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My next experience occurred a little over a year later in 1962. Sure I still fooled around with some girls my age. Two even allowed me to lick their pussy. But they didn't react the same way that Sis did, with exception of Sarah, a neighbor of mine. "He makes my pussy cream" Sarah said as we walked through the woods at the top family strokes patron companions step daughter punished xxx a magical misappropriation the hill, eating our ice cream as we walked.

"Wow! can I lick it?" I said as I took a long, loud slurp of my ice cream. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. Sarah was fourteen at the time, I was two months past my twelth birthday.

Sarah was tall for her age, five, six, and about one hundred twenty pounds. She was pretty and had a set of big tits, skinny waist, and a nice inverted heart shaped ass. She had a short body atop of a pair of legs that never ended. When she wore jeans they dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob always tight enough to showcase her mound, and they clung to the fat lips, and crease of her pussy.

She was wearing a dress that day because that was the school dress code at that time. We had stopped at the ice cream store on our way home from school. Sarah stood there licking her ice cream and watching me as I took long, long licks of mine.

She watched me for several minutes. Then a sly looking smirk appeared on her face. She looked around for a moment. Then she took my hand and led me to Fort Diddle, about fifty feet away. The guys had added a canvas roof, and a small table by this time.

When we got inside she handed me her ice cream. She took her coat off, followed by pulling her dress up and taking her panties off. She wiped the table off a little with her hand. Then she neatly laid her panties on the table, and crawled up and sat on them.

After she pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her furry little pussy, I handed her ice cream back to her. Sarah took a lick of her ice cream, then looked at me with a sheepish grin. Then suddenly Sarah smeared the ice cream all over her pussy, and inner thighs. She took one last lick, then turned the cone around and inserted the pointed end of the sugar cone into her pussy, pushing it almost all the way to the ice cream.

She ran her tongue around the inside of her lips and said, "now eat my ice cream, and if you can make me cum, I just might let you fuck me sometime." I wasted no time what so ever. I leaned over and sucked what was left of the ice cream out of the cone, leaving the cone in her pussy.

Then I started to lick the melted ice cream she had smeared around her pussy, off of her. Sarah started to squirm as I paid extra attention to her little nub of a clit while I licked her completely clean. Now for some real fun I thought. I stuck my tongue into the cone that was still in her pussy, and wrapped my lips around it.

I started to fuck her with the cone. First, just in, and out, then I started to make little circular motions as I moved the cone in, and out of her. Sarah started to fuck me back. Slowly at first, then a little faster until she started slamming her pussy at what was left of the cone. I quickly gobbled the rest of the cone down and tongued her pussy for a few moments. She was almost there I sensed, so I moved to her clit and sucked on it, while at the same time ramming two fingers into her blonde guy cruelly fucked girls striptease and hardcore little pussy.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and replaced them with two from the other hand as Sarah slave crushed under car and bondage orgasm overload left behind at a palace party in a to moan, and fuck my fingers and mouth, quivering, all over as she did.

Sarah quickly grabbed her coat and started to bite on the sleeve as her moans turned to muffled cries. Suddenly Sarah's whole body stiffened with exception of her inner thighs; they were quivering, as was her lower abdomen. She let out a muffled cry as she held her forearm over the coat sleeve in her mouth, and came into my mouth. She slammed her legs closed locking my head between them, with my tongue in her pussy, my nose against her throbbing clit, and my pussy juice smeard fingers rubbing her hard little nipples under her blouse, and bra.

Without saying a word Sarah jumped up, quickly dressed, and was out of there within seconds. My throbbing cock needed to be releived, so I jacked off right there. I was so aroused that it only took a few minutes. I added to the wet spot Sarah left behind. As I look back at that moment, I realize what an incredibly erotic scene that was.

The air was filled with the scent of Sarah's hot, aroused pussy. My cum sprayed across the table; some mingled with Sarah's juices, and melted ice cream. I found out later that Sarah was fucking the guy at the ice cream store where we got our ice cream that night.

Eating her "ice cream" that one time was the only time Sarah ever allowed me to touch her. This is a good thing however. Sarah started to fuck around with a couple of older guys who were construction workers she met at the diner at the top of the hill.

She caught the clapp twice, and got knocked up by her mothers boyfriend. About this same time, a friend of mine from my neighborhood started delivering newspapers. In those days we didn't have a local Sunday paper in our small town.

The Wednesday paper was the heavy day with the additional advertising. So I helped my friend Dave on Wednesdays. Not far from where I lived there was a short one block street with only about ten houses on it.

Dave only had six of the ten to deliver to. Mildred lived near one end of that small street in a small five room house with a detached garage on a double lot. Mildred had just bought the property a year before, but did not move in until about two weeks before Dave, and I met her.

She had lived in an apartment in D. C. where she worked for the government, she was telling Dave and I as he signed her up for his route. Because there were only a few papers on that street, and it was on my way back home, I delivered the Wednesday paper by myself.

Mildred's house was the last one I would deliver to. She would always invite me in for hot cocoa. Over the next several months Mildred started to open up to me. She told me about her husband who was a military officer, and had been missing since 1953. It was February of 1963 by this time. She asked me to start calling her Millie which was ok with me.

At that time I thought nothing about her one way or the other when I first started going to her house on Wednesdays.

Sometime around the middle of March, Millie asked me if I could help her with her garden when the weather broke. I said that I could. The weather broke about the end of April. Millie had always been dressed in lady's suits, or dresses, and acted prim and proper when I was there.

So when Millie answered her door on Saturday morning wearing tight jeans, and a flannal shirt, I was pleasantly surprised. The flannal shirt left nothing to the imagination, it hugged her large braless breasts. Her jeans were tight enough to reveal every curve she had. Millie was about five, eleven, and one hundred thirty five pounds.

Her face reminded me of Lois Lane on the TV program "Superman". She had a perfect body, and beautiful long, long legs. That morning I began to see the real Millie emerge, and I was liking what I was seeing.

We worked all day in the garden, breaking sexy big boom mom porn for a lunch of sloppy joes. That evening Millie handed me some money for helping her. Before she opened the back door for me to leave Millie gave me a hug, and pulled me tight against her. She gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. I instinctively turned my head to the right and kissed her back; kissing her on her sweaty left breast well into her cleavage.

Millie turned red, and got this startled look on her face. She quickly stepped back, and without a word she opened the door. The following Wednesday when I arrived with her paper, Millie had a glass of lemonade waiting for me. Millie took the seat directly across from me at her kitchen table.

She was wearing a tight dark green silk dress that hugged her so tightly that it did her nearly six foot tall, 36-26-36 figure justice. After a minute or two of silence Millie looked me straight in the eyes, and asked me, "Tommy, why did you kiss me where you did on Saturday?" She didn't seem angry so I just told her the truth. "Well, I'm not quite tall enough to kiss you back on the cheek, or forehead like you did me. The truth is that I just turned my head to the right and kissed what was in front of me without thinking.

I hope I didn't do anything wrong." She smiled and said, "no, not really, it just took me by surprise that's all. a young man your age doesn't usually kiss a woman my age there." I could see that she was a little embarrassed by her red face.

"Oh I'm sorry, that's right, that place is just for husbands, and boyfriends", I said. This caused Millie to laugh hysterically. "Tommy, you're just too ornery, I'll bend over for you the next time," she said. When Millie said that I opened my eyes as wide as I could, and gawked comically at her cleavage.

"You need a cold shower young man", she said laughingly as she led me to the door. True to her word, she bent over and kissed me on my cheeck, and I kissed hers, trying to get as close to her mouth as I could without her noticing. I went over to Millie's on Saturday, but she was not home. When I first began to help Millie, she hid a key for me, and if she needed to she would also leave little notes for me there as well.

I checked for a note and found one telling me that she would be gone for two weeks. She asked me to keep an eye on her place, and to put her mail, and papers in her library. I went in and checked everything, all seemed well. I noticed that her laundry had not been done, which indicated to me that she left in a hurry. A pair of her panties were laying on top. I picked them up and smelled them. To my surprise they had the fragrance of a perfume.

Hmmm perfume on her pussy, interesting I thought. Over the next two weeks I kept Millie's garden weeded, and her grass mowed.

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As I was walking toward Millie's house early on Saturday morning, she was making the turn onto her street at the other end.

I opened her gate so she did not have to get out. She pulled up to her garage, and when she got out I noticed that she had been crying. I helped her into her house with her luggage. We sat down on her sofa for a few moments, then she handed me a twenty dollar bill from her purse. As she did, Millie reached up with her other hand and caressed my cheek.

She had the saddest look in her eyes that ever seen. Then Millie said that she needed to be alone for a while, and would see me on Wednesday when I brought her paper.

When I arrived on Wednesday, Millie was wearing an old sleeveless sweatshirt, and a pair of white gym shorts. I noticed right away that Millie was not wearing any underwear at all. As she reached up to get some glasses out of the cabinet I could clearly see her nipple through the arm opening of her sweatshirt.

She had made some homemade rootbeer, and as she bent over to get the pitcher from the bottom shelf of her refridgerator her hairy pussy peeked out from the leg of her shorts. We went into her living room and sat down on her sofa, Millie snuggling up close to me. With still red eyes Millie explained that she had finally received the news about the fate of her husband. He was killed somewhere in Southeast Asia in 1953. It was now the Spring of 1963.

Once when Millie had leaned over to hug me I wrapped my arms around her, and as she sat back up my palm brushed across her breast. I jerked my hand back quickly, not wanting to do anything improper at that moment. Millie had either not noticed, or realized that it was not intentional, because she did not acknowledge it one way or the other. On Saturday when I returned Millie was not in the mood to work in the yard, and garden. She needed to talk, I listened.

As she walked around her kitchen she told me that since her husband had gone missing, she had become more, and more of an introvert, and had very few friends. The thin cotton housedress Millie was wearing was loose fitting over her volumptuous body. However, when she walked in front of the doorway where the bright morning sunlight was shining through, I could see son ripe mom italian sleeping her dress as if she were naked.

I was enjoying this. Millie continued to talk, saying, "They're more like colleagues than they are friends. A few of them are men, and the only reason they even acknowledge me is because they want in my pants. But you know Tommy, I've allowed you to become closer to me than anyone but my Bobby ever has. I rely on you, and I like having you around. You have become a important part of my life, a part of me. You are filling a void in my life" We spent the rest of the day just talking, and getting closer.

Spring turned to Summer and I spent almost every day at Millies house. She had taken a leave of absense from her Government job for the rest of the year. One Monday morning I arrived very early, about 7:30. My grandparents had gone out of town that morning, and would not be back until around midnight. By this time my grandmother had grown to trust Millie, and had arranged for me to spend the night with her that night.

When I arrived, Millie's car was in the driveway, but she did not answer her door. So I walked in through her back door, which was always unlocked when she was home. I stepped into her living room, and as I entered, Millie came out of her bathroom, naked. She didn't see me at first, but when I took a deep breath, it startled her. "OH SHIT, Tommy! You scared me half to death".

Millie just stood there for a few moments gathering her wits. I black guy and gir sex story looking at one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen.

Even after all these years I haven't seen a body as perfect. Her firm tits were nice and round, with nipples that pointed up just a little. A narrow waist and well proportioned hips. Her bush was thick, and being still a little wet, hung in ringlets. Once she calmed down she noticed the bulge in my shorts. Realizing at that moment that she was still naked, she looked down at her body, then back to the bulge in my shorts, and broke into hysteric laughter.

She was making no effort to cover herself, as I stood there gawking like the kid that I was. After a few minutes of this erotic stalemate, Millie started to wrap her towel around herself.

Then suddenly tossing her towel into the bathroom she said "well hell, there isn't any use in covering it up nowyou've already seen it all, and I mean IT ALL!. OH MY! look at what I've caused, hmm hmm hmm, shame on me. Sit down on the sofa and I'll be back in a minute".

With that she turned and walked into her bedroom, without closing the door. I watched her get a pair of terrycloth shorts, and a matching top. Millie turned her back to me, yet still maintaining eye contact, and bent over to put her shorts on, with no panties. When she bent over I could see her wet pussy perfectly. She turned just enough to give me her profile in the morning sunlight, her nipples were erect, and as big as the end of my pinky finger.

She was still watching me as she pulled her top over her head, taking her time adjusting her breasts in the clinging top. Millie turned toward me, ran her hands over her breasts, then she reaced down and pulled the waistband of her shorts up as tight as she could. When she did, the fat protruding lips of her pussy parted, and almost immidiatly a wet spot began to form between her legs.

When Millie finally started walking toward me, I could see her bush through the thin material, and the hair that was sticking out of her shorts was clearly wet. Millie walked toward the sofa, with my eyes glued to that wet spot growing between her legs. She was taking long, seductive steps with her hands on her hips. With each step she took her pussy lips seemed to somehow grow fatter.

Millie came to the sofa, standing over me, allowing me to get a closer look, chuckling as she did so. Then she sat down in front of me on her coffee table. "Now stand up". Gina valentina eats jelena jensens milf pussy said to me. Nervously I did as I was told. Then Millie reached out and patted my raging hard on, and said "you better go into the bathroom and take care of this before you hurt yourself".

I walked into the bathroom, and for some reason closed the door behind me. Millie's still moist panties were laying on top of her clothes hamper. I picked them up and smelled them.

This time however there was no perfume fragrance, only the musky scent of her pussy. I licked, and sucked the flaver of her out of them. After pulling my shorts down, I wrapped Millie's panties around my aching cock, and started stroking. It only took a few strokes for me to cum. I went off like an out of control oil well gusher, cumming more than I ever had. It just kept spurting, and spurting. I let out a moan, followed by a sigh. It must have been louder than I thought, because Millie gigled just outside the door.

When I came out Millie was setting on the sofa with her back to the pretty babe likes making blowjobs a lot hardcore and massage, and her knees propped up under her chin.

When I sat down in the middle of the sofa, Millie wrapped her arms around her legs, and pulled them tighter to her. When she did, her feet parted revealing that growing wet spot between her legs. She laid her chin on her knees, and just stared at me for a few minutes.

She stared at me, and I at the wet spot. By this time even her thighs were wet. "Well", Millie finally said. "Well what?" I answered. "Did that feel good? Elsa jean and alexia fawx must have REALLY liked seeing me naked. Have you ever seen a naked woman before?" Millie asked with an expression that I had never seen her use. It was almost the same as Sis's just before we fooled around.

I answered, "yeah that did feel good, I've never felt anything that good. And I loved seeing you naked, you are absolutely gorgeous. I have seen a few teenage girls naked, but never a fully grown woman like you, that was fantastic". "Umm hmm" she mumbled as she nodded.

"I guess you know that you can't say a word about any of this to your grandmother, or anyone else for that matter, don't you?", Millie said after a long pause. The wet spot in her shorts was now so wet that there was one starting to form on the sofa. Her nipples were growing both in hardness, and size. So much so that I could see sunlight visable around them through her top when she turned sideways to look at a car driving up the street.

Then there was silence again for a few moments. My attention was still focused on that wet spot, remembering the incredible amount of juice that came out of Sis, and that time when juice was running down Maggies leg. Millie just sat there watching me take my fascination of her body in.

Then suddenly, I could swear that I could see a slight movement of her pussy lips. At that same moment Millie gigled. Or was it a whimper? The morning sun had worked it's way around to the front of the house, and was shinining directly on Millie's pussy.

"Tommy, have you ever had sex with a girl?, Millie asked. I didn't answer right away. I needed to be careful, and not say anything about Sis, and I. " Mmmmm that feels nice and warm down there, but it's already pretty warm there though. It's OK Tommy, you can tell me, I wont breath a word to anyone" Millie said after a long pause. I answerd after another long pause. Well I've eaten a couple girl's pussies, and jacked off a lot, a whole lot, and I've had one blow job, but that was when I was still too young to get a hard-on, or cum." Millie stared at me for a long while, then with a surprised expression on her face she said, "oh my, what a man of the world you are already.

I'll be right back, don't you go anywhere you little Casanova.

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Millie went into the bathroom. She only partially closed the door. I could not see her, but I could hear her whimpers after she pissed. Her whimpers rose in pitch, then receded, then rose again. The last time she loudly whimpered she gave out a long gasp, followed by a sigh.

When Millie emerged from the bathroom her face was flushed red, and she had bright red splotches on her neck, and chest all the way down to her cleavage. This time when Millie sat down, she laid her long legs across my lap. After looking at me for a long time with a puzzled look on her face, she finally said, "YOU, licking my panties, then jacking off in them. Where did you come up with THAT?" I just shrugged my shoulders as I laid my hands across her legs; my right hand just inches from her pussy.

I could now easily smell her pussy. It was getting strong, but in no way offensive. It was arousing. As if in a trance of some sort, Millie began talking. "Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've felt the touch of a man? Or how long it's been since I've had anything but my fingers inside my aching cunt? And do you have any idea of how long it's been since I've tasted my pussy on anyone elses fingers little college girl and tribu african my own?

I"ve been perpetually horny since puberty, but do you have any idea how long it's been since I've been this fucking aroused? Do you have any idea of how bad I want to take you into that bed in there so I can suck and fuck that cock that is trying to poke through those shorts of yours? I've been watching you too. I see the way you've started to look at me, your eyes tell it all. You want to taste my pussy, a real woman's pussy, then you want to bury that cock of yours in it. Bury your cock in a pussy, and fuck.

Fuck until you cum inside a hot convulsing pussy for the very first time in your life, in MY pussy.


Well let me tell you something you little cockster. You just went in there and jacked off in my panties not more than fifteen minutes ago, and already you're cock is standing up like the Washington Monument. A hot cunted woman like me needs that kind of recovery in a man. You just turned thirteen four months ago, and I turn forty three tomorrow. You were barely out of diapers the last time I've had any of those things I just asked you about.

I've saved this pussy for the only man who has EVER had it. Ten years, and three months I saved this pussy. I didn't even masturbate thinking that I was somehow cheating.

That ended weeks ago. It ended when I couldn't stand it any longer, your wanting gazes, quick little feels here and there started a raging fire way down deep in my womanhood. You think I didn't notice, but I did. Now even my talented fingers are no longer enough.

It might be wrong, but my saving my pussy ends today, Here, NOW. I heard an old wives tale once; it says that a woman's virginity grows back after seven years if she doesn't have sex. I don't know if that is true or not, I really don't think it is. But I do know this, my Bobby took my virginity when I was twenty six. Yes, and deedy I saved it for the man I married, it wasn't easy, but I did it. A little over six and a half years later he was gone.

Gone for ever, but I didn't know that until April of this year. Now I'm going to tell you a secret about my Bobby. His cock was just a little over five inches, and no bigger around than my thumb. He was in some sort of accident when he was about your age, and his cock never grew after that. He never would tell me what happened he was so self conscious about it.

It was little, but he knew how to work it, now I'm going to teach you how to work yours." Almost the whole time Millie was talking I was moving my hand closer to her pussy. When my hand touched her soaked shorts, Millie winked, and parted her legs slightly. I could feel her rock hard clit pushing against the material of her thin shorts.

I started to rub her clit with my thumb. Then suddenly Millie took her left leg and laid it across my shoulder. She then took my hand from between her legs and pulled it up to her breast for a moment. Then Millie leaned forward and placed her right hand on the back of my left arm and tugged a little, indicating she wanted me on top of her. She wrapped her long legs around me, and immediatly started to kiss me.

Her breathing picked up, and she slowly began to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy into my cock. I instinctively started to fuck her back, and played with her tities as we dry fucked like that for a short time. It wasn't dry by any stretch of the imagination though, her pussy was flowing like a river, and she had my shorts, and underwear horny babe swallows a big fat dick after just a few seconds.

Suddenly Millie stopped grinding, and said "get up, hurry". I did as I was told. Millie took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom.

She quickly undressed me and told me to lie down across the foot of her bed. Millie quickly peeled her top over her head, revealing one of the biggest, and hardest set of nipples I have ever seen, before, or since. A second later Millie was out of her shorts.

Millie laid her soaked shorts across my mouth. I put the crotch of her panties in my mouth, and started sucking her juices out of them.

Millie stood there watching me for awhile, perhaps two, or three minutes. She got down on her knees, wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock and started stroking it slowly. Then Millie took my cock into her mouth. She didn't seem to be as experienced as Sis, but after a few awkward attempts she developed a rhythm. She sucked my cock, swirled her tongue around the head, then went into a frenzy, slurpping, and bobbing her head up and down like a piston.

Without warning I filled her mouth with my cum. To my surprise she gulped it all down. Millie finished cleaning me with her tongue. Millie stood up, parting her legs slightly, revealing her sopping wet and parted pussy lips. Her pussy lips were a bright pink, and seemed swollen. Her juice was running down her inner thighs which glistened almost all the way to her knees. Millie held her hand out to me, indicating that she wanted me to get up.

When I did she sat on the edge of the bed. Millie told me to set between her legs, and as I did she leaned back on her elbows, and opened her long legs as wide as she could. Millie then reached down and fingered her pussy for a moment, then offered her fingers to my mouth. I sucked them clean. Then with a broad smile, Millie said, "OK, now lick me clean, first my thighs, then my pussy.

Now we'll see if you can eat some pussy." When I started to lick her inner thigh Millie propped some pillows behind her back so she could watch me. Then as I got closer to her pussy, Millie reached down with two fingers and spread her pussy open, inviting me to her hot wet slit. When I took a good look I saw the largest clit I have ever seen.

I mean this thing was hugealmost as big as the last joint on my middle finger, and as hard as steel. As I worked my tongue toward her beckoning pussy I gently rubbed her monster clit with my thumb. My tongue found her spread pussy. I started to push my tongue into her hot little hole, but she was incredibly tight.

I worked my tongue up, over, and around her bright pink, and red hot pussy lips. Millie was flowing now more than ever, and I slurpped up every drop. Millie reached down and moved my hand away from her mountain of a clit, smiled and said, "Now suck it, suck my clit like I did your firestick of a cock. Make me cum, cum like I never have before. I know you can do it, but be careful, for when I do cum, it'll be ten plus years of a sexually frustrated pussy letting go, the dam is gonna break.

Now show me what you can do with a REAL WOMAN! I wrapped my lips around her rock of pleasure, holding it at it's full length between my lips, flicking my toungue back and forth across the monster. Millie was nearly at the point of losing control, trying as hard as she could to be still, but her body had other ideas as she slowly began to fuck my mouth. Then I started to suck on her throbbing clit, gently, teasingly at first. Then Millie picked up speed, rotating her hips, grinding her pussy at my mouth.

I held on to my liplock on her clit, and was by now just hanging on for the ride. "OH MY FUCKING GOD" Millie suddenly yelled. I now pushed my middle finger into her cavern of pleasure, slamming it in and out of her like a piston. Millie started to whimper loudly.

Each whimper coinciding with an uncontrolled spasm of Millie's gyrating hips, and a convulsing inside her pussy. No one I had been with up to that time ever reacted like this, not even Sis. This woman was completely lost in pleasure. Suddenly Millie screamed, "Yes. OH FUCKING YES AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA. I've waited an entire fucking lifetime for this you pussy eating little son of a bitch!!!!!!" Her fiery vulcano erupted, almost completely covering me with her molten liquid.

Each whimper brought forth another gush. I could clearly see each spasm of her pussy between gushes. Millie's orgasm slowly began to subside as I cleaned her once again with my tongue.

After cleaning her I started to work my way up Millie's incredible body. First licking around, then through her huge nude girl hard suck clips free downwhile at the same time I massaged her soft, puffy mound, then up to her navel. Up her belly to her tits, first licking around the outside of them. Then I licked nude tennis amp pussy licking horny teen lesbos reality porn pussy eating crease under her breasts where they meet her chest, then up through her cleavage.

Around her splotchy red chest and neck. Then I moved to her lips, she opened them, inviting me to explore. Our tongues nude girl hard suck clips free down in a passionate kiss. I slutty seductive khloe kapri fucks a rock hard bigcock now completely on top of Millie.

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She opened her legs, then wrapped them around me, placing her feet between my legs, tight against my ass. Millie reached down between our sweating bodies and wrapped her hand around my once again stiff hot poker of a cock. She stroked it a few times, then guided it to her pussy. Millie rubbed the head up and down her slit, taking a little extra time at her rock hard clit.


Then Millie let out a sigh as she guided my cock inside her. She was incredibly tight, much tighter than fourteen year old Sarah who's pussy my fingers slid into easily. As wet as Millie was I could only get my head into her at first. I slowly began to stroke in, and out, going in a little more with each stroke. Millie began to rotate her hips again, quickly matching the rhythm I was setting, meeting me stroke for stroke.

By this time I was almost all the way into Millie's pussy. Millie got a surprised look, and let out a loud gasp as I made one last thrust. It was like having my cock inside a hot, wet glove that never stopped squeezing. It was the most fantastic experience I could ever imagine.

With each stroke the inside of Millie's pussy was convulsing, in unison with her loud whimpers. Millie, and I both wanted this to last for as long as we could hold out. But last forever it could not. Millie suddenly started to slam her pussy at me wildly, each stroke brining a louder, higher pitched whimper. Millie used her feet which were still between my legs to rub the backside of my balls, while at the same time digging her finger nails into my ass.

It was all I could do to just hang on. This lasted for about five minutes, Millie's whimpers got louder, and louder, and higher in pitch with each stroke. Her pussy convulsed wildly, and clamped down around my cock even tighter. Then in unison with each convulsion of her pussy, and matching whimper, Millie yelled, "AHaha, Ahaha, AHHHHHHHHHHH Yes you little fucker, I'm cumming againnnnnnnnn." That was all it took, I unloaded into that hot wet vacuum pump that Millie called her pussy.

Millie just lay there grinning as her pussy muscles milked my cock dry. After a few minutes Millie rolled us to our sides, holding my ass tight to her with her feet, her pussy still quivering a little. Then when her pussy stopped quivering, my cock slid out with a distinctive pop, almost as if her pussy spit it out.

We lay there like that, wrapped in a sweet embrace until we both drifted off to sleep. I woke up an hour later with my cock in Millie's mouth, hard as a rock again.

When Millie was satisfied that I was hard enough for her she rolled me onto my back, and straddled me. This time my cock slid into her pussy more easily. Once Millie had me insid her pussy again, you can watch me get fucked but thats it paused for a moment. She looked down at me with a bright glow about her, in an accent that I did not recognize Millie said, "Oh you wonderful little fucking stud you.

Your youth gives you the ability to fuck all the time yeah. I'm a Louisiana Cajun me, and we're a hot blooded passionate people us. Now let us see how many times you can fuck in one day yeah." With that she started a rhythm. Millie was facing me, on her upstroke Millie would slide her huge clit along my pubic bone, and up my cock as far as the head before she started her downstroke.

Millie would then arch her back, bringing my cock back straight, and then kind of ride it back down until her clit was once again riding my pubic bone. Millie started this slowly until she got the rhythm, then with each stroke she would speed up, until she was riding me like a bullrider rides a bull, hell bent for leather. I got to the point where I would roll my hips in a way that would cause Millie's pubic bone to roll across mine side to side when she bottomed out, increasing her pleasure.

This time Millie, and I came at the same time. Her's wasn't as intense as her first one, she just started whimpering, then let out a loud gasp, and just sat there for a moment until her pussy stopped quivering.

My now sore cock once again made that popping sound as it slid out of her. The last time we fucked that night, it was on the overstuffed chair in her bedroom. I sat in the chair, and Millie sat on her knees straddling me, facing away from me. We fucked slowly, each lost in our own pleasures. As I fondled Millie's breasts while she fucked away, slowly, my mind was on how incredible this all was, me thirteen years old, sharing sexual pleasures with a forty three year old woman.

When we real mom sleeping son anal incest, almost at the same time, her a few seconds behind me, it wasn't intense, it was more like an acknoledgement of two people becoming one through the pleasures we shared. When we finshed that night around midnight, Millie led me to her bed. We lay in an embrace. Millie leaned over and kissed me, first on my forehead, then around my face.

She softly held my head in her hands, after about five minutes Millie pulled the sheets back, and bent down and kissed my cock, then lay back beside me. Finally she spoke, "Tommy, no matter what happens to either of us in the future, today was our day.

Our very special day. The day we gave each other something that no-one else ever can, our virginity." "What do you mean OUR virginity, I thought that your husband took yours? I asked. Millie answered, " Bobby was the first to put a dick in me, but you were far deeper than he ever was. You have a natural instinct for giving a woman pleasure. But today, I gave you a part of me that no man has EVER had. You see, it's like this. Bobby, for some reason thought that oral sex was repulsive.

I know that I wasn't very good at it, but today when I sucked your cock, that was my first time ever. And when you ate my pussy, that was my first time ever for that too.

I never knew that much pleasure existed, I can still feel that talented mouth of yours on my pussy. Now, from this day foreward, no other man will get a blow job from me, nor will any man ever eat my pussy. That pleasure is reserved for you, and you alone. Even if I remarry, the only thing he will get from me is a fuck. That much he's entitled to, but nothing else. Millie and I were lovers until she passed away five years ago.

She did remarry, and true to her how to get in a movie stardust industries allowed only me to have oral sex with her.

The last time I saw Millie was not long before she passed.

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She was very sick, but she insisted on giving me "one last blow job, I've got to taste you one more time before I go", Millie pleaded. Millie loved milkshakes, so I gave her private in home nurse the money to go to the ice cream store to get her one; knowing that it would take her almost an hour for the round trip.

I helped Millie roll onto her side. With a beaming smile she took my cock into her mouth. I had not had sex in a while so it didn't take very long for me to cum. To my surprise, Millie held my cum in her mouth, rolling it around her mouth with her tongue, until she heard her nurse pull into her driveway.

Millie shocked me even more so when Louise, her nurse walked in, saying, "hey Lou, this is the Tommy I was telling you about. He sure can eat some pussy, and his cum is still as sweet as it ever was, I just had a mouth full of him." With that she opened her mouth and she still had a big gob of my cum in her mouth.

With a loud gulp, she finally swallowed it. " You ought to take him over to your room and let him show you what eating pussy is all about. Hell I might even get you to do it in here so I can watch" Millie said as Louise handed her shake to her. Louise was at first embarrassed, but then she just nodded, got undressed and sat in the chair by Millie's bed. Within minutes I had Louise fucking my face like it was going out of style.

As I sucked her clit she bucked, and wiggled herself nearly off of the chair which was almost right in front of Millie's face. She had small tities with long hard nipples that I tweaked as I was licking, and sucking. My fingers found her G-spot which american mom son incest storys with english subtitles her over the top very quickly.

"OOOoooooooooooooAAAAHHHHHHH" yelled Louise as she started to cum, squirting almost over to Millie's bed, five feet away. Louise bent over the the chair and I fucked her from behind just inches from Millies face. When I came, Millie licked Louise clean. That was something to watch.