Tiny brunette has her tight muff plugged

Tiny brunette has her tight muff plugged
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Alyssa had just turned fourteen and her mom who was the administrator at the local zoo she told her she would be helping out at the zoo over summer vacation. First a deion of Alyssa she had bronze tannedsmoothsuppleskin. Stood about five foot two inches on a petite frame barely eighty pounds.

Her hair hung to her waist straight and silky reddish brown in color with bright dark blue eyes. Thin eyebrows with long eyelashes over a petite nose with luscious full pouty red lips.

She had long neck and very nice b-cup breasts topped by quarter sized dark aureoles with eraser size pink nipples. A flat muscular stomach with a bronzed pair of long toned legs. What really stood out was her beautiful dark pink pussyher vagina had lips that were constantly spread open like the petals of a flower in full bloom and were always slightly moist like morning dew touched flowers. Alyssa started working at the zoo that Saturday night moving from cage to cage feeding and caring for each of their occupants.

She saved the snake house for last because the snakes terrified her. That xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 she walked into the snake house and unlocked the door leading into the houses main animal compound. Stepping carefully and keeping an eye out for snakes in trees she moved to the center and released the bag of vermin she had brought for the snakes meal. Turning to go she tripped over a small sister force brother in sex and fell exposing her panty covered pussysobbing she should have known better than try to rush by wearing her date clothing to work.

She imagined what she looked like in her black flat shoesher black lacy thong panties and black silk short skirt. Finally her sheer silky white sleeveless collarless short two button blouse that left her abdomen exposed. She could feel the many different species of snakes gathering around her supine form and shuddered as the first of many snakes slid onto her body their scales rasping skin sliding across her skin.

She was amazed and horrified as her body reacted to the snakes as she felt her snatch become soaking wet dripping fluid down her thighs and expanding in arousal. Her young breasts aching in need as her nipples swelled and became hard. She started sobbing when two of the larger constrictors wrapped around her wrists and grabbed onto two separate trees pulling her arms apart and above her head.


Then two more latched onto her ankles and pulling her legs apart by grabbing onto two other trees. She couldn't believe it when other snakes moved in on her and stripped her naked she got even wetter as she felt the snakes moving across her naked and fully exposed young body. Alyssa started screaming when she felt the first snake poking its head into the entrance of her virginal pussy.

She screamed even louder as the snake continued to slide its three foot length into her pussy and its outline appeared on her abdomen then it stuck its head out between her legs and started moving its coils so its body slid across her clit constantly stimulating her.

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She had her first massive orgasm screaming out the pain and pleasure of the snakes stimulation. This was only the first as more snakes moved across her bodytwo of them biting into her breasts encompassing her nipples fangs buried deep into her breasts and they started sucking on them.

The snakes in her cunt became excited as they smelled Alyssa's excitement and virginal blood. Before she knew it she had twenty snakes of various sizes filling her pussy causing her stomach to swell as if she were pregnant.

She experienced constant stimulation and orgasms which finally caused her to pass out.


When she awoke a young man stood with a snake between her legs and saidgood your conscious I've been waiting as he let the snake slide into her he explained. She is a special queen snake she will empty her eggs into your womb and leave them. As he stated this she watched the snake slide out of her and fell to the floor.

Grinning the young man picked up a second snake and allowed it to enter her vagina. He then told her this is the important part the male snake will fertilize the eggs and in a few months you will give birth to a new generation of royal snakes. Alyssa sobbed as she felt the male snake finish and vacate her womb. The young man stepped back entering the darkness and the last she heard was him saying I'll leave you your lovers ministrations. Alyssa cried as the snakes continued and her bodies betrayal as it became highly aroused.

Finally able to rise as it grew colder and the snakes entered torpor. Alyssa went back to her routine of sleepwork at zoowatch TV, and sleep until six months after the event at the zoo when she was walking around the zoo and suddenly clutched her abdomen and collapsed on the ground. Zoo goers gathered around to see if they could help when people started fucked on cam for the first time natural tits and doggystyle and moved back.

Small snakes started crawling out from her cuntthe crowd watched as her skirt pushed up above her waist showing that she was not wearing panties and baby snakes kept pouring from her pussy that she had spread her legs wide and lay on her back to allow the snakes easier egress.

Finally the fleeing snakes stopped pouring out of her and medical help could get to her. She never lived it down and due to her video going viral she became known as the snake lady internationally. She become known by sight by everyone everywhere and very popular.

She didn't sleep wellshe had constant nightmares with the young man as the main player and feared ever seeing him again.