renewed her struggles, knowing exactly what he intended to do with what he had brought.

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In Michael's hand was a long, thin cane. He had taken it from one of the lecture rooms, one of the lecture rooms that just a few days earlier Sara had been sat in listening to her tutors.

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It made him laugh hat the equipment that she had paid money for was going to cause her so much misery in the days to come. He moved right in front of her, and swished the cane through air, drawing a muffled wail from his captive. Then he removed her gag. "P-p-please let me go," Sara stammered, trying to hold back the tears as she spoke, her mouth bone dry, "I promise I won't tell anybody. My parents can pay, anything just please let me go pl." Michael clamped his hand over her mouth to shut her up.

He had known exactly what she was going to say before she said. They were all so predicable; women. He had never met an interesting one. They were all so boring, always said the same things, thought the same things, did the same things. He hated them, they deserved to be punished, abused, dominated.

And that was exactly what he intended to do. "Sara," he began, speaking matter of fact way as addressing her as her tutor, "I will let you go." Euro slut is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex eyes went wide as the possibility of freedom came out of the blue. "If you can tell me my name I will let you walk out of here right now and you can tell whoever you want." Sara stared at him.

She had seen him many times before. He was often there cleaning the gym when she went early or late, repairing machines, carrying odd bits and bobs around the place. She had seen him look lecherously at her often, and had always thought he was a dirty old pervert. In fact he had scared her, he had scared a lot of girls.

For he had not just been leering at them, something almost every man did whenever Sara walked past, but there had always been something behind his stare, something malicious.

There were whispers about him, that he had been in jail, that he had secret cameras in the girls changing room, that he had once tried to rape a girl in the gym late one night. But for all she had seen him, for all she had talked about him, she did not know his name.

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Michael stared into her eyes with real menace. Of course she didn't know his name. They never did, never bothered to ask. All these stuck up little brats, making their way in the world on their parent's backs, not bothering to look out for people like him, the people who gave them such a comfortable life. He knew she thought she was better than that, she was involved in charity and fundraising, but she was just the same. Just another little bitch who thought she was God's gift to mankind.

And she would suffer for it. "Oh what a shame," Michael sneered, "I guess I can't let you go. And for your rudeness you will have to suffer.

You are mine now, Sara. Mine to do whatever I want with. My little toy to play with whenever I feel like it, to hurt and abuse, and to fuck whenever I want.

And there's nothing you can do to stop me. You are my bitch now girl, so you might as well try to enjoy it. Scream all you want, nobody will hear you now." "Let me go!!!!" Sara screamed, floods of tears running down her cheeks. "Silence!" Michael took his cigarette out of his mouth and ground it into her left nipple.

"AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!" She squealed as the red hot tip burnt into her soft skin. Now Michael took a step back as Sara's nipple began to turn an even more angry red. He traced from her pussy to her face with the end of the cane, making sure to brush against her singed nipple on the way up. He made sure she looked up into his eyes before he brought the cane crashing down on her right tit. Sara let out a scream again as the wood slammed into her soft breast, the swish in the air followed by a satisfying whump as her flesh absorbed the impact.

He brought the piece of wood down on her again, this time on the other tit. The tip of the cane struck her right on the end of her already sore nipple. Her howl was even louder this time, a wail like Michael had heard in the many horror films that he watched regularly. He wondered how something so pretty could make such a horrible sound. Three more strikes on each of her globes left them criss-crossed with angry red lines and the poor girl sobbing. "I think that's enough on your tits for one day," Michael said in a jovial manner as if oblivious to her suffering, when in fact quite the opposite was true, "we wouldn't want that cute little arse to feel left out now would we." "No please," Sara sobbed, "please don't please&hellip.ARGGGHHHH!!!!" The wood crashed down on her toned arse with a crack, the thin wood causing so much pain to a her first black lover part my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn of her she had taken great pride in.

Michael smiled as he watched her tanned olive skin turn red where he had caned her, and he rubbed the area with his palm, massaging her cheeks before stepping back and whacking her again. Sara screamed and bucked in her bonds, Michael enjoying her breasts as they bounced up and down with her struggles. He brought five blows in quick succession, both on her cheeks and the tops of her thighs, each one drawing a mewling cry from his little toy.

Michael could have gone on hitting her all day, but there would be plenty of time for that. He put the gag back into her mouth. It had been an emotional day and he was tired, and knew he would need all his strength for the next day. He walked round the front of his captive once again and buried his fingers in her cunt, gripping her and pulling her towards him as far as her bonds allowed.

"Sleep well bitch," he snarled, "we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow." He picked up his clothes and started up the stairs, listening to the snivelling and sobbing of Sara with pleasure.

As he reached the top of the stairs he turned round and looked into her eyes. "Please," Sara pleaded, a soft plea that would have melted the beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked of most men.

Michael turned off the light and closed the door.