Cougar busty mom is jerking dick

Cougar busty mom is jerking dick
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In the three days since my last encounter with Malcolm, I had had a lot to think over. My feet pounded against the pavement and sweat ran in streams from my temples. My tight fitting t-shirt clung to my body and I was certain that the outline of my sports bra was showing through the thin material, but I could care less.

They say that physical activity is a great stress-reliever, but I think that is an understatement. My time running on the track team was just about the only thing that had been able to stop the constant buzz in my head since the last time I was with Malcolm.

The wind in my face, the burning in my thighs, and the ground flying by underneath my feet freed me from the constant questions I had for myself. Was I a slut? Was I a sinner?


Did the needs of my body outweigh the needs of my eternal soul? Do I even believe in all that, or do I just force myself to so that my mother doesn't beat me? It was truly a wonder that I was even allowed to compete in a school sport, since I spent most of my time locked in the house, but even this small privilege did not come without stipulations.

I was only allowed to be on the team as long as I attended the "Christian Athletes United," meetings every other week in the health classroom after school. No meeting, no practice, and it killed me. As I rounded a curve in the long track winding around the football field, I felt a presence coming up on my right.

I was a strong runner, so there was only one other person who could get close to me: Gloria Middleton. Gloria was part of the reason I dreaded those stupid Christian meetings.

She was a devout Catholic who had attended the same church as me and made my life hell for as long as I could remember.

She had long dirty blonde hair that nearly hung down to her ass (I don't think she was allowed to cut it). I could clearly tell through her tight-fitting, sweat-soaked t-shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her golden skin glistened in the beauty dior sucks on her man cock and while the very sight of her filled me with rage, I couldn't help but be intrigued by her physical beauty.

Perhaps, too intrigued. Lost in my thoughts, she managed to pass me up, looking back only for a second to flash me an evil grin, not unlike the one Malcolm so often gave me. I sprinted as fast as I could to catch up with her, keeping up our reputation as bitter rivals. Just as I came up on her, getting ready to flash her an, "I beat you, bitch," smile, I felt my feet slip out from under me and the next thing I knew I was laying on the concrete with serious pain in my ankle.

I barely registered Gloria's vicious laughter as the coach came over to gvg 098 hagi azusa yagi son in law aimed at big tits toobscene for mother in law to me. "Jeez, you alright?" the stocky blonde man inquired. After determining that I was in no need of urgent medical attention, I was told to be more careful and dismissed from practice for the day and told, "Don't get yourself all banged up, the team needs it strongest runner." I hope to God Gloria heard that.

As I limped away ip the path leading behind the bleachers where I hoped to find some shade to sit in while I waited for my mom who wouldn't be there to pick me up until practice ended later, I felt a large hand grip my shoulder. I yelped and whirled around on my bad ankle and soon found myself down on the ground on my ass.

This was becoming a running theme today, "Shit, Eileen, I ain't a fuckin' ghost," Malcolm said, extending his hand down to me. I stubbornly slapped it away and shakily stood on my own, "What are you doing here, Malcolm?" I asked exasperatedly.

"I was going to my car, but then I saw you and I wanted to watch you run," He explained with a grin. "Oh, shut up, malcolm, you can't drive, you're a freshman, same as me," I snapped at him. "Sure I can," He laughed, "Just not legally." "You're unbelievable." I sighed disapprovingly as I turned to walk away. "So're you." He purred, stopping me dead in my tracks.

I felt his arms wrap around me from behind and he gripped my left breast hard.


I couldn't help but let a sigh escape from my mouth. It felt so good to be up against him with his dick poking up against my ass. "Quit it," I forced myself to say, half-trying to get him off of me. "Hell, no," he replied, slipping his other hand up my shirt to squeeze my other breast through my sports bra.

"I ain't gonna leave you here, all hot, and sweaty, and horny." "I'm not horny." I whispered. "Yeah you are." He breathed.

"What do you say I return your favor, now?" Malcolm turned me around and pulled me into him. He slid a hand down the front of my running shorts and swiped his index finger through my wet slit.

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I moaned as he pulled me down to the ground and seized my shorts by the waistband. His eyes went wide with delight as he saw there would be nothing else to remove. What was the point of wearing underwear to track practice? He held my shorts to his nose and inhaled sharply. "You smell fuckin' sexy, Eileen," he groaned as he continued massaging my pussy and lace his fingers through my dark pubic hair.

I couldn't believe how good it felt to have his warm hands running over my most sensitive areas. I had never even come close to anything like lesbian teens oiling and kissing on webcam with anyone before.

He grabbed my thighs and pushed my knees back over my head. His wide grin told me that he was pleased with my flexibility. He stuck his face into my pelvis and his tongue darted down the expanse of my pussy. I nearly lurched upright when his mouth travelled down to my asshole and began to dart in and out. "Oh, God." I bit my lip and gripped at the pavement beneath me. I had never even explored that part of my body on my own, and here I was being dug-out under the bleachers by some sexy guy I barely knew." With one swift movement his tongue was back up at my snatch, flickering around the surface.

I felt him pressing gently into my insides as my lips parted. It was heaven. As his tongue worked wonders on my pussy he applied pressure to my rear entrance with his middle finger. I felt him reaching into me and I inhaled sharply.

His fingers were very long. I thrusted my pelvis into his face, responding to his touch better than he could have imagined a virgin like me could do. He was in beyond his knuckle when I felt daring. I bucked back on his finger and sent him the rest of the way in. His tongue was deep inside my pussy and his whole finger was in my ass. "SHIT!" I gasped.

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I never cursed in front of anyone, but the waves of excitement were too much, and all restraint went out the window. Malcolm abruptly pulled away from me and fumbled with the front of his jeans, which was now home to a large tent. Within seconds his hard dick sprung out, already glistening with pre-cum.

He pointed it to my vagina and I knew what was coming. "No, not today," I panted, barely able to make myself deny what my body craved most. "'kay," Malcolm grunted, and without missing a beat, he ripped my shirt from over my head and roughly yanked off my sports bra.

He stood up, grabbed me by the shoulders and brought me to my knees. I expected him to demand that I reciprocate, but instead he kneeled down so that his dick was level with my erect nipples.

"Squeeze 'em together," He instructed. I did so and he immediately pressed his dick to the base of my breasts and started titty fucking me just like that. I repositioned myself, keeping my tits in fucking position and I reached down to take care of myself while he got his own kicks. Knowing my anatomy very well, I hit the spot right away and went to work. I felt his hot meat work its way in and out of my cleavage, soaked with sweat and pre-cum, and that sensation combined with the best masturbation I had ever experienced drove me over the edge.

I began to bob up and down on my fingers, creating more friction between my breasts and his stiff cock. I felt my cleavage get wetter by the minute as Malcolm leaked out more and more. I could tell by his short breaths that he was getting close.

He mature ass sex story play to girate in a circular motion, knocking my tits around and driving me emma hix blonde makes juan fuck her hard. He rubbed himself all through my cleavage and seemed experienced enough to know just how to get his fix.

"Oh, shit," He panted, "Oh, fuck, babe, Oh. FUCK!" he moaned as I felt his hot, sticky load splatter against my chin and lips. I licked all of the moisture off my face.

I loved the way he tasted. No, I didn't just love it, I FUCKING loved it! It was enough to send me into complete bliss as I finally finished. I felt as if I were on a cloud, instead of kneeling behind the bleachers fucking around with Malcolm. I flopped back against the ground as my pleasure tapered off. "Shit! Eileen, get up! Get up!" I was dazed for a moment, but I immediately realized the trouble.

Practice was over and people would be coming this way. We both scrambled to get our clothes on. I wiped his cum off of me with his beige polo and tossed it to him. "What the fuck?


Gross!" He complained disgustedly. "Oh, it's yours anyway, get over it," I snapped, puling up my shorts. I was just pulling my shirt over my head when I saw Malcolm hop the fence and bound away out of sight. "Yeah, I enjoyed your company, too." I muttered under my breath, walking quickly away from the crime scene. I managed to escape without any sort of discovery or confrontation, but it certainly was a close call.

Although I should have been rattled, it only excited me more and I found myself craving Malcolm already. If there had been more time I could have gone again.