Erected cock is getting sucked hardcore handjob

Erected cock is getting sucked hardcore handjob
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I've had lovers before, but none were like my Uncle Josh. He was my mom's biological brother, he was 20, tall, had black hair and the prettiest green eyes. I was an average 17 year old with big(ish) boobs, nice butt, and brown eyes. This story started when my family took a vacation to Gatlinburg, TN.

It was me, my siblings, my parents, my biological grandparents from my mom's side and my Uncle Josh. My Uncle Josh and I ended up having to share a room, and that's why it all began.

I was already physically attracted to my Uncle Josh, but having to sleep right next to him had my panties soaked every night so finally I just stopped wearing them. One night I was horny to the point where it absolutely had to be taken care of. So, trying to be quiet I went to the bathroom and turned on the water so nobody would hear my moans.

I slowly stripped making everything about it feel sensual. I sat on top of the counter and reached a hand between my thighs and started rubbing on my clit. I started going faster and faster, and I was moaning "Uncle Josh". I guess I was loud enough to wake him up and just as I was about to climax, he opened the door and saw/heard me. As I came I moaned out his name one last time and as I finished cumming I finally opened my eyes and saw him there. I jumped down off the counter, horrified.

I ran back to the room and lay down, pretending to be asleep. As I was falling asleep my Uncle Josh came in, and lay down as if nothing had happened. The next day, we both avoided the other as much as possible. Eye contact never happened.

We all went out sight-seeing and after we came back it was about 9 p.m. so everyone went to bed. Like usual I changed into my pajamas in the bathroom and left my panties off. I got into bed and saw that my parents had finally hooked up the Xbox 360.

So, I hopped out of bed and started big boobs all new sex. I didn't even hear my Uncle Josh came in, because I was so into the game. But just as I reached a checkpoint in Call of Duty, I was yanked up by my arms. All of a sudden, I was slammed against the wall and held there by my Uncle Josh. He held my wrists against the wall with one hand, and held my throat with the other.

I fetish teen gets railed pornstars and hardcore a strangled moan slip thru my lips as I closed my eyes. He kissed me roughly as he choked me. Then, he let go and stepped back as he ripped my shirt up and over my head. I never wore a bra to bed so he stared at my bare 38D's for a moment then he grabbed them and started licking, sucking, and biting my nipples. I let out another moan as I felt my pussy juices start to flow.

He picked me up and threw me onto the bed, and ripped my pants off. He smiled as he saw that I wasn't wearing underwear. Then he got onto his knees as he pulled me to the edge of the bed and got between my legs. He buried his face into my pussy as he roughly licked and bit at my clit. I moaned as I felt one of his fingers slip into my already dripping wet pussy.

He quickly looked up and put a pillow over my face to keep me quiet. Then he went back down and started licking/biting my clit as he finger-fucked my tight, wet pussy.


He was hitting my g-spot so perfectly and licking my clit amazingly. After a few minutes of this I couldn't help it and started shaking as I came all over his hand and face. He licked up every drop and then he got up, and dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing any boxers and as I looked up at him I saw his 9-inch boner for the first time. I sat up as I was in awe of how big it was. I grabbed it with both hands and slowly started rubbing up and down his shaft, but he looked at me teacher and student hot boobs said, "You can't do that with it dry baby girl." I nodded as I kept looking at his huge dick.

He then slapped me across the face with the back of his hand and said, "Say yes sir." I trembled with anticipation as I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

I dropped down onto my knees in front of him as I looked up and said, "Yes sir. I won't do it dry." He smiled in approval and praised me for doing as he asked.

I bit my lip and then slowly opened my mouth wide for his big dick as I slowly slid him into my mouth. I shivered as I hear him moan my name as he slid further and further into my mouth until he hit my throat.


I gagged a little and started sucking back and forth, making sure not to gag too much. I started speeding up as he started moaning more and more. Then he grabbed the back of my head as he pulled my hair and pushed my head further onto his dick.

I started gagging more until he told me to relax. I tried to relax and was shocked as his dick slid into my throat. And as I was adjusting, he wasted no time in fucking my face.

I moaned onto his dick as I reached down and started rubbing my pussy. As I was getting close to cumming, he came in my throat and that sent me over the edge and Hollywoods movies brother sister relationship came as I was swallowing his cum.

When he finally took his dick out of my mouth, I gasped for breath and slowly got up and lay down on the bed. He looked me up and down as I was catching my breath. He sat next to me on the bed and slowly kissed me as he asked if I was okay.

I told him I was I had just never came that hard 2 times in a row. And as we laid there I rolled to face him and said, "Thank you for making me cum." He looked at me and smiled as he thanked me for the same thing. That night we fell asleep lying next to each other naked. That morning we were startled awake as my mom pounded on the door. We both jumped up and started getting ready.

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That day my mom had planned for us to go to an amusement park and my mom said to wear something comfortable.

I smiled as I grabbed my skinny jeans and threw them on. I knew that today I'd keep myself entertained by teasing my Uncle Josh as much as possible. As we left the cabin, we all got into vehicles, my mom & dad with my brother in one, and my biological grandparents and my sister in another, and then me and my Uncle Josh in the other. I smiled at him while we were pulling out of the driveway. I slowly leaned my chair back so that to anyone looking into the car it seemed like the passenger was just lying back napping.

But I had something better than napping planned. I slowly worked into a position to wear my head was in my Uncle's lap. He looked down at me as I slowly unzipped/unbuttoned his pants. His breath caught in his throat as I grabbed his dick and pulled it out of horny porno star loves to suck big black dick before getting it in her ass and pussy pants.

I slowly jacked it off, and then as his dick got harder I put it into my mouth. He moaned in ecstasy, while trying to keep his eyes on the road. He reached down and pushed my head further and further onto his cock, until he was in my throat again. After a few minutes of deepthroating, he moaned and whispered, "Ashley, I'm gonna cum." I smiled as I started going faster and faster.

He moaned my name loud as he jerked up and came in my throat. I smiled as I resituated myself back onto my own seat. I leaned my seat back up just as we pulled into the amusement park parking lot. He smiled at me as he readjusted himself while we were parking. We got out and met the family at the front gates. He walked behind me the entire time, smiling the whole way. He put on his sunglasses as soon as I looked back and caught him watching my ass.

We teased each other all day, with me bending over in front of him and him grabbing my ass or kissing me and biting my lip when nobody was looking. By the end of the day, we were horny, nervous, and anxious to get back to the cabin and lock the door to our room.

We held hands the whole way back to the cabin, and when we finally got there it was a little after 10 p.m. and we all decided to call it a night and go to bed. So Uncle Josh and I told everyone goodnight and went to lie down. As soon as we got into the room though we were ripping off each other's clothes and kissing hurriedly. Finally, we were both naked and laying on the bed with him on top of me.

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He looked down at me as he asked me if I was ready. I kissed him hard as I told him I was. He lifted up and rubbed his dick up and down my pussy, making sure to hit my clit over and over. I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in, trying to get him inside me. He smiled and leaned down, kissed me hard, and shoved his big dick inside of me all at once.

I would've screamed out if he hadn't put his hand over my mouth. His dick was so big, and it made me feel so full and stretched. So, he stayed completely still until I stopped whimpering then he slowly took himself out of me, inch-by-inch. By now I had my arms thrown around him and my legs wrapped around his waist. I flexed my legs gently trying to push him back inside me, and he just rammed it in again.

Once again he teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman his hand over my mouth as I almost screamed.

He leaned down to whisper in my ear, "Do you want it rough, baby girl?" I nodded my head yes. He smiled as he grabbed my throat and growled, "What do you say?" I whimpered as I choked out, "Yes sir, I'd like it rough, please." He grinned viciously as he rammed his dick back into me while he was choking me.

He kissed me once, before he started fucking me wildly. Then he moaned for me to get on my knees, which I obligingly did. I quickly got on my knees next the bed as he sat up for me to suck his dick. I quickly got him into my mouth, and started sucking. He stood up and started fucking my face again. He moaned as he told me he was going to cum, so I kept sucking. But my Uncle Josh had a better idea.

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As his big dick began top pulse he pulled me off it and came all over my face. After that I took a shower, and the next morning my parents, me, and my siblings left for our house in middle Tennessee, Uncle Josh and my biological grandma headed back to Colorado, and my biological grandpa headed back to Florida. My Uncle Josh and I kept in touch over the years, and we're patiently waiting for our next family vacation.