Lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette

Lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette
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A couple of days after I packed my stuff and left my apartment, my friend found me a stock broker who was looking for a girl. I was a little nervous when I first met him. He was 36, dark and attractive. He had a beautiful four bedroom house in the centre of London just a few minute walk from the nearest tube station and a twenty minute commute to University.

I got on well with him and I was attracted to him on a physical level and so I moved in two days later. He fucked me the very first night. The sex was incredible and he was very attentive to my needs and I got the impression that it was as important to him that I enjoyed it.


The deal was that he got to spend one night a week with me and I didn't have to pay any rent. We were both free to see other people as long as we took precautions. Considering the deal was that he got to bareback my pussy it seemed fair that we both used condoms outside of the house.

That was fine with me. I knew that he had the occasional fuck with other women and I had the suspicion that he went to massage parlours from time to time. As long as he was using condoms I wasn't worried about catching anything.

From time to time, he'd come back after a few beers, not drunk but jolly, and want to fuck me. If it was in addition to the weekly fuck, he'd pay me £200. This happened about twice a month and so it gave me a little spending money and helped pay for my books. Everything worked out ok for the next 6 months. My 19th birthday came and went and my grades went back up. I only had one thing to feel guilty about.

I met a guy at University and it wasn't long before we were at it like rabbits.


I couldn't tell my boyfriend about my deal with Michael. I knew he wouldn't understand and I didn't want to lose him. I was already on the pill when my boyfriend asked if I'd go on it so he could fuck me without a condom.

I had to lie to him and tell him that I didn't like taking the pill. For the next free months my boyfriend fucked me protected whilst I let Michael pump cum into me at least once a week. A night with Michael was always a long night. He'd try and fuck me as many times as possible, waking me up two sometimes three times to drop another load inside me. By the time the morning came I'd have half a dozens loads of spunk dripping out of me. I tried to be careful not to fuck my boyfriend the day after a night with Michaels, but it was sometimes difficult to say no to him and so it happened on occasion.

I had to pretend I was hornier than I actually was and beg him just to stick his dick straight into me. I didn't want him licking my pussy and tasting another mans cum inside me. This went on for three months until my boyfriend asked me to move in with him. I was so happy, but I said I'd need to think about it.

I decided to tell Michael over the weekend that I was going to move out and I was excited about the prospect of just being with my boyfriend. Saturday morning came and I was waiting for Michael to get up so that I could talk to him about moving out. I didn't think he'd mind. My friend already knew a girl looking for a similar relationship so finding a replacement wouldn't be that difficult. That's when I heard a knock at the door. Katie, my 15 year old sister was stood on the porch when I opened it.

I was expecting to see her over the weekend. After all, it was her sweet 16 in a little more than a week and I had gotten her a present. I gave her a hug and she hugged me back. When she didn't let go, I knew there was a problem at home. "What's the matter," I asked. "What do you think?" I knew she was talking about Jim so I replied, "Your only 15. He's not going to touch you." "He told me that he was fed up of dude saves busty teen then fucks her and for my 17th birthday.

HE said 16 would ber old enough and that on Monday he was going fuck my pussy raw." The man who called himself our step father wasn't even married to our mother, but that didn't stop him from behaving like he sexy artist melissa moore body paint fuck. He'd already raped me and I couldn't bare the idea of him doing that to my little sister.

I didn't wan her to lose her virginity in the same way I did. I told her she could stay the night and the next morning I would talk to Michael and explained the situation. I wanted my sister to move in. I knew it meant that I wouldn't be able to move in with my boyfriend, but Katie was more important and I had to keep her away from Jim. Michael said he'd think about it. Later in the afternoon he knocked on my bedroom door.

My sister was down stairs making some sandwiches and I got the impression he'd waited for me to be alone. "I think we can come to some arrangement about your sister," he said.

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"What type of arrangement?" I asked suspecting he'd want to fuck her. "Do you remember my friend Martin. He's coming next weekend.

He arrives Friday evening. If your sister can keep him happy until Sunday morning I'll let her stay for three months." "My sister won't be 16 til Monday," I objected.

"No one's going to worry about a couple of days." I stood up and crossed my arms. I didn't reply. I didn't know what to say. "Look. It's up to Katie. I'm not going to force her." "Ok.

I'll talk to her, but I won't he fucks her mom and she watches her do it." I talked to Katie the next morning and explained the situation to her. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to," I said. "Of course I do," she answered. "What's my other choice? Go home and let pervy Jim fuck me whenever he wants. And then pass me around his poker buddies like a cheap whore." I looked at her.

I knew she was right. "What's he like," she asked in a low voice. "Martin," I said. "He's a nice guy. I met him a few times. He's a little chubby, but he's not bad looking." "How old is he?" "Same as Michael," Annasophia robb cum tribute no 3 tube porn replied.

"36." Katie stayed at the house for the rest of the week and carried on going to school. I caught Michael checking her out in her school uniform and I can't blame him. Katie looked a lot like me. She was 5ft5 and slim with long blond her and green eyes. Her hair was blonder than mine and she had a nice pair of 32b tits which look real firm through her school blouse.

When Martin arrived on Friday, Michael introduced her as his little present for the weekend. Martin was very excited about the idea and he was very charming and spent most of the evening g talking to Katie over a home cooked dinner that Michael made.

When he eventually led her upstairs by the hand I could see she was nervous but she looked a little excited again. He's flattered her all night and told her how beautiful she was and how he loved her laugh and smile.

She was a sure thing, but he didn't treat her that way. When Katie told him she was a virgin his face lit up and he told her he'd take it slow. In a way I was happy for her, it would be much better than my first time and probably better than if she'd chosen some kid her age at school. The first night I lay in my room listening to Martin fuck my little sister. I heard her having her first orgasm and then I heard her cry when he popped her cherry. From the sounds coming from the room, I could hear she was enjoying it.

I started to finger my pussy and rub on my clit as I listened to them fucking. Michael pushed my door open and came in. He'd been listening as well and it'd gotten him hard. We hadn't fucked this week, so I owed him a night with my pussy. I pushed the sheets back and invited him in. He dropped his bathrobe and hoped on top of me, sliding his dick straight inside me. Normally he'd finger fuck me and lick my pussy to get me hot, but I was panting like a horny dog when he walked in and figured I was more than ready for some cock.

The idea of fucking while listening to my little sister losing her virginity to a 36 year old guy was very erotic and it didn't take long for me to cum harder than I had in a long time. The next morning I got up and went down blowjob videos at onedollarblowjob 13 tube porn. Katie was sat at the kitchen table eating a round of toast.

She looked at me. "I didn't think my first time would be like that," she said. "It was ok?" I asked. "Yes. We did it four times and he licked my pussy until I had an orgasm before he popped my cherry. He said he wanted to be sure I was nice and wet for my first time." "You're not too sore." "Very." "I'm sorry your first time had to be like that," I said. "I was there for your first time. I'd rather have my memories of loosing my virginity than yours.

He wants to fuck me again tonight." I smiled.

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We went out shopping for the day. Michael gave her £50 for making Martin feel so welcome. That evening, we all went out to dinner and then headed back to the house. Martin and Katie disappeared upstairs and I decided to go to bed leaving Michael downstairs. I fell asleep quickly.

Michael had fucked me so much the evening before that I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. When I woke up, I heard moaning coming from Katie's room and I tunred my head to look at the clock. It was almost 4am and they were still at it. Then I heard voices, male voices. I jumped out of bed and ran into my sister's room.

Katie was kneeling on the bed, Martin's cock in her mouth and Michael fucking her hard and fast from behind. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. "She's only supposed to be fucking Martin." Katie climbed off the bed. "It's ok. Michael said I could stay for six months if I fucked them both." "Why don't you come and join us," Katie said with a big grin of her face.

"Come on. It'll be fun," she begged. I had to admit, seeing my sister getting spit roasted like that had left my pussy dripping and I was desperate for a good fuck. I peeled quick masturbation cute black pussy my T-shirt and climbed onto the bed next to my sister. She was lying on her back and Michael was positioning himself between her legs and then his friend grabbed one of my ankles and opened me up so he could gain access to my wet pussy.

He turned his head to Michael and said, "I'll race you." "Ok," Michael replied with a big smile. I looked down to see him push his cock towards Katie's pussy. She took a deep breath as he ploughed his cock right inside her in a single smooth movement followed by a groan and a mumble, "that's good pussy." Then I felt Martin pushing his fat cock into my cunt.

Every second in slid deeper until the tip of his cock brushed against my cervix. "You've got a nice tight cunt," he said. When he was all the way in he stopped and said, "ready." "Ready," Michael replied. "Go," he shouted and started banging into me a fast as he could.

He slipped so smoothly in and out of me that I hardly rocked back and forth on the bed, but I still reached up and grabbed hold of the head board as I panted to my first orgasm. I could hear my perky gorgeous teen bounces on a penis sister shouting, "Fuck my pussy harder." "I started to moan loudly.

Then heard Michael say, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I turned my head just in time to see him pulled his cock out of my 15 year old sister's cunt and fire half a dozen thick jets of spunk all over her stomach and tits.

Then I felt Martin shoot a thick wad of spunk into my pussy and then he pulled his cock from my cunt and pumped the rest of his hot spunk all over me. He directed the last squirt over my clit and then used the tip of his cock to massage his cum into the lips of my pussy. A big dollop of cum collected in my belly button and Michael told Katie to lick it out, which she did without a second thought.

The idea of my 15 year old sister licking cum out of my belly button and then cleaning the rest of Martin's cum of my stomach and nipples with her tongue sent me over the edge once more and liquid started dripping from my cunt and soaking into the bed sheets. "I won," Michael bragged.


"That's 15 year old pussy you got right there. Nice and tight," he objected as if my pussy wasn't a tight as my little sister's. "Yes, but we've been fucking Katie for hours and she's already got two loads of cum inside her. 15 year old pussy or not, it must be much wetter than Lucy pussy." "Ok. I'll let you have that one," Michael conceded. Martin bent his head down and started to lick the cum from my cunt lips and they probed my pussy with his tongue until I had a powerful orgasm and covered his face with pussy juices.

"Lucy. Come clean your sister," Michael said. I rolled on my side and started to lick her nipples, cleaning Michaels cum off her. "Don't forget to clean her pussy," he said. I looked at Katie and she just smiled so a brushed my tongue lightly against her pussy lips and then delved deeper into her snatch with my tongue, licking and sucking Michaels and Martins cum out of her pussy.

I could taste her pussy juices. I'd never licked a girl out before but she tasted like me. I didn't know if that was because she was my sister or because all women tasted similar, but I lapped on her pussy for another 10 minutes. Once the boys were hard again they had us bend over the bed next to each other and took it in turns to fuck us doggy style.

They changed place regularly and talked about how different our pussies felt wrapped around their cocks. They wanted to arse fuck us but I refused. Katie on the other hand wanted to try it and let them both bumfuck her. They kept changing place, pulling their cocks from Katie's arse and pushing it into my pussy. Needless to say, when the came, they both wanted to cum in her arse and they filled her shit hole with a wad of hot cum while she begged them not to stop fucking her shit.

"Fuck my arse," I heard her moaning repetitively. Katie loved being bumfucked. And after we'd finished they talked us into getting into a 69 and licking each other clean. Having my sister's tongue massaging my pussy sent me over the edge and I filled her mouth with pussy juice.

The next six months continued as normal. Katie stayed with me and she didn't have to fuck again for rent, but she fucked Michael from time to time for pocket money. I got her on the cherry kiss masurbates in shower room and fucked by big cock so she wouldn't get pregnant. Katie and I had sex occasionally when we were both horny, but we kept that a secret from Michael and my boyfriend who I was still seeing.