Freaky babe dion de rossi enjoys taxi drivers dong

Freaky babe dion de rossi enjoys taxi drivers dong
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Her friend collapsed on the couch, followed by both of us on top of her. My girl and I each began sucking on her enormous tits. I reached for her pussy too, but she brushed me away. "I'm really embarrassed that my pussy is so out blond sexgroup free sex storys free black pussy amateur homegrown storys nude live control hairy." she finally said.

"I love that both of you keep yourselves so trimmed. I wonder if you wouldn't shave my pussy for me?" My girl and I jumped up and pulled her into the bathroom. I fired up the clippers so I could get all of the thick stuff out of the way while my girl ran to the kitchen to get us some water. I of course knew what she was after, but I didn't let her friend in on the plan. I managed to get her bush trimmed back enough that my girl would be able to finish the rest with a razor.

She handed her friend a glass of water and told her to drink it. She slammed it as I started a hot shower for them. I cannot tell you how hot I was at the sight of my girl kneeling before her plump and buxom friend to shave her pussy. Her friend had one leg lifted in the air so she could get the inside of her thighs and all the way up to her asshole.

My cock had already recovered and was ready for more, so I chugged my water and joined them in the shower.

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I pressed my body into and kissed her friend as my girl finished up her grooming. I ran my fingers up and down her now hairless pussy, applauding my girl for a job well-done. My girl stood up and began to work my cock with her hands while kissing her friend.


She then stopped the action with her announcement: "For the past two days, I've been throat-fucked [read part one], ass-fucked [part two], and not-fucked [part three]. It's time for me to get some fucking cock in my pussy." Her friend had another idea. She said, "Yes, I can imagine you do want fucked by your man's gorgeous cock, but I've just been fucked, pissed on, and cummed on already, and I really have to piss now too, so both of you need to kneel before me and take it!" Neither me nor my girl protested, but she did offer an amendment.

"One of our deepest and hottest fantasies is to be pissed on while I'm giving him head. Piss all over my face and hair, please, baby. Coat his cock and balls too. I want it all over us." My cock nearly burst at the thought. And with that I moved the water off of us as my girl dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

She's never been shy about trying to suck the cum right out of me, but she went at my cock like a woman possessed. Her friend smiled, lifted her leg, spread her pussy, and let loose a river of piss all over us.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, let alone feeling. My girl was completely covered, her hair saturated, her body glistening. My stomach was soaked, and my cock was now slipping and sliding down my girl's throat more easily than ever before. She pissed so hard and so much that she even soaked the floor outside of the shower! I took my girl out of the shower and laid her on the now piss-soaked floor, using her body and hair as a piss mop.

I plowed into her pussy like never before, banging her relentlessly as she slid all over the floor. Her friend came out, chugged another glass of water, and sat on my girl's face. "Eat it, bitch," she said. I think we finally broke her. By now I had to piss too, so I teen cheerleader stepdaughter ally kay banging her school coach out of my girl and let loose on both of them.

I aimed directly at her friend's pussy first, splashing all over my girl's chin, neck, and tits.

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I then pulled up and pissed all over her friend's face which she absolutely loved. I saved a little for my girl's pussy, and once my cock was back inside of her I filled her up with my hot piss and then proceeded to fuck it out of her. So fucking hot. My girl somehow managed to stand up, as her body was quivering from the intensity of it all. She pushed her friend and me together and then pissed all over us too. I caught as much of it in my mouth as I could and then spat it in her face once she was done.

By now, the floor was so slippery, I honestly don't know how none of us got injured. All of us were happily soaked in piss, but the girls were about to be soaked in cum. I had them kneel side-by-side before me and began working my cock furiously. Each girl was fingering the other as they stared at my bulging cock and me, counting down the seconds until I would paint their faces with my cum.


I finally unleashed thick ropes of cum on each of them, all over their hair and tits too. It was an orgasm even more powerful than the one that proceeded it.


My body bucked as they licked me clean, squeezing and then sucking every last drop of cum out of me. I looked down and nearly melted at the sight of these two gorgeous women completely destroyed by the nastiest fuck I've ever had. I told them not to move as I ran to get the camera to capture the moment. I never wanted to forget this.

I snapped pictures as they cleaned each other up. Once done, I put the camera down and joined them in licking each other clean. We slowly made our way back to the shower before sleeping naked in bed together. I couldn't wait to wake up again.

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