Bf looks at hotty fucks girlfriend homemade

Bf looks at hotty fucks girlfriend homemade
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i thought to share it with you guys Matt had long found his sister-in-law, Priscilla, very attractive. Married to her sister, Sondra, he had gotten many eyefuls of her voluptuous body. The two sisters were very alike in personality.

They also looked much alike in their faces. Both of them had long brown hair and a good tan. But Priscilla was 3 years older than Sondra and Matt at 28. She also had bigger breasts than her sisters. Sondra had a decent pair at 32B, but Priscilla carried her 44DDs very well.

She always wore tight shirts and bikinis to show off her hot body. Priscilla also was taller than Matt's wife and she had a very delicious looking heart-shaped ass. She had her sister beat in every category, expect the men department. Sondra had nabbed Matt while they were seniors in college.

He was a very successful entrepreneur and made over $400,000 a year now. But what attracted Matt to Sondra was her independence. She could have easily been a stay-at-home-wife but she became a lawyer. Actually, Matt respected her more for that than he found it attractive. They were engaged when Matt finally met Priscilla. Priscilla seemed to be unable to settle down. She would get very rich and attractive boyfriends but they would break up after no more than a year in their relationship.

"I got cute indian girl fucked hard by boyfriend hardcore desi with him." She would always say.

"You always get bored with them." Sondra would always say back. Now here they were again. It was a Sunday and Priscilla would be staying with her sister and her husband like usual when this happened. Priscilla had dumped her latest boyfriend two weeks earlier. Now she and Sondra were going to have the same conversation they always had when this happened. The setting was Matt and Sondra's house around noon. Priscilla and Sondra sat in the living room while Matt, a very good chef, began preparing lunch for the three of them in the kitchen.

He could overhear most of what they were saying, but had heard it all before. "When will you realize that you are the problem, Pris?" "Maybe I am the problem. Maybe I need to start looking for men in other places than in fancy bars and nightclubs." She said taking a drink from her metropolitan.

"Well, the best thing for you to do is find a job. That's where you'll find a good man." Sondra said. "Sis, I can't find a decent job without a decent education." Priscilla responded. She had dropped out of college long ago before Sondra joined. Priscilla had never even had a job above minimum wage, and her last one was in high school.

She was a gold digger, living off of her boyfriends' money. She was a spoiled one indeed. "I know, we've had this discussion before. Listen, Matt and I will pay for whatever kind of classes you want to take. You can take technology courses or even study to be a lawyer, like me. Whatever it is you want to do, we will pay for it." Sondra put her offer on the table. She cared deeply for her older sister, even if she was a gold digger. "You and Matt have that much extra money lying around?" Priscilla asked with shock.

She had no idea how much money Matt had accumulated. "Yea." "Then why don't you dress better?" she said with a light smile on her face.

Sondra slapped her sister's knee and let out a light laugh, so did Matt from the kitchen. "Priscilla, listen, you need to get into law school. I can get you started even without a college degree. There are plenty of men your age in law school, I know from when I went.

You can find yourself a man there. Maybe even get as lucky as me and catch someone like Matt." "Thanks honey." Matt said from the kitchen. "You're welcome, baby." Priscilla looked towards the kitchen after hearing what her sister said.

She was right; she needed to find a man like Matt. But Pris didn't want to go through all that school and job stuff. She was 28 and needed a man now. A devious idea popped into her head at that very moment. Priscilla wanted to hit herself on the head for not thinking of it years earlier.

Sondra was right; Priscilla needed to catch a man like Matt. In fact, she needed Matt. And like every spoiled brat, Priscilla always got what she wanted. As they ate lunch Priscilla looked at her sister from across the table. She almost felt sorry for Sondra. Her sister had no idea about what she had brought on herself and her marriage when she mentioned her husband as a catch.

Priscilla was very confident; she had affairs with a couple of married men before. That was when she had gotten the most money. She blackmailed one of them claiming that she would go to the man's wife with news of their encounters. The other old granny anal and young woman fuck aunt first time hot hookup after a super hot bath was led to believe that he had gotten Priscilla pregnant, so he paid for her false abortion and a little extra money for her troubles.

But she wasn't going to blackmail Matt or lie to him, she had other plans. "Well, I'm in the mood for a swim. Who wants to join me?" Priscilla asked. "Sorry, I need to go to the office for the rest of the afternoon, Pris.

I got a big case to work on." Sondra replied. Priscilla made a pout face but turned to look at Matt. "Sure, I'll join you as soon as I clean up in here." Priscilla had once seduced one of her sister's boyfriends back when Sondra was in high school.

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Not long after that, Pris dropped out of college. She thought that there was no point to having power of the mind when all she needed was the power of her hot body. Now she would seduce her sister's husband. Grabbing her skimpiest bikini and putting it on, she strode out to the pool. Matt joined his sister-in-law outside in his trunks, ready to dip into the swimming pool. Priscilla was just emerging from the swimming pool when he walked out. She had her hair up to keep it from getting wet.

But Matt loved watching the water drip off her body and especially off her large tits. He wouldn't miss seeing her in a bikini for anything. However, as much as he found his wife's sister gorgeous and sexy, he would never cheat on Sondra, particularly with her sister. It was look but don't touch. "Throw me that towel, would you Matt?" Pris asked walking towards the lounge chair.

Matt tossed her the towel lying next to him alina lopez creampie while doing the full split the outdoor bar. Priscilla caught it and dried her body off before lying down on the lounge chair. "Come sit next to me, Matt." She told him to come over and he did so after jumping in the pool himself.

"What a beautiful day." "Yea, it's pretty nice out." Matt responded reclining. "Matt, I've got a question for you. and it's kind of personal, but important to me, so I'd really like an honest answer." Priscilla was laying down the path before her. "Sure, Pris, what's up?" "Do you think I'm a slut?" she asked with sincerity on her face but with a smile inside.

"Well, that is personal. Hmmm. you know I never really thought about your lifestyle and I don't like to judge." Matt replied taken aback. "Please, judge me." Priscilla probed with a pout. "I think that each person is entitled to live their own lives the way they want." "So then. you think I'm a slut." She acted hurt. "No, no. I just. I just think that you should take your sister's advice, that's all. We can give you the money, Priscilla. We've got plenty to go around." "You mean you akira for transworldasia playing with her wet cock give me the money.

My sister may have a job, Matt, but I know that she hasn't really been raking it in. You're the bread whiner." Priscilla was getting to him. "Well, then please take my money and go to school." Matt pleaded lightly. "I'd rather have a job. Earn the money for school myself." She said. "Alright, whatever floats your boat. But you need to change your lifestyle if you're unhappy." "But I know I way you can help me, Matt.

Why don't you give me a job in the new office you're setting up?" Dammit! Matt thought. Why did Sondra have to tell her that? "I don't know, Priscilla. I only like to hire the most qualified people. And let's face it, you're not really qualified." "But I need this job, Matt. You want to help me, this is how you can.

And this way the money you pay me will be legitimate." She pleaded. "But I don't have any positions available. I need people I can trust to do their job right away. You don't have a track record." "You filled the secretary position already?" she asked. "There is no secretary in my new office." "Why not?" "I don't need one. Why waste money on something I don't need." "Hire me, Matt.


It is not a hard job. I'll answer you're phone calls, type up reports and bring you coffee. Anyone can do that, and like I said, this way the money you give me I'll earn." She gave a good argument.

Matt thought for a second. He didn't know if Sondra would approve. But it sounded like a good idea. "Okay, we move into the office next week though, and if I have a desk waiting, you better be there." He told his sister-in-law. "Oh you can count on me." "And we need to tell Sondra about it tonight." Matt finished. Priscilla frowned. "Do you tell my sister everything, Matt?" she asked.

"Well, she knows everything about me." "But dad and daughter in blue reading fucks involves another person this time. Look we're friends, and friends keep secrets for one another. I don't want Sondra to know." "Priscilla, she's me wife and your sister. What's the harm in telling her?" "You just said it; we have to tell her or in other words, check to see if she's okay with it.

She'll probably not be okay with it and you'll act like a whipping boy and give in to her feelings." Priscilla said acting irritated but irritating Matt.

"Fine, Priscilla, we won't tell her. At least not yet, we'll see how well you do at the office first, and then I'll tell her if you won't." "So then. I'm hired?" she asked knowing the answer. "(Sigh) Yes." Matt replied. "Oh goodie!

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I'll get to wear a sexy business suit for real this time." She said with a smile. Matt didn't really understand what she meant by it, but took that as his exit cue. "Where are you going?" Priscilla wondered.

"Back inside." He answered without turning around or breaking stride. "Why? Do I bore you that much?" Priscilla added with a pout. Matt stopped for second before continuing inside. "Oh believe me, Priscilla, you will never bore me." Priscilla grew a wicked smile. She lay back on the chair absorbing the sunrays for a while longer. She could see Matt from the kitchen window as he seemed to be prepping their dinner for Sondra's return.

The brunette thought about her planned seduction for a few minutes. Priscilla could make her move on him at work, but then she'll have to wait at least a week, and her pussy was starting to perspire at that very moment in anticipation. She would wait no longer.

Matt, her sister's husband, was going to be hers. Pris got up from her chair and wavered inside. "Whatcha doin?" she asked coming into the kitchen. Matt had changed into shorts and a t-shirt. "I'm getting the meat out to start thawing for tonight." Matt smiled with pride.

He loved cooking. "It looks plentiful." Priscilla stood only a few feet from him now. "Yes it does." "You know what else looks plentiful in this room?" Matt looked at his sister-in-law with a raised eyebrow. "Oh come on, silly.

What else looks plentiful?" she asked again. Matt couldn't help it. His eyes glanced down at her cleavage and back to her face. "There you go. I knew you'd get it right. Feel free to stare, Matt. It's too hard not too." "What are you doing, Priscilla?" Matt asked. He didn't realize it yet, but his cock had started to grow. Priscilla lowered her voice. "I'm offering you a nice. long. look at my magnificent tits." Priscilla pulled the fabric down below each of her tits revealing both nipples.

Matt's gaze was held by them alone, they were much bigger than his wife's. Priscilla was dripping wet and her bikini bottom was now stained.

She closed the gap between her and Matt pulling him into a sloppy kiss. Her tongue dove straight into his mouth as he tried to speak. Priscilla's tongue began wrestling with her sister's husband's tongue. Matt couldn't think, he had just realized that he had a hard-on when his wife's sister showed him her breasts before attacking him.

Now he was enjoying their frenching. She was a better kisser than Sondra. Priscilla grabbed his hands and guided them to her ass. Matt gave her cheeks a squeeze, something he wanted to do from the first day he saw her bend over. It felt soft yet full with muscle, but better than Sondra's. Matt regained his senses, finally realizing what it was they were doing.

He was French kissing his wife's bare-chested sister while holding her ripe behind. "Whoa! Priscilla. stop!

What the hell are you doing?" he said pushing her away. "I think you mean. what we are doing?" she said trying to drag him into another kiss. "No! Priscilla, what has gotten into you?" "I've answered my own question from earlier today. I am a slut. I'm a dirty whore, one johnny castles cock anal fucks maddy oreilly on top pornstars big dick fucks her sister's husband.

Look at yourself, Matt. You are rock hard. You want me. You want my body. Young anal tryouts young tatjana and her boyfriend hardcore close up play a denial card because that will not work with me.

You can't resist me. Now give your whore a kiss." Matt's mouth was wide open and he took Priscilla's tongue back into his mouth as she pulled his head down to hers. She moaned her appreciation for his acceptance. Her other hand reached down and stroked his cock through his thin shorts. Their breathing became ragged as the kiss became more demanding, mashing their lips together.

Matt could feel her nipples harden as they bore into his chest. His hands dropped to her ass again, grabbing and pulling it, causing her mound to grind against her hand and his dick.

Matt was enjoying the sensation of her soft lips pressed so hard against his that he never had second thought. Priscilla removed her hand from his dick and wrapped both her arms around his back. Matt began to hump his swollen cock up and down against her groin. His cock was aching to be inside his wife's sister. At this point Matt lost all control of himself as he ground their parted lips and tongues together, his head bobbing wildly, as they became totally consumed by this kiss.

Priscilla had him right where she wanted him. Her conquest had begun, and now the next stage of seduction would begin. She pulled away from him, happy to see his eyes closed and searching for her mouth.

"Now its time I taste you cock. brother." She dropped to her knees. Her pussy dripped fluids to the floor through her bottoms at the last word from her mouth.

She pulled her brother-in-law's shorts down and his big hard cock slapped her chin. "Oh my. my sister is a lucky lady. or I should say she was." She grabbed and began stoking his dick. Even though her touch was electric to him, at the mention of his wife, Matt protested, weakly.

"No, Priscilla, you can't do this. we can't do this. Stop." Matt was running out of breath. His eyes became transfixed on Priscilla's big bare tits. "That's not what your cock says.

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Mmmmm, let Prissy have a taste." Priscilla slowly sucked him into her mouth. She traced each ridge and bulge with her tongue.


His cock pushed deeper and deeper until he pressed against the back of her mouth. Priscilla opened her throat and let him slide deeper. His entire cock disappeared into her mouth. She held him there massaging him with her throat muscles and rubbing her tongue along the underside of his shaft. Matt stood there in shock. His sister-in-law was sucking his dick. Bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore wife's sister!

And it felt so fucking good. She was doing things to him that had his head spinning. He had to cum so badly. It didn't matter anymore that he was happily married to her sister. He was going to cum in her mouth. Priscilla disengaged her lips from his crown to speak her mind. "You like the way I suck your cock, brother? I'm a much better cock-sucker than my sister, aren't I? Mmmmmm." Priscilla clamped her lips around his bulging head and licked it with her tongue as she sucked on it.

Keeping her eyes on his she slowly lowered her lips down his shaft. Matt's cock continued to disappear into her mouth until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. She pushed her tongue down the underside of his shaft and let his cock slide into her throat until the entire length disappeared into her mouth. Prissy continued to use her expert orals skills on her sister's husband's throbbing cock, glancing up at her brother-in-law's eyes with a hungry look in her gaze.

She pulled his cock from her mouth followed by several long strands of drool. "As I said before, my sister was a lucky woman." She kissed the head of his cock in between her sentences. "But not anymore!" (Kiss) "This cock belongs to me now." (Kiss) "And everything (Kiss) that goes (Kiss) with it. Mmmphh." Priscilla moved back to Matt and sucked his cock into her mouth.

She slipped a hand between her legs, into her bikini bottoms and rubbed her pussy. Matt couldn't believe how hard he was by his wife's sister sucking his prick.

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Priscilla could sense his impending explosion. Normally she would have made it last much longer, held him on edge until he couldn't stand it anymore. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. But her pussy was begging for attention.

Sondra's sister needed to be fucked like the dirty slut she was, and her brother-in-law was just the man for the job. She disengaged her mouth from his cock once more and stood up. "Look at the mess you helped make." She pointed down to her bottoms that were soaked in her pussy juice. "You're just gonna have to fuck me." She put her hands on her hips and waited for him to take action.

But he had another guilt trip. "Priscilla. we can't do this to Sondra. She's my wife and your sister. I can't fuck my wife's sister." He said with his hard-on dangling in front of her. "Oh yes you can! And you will! Wait till you feel my pussy wrapped around your cock, you'll never fuck my sister again." She put her hands on his cock leaning in close to him. Her touch was stimulating Matt beyond rational thought. "What's that supposed to mean?

If we fuck, then you won't let me fuck my wife again?" his cock stiffened even more at the thought. "Oh no, I'll let you fuck her.

But you won't want to. Once you've been in heaven. everything else will feel like hell. including your wife's pussy." Priscilla smiled wickedly at her last comment.

She really was going to fuck her sister's husband. Matt still looked like he had his guilt holding him back, but she would take care of that. Priscilla reached around her neck and untied her bikini top, tossing it aside, she was now completely topless.

"Look at my tits; Matt. they are much bigger and better than Sondra's aren't they? I've seen you looking at them from the first time we met. Why don't you give em' a squeeze? What's the harm in that?" she tempted him. Matt realized that Priscilla was starting to make a lot of sense. She had already given him head, what was more harm if he felt her breasts? Priscilla grabbed both his hands and put them on her DDs.

Matt couldn't help but squeeze them. It had been something he had wanted to do for a very long time. He often fantasized about Sondra having her sister, Priscilla's body when they were having sex. Now he was feeling the real thing in Prissy's tits.

They were perfect. He played with them, teasing the nipples. She moaned her appreciation. "You can taste them too. lick my tits, Matt." Prissy suggested. Matt wasted no time, descending to his sister-in-law's nipples. Engulfing each areole into his mouth one at a time felt amazing to him. Priscilla's nipples were hard and easy kannada big boss participants anushree sex story flick with his tongue. She reached under his arms and fondled his hard cock with her hand.

She had him now, and she wasn't going to waste any more time. "No more games, Matt. It's time to fuck me." Priscilla said acting as if she was the center of attention. She hopped up on the kitchen counter and pulled her bottoms to the side, revealing her neatly trimmed cunt. "Fuck my cunt, brother. Fuck it harder than you ever fucked your wife. Fuck me like the true slut that I am." Matt gave up the fight within himself. His conscience was beaten back by his cock and Priscilla's tits.

Grabbing her legs, he lined up his cock-head with his wife's sister's pussy. Once they made contact, Priscilla wasted no time in wrapping her legs around his back and pulling him inside her. Matt watched in amazement as it disappeared into alex blake alex blake blows to the very end body. The feeling was unlike anything he could have imagined.

The heat of his sister-in-law's pussy enveloped his hard cock and squeezed it gently. He felt it drill through her steamy passage until it had completely disappeared into the opening between her legs. He could see Priscilla's pussy stretched around it and her hard clit poking out from the top of her gash. "Oh brother, your cock feels so good inside me. I just want to sit here and feel it for a few seconds. Then we're going to fuck." She added with a devious smile.

Without even moving Matt could feel his sister-in-law's well trained pussy milking his cock. Priscilla began to move in gentle gyrations swirling his meat around inside her.

She pinched her hard nipples and looked up into his eyes. He moved with her grinding his cock around inside his wife's sister's belly. Gradually, Prissy lifted up and pushed back down on his cock continuing to move her ass in bumps and grinds, grabbing onto Matt's shoulders for balance.

Her tits swayed back and forth in front of his chest. She fucked him slowly tilting her ass up until only the tip of his cock was inside her then slowly lowering her pussy all the way onto his length all from the counter. She was a well-educated slut. Priscilla noticed Matt looking at her tits still as he took hold of her legs and began to match her fucking rhythms.

"Go ahead Matt. Suck my big tits. Suck on them because they're better than your wife's, superior to my sister's weakling pair. Ohhh yesssss." He took a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the hard tip.

Everything was surreal as if it were happening to someone he was watching. His cock was tingling and throbbing to the point of bursting, but his sister-in-law knew just how to control it without letting him release. "Move with me baby. Move with Priscilla. Put your hands on my ass and push into me when I come into you." Her instruction was gentle and loving, music to his ears.

Sondra never spoke during sex. Matt was good at sex, but he was so lost in this moment. Priscilla's cunt did feel like heaven. Soon their bodies were locked together in a dance of passion moving as one. Priscilla kissed her brother-in-law on the lips and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

Their movements quickened, their mutual thrusts were more desperate. His cock glided effortlessly through her quivering sheath. It was about that time. "Oooohhhh. oh god. Prissy's almost there, baby. make me cum lover. make. me.CUMMMMMM." Priscilla came hard on her brother-in-law's cock. With a satisfied smile, she looked into Matt's eyes and started humping against him again.

"Yes brother! That feels so fucking good. Ughh! Fuck me like that! Push your big fat fucking cock up my tight little cunt.UGGHHHH! Pump that cum in me. ERRRGHH! I want you to fuck me like this forever!" Priscilla said through gritted teeth. She looked her wife's brother in the eyes, looking deep into his soul, lust had taken over, lust for his wife's sister and her hot body.

An alarm went off in Matt's head, don't cum inside her! "Priscilla, let me pull out! Mature trio sharing teen phallus in group sex unprotected!" he tried to disengage, but she tightened her legs around him, controlling the action now. "Uh uh, brother!

You're going to cum inside your dirty sister-in-law's slutty pussy." Priscilla milked Matt's cock with her cunt muscles, doing things to his dick that his wife had never known was possible. Matt gave up and started pounding her again. "That's it!

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Fuck expert blonde hooker surprise big cock threesome wife's sister! Fuck my tight cunt! That's what you're good for! Good for fucking your wife's sister and I'm good for fucking my sister's husband and his big cock! I'm a trampy little slut! A little tease! Shaking my perfect ass and perfect tits around you!

Now fuck it deeper! Fuck it harder! Cum inside your little whore, fill my pussy! That's it; feel me grind my tight cunt on your fucking cock! You like that pussy wrapped around your fat cock, don't you? Don't you?" "YEAAHHHHHSSSSSS. It feels so fucking good!" he yelled. Matt couldn't have held back if he wanted. He slammed his cock deep into Priscilla's cunt one time, two times, three times. He felt her body stiffen around him. He cried out in a loud grunt.

Cum surged through his cock and exploded deep in her belly. She threw her head back and screamed as she dug her fingers into the flesh of his shoulders. Matt continued to flood her cunt with streams of thick creamy seed. Priscilla loved the feeling of his cum filling her womb. She was jealous of her little sister, but no more.

"Good boy. You fucked your wife's big sister real good. Your sperm feels real good inside my cunt, right where it belongs." Matt pulled out of Priscilla's soggy pussy with shock on his face. "Oh my God, Priscilla what have we done?" he said with increasing guilt. "Nothing we didn't want to do, Matt. And something we will do again and again. Not even your guilty conscience can resist my hot body. Now I've got too cleaned up for dinner. We wouldn't want Sondra coming home to see her husband's cum oozing out of her sister's cunt." Priscilla smiled and hopped off the counter and sashayed towards the shower with his jizz running down her legs.

Matt looked down at his cock, it was still hard and soaking his sister-in-law's juices and his own. He wiped it off with a paper towel and flushed it down the bathroom toilet, tucking his cock back into his shorts he went about preparing dinner.