Big boobed blonde milf teases you with her sheer black pantyhose

Big boobed blonde milf teases you with her sheer black pantyhose
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Take notice that the names in this story are changed and this is written from my childhood stand point of age 14. The Hotel It was a sad thing that brought my family together.

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The passing away of my beloved grandfather. He truly was a great man. When it came to inviting people we invited all the family that we could, as most families do. But what really got my attention was my two cousins, Sam and Rhea.

They were the same age as me and my brother and therefore we were very similar. Or so it would seem&hellip.Later we had dinner and sang and celebrated my grandpa's life and death when we decided that some of us wanted to go to big boobs mom ebony girl pool.

So we went to our rooms and got changed. Me and my brother were two floors up from my cousins so we went down to the pool to wait for them. We walked in and saw that they had beat us down there. There was nobody else in the pool or weight room so we just stripped down to our shorts and jumped in. Now I noticed that their bikini's were maybe two sizes to small.

Being 14 I realized some things like, how their tits stood out and how nice and round their asses were. After doing this quick check I realized that my dick had started to grow, even in the freezing cold water of the pool. I still don't know to this day if she ever noticed it, but I do remember vividly that in the few seconds after my noticing of their bodies Rhea stepped up right against me and asked me what the worst things I had done were.


It took me a second before I realized that if I didn't back up she would have definitely noticed my growing friend. ¬¬¬ I was barely able to here her ask, "what is the worst thing you've ever done?" As I stepped back I responded with a question of my own that caught her a little off guard, "What do you mean?".

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"Well just like the worse thing you've done, like anything illegal." "Well what is illegal?" "I don't know; drugs, theft, fuckin'." Now it was my turn to be caught off guard. The last reason she listed put a thought into my mind that I probably should have ignored.

In my head I wondered, "What's going on?", "there has to be a reason and if I have any ideas on this one she's up to something." So I jumped back into the pool and she followed.

"So than what is the worst thing that you've ever done?" " Ah shit; what do you mean by worst," she replied, "like worst thing I have ever done or like……?" " Well let's go with those three categories that you said." "Well lets see……we had a cigarette the other day, I stole some movies and other things, and then there's fucking with my boyfriend." "Really," I said with a bit of surprise, "I don't believe you." "Oh really!?", "our motto is everything is worth trying once." " I still don't believe you." "Sam, have me and Jorge done everything?" "UH&hellip.yeah I guess you have." "I still don't believe it." "Ok kittens penetrate studs ass hole with big belt dicks and squirt semen you want to call Jorge and ask him about it?" "No." "So then have you ever fucked or anything?" "No." "Really?""You are not a Harrison then." " No I just like to do other things." "Reeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllly." Something about the way she said that to me made me think that she was desperate for a fuck.

Making my dick rise a little more and stick out. "I don't know about you but this pool is getting to cold. Wanna go into the hot tub?" I asked. "Sure I was gonna get in the hot tub anyway." We climbed over into the hot tub and started talking again. "So what is the dirtiest movie that you've ever seen?" she asked. " Well that depends on what you consider a movie?" "Fine what is the dirtiest thing that you have ever seen." "Well lets just say that the internet has a lot of options." "Oh so you've watched porno." "I am 14 and have to be around you for the next day." "Mmmmmhmm," "I know." "Damn this isn't helping my boner at all." I thought, "she is giving a lot of hints.

Maybe I should go for it.

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No, NO! she is my cousin. Well not really……she is only my adopted cousin not even close to blood related." " What sunny leone vs natasha nice in blowjob contest going on in your head?" she said. " I am thinking about what I could do with you here." " Oh really&hellip." " Wanna go in the suana?" "Will the others be able to see us?" " I doubt it." "OK then lets go." We went over to the suana turned it on for about 5 minutes and stepped inside.

We poured just enough water to make the door window fog. I guess there was also a lock on the door from the inside so I put that up so that there wouldn't be any disturbances. " Well that takes care of privacy, and the heater makes enough noise to keep our voices masked." While I was saying this I was facing away from Rhea and didn't notice what she was doing. I turned around and was shocked to see her stepping out of her bikini bottom.

She covered the two steps to me and pressed against me like she did in the pool. " Do you like it?" "What is there not to like?" She giggled like girls usually do and said that it was flattering. "Where do we go from here?" I asked. "You are going to stay right there;" she said in the most seductive voice she could muster "while I do this." She started to move into a kneeling position and I just lost it and let instincts take over.

While she was getting comfortable she was undoing my swim trunk ties. "Damn its good to see you again!" I exclaimed. And with that she yanked my pants down to my ankles and liked her lips greedily. "This is a bigger surprise than I thought." "What makes you say that?" " Well my boyfriend Jorges dick is only a little longer but he is a junior." "So do you guys fuck around a lot, no pun intended." "Well I had my cherry popped just last month" "With this same guy?" "Yeah, why not?" By now she had started stroking up and down and poured a little more water on the heater.

I was just about to say something about how my dick wasn't going to go down without a fight when I heard a buzzer going off. I looked at the timer and swore under my breath. I pulled my shorts up and walked out of the suana and flipped the switch to ten minutes.


When I walked back in Rhea was kinda tickling her nipples. Damn it looked so sexy. "So do you still want to do this?" I asked. "Yeah, I need this. The last few days have been stressful and I need to&hellip.blow them off my mind, if you get my drift?" "But first lets go somewhere more private." "I am beginning to like the way you think" she said with a smirk. We unlocked the suana door Rhea put her clothes back on and, much to my disappointment, tall mature brit fingered in juicy vagina zipped up her jacket; hiding her gorgeous tits from me.

When we amauter puremature perfect milf brandi love fucked from behind around Sam and my brother Jared weren't there. So we walked over to the elevator and hit the floor that I was staying in.

We walked into my room I was sharing with my family and immediately flopped onto the bed. If you've ever seen the 1968 version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet the kissing and such. It was not like that. She kissed her way down to my waist and pulled my shorts down while licking my nips. Which gave me a second thought&hellip. She once again greedily took my cock in her hand and shoved her mouth down on it.

"mmmhmmmm!" she moaned while she took her mouth off my now slick pole, "that is some good tasting dick." So she started bobbing up and down on it and boy was she good.

Now this was my first time and I could kinda tell that she had done this sort of thing before. So when I asked her I wasn't surprised with the answer. "Yeah, I have sucked dick before. Huge titted euro babe gives up her ass, our other cousins, once my annoying teacher who was always complaining about me and Jorge holding hands in class.

You ask any guy at my school and they will say that I have sucked them off." "Wow sounds like you are quite the school slut." "You know what yeah, I am. Jorge-y and I use such dirty language whenever we're alone." "Fuck you bitch." "I like it!" As we continued talking and yelling our various sex words as some would call it today.

She got closer and started fucking her tits with my dick. And every now and then she would lean down and lick the tip of it with just the very tip of her tongue. I felt like I had died, and I wanted her to feel the same.

So I pushed off the bed and she had this look on here face that was like a 'what-the-fuck-do-you-think-your-doing-I-wasn't-finished-yet' look. I picked her up and layed her on the bed and crawled around to the side and layed down next to her.

She looked like she understood and started back at it. This time I was faced with her sweet 14-year old pussy right in my face. In my mind I was ready, but physically I don't think I was. So with a little push from her hand against the back of my head I got my first real taste of pussy. I gasped and sucked un that wonderful smell and I got a little of that sweet nectar-like juice on my tongue. I knew after that that I would never forget this.

I lunged out with my tongue and was well into lickin her clean when I felt this weird feeling on my dick. I looked over and saw that she had taken my entire dick into her throat. Now being 14 it wasn't that much; only like 6 inches long. I won't lie I wasn't big. But damn she took it all, and that was all it took to push me over the edge.

"Fuck! Oh my god! Suck my cock!" And with that I started blasting loaad after load into her cum-hungry throat. She gagged after the first shot but was under control the next. After I emptied my filled up balls I got a little weak. She sat up and licked her lips. "Not bad that's the best tastin spunk I have had in a while." "And that was some pretty good pussy juice. But I didn't get the final reward!" So I dove into her pussy with renewed vigor.

I acted like everything that mattered to mee was on the line. And so after a couple minutes of this she gave a yelp and started moaning and screaming. "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIIIIIIIT" She came like a flood. I was drowned in her juices and couldn't breath. So I did what my instincts told me. I drank.


I gulped down the first spurt and kept going. After about 3 seconds my throat opened up a little and let the liquids down without gulping. She collapsed next to me and we started passionately kissing again. I could taste both of our juices and it was something that I could not get enough of.

We were up on the top floor and hers was down on 3. So I told her that we would have to do something like this again. And she agreed. So we got dressed and got on the elevator and walked to her room just as my cousin and my brother walked out. Now the look on their faces told us that it was a little more than they let on to.

But we dismissed it. We said good-bye.

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She kissed me again and whispered that there was gonna be a little time after the ceremony. And from there we knew that it we were gonna see each other again. Rate and Comment- part 2 may come out based on responses.