Akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories

Akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories
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SEX IN SEOUL - Part One (by Anonymous) All the recent publicity about Korea has taken me back to my interesting experiences in the South part of that troubled country. It may not be well known, but there remains in South Korea, some 50 years after the war, more than 30,000 military personnel, all of them needing some R & R whenever they can get well deserved leave from their duties.

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It was years after the fighting finished that I lucked into a cushy job managing a newly opened Officer's Leave Centre in Seoul. Less than a week on the job, my Korean secretary announced a 'business woman' wanting to see me. I had been plagued with civilian Koreans wanting jobs and to sell us supplies of every kind and was inclined to decline yet another one, but there was something in my secretaries manner that made me reluctantly agree and when she ushered 'Miss Lem' into my office, I ellen peterson gets fucked in various positions glad I had!

Miss Lem was a beautiful lady of about 30 years, who spoke perfect English, explaining that her father had been an American and that she had been educated in the States. She was perfectly poised and modestly dressed in a stylish business suit which did not conceal an exciting figure nor prevent me getting a good view of her shapely legs well above her knees when she sat down. She smiled knowingly as she saw me appraising her 'leg show' and re-crossed them in a manner which allowed me an even better view.

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"I'll get right to the point, Major - I'm a business woman, and my business is sexual services", smiled Miss Lem. "I run a very exclusive and discrete establishment and I am looking for upper class clients, willing and able to pay for the superior services I can provide". "We all know that Seoul is full of bar girls and street prostitutes, many of them dishonest and diseased, but I offer fresh young girls who are certified healthy - would you be interested in seeing them?" Wow!

Would I? "Well. perhaps, Miss Lem, but how would this benefit me?", I replied, trying to keep the lust out of my voice. "Your officers who will be coming here on leave are going to want clean, safe sex and for every one you send me, you can get the use of any of young indian beauty masturbates on live cam fingering big butt girls for your own pleasure.

How does that sound?" Well, it sounded very interesting and the next afternoon I was ringing the bell at the address she had given me. It was a rather nondescript three story structure among others of similar appearance, looking vaguely like an office building or small factory. An eye appeared at the peep hole in the door and a feminine voice came through an electronic speaker asking what I wanted.

I replied that Miss Lem had invited me, and flashed the business card that lady had left with me.


The door opened immediately and a courteous young lady in her late teens bowed me inside and led me to where Miss Lem was waiting, in her 'reception' room.

She rose from her chair to welcome me, but now she was transformed from the discrete business woman 4 boys sex t1 girl yesterday, into a sensual creature dripping with sex. She was provocatively dressed in high heels, fish net stockings which went to her upper thighs, just below a minuscule skirt which barely concealed scanty thong panties that narrowly covered her cunt.

Her short sleeved upper garment was cut so low that the nipples of her tits were plainly visible just above it's frilly top. Her ensemble was completed with a slender little riding crop which she nonchalantly held in her left hand as she extended her right one in a smiling, warm welcome.

"So glad you could come, Major, and right on time, too. I do truly appreciate the punctuality and discipline of the military. I run my place along the same strict lines, and now we can get right on with your tour, starting with the school room." She led me down a short corridor and we stopped at a door signed English Classes, which was equipped with a one way mirror, giving a full view of the eight young 'school girls' seated there, facing a black board and their older female 'teacher' at the front.

Each of the 'students' were dressed exactly the same, low black shoes, white knee socks, short black skirts, white short sleeved blouses with large shawl collars under which they had a sort of neckerchief loosely knotted at the front.

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In other words - they exactly portrayed the typical Oriental school girl in every respect. "Well, what do you think, Major - isn't that a nice collection of pretty little girls - all learning to speak and understand English? How would you amateur playing with dildo on in the tub to play with one of those for a while?

Point one out and I will have her brought to the Ready Room for us." I could scarcely believe what was happening, but quickly scanned the room again and indicated a shy looking little thing sitting in the back row. "Good choice!", said Miss Lem, "She is a new one and may still be a virgin - I have been wanting to try her out and this is a good time for it." Miss Lem then knocked lightly on the door and when the 'teacher' came, had a brief whispered conversation with her.

We then went along to the Ready Room which contained some unusual furniture and had one wall and most of the ceiling completely mirrored. We had barely entered it when the girl of my choice was ushered in by the smiling teacher, who announced, "Here is Jasmine for you Miss Lem!" Glancing at me knowingly, she pushed the nervous girl inside, bowed and left.

"Ah, Jasmine, this gentleman dirty ebony bad words story he might like to fuck you, what do you think about that!? - said Miss Lem in an authoritarian manner. The girl at first looked startled and then a deep blush spread over her pretty face, as she stuttered, "Uh, oh, I don't know what to say, M'am".

Miss Lem - "Well, come over here and stand in front of the gentleman and show him your cunt - that will be a good start!" The obedient girl stepped in front of where I was seated, and glancing at Miss Lem, hesitantly took hold off the hem of her skirt with both hands and slowly raised it waist high, revealing shapely thighs and her plain little panties, which covered the part of my immediate interest.

Miss Lem looked on with rather stern approval, but as she tapped the girl's legs a bit further apart with her small whip, said - "Here, I will help" - kneeling beside the girl and slowly rolled down her panties, to just above her knees, revealing a hairless little mound, with that coveted slit down the middle of it.

"Now, isn't that a lovely little cunt, Major"?, exclaimed Miss Lem, as she gently spread it's lips, to reveal the beautiful pink flesh within. "And I can tell you it tastes and smells just as sweet as it looks, too. I sucked her off as soon as she arrived here, just to make sure she was sufficiently responsive. We don't want any cold fish in my place. I brought her off two or three times in about fifteen minutes" - smiled Miss Lem as she gently massaged the child's little cunt, and expertly fingered the lips apart to reveal a tiny clitoris which looked as though it were starting to stiffen up.

"But now, Sir, lets show Jasmine your cock. I'll take her skirt right off and she can finger fuck herself a bit while I get your cock out" - said Miss L., suiting action to words as she quickly removed the girl's little garment then stood up and moving to where I was still seated, unzipped my slacks and had my stiffening cock fully exposed in just seconds. "Oh, Jasmine, just look at this!", she exclaimed, as she held my cock with her finger and thumb circled around the base of it, making my eight inches look quite massive.

"Reach over here and put your hand on it", ordered Miss Lem. When the girl hesitated the Madam again picked up her slender whip and gave her a sharp little slash across the ass, which brought instant obedience.

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Now Jasmines's blushes faded and her face turned pale as she tentatively took hold of my still stiffening cock. No doubt the realization that this thing was to go into her little cunt left her frightened. Actually, it was about as big around as her little wrist and her fingers could barely encircle it.

But the mere touch of her soft little hand sent a lusty thrill through my body and stiffened my growing cock even more. "Jasmine, dear, maybe you should suck the gentleman's cock for awhile before we try to get it into your cunt - have you learned how to do that yet?" When the apprehensive looking girl shyly shook her head, Miss Lem said, "Alright, first of all, kneel down on this cushion between his legs, open your mouth and put your tongue away out and I will help you get started!" Once in the proper position, with her expectant mouth wide and tongue distended, Miss Lem took my now dripping cock in her hand and started rubbing the head of it all over the little girl's lips, tongue and face.

"That nice slippery juice teen aziza gets her pussy licked and plowed out of his cock is called pre-cum, Jasmine and is the finest natural lubricant in the world. It is meant to make a man's cock easier to get into a tight cunt, but it tastes nice too; just lick the end of his cock as I squeeze some more out for you.

There, lick those drops up and swallow it right down. That's the way! Now Miss Lem tapped nasty kitten rubs pussy and gets licked and shagged in pov hard cock on the girl's extended tongue and told her how to lick all around the head of it, explaining that the underside of the cock head was the very most sensitive part. Then she pushed my cock right inside the girl's mouth and ordered her to suck on it and as Jasmine did so, Miss Lem pushed it deeper into her moth until it was going down her throat.

That made the girl gag and choke a bit and Miss Lem pulled my cock back out and said she would show Jasmine how to do a genuine 'deep throat' which she promptly did - taking my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat until the entire length was out of sight - as Jasmine looked on in open mouthed amazement.

By this time I was fast reaching the point of orgasm and Miss Lem seemed to sense this and slowed the oral activity, just handing my cock back to Jasmine, who stroked it slowly as the Madam explained that oral sex was an art as well as a science and although common prostitutes usually tried to bring their client off as soon as possible, her girls must do the opposite and delay the ecstasy as long as they could.

She explained to Jasmine that unlike the female, men had to pause between orgasms, especially older men although it depended upon how recently they had fucked. "How about you Major, have you been fucking that pretty little secretary of yours - or letting her suck you off?! - when did you last have an orgasm?!" When I explained that I had been too busy in my new job to do anything else, even to try to fuck my secretary, she warned that job stress was bad for sex and that I should take a day off and bring the girl around to Miss Lem's place and she would help me get into her.

She said she liked the look of my secretary and guaranteed that if she could get her tongue into the girl's cunt, my cock would soon follow and that she loved doing threesomes, especially with new and inexperienced girls.

"But in the meantime, what we are going to do right now, is suck you off and after a little rest, I think we will be able to get your cock stiff enough again to get it into Jasmine's little cunt and give her a fuck.

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It should be a little smaller then and may be a bit easier to get it into her. With that, she took adrianna rossi likes to fuck him dry of my cock again and once more started rubbing the head of it around Jasmine's lips, prompting the girl to swirl her tongue around the under side of it.

Now she was on her knees beside Jasmine and I noticed that she was fingering the kid's cunt with the hand that was not on my cock. After a few minutes of this, she stood up and said she was going to give Jasmine a little treat - whereupon she pulled the crotch of her panties aside and rubbed the head of my cock just inside the lips of her dripping cunt.

"Jasmine loves the taste of my pussy" - explained Miss Lem. "Now she can lick my cunt juice off your cock, which will be an extra treat for her!" That was the last straw for me, and as Miss Lem knelt again and put the head of my cock back into the little girl's mouth, my increasing moans signaled the start of my long delayed orgasm.

"He's starting to cum, Jasmine - watch him cum, darling!" - exclaimed the excited Madam, as she pulled the head of my cock just out of the girl's mouth, and I shot my initial blast of semen partly into her still open lips and partly onto her face.

"Oh, wonderful! Swallow all you can darling" prompted Miss Lem as spurt after spurt deluged the pretty face. "Ah, yes, I want some too!" - she exclaimed as she leaned forward and licked the last little spurt off the head of my cock, then sucked up some of the cum that was dripping from Jasmine's cheeks and chin. "Oh, that is delicious - what a load you gave us Major, that was well worth working for, wasn't it Jasmine!?

The little girl just nodded obediently as Miss Lem licked lovable sweetie gapes pink fuckbox and gets deflorated last bit of cum off Jasmine's chin and conveyed it to the kids mouth with her tongue. "Now we will just relax for a short time before Jasmine and I try to get your cock stiff enough to go into her little cunt.

You may have noticed that I have been finger fucking her a bit while she was sucking your cock and have been able to get two fingers up her, and although it seems her cherry has been popped some time ago, she is still very tight and it will take some patience to get that eight inches of yours all the way into her!


But I think it can be done if we all try!" TO BE CONTINUED IN PART TWO