Mandy bright milf fucked by bf and stranger

Mandy bright milf fucked by bf and stranger
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Late Nine By Systematic I felt a little weird around Kylie after what I'd seen, but I couldn't avoid her.

I could tell she was avoiding Miranda, and had been ever since their encounter in the locker room. I knew Miranda was hot for Kylie's body, and Kylie had a weakness for Miranda's tenderness and expertise.

They wanted each other, but neither one knew what to do about it. Kylie was less tense in some ways and more tense in others. Less tense because what Miranda had done to her had drained years of frustration from her. More tense because I had a feeling she'd tried and failed to bring big fat chubby guy masturbation cumpilation off alone. So she could have an orgasm, just not by herself.

She had a lot on her mind, and a byproduct of that was the way she was leaving me alone. No taunts, no competition, no shoving schoolwork or awards in my face.


Brett was being careful to stay away from me. He couldn't see me without thinking about certain things, and that kept him completely out of my path, except at practice, where he tackled me harder than ever, but I didn't hold that against him.

Edie was pestering me for another story since it had been a few days, but I curvy slut gets her wet crack drilled seen or done anything noteworthy, so she'd just have to keep waiting. She seemed stressed and preoccupied, and she was hanging around me even more than usual, always there with a towel or a water bottle when I was at practice. It seemed like everyone but me was fired up for our next game.

Nurse Sarah had cornered me to make sure I was feeling all right, which I took to mean she had a lot of money on this next game. I got away from her, but I was left with the feeling it had been a narrow escape. There was too much going on, and it took too much energy to keep up with it. I needed a nap, so I looked at my schedule and went to the art supply room. Lightning wouldn't strike twice in the same place, would it? It did. The lovebirds showed up. I was going to have to find new napping spots, plain and simple.

But for now, just like last time, I'd have to keep quiet and watch. The boyfriend came with a grunt, and semen splattered all over the redhead's face. She kept jerking him as she climbed into his lap, stuffed the head of his sticky penis between her swollen labia, then sank down.

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He put his arms around her and moaned as she wiggled her hips and kissed him with lips dotted with cum. It felt like these two were competing with me for the school's prime real estate.

The redhead rode him hard. They were sitting upright, his fingers digging into her chubby hips, and her arms pulling his head into her ample breasts. I listened to him cum inside her, making a low noise as he did. She made a very satisfied sound, and rocked her hips even harder, making him cry out.


She continued to hold him close, tilting his head back and running her tongue over his lips before pushing it into his mouth for a loud and messy kiss that went on for minutes.

He was rock hard inside her again, and she closed her eyes and leaned back. He nibbled at her nipples and licked them, leaving her breasts shiny with saliva. The redhead pushed him down flat and put her hands on his chest. She used her legs to lift herself up, then came down again, taking his full length into her very suddenly.

It was a shock, and he let out a strangled cry, but she didn't pause. She did it again, giving him the rough stuff without any mercy, up and down on his hard pole, breasts swinging. It wasn't even five minutes before he shot a second load inside her, this third so far. His expression as he shoved his hips up to meet her, the underside of the his penis contracting as he pumped semen into her sopping folds, was like there was someone squeezing his testicles.

Finally he finished, and she stayed in place, savoring the feel of his softening member deep in her, along with a massive amount of ejaculate. Her mouth was hanging open, and he was gasping for breath. They shared another sloppy kiss, and she got off him and rose to her feet, unfastening her skirt.

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Her panties were already wadded up on the floor, and when she dropped the skirt, she stood naked from the waist down. Her pale, fleshy buttocks were flushed from his groping, and her mound was swollen and dripping. Her thick, curly red pubic hair was glistening with moisture. Sticky strings of her juices hung from between her legs, and after a moment, the boyfriends semen began to leak out, droplets falling, and running down her thighs.

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She motioned to him, kneading her breasts. The boyfriend scrambled to his knees, gripped her soft, fleshy rear, and thrust his tongue inside her. She grabbed his head and held it in place as he licked and sucked, her juices and his own semen running down his chin.

She came over and over, each time leaning down and shaking, more and more fluid pouring from between her legs, soaking the boy's face and shirt. Finally she couldn't stand anymore, and she dropped to her knees, then lay back, trembling all over. Her legs were spread, her juices and the leftover semen continuing to run from her slit, pooling on the floor beneath her.

Her open shirt revealed her damp breasts, heaving as she tried to recover. The boy crawled on top of her and slipped his erection between brother and sexy sister forced, squeezing them together to sandwich it.

He was still slick with her fluids, and there was no friction, just slippery heat as he rubbed himself between them. Her hands found his wrists and held him there, and she urged him on with her groaning as the last of his semen bubbled out of her. His penis throbbed, and he spurted on her chin and lips, more dribbling out to collect between her breasts, which they both rubbed together, basting them.

The redhead leaned forward and took the head into her mouth, sucking hard for a moment, then easing up and flicking her tongue around the head. The boyfriend groaned in pain, but didn't pull back. He just worked her breasts in circles and pressed on her nipples with his thumbs. She jerked him several times, then steered him around to sixty nine.

His penis dragged across her lips, and he buried his face between her legs. The redhead worked both hands on his erection, licking the head and sucking. Everything was slippery with sweat and cum. She reached up to squeeze his rear, her fingernails leaving marks as she pulled him deeper into her mouth until she gagged. He cried out, his mouth dripping with her fluids. His penis came out of her mouth with a wet sucking noise, and she jerked it enthusiastically.

He had to support himself with his hands. The redhead opened her mouth to catch the spray of cum. She swallowed a mouthful as more dripped onto her face. The boyfriend collapsed, semen hot brunettes dad is hard and she wont be able to resist oozing onto the floor. He gasped for breath. The redhead looked at him with satisfaction. She wiped some of the cum from her face and smeared it into her pounding the fag anal greed tube porn, then reached down and rubbed her clit.

In moments she was masturbating with spirit, her hips moving in rhythm as she slipped two fingers in and out of her dripping slit. The boyfriend had recovered somewhat, and he leaned over to kiss her. She took his hand and put it between her legs, guiding it. Her thighs squeezed him in tighter. She came again and again, each time adding to the pool of fluid on the floor beneath her.

Her legs jerked, and she squirmed in the puddle of her own juices. The boyfriend went down on her again, and her next orgasm left her limp and shaking, spread-eagle on the floor, so covered it sweat and fluids that it looked like she had just come out of the shower. The boyfriend wasn't much better off; he'd been exerting himself even more than she had, and he was dripping with perspiration. A string of thick cum still hung from the tip of his penis, refusing to fall.

Even after everything, seeing her like that, glistening and quivering, he couldn't help himself. It must have hurt, but he was getting hard again.

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He climbed on top of her and pushed in. She didn't have the strength to clutch him the way she liked to, she could only lie there, but her moans of pleasure told the whole story. Her noises of encouragement spurred him on, and he kept thrusting.

She couldn't move, and he couldn't do anything more than what he was, so they just stared at each other until he came inside, and collapsed on her chest. They lay there in a sweaty pile for nearly half an hour. They probably dozed off, and so did I, because I awoke when they left the storage room.


They had thoughtfully cleaned up the mess. So their relationship had gotten to this point after only a week and a half? The boy's stamina impressed me even more than the redhead's ridiculous appetite. I wondered what they'd be up to next week. Naptime was over. I had an impromptu pool party to be at. Next: The impromptu pool party