Horny czech cutie opens up her pink honey pot to the unusual

Horny czech cutie opens up her pink honey pot to the unusual
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The queen was praying in the temple. Her city has been invaded by foreign enemy. They are searching for the treasures.

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She was lying prostrate on the floor. She wore a white color prayer robe. She is 30 years old and looks fair than the other girls in the country. She is ready to sacrifice herself for the country. Soldiers broke the gate of the temple, she did not move.

She knows that very soon she will be dead. And soldiers came inside the room killed the four guards that were trying to protect the queen, a man shouted, stand up whore. She did not move a bit, she is awaiting death.

A soldier came forward to kill her with a sword, but captain stopped him, said-we must wait till the prince to see her. He stopped and ordered a soldier to check her if she has weapon. The soldier started with her legs removing her golden anklets, remove bracers from her arms, then three cheerleaders love to lick each other check her head for the hidden lethal hair clip but none found.

He then tear off the neckless from her neck. He is now checking the place between her breasts, he also check her boobs with his both hands. She did not move, she knows that it will be over soon.


The soldier stood down and nod his head and said-no weapon sir. Captain said- did you check inside her gown. He said-no. Captain said-check it. Soldier sat down and moved her robe to her waist revealing her beautiful thighs.

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She is wearing garters. Captain came forward and cut the garters with his sword and asked the soldier to check inside. The soldier check the right lobe of her butt and then left lobe, she started to cry in humiliation.

The soldier is parting her fella assists with hymen examination and screwing of virgin chick and checking her butt crack. Then he placed his hand on her wetness. Her breathing speeds up and she started to feel firm touch in her soft pussy.

She close her legs together to feel his touch but he spanked hard on her bare ass. The soldier found the necklace of god she was wearing around her waist and took it off.

Captain got happy with the medal and said-make her stand up now. The soldier make her stand up holding her hairs and said-she is all wet, sir. Captain said- No problem, we are gonna wash her when we return to our city. She has nice body. She will be a good gift for the slave merchants. Feed her water, we have to keep her alive. Queen started to cry-No, please kill me.

We cant kill you whore, prince will love your wetness, and when he is done with you then we shall hand you to the merchants. Tie her hands and legs, the soldier checking her body started to tie her hands, then he tied up her legs together so that she cant run. He make her drink water and pick her up.

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Captain said-Lets go. They reached outside of city gates and came near the river. Queen started to cry and asked to let her pee. The soldier who was carrying her, shut her with a slap on her ass. She begged-Please sir. He approached to captain and said-The queen wants to pee, should we untie her.

Captain said-No need, you take care of her problem and wash her after she is done.


The soldier make her stand on her feet and lifted her robe to her waist and command her to pee. She began her flow standing there as the whole troops watch her pee. The soldier started to tear off the remaining portion of her garter and torn panties. As the last drop of pee goes out from her pussy, he started to wash her with water. Cold water splash her hairy mound.

Her body shaken with the coldness. The soldier rub the waters all over her hairy pussy and then probe every bit of skin between her thighs.

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She closed her eyes in pleasure, soldier's firm hand make her hump more. Everybody laugh loudly by looking how the queen is humping. Queen's face got red in the shame. Then he dried her up with her panties and then said loudly-Show is over, lets get back to work. The troops placed camp after going a long distance. The captain said-No one fucks queen until our prince sees the queen. Sunny leone dangerous fuck with black man said-Yes sir.

They made foods and ate, the soldier who was looking after the queen went to her to feed her. He started to feed her and also was checking her breasts.

She cried-Please kill me, do not hand me over to the merchants. He smiled and said-You are very beautiful, killing you will be wastage of your assets. After he is done feeding her he kissed her and then told her to sleep. In the morning everybody started to move towards their destination. The soldier lifted up the sleeping queen and started walking. Captain was looking at her ass and asked-Is she awake.

The soldier replied-No. Captain said- She has got a nice ass. Make her stand here, I ll check her. The soldier made her stand in front of the captain. He stood in front of her and insert her hand inside her gown to check her thigh, then move his hand up to her pussy and she got awake.

She tried to shake her body to get off from his touch. The captain smiled and then grabbed her breasts and said-I must say, you have very nice tits and you are always wet. The queen has nothing to reply. She never knew that there will be so much humiliation waiting for her. He ordered the soldier to hold her steadily so that he can check her every parts. Started with her tits he fondle her breasts and then he squeeze her hips.

Parting her butts lightly he spanks them and watch the wobble. Then he cupped her pussy and rub her, she became wet, he began rubbing her and comb her pubic hair. The queen started moaning in tender touch. But the captain stopped and said-That is all for now.

And ordered the soldier to carry the queen. The queen almost lost control of her body now wants someone to touch. But the soldier came forward and pick her up again and they started the journey again.