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Fervid cutie stretches narrow pussy and loses virginity screwing hardcore
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Scott sat on the couch trying to focus on the poker game unfolding in front of him. He was staring at the door when a poker chip hit him in the face; he turned to see Luke's emerald eyes glaring at him. "Your go poofter, been talking to you for the past five minutes!" "Sorry" Scott mumbled quietly, "just thinking about something" "Fantasising about Isaac huh?" he sneered. Scott had had enough of the harassment, it hadn't let up all day.

He stood up fast; knocking the drinks on the table all over the poker set "Fuck you!" The retort wasn't just aimed at Luke, Scott was sick of them all looking at him like he was disgusting, he wanted Isaac, but maybe he wasn't worth all the hassle. Felix had been sat on the floor, a bottle of beer had landed on his knee and soaked through his jeans onto his boxers, "fuck sake Scott, I'm piss wet through!


And you've ruined my new poker set" Scott took a deep breath and walked out the room, Felix was the only one he could normally hold a conversation with and he didn't want to snap at him. He dropped down onto the stairs, put his head in his hands and fought off the tears. The game had been a disaster.


Isaac had refused eye contact with him all the way through, and after several jokes and remarks had stormed outside. Scott looked at the front door and decided to way, he needed to apologise and clear everything up, get everything back to normal. It was torrential outside. Isaac had been out there for nearly half an hour; surely he'd be coming back soon.

*********************** Isaac felt like his entire bed was shaking, he slowly opened his eyes, feeling disoriented, he patted down the side of his bed and finally found what he was looking for.

His mobile was vibrating aggressively. He flicked the phone open then instantly regretted it; he hadn't checked who the caller was first. "Hello?" he answered gruffly, morning was never a good time for him, especially after a night on the town. "You kissed Scott?!" Isaac closed his eyes and sighed. He loved Sophie too bits, but she knew how to complicate things.

"No, I think you'll find he kissed me. I shoved him off and things got a bit out of hand, that's all" "That's not what I've heard" she retorted. "What the fuck are you talking about?" he snapped back, swinging his legs out of bed and sitting up.

He could hear the smile in her voice as she answered "Luke saw you before you shoved him off, he said you sorta looked like you were into him" "Get fucked, I aint a faggot!" "Alright! Calm down, I'm only telling you what he said. Look it's the last Sunday of the month, you coming round for poker night?" Isaac looked at the clock next to his bed, 2:30pm, "yeah, what time you want me?" "Anytime you want tiger." she purred back at him, they both laughed, Sophie was more like a sister to all of them, he found her attractive, but nothing would ever happen between them.

"Well what times everyone else getting there?" "Luke's already here, the rest are coming about fiveish. Bring your own booze and cigs though, I'm not supplying again!" "Will do darling" he laughed, "see you later" Isaac hung up and yawned. He could do with a few more hours in bed, but he'd have to get over it. He threw the covers off his legs, and stared down at his half hard dick, he always slept in his boxers, but last night he'd drunk a lot more than usual stunning fuck of pretty mamita brazilian hardcore shrugged it off.

Staggering into the bathroom whilst wiping sleep out of his eyes, his hand found its way to the medicine cabinet, he swung it open, narrowly missing the side of his head and swore. As he rummaged through the cabinet, he made a mental note to start binning empty boxes of aspirin instead of leaving them to trick him when he opened the cabinet. Finally finding a half crushed pill at the bottom of the box, he knocked it into the back of his throat and swallowed it dry.

It wouldn't shake his headache, but it might at least take the edge off. He stared at himself in the mirror for a while, "looking good stud" he said to himself, even winking at his reflection.

He smirked and laughed at himself, what a dick. He shook his head and got in the shower, letting the cool water run through his hair and down his face.

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He soaped up, washing under his arms and down his chest. His hands ran down his navel and arrived two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock his pubic area. His dick was hard, no surprise there, but instead of leaving it like he usually would, he wrapped a soapy hand around it and began to gently stroke his dick.

He hadn't masturbated since he was 15, at 8 inch, thick, uncut and looking the way he did, he'd never struggled to pull girls so never saw the need to get himself off.

He moved his hand up his thick shaft, pumping slowly from the base to the head. He pulled his foreskin back, touching the sensitive head. He could hear moaning, then realised it was him making the noise, he chuckled to himself and carried on pumping, he gripped hard and started going faster. He shut his eyes and imaged it was Sasha, his ex, getting him off. Though she was a bitch, he still had a thing for her, size 10 with D-cup breasts, he missed her. She was blond, with light green eyes and always had a mischievous grin.

It had ended badly, she'd been sleeping with his best friend on the side, he shrugged off the memory and carried on.


Then a thought popped into his head, the kiss with Scott last night, the way he'd took control and Isaac had felt so wanted, Scott forcing his tongue into his mouth.

Isaac had never found men attractive before, the thought of gay people disgusted him, but he couldn't stop thinking about it.

He began to shudder and grunted; he stopped touching himself and put a hand on the wall to steady himself, as rope after rope of cum shot out of his dick, and fired up the wall.

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Once he'd finished and cleaned up, he walked to his room and sat on his bed. Isaac felt sick. He'd got off thinking about a lad kissing him, he wasn't gay, he was just confused.

There was no way he would ever go with a lad. He thought about Scott, he wasn't attracted to him, but he'd heard stories about him.

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Scott was a slut, he loved sucking dick, but he was a pretentious slut. Isaac shook his head, why the fuck was he thinking about this, he didn't care about Scott's sex life, he was a faggot and that's all Isaac needed to know. But he'd humiliated him, and that wasn't on.

Scott was going to pay for what he'd done. Isaac hated the fact that he felt submissive, Scott had controlled him and that wasn't going to happen again. Isaac had always been in charge, and that's how it was going to stay. He needed a few things, but Isaac knew just what he was going to do, and tonight would be a lot better than he'd been thinking. ************************* Scott carried on staring at the front door, Isaac still hadn't come back in, and it'd been near on 45 castingcouch x amateur blonde audition tape pornhub com mp4 tube porn now, he began to worry.

Isaac looked like he'd wanted to cry when Luke asked him if he'd enjoyed the kiss. Isaac had stood up and Luke had grabbed his arse, "Not gunna go with him Scotty, quick grope in the toilets?" Isaac swung round and slammed his fist into Luke's nose, Sophie screamed and jumped up, running to get some tissues from the kitchen. She began shouting at Isaac when Luke told her to calm down; he mopped up the blood from his nose and told her to just leave it, "he's obviously embarrassed about his sexuality!" Isaac had heard enough, he stormed out and everyone had sat in silence as the front door slammed.

Mark stared at Luke, "well done, always gotta ruin everyone's night haven't you" "ME?!" Luke yelled "This ones on Scott! He should learn to keep his tongue in his own mouth!" Felix was the peacemaker of the group and knew when to step in "Luke, calm it. Don't blame this on anyone but yourself, apologise to Isaac when he gets back" Luke huffed and muttered to himself, but he stopped arguing and the game continued.

Another five minutes ticked by as Scott stared at the door. He decided he'd have to apologise, it was the only chance he had of making things right again. Scott looked at himself in the mirror, flattening his hair down so he didn't have the 'just woke up' look, he wanted to look smart. He knew Isaac wasn't interested but he might as well give it a shot. He checked himself in the mirror again and smoothed down his shirt, he took a deep breath, pulled his jacket hood up, and walked out into the rain.