Helpless teen bondage sex hide and go freak

Helpless teen bondage sex hide and go freak
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I got out of bed, and gave a little stretch, naked except for my new underwear.

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I would later learn it was called a thong. I then grabbed the "night shirt" I had taken off before bed, and slipped it on, before heading to the kitchen. Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of boxers, sipping some coffee, and reading the newspaper. He smiled when I came out, and asked if I had slept well. I told him I had, and said that I hope he had a good sleep as well, to which he just smiled, and mumbled something that I couldn't hear. I went into the kitchen to grab some cereal and milk, big titted hentai chick loves big penis Daddy just watched.

As I reached up for a bowl in the cupboard, I could feel my shirt rising. At first I stopped, but then I remembered that I was a wife now, and husbands saw their wife's bums, so this was okay. I took all of my things to the table to sit down, and eat. Daddy just watched for a while, smiling.

Then all of a sudden he reached over and pulled my shirt down a bit and squeezed one of my nipples. I squealed in surprise. "Daddy, what are you doing?" "Just seeing how sensitive they are." "okay." And I continued to eat my breakfast, adjusting my shirt.


Daddy let cute teen stepdaughter needs to service stepdads cock few minutes pass, and then did the same thing to my other nipple. I jumped, but I didn't squeal this time. Daddy kinda laughed, and removed his hand. Again I adjusted my shirt. "Leave it how I put it, or don't wear it" was all daddy said over his newspaper. I immediately adjusted it back to how I thought he had it, before continuing with my breakfast.

After Daddy put his paper down, he got up, and went into the kitchen. When he stood up, I saw that although he had boxers on, his penis was hanging out of his fly, and was semi-hard. I figured that it was due to him pinching my nipples and continued to eat my cereal. Daddy came back to the table with a bowl, which he put on the table. In it I could see some ice cubes.

Daddy then came behind me, and pulled my shirt so that it was now resting just underneath my growing boobs. "Much better. I see that you are slowly turning into a woman" "Yes Daddy". He felt and rubbed my boobs for a few minutes. "Daddy, it's awful hard to eat breakfast with you doing that".

"Then stop eating." I pushed my bowl away, not quite sure, but interested anyways. When he saw me do this, he took one of the ice cubes out of the bowl, and started to rub it over my nipples. This cause my nipples to point out and become quite hard.

It felt good, but very cold. I leaned back, and let Daddy continue.

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One they were really hard, he put the ice back in the bowl, leaned over me, and took one nipple into his mouth, sucking. "Ohh, Daddy, that feels so good". Daddy stopped sucking, which disappointed me. He then went to the other nipple, but instead of gently sucking, he latched on, and pulled using his teeth slightly.

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This kind of hurt, and I jumped at the sensation. Daddy released and let my boob go back, and stood back up. "As you can see, there are good sucks, and not-so-good ones.

I like sucks like the first one I showed you." Once again, he leaned down, and sucked my nipple, this time while playing with my other boob. I leaned back, and couldn't help but enjoy it. All of a sudden he stopped, and walked over to the couch, removing his boxers as he went, and sat down.

I could see that his penis was quite hard now. "Daddy,…" "yes?" "Can I feel your penis in my hand?" "Yes. But you must promise me something." "What daddy?" "You are my wife now…" "Yes Daddy" "And soon you will be my slut" "Slut daddy&hellip.?" "So from now on, you will call my penis taut cum hole stretched wide hardcore and blowjob cock." "Yes Daddy." "Come over here then, and feel it.

Bring the bowl of ice with you." "Yes daddy." "And a few other things, your vagina is called a pussy, or a cunt. Understand?" "Yes Daddy" I stood up, grabbed the bowl from the table, and walked over to Daddy, with my shirt still stretched below my boobs.

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I put the ice on the coffee table, and sat down on the couch beside Daddy." "sit on the floor please". "Yes daddy" I then sat on the floor in front of daddy, on my knees, so that I could reach him better. "No you gently put your hand up and down it like this…" Daddy showed me how to stroke his cock. Then taking my hand in his, he helped me. When he released my hand I continued to stroke his cock. It felt hard in my hand, and so big. I could barely wrap my hand all the way around it.

As I continued to stroke his cock, Daddy reached in the bowl and got some ice, which once again he began to rub on my nipples.


All this attention to my boobs, was making me very wet. I had never had wetness down there before, and I reached my hand to see what it was. Daddy saw this and smiled. He then took my hand, and kissed it. "Now, rub yourself again" I did. "Now, lick the moisture of your fingers" I did what he said, though not sure why. "That is what women taste like. You will taste more later. Stand up." I stood up, coming closer to daddy so that I could still stroke his cock.

"Now sit on my lap facing me…with your legs on either side, like you're riding a bike, and I'm your bike." I sat down, and daddy opened his legs, causing mine to open.

I was still trying to stroke his cock. Daddy then started to rub my pussy. "Mmmm, Daddy, that feels good" "Sweetie, your pussy is so hot." I didn't know what daddy meant by then, so I just kept stroking his cock.

"A virgin shouldn't have such a hot cunt…" Daddy said as he continued to rub. He then stuck a finger in my pussy. It felt good.

Daddy quickly stopped though, and removed it. "It's nice to see your hymen is still there, I will have lots of fun with that later!" "Hymen Daddy?" "Yes, it's a good thing. To be treasured." "Yes daddy".

I continued to stroke his cock as he rubbed my pussy. It felt so good, I started to lean forward on him and moan into his shoulder. "Sweetie, we need to cool down your hot pussy." "But how daddy?" "Like this," And with then, he reached into the bowl, and stuck a melting ice cube into my pussy. I squealed at the sudden coldness and almost jumped off his lap. "Sit still, it's okay." "Yes Daddy" "Keep stroking my cock sweetie" "But daddy, I can feel the ice melting, and coming out of my vag-I mean pussy." "Yes baby, and when it is done, and I can't feel anymore dripping on my hand, I will check your pussy tempurature again." "Yes Daddy" I continued to stoke his cock, it seemed to be getting harder.

All of a sudden daddy stopped me. "Get on your knees in front of me" I did as I was told. "One of the things a guy likes most is to have his cock sucked. So for starters you can lick it like it's a big sucker…or popsicle." "Yes daddy" I leaned forward, and shyly did petite teen camgirl fingering show masturbation and privateshow I was told.

This made daddy moan, so I stopped. "No sweetie, keep going" I continued to lick his hard cock. All of a sudden Daddy grabbed the back of my head, and pushed my mouth over his cock. I decided to try what some of my friends had said at school, and copy a movie that we had watched at a sleepover a couple of months ago…laughing and giggling. It was a movie full of naked people doing strange things, like sucking cocks, and licking pussy's.

When I started to do this, Daddy got really hard. He then started slamming his hips into my face, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth, and even down my throat.

I pushed back, trying to get him to stop, and finally Daddy let me go, as I was choking. "Sweetie, you were doing so well." "I'm sorry Daddy, I'll try again." At this I started licking his cock again. Daddy didn't let me do it long though, and once again he forced my mouth over his cock. Then all of a sudden Daddy stopped moving, and just held me over his cock, so I moved my tongue over it in my mouth. "Sweetie, soon a liquid is going to come out of my cock." "Pee??" I mumbled, trying to get away "No sweetie.

Seed. It's okay though, you just swallow whatever you can!" And without giving me a chance to reply, he once again started forcing my head up and down on his cock. I didn't fight anymore though, and just let him do as he wanted. Finally I felt what he was talking about. I tried to swallow it all, but some of it leaked out. Finally daddy stopped, and I lifted my head of his cock. I saw the mess, and immediately got up to get a cloth. "No, a good wife licks it up, and swallows it all" "Yes Daddy" Once again, I got back on my knees and started to lick up the mess.

After all it was only seed I hadn't managed to catch, so it was my job to clean up my mess. I licked Daddy's cock, and when I was happy with it being clean, I then licked daddy's balls. I think my tongue might have touched his ass a bit, but he didn't say anything. I then licked his thighs, and the couch between his legs. When I was done, and looked up, there was my Daddy smiling down at me.

"Good Girl. Mature redhead loves sex with young cock stand up." I immediately stood up, and daddy reached over and pinched both my nipples. He then reached down and rubbed his hand quickly against my pussy, before reaching into the bowl of ice.

I closed my eyes, as he brought the ice back and rubbed it against my nipples. I moaned in protest when Daddy took it away. He then put it on my other nipple. He switched back and forth, getting new ice from the bowl when needed for a while. All of a sudden though, I felt the cube he was using go up my pussy. This shocked me, and I opened my eyes, to watch daddy shove not one more ice cubes, but three more up my hot pussy, meaning I now had four ice cubes in my pussy, not counting the melted earlier one.

After the last one was up, Daddy stood up and took the now empty bowl to the kitchen and put it in the sink. "What you have just done is called a blow job." "Yes daddy" "I expect at least two of them everyday, at least during your training." "Yes Daddy." "Often more than two." "Yes daddy." "We will spend the rest of today and tomorrow, having you master giving me blow jobs." "Yes daddy." "Now go shower, and then you can do whatever you want…until I call you for your practise." "Yes daddy." I quickly ran off to shower, leaving the door open, just incase daddy wanted a peak.

I spent the next 48 hours giving daddy blowjobs whenever he wanted one. I gave them to him on my hands and knees as he watched TV.

On my knees as he cooked our dinner those two days. As he sat at his desk doing his work. In the shower, in bed, and everywhere else he wanted one. When we went to bed the next night, me naked except for my thong, Daddy's cock resting between my ass cheeks, daddy whispered in my ear… "You are such a good cock-sucker." "Thank you daddy!" "So good in fact, that tomorrow we will go on with the next part of your lessons…and that means you won't likely be wearing underwear to bed tomorrow night!" "Yes Daddy!" This left me very excited as I went to sleep, knowing that tomorrow when I went to sleep, I would no longer be a virgin!