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Blonde teen riding dildo on cam for me
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It is better to read the first part of this series. As always, all comments are welcome. Over the course of several months, Gwen and Max grew closer and closer. The first four weeks, after the Florida conference, Max would be at his Ohio home, during the week, working away at getting the system ready for not only Gwen's company, but the one in Texas, that Jim would be heading up. Then on Friday, Max would go to Gwen's and spend the weekend, or Gwen would come to his place and stay. She loved his house and how it sat right on the water's edge.

It even had a private beach, something Gwen told Max that she would like to make love there, when it was warmer, of course. When they were apart, there was nightly phone conversations, which even included phone sex.

That was new to both of them, but both enjoyed it. Yet neither said those magic words yet, but both still felt it in their hearts. When they did have their weekends, they spent many an hour in bed, making love, then also going out to dinner, or movies, or just sightseeing. Two weeks before Thanksgiving, the project began, with the main company sending up three individuals to start the implementation process.

This is the hard part, where their software, Max's software and hardware, would need to be integrated into Gwen's existing system. Gwen had her own crack team in the IT department, which helped a lot. That Friday, before the project start, Max packed weeks worth of clothes and anything else he would need, including all files for not only this job, but the Texas job, and existing companies he has already worked on, since there is times they still need assistance.

Gwen had already cleared longest and biggest deepest dildinsertion space in one closet of her master suite, and gave him the other sink and cabinet, in her master bath. Gwen had also told her daughter, Hanna, about Max, and that he would be staying with her, and hopefully, it would be for good, she thought, but did not tell Hanna that part. Hanna was very happy for her mom that she finally found someone.

Hanna, who is 20, was a junior at MIT. She had graduated high school a year early and is super smart, and is majoring in computer science. Gwen was a junior at Michigan, when she got pregnant with Hanna.

Ronnie and Gwen dated almost two years before that accident happened. He had graduated the two kinky bimbos have fun with toys May and now was working for a stock broker. Gwen got to finish her junior year before Hanna was born. They soon married before Hanna was born. Of course her parents, who live in England, were not happy about this, but came to accept it.

They weren't to thrilled that Gwen wanted to come to the states for her college education, but were happy that she received a full scholarship. Gwen though, did not finish up her degree until ten years later. After dinner that first night, Gwen did have exciting news, at least it was for her. She and her soon to be ex, came to an agreement to end the marriage.

She would get to keep the house, which they bought some 15 years ago. It was a 3500 square foot Victorian style home, with a huge kitchen and open concept to the family room and dining room, First floor master suite, and 3 spacious bedrooms upstairs. The house was really bigger than the three of them ever needed, but Ron was into material possessions.

He would also have to pay her 4 years of alimony, or, until she married again. She also would get one third of his 401K plan, from the amount he had in there, when they first split, plus a cash settlement of $250 grand. It was a far cry from what she initially wanted, which was half of everything he had. She knew he was making over 7 figures a year now, but, she really wanted this to end.

Max was extremely happy for her too. He also knew this opened a door for them, that had been closed before. But he did caution her, "Sweetheart. I am happy for you and will support you through it all, but make sure you are doing this for you.

Not for me, or us, but for you alone." She assured him that it was for her, and Hanna too. Her soon to be ex had not seen or spoken to Hanna since her graduation day. Of course, there was no love lost between the two as it was. To Ron, Hanna was a nuisance and he never really wanted kids. But he gave in to pressure from his parents to marry Gwen, but Gwen never knew that until many years later.

Max's only concern was how Hanna would view this, with him living there with her mom, and let's not forget, sharing a bed. Speaking of the bed, Max had wondered if this was the same bed that Gwen has had since her marriage. It was a beautiful 4 poster, king size bed, and very comfortable. As they got ready for bed, and crawled in, Gwen asked, " You know you've stayed here a couple of times now, so is this bed to your liking? I got it about 8 months ago. I needed to purge my past, so getting rid of the old and get new was a way for me to start.

You are the only man to have laid here." She told him as she moved her naked body on top of his, and guided his hard member inside the loving embrace of her vagina, where they made slow, passionate love until sleep over took them. ************************************ Over the next couple of weeks, they worked long hours together. They found they worked well together. If there was a problem, they worked through it to find answers. That couldn't be said about one of Florida people, who did not do much but bitch.

He was young and thought this would be a party and not the work it was becoming. Max had to take him aside and tell him to respect the team and pull his weight, or he'd have him replaced. One night, it was after 7 and Max and Gwen were alone in her office. They couldn't figure out a problem. Max suggested they stop for the night, which Gwen agreed to.

She said she needed the use the restroom and left, after kissing him on the lips. During their work time, they showed very little PDA. A caress here or a stolen kiss there, but that was it. When Gwen reentered the office, she locked the door. She had a gleam in her eye as she walked over two horny guys enjoy fingering the furry muff of tsubasa aihara before they stuf Max and stood in front of him, then dropped to her knees and started unbuckling his belt, then the clasp on his pants.

Max was surprised, yet enjoying this. " Babe. What are you doing. People could be still here." " No one is around now. The whole place is empty and this has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. So relax, let me get you hard, and then I want you to take me on my desk and fuck me silly." she said, then pulled his cock out. She only sucked him long enough to get him super hard.

She stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Max kicked his shoes off, then his pants and boxers. He pulled Gwen in for a hot kiss then walked them towards her desk.

Once there, he pulled the hem of her skirt up and saw she wore no panties. She sat on the edge of the desk, then scooted back just enough to feel solid on it. As she did this, Max raised her skirt more, so it was not in the way.

Her pussy was on the edge now, and her feet came up and rested on the desk as well, giving him full access to her dripping sex. Max's dick acted as a divining rod, seeking out water, as it easily found its way inside her juicy hole. "Oh Fuck Baby. You are so wet tonight." he said "Oh God Honey. I have wanted this all day. We haven't done anything in 3 nights now and I am super horny… No more talk. Just fuck and cum." she cooed Both of them were consumed by lust at this point.

They fucked hard for almost ten minutes. There was no talking, just moaning and grunting, and groaning from both of them until Gwen yelled out she was cumming. Once Max heard that, he released his seed deep inside her quaking pussy.

After resting a few minutes, they disentangled from one another, and Max got dressed. Gwen reached in her purse and removed her panties and put them back on. "Babe. Let's just stop at some fast food place and get drive through stuff, then go home and quickly eat, and resume what we were just doing.

I am so horny now and want you so bad." she said. " I love a woman with a plan." he said as they chuckled and left. Later, at home, after another round of hot, lustful sex, they lay in each others arms. Max informed her about a phone conversation he had earlier with Jim, his associate. They were having some problems with the install and wanted insight, if Max could provide any. Max told him to try this one way and if that didn't work, he'd fly down and help him out.

Max went on to tell Gwen how Jim and Sophie have been almost inseparable after leaving work. She comes to his hotel on many a night, and on the weekends, he stays with her. As Jim put it, "She is crazy about sex." "Well. I am glad she found someone to take care of her.

Any regrets it is not you, Stud?" she asked. "Heavens No. Plus, I believe the woman I am with is just as crazy for it, if not more, and I don't need to find it anywhere else." he said and over super hot milf jerks off an erected dick answer.

And Yes. I am crazy about sex, with you and you alone. But if you have to go down there, you stay the hell away from her." she said, but did laugh, not wanting Max to think she is jealous. "You know Honey. Hanna comes home in a little more than a week for Thanksgiving. Then goes back for just a week of finals, and then back here for a month, for Winter Break." she told him.

"Yeah. I just hope she is good with this. I mean she hasn't had to put up with a man in her house in a long time." Max said. "It will be fine. Trust me. She is going to love you Honey, I promise. But you are right, she isn't used to a man around here, so don't freak if you alessandra jane young blondies catch thief and ride him porn her running around in panties and a bra, or just a towel around her.

We used to be kind of free when it came to dress around here." "Good to know. I don't think you would appreciate me walking around in boxers or even naked then." he said with a laugh.

"I like when you walk around in boxers. Not sure how Hanna would look upon it. I like it even better when we go naked." she explained with a smirk on her face. " I'm sure Hanna has seen a man naked in her life by now.

Surely, by 20, she has sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen sex." he said. "Yes. Well, she has one time.

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He was a boy in her senior class and it did not go well. Like boys that age, they have no clue what they are doing and only concern themselves with their own lustful needs. She was devastated by the experience. Since that time, she has not been on a date, at least with a male. I won't lie to you Max, she and her roommate are quite close, especially sexually." "Hey. As long as she is happy, it doesn't really matter. You know me, I don't judge.

Who knows, she may meet a guy who would make sure her needs are well taken care of." he said. "True. But there are not many out there like you Sweetie. My needs are well taken care of by you. Nobody has ever made love to me like you do. I mean, when we do make love, it feels like you and I are one whole person, we are so in sync. Then, when we have our lustful adventures, my God, you have no idea how turned on I am by you.

There so many ways I want to try now. I lived in a shell far too long, and judging by how you respond to that side of me, I'd say we are such a great match." Gwen said. " I think we are more than college gorgeous gal adores oral games hardcore blowjob great match Babe.

And I think you know me by now, that I am up for anything you want to try. I am pretty much open to just about anything, except pain and potty stuff, otherwise, I think I am pretty open, especially if it brings you pleasure." he told her.

"MMMMMMMMMM and I love how you pleasure me. We'll definitely have to try again at the office. I came in the bathroom just thinking about it. But you wait and see, Hanna will absolutely adore you. I know my girl very well. Her taste and my taste are very similar." she said, then curled close to him for the night. *************************************************************************************** The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Max and Gwen got home close to 8pm.

Hanna was due in the next day, and they wanted to take it off, so they'd be there when she arrived. So they worked later and got done with what they needed to do. They had stopped too, and had dinner on the way home. After arriving home, they went upstairs, and as was custom for Max, he went into the bathroom and shaved.

He preferred shaving the night before, then shower in the morning. After doffing his clothes, he started to shave. He even did a quick shave of his pelvic area, just brunette and blonde lesbian fuck each other case Gwen was in the mood tonight, since they hadn't made love since Saturday. Although they both could have sex nightly, they decided a while back, it makes it so much better when they space days in between.

Like they appreciated it more. He never wanted to take her, or that gift she gave him, for granted. Gwen had just put on her PJ bottoms and was reaching for her top, when the bedroom door opened and Hanna walked in. A huge smile came across Gwen's face, since this was the first time she had seen her since the summer, when she came home for a week. Hanna took classes during the summer too, so she could graduate next December.

When her next semester started up in January, she'd be considered a senior. Hanna and Gwen then hugged tightly and kissed. "Hanna. I thought you were coming in tomorrow?" Gwen asked "I got done with my class and got lucky and got a flight out tonight. I rented a car, instead of calling you to surprise you." Hanna said "Oh Mum, it has been so long since I have seen you. I have really missed you." Hanna said "Oh My God Honey. I've missed you too.

Let me get my top on." Gwen said. "Oh hell Mum. Not on my account. It's not like I haven't seen, or even caressed those before." Hanna said, with a giggle, then reached out and lightly pinched both nipples. "Stop that. Max doesn't know about that, yet." Gwen said. "So you plan on telling him?" Hanna asked. "Yes Sweetie. I do. I want no secrets between us.

He's the one Honey. I love that man and want to spend my life with him. I pray you like him too" Gwen said and smiled at her daughter. "From everything you have told me, I am sure I will like him. So quit worrying so much." Hanna said, and as she finished speaking the bathroom door opened up, and Max started walking out, naked.

Max was starting to ask Gwen a question and stopped dead in his tracks. As soon as he saw Hanna, his hands went to cover his nakedness up, but, it was too late. Hanna already got an eyeful of him. "Oh Shit. Sorry." he said, as he backed into the bathroom and shut the door. The girls laughed at his predicament. "Oh my God Mum, I can see why you are so happy anymore. He is so hot and I may say, very well hung.

Does he have a son who looks just like him? I'd go straight if he did." she said with a giggle. "Stop that" Gwen said and giggled too, as she reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair PJ bottom for him to wear, and a t-shirt. She then went into the bathroom and gave him the clothes, as she did, she could see the embarrassment on his face. "Well.

That could have gone better. I'm sure I made a wonderful first impression with her." Max stated. "Relax Honey. Everything is fine. Remember, nudity is no big deal to us. And, you did make a good impression with her." she said and giggled and left the room. Later, in Gwen's family room, the three sat around and talked.

Before that, while Hanna put her things away in her bedroom, Gwen made her a quick bite to eat. For Hanna, this felt so different, with Max around.

So far he seemed really nice, and "Oh God" she thought, and sexy as hell and what a cock. She smiled when she thought about him standing there naked. She also wondered how this would affect her and her mother's special time together.

When Max saw her come out of her bedroom, she was wearing a burgundy nightshirt, that was high cut on both side, and looked to be either silk or satin. Hanna was about an inch shorter than her mother, and probably weighed a good 140 lbs, and from the looks of things, had the same size C cup breasts her mom has. The big difference between them was she was chunky, with a bigger butt than Gwen, and had shoulder length red hair.

Where Gwen had a flatter tummy, Hanna had a slight bulge there. The rest of the evening, the three conversed about many things, especially the project, which Hanna was super interested in. Max was interested in her schooling and paid close attention to what she was telling him. For Gwen, the evening was going great. She was glad that Max and Hanna could talk and get along, and Hanna did not seem to be put off by him or show any jealousy, which did worry Gwen.

Towards the end of the evening, with both women consuming a couple glasses of wine, they decided to hit the hay for the night. While Max checked to make sure the house was locked up, the girls took their glasses to the kitchen and stowed the open bottle of wine. Hanna hugged her mom and softly said, "Mum. He's a keeper. I really like him and he made me feel quite at ease." Hanna told her. "That's good Honey. I plan on keeping him.

At least I have that plan, and I believe he is on the a tiny girl gets fac fuck in colombia with step brother in svensk film page too.

Only time will tell." Gwen said. The next day, the three of them went shopping, then decided on some cheesy movie to go see. Max didn't care, as long as Gwen, and now Hanna, were happy and having fun.

They had plans on making a turkey for the holiday, but Max called this one restaurant and got reservations instead of cooking at home. The girls were all for that. The holiday was just a relaxing time for them. Max told them how it was when he was growing up and how his mom always hosted the day and had many relatives over. Since Gwen was English, this was not a holiday for them, but they did celebrate it when Hanna was a kid and Ronnie was still in the picture.

That Friday, Black Friday, the girls did go out shopping and were gone for hours. Max busied himself with a few work problems, but nothing major.

He even got an update from Jim, on how that project was going. JIm filled him in and told him about his ongoing affair with Sophie, who as Jim put it, is one insatiable woman. He said he is seeing damn near every night now.

Max just chuckled to himself, but knew he made the right choice in being with Gwen. As Max thought of Gwen, he started to get hard. They had not done anything since Monday morning, since Hanna had arrived that Tuesday, so he was extremely horny.

It wasn't Gwen's decision not to have sex, it was his own. He thought it would be weird doing that, with her daughter just below them. The girls got home close to 5pm, and even thought to pick up pizza for dinner. They each had five bags from various stores, including Victoria Secret. Gwen told him that she bought something for him as well there and would like him to try it on later.

Max could see the twinkle in her eye, which meant she was horny. He thought to himself that he could possibly give in tonight, especially if Hanna goes out like she said she was going too. It was after 8 when Hanna said she was leaving to go over her friends house.

Gwen had Max come upstairs first so she could show him what she got. It was a pair of lounge pants for men, made of silk, and the color of dark gray. Gwen lay claim to the matching shirt, when, after putting it on, looked super sexy on her.

Max donned the PJ bottoms, not bothering to put boxers on. Gwen came up and rubbed her hand against the flaccid member that lie beneath the silken material. "Oh My Baby. You look absolutely yummy right now. I want you tonight." she cooed to him. Then told him they would come up later, after watching a movie she had been dying to see.

The couple took the couch, with Gwen sitting close to him, with her legs folded under her. She had brought a blanket and covered them, just in case Hanna came home early. As the movie played, Gwen decided she would play too. First by rubbing her hand over his cock, exciting him some.

Then moved her hand inside and started stroking him, as he came to full attention. Then she threw back the cover and pulled him out and started sucking him. "Oh Fuck Baby… I love when you do this." he said quietly. "I know Baby. I know. Just enjoy" she replied to him. They were starting to get into it, with Gwen's mouth really working him over, and Max moaning softly, when they heard the back door close.

'Shit' Gwen thought, as she put her man's toy away and sat up and fixed the blanket. Gwen forgot about her top being open because Max had unbuttoned the top three buttons to give him better access to her tits, as she sucked. "Hi Guys. I'm back… Sue wasn't feeling to well, so I figured I better leave and let her get some rest&hellip. Ohhhhhhhh, I see it is a PJ party tonight." Hanna said and then chuckled.

She then went to her room. While she was gone, Max said, "Damn. I was really hoping for some lovin tonight." Gwen giggled and said, "Oh we are, no matter what. We'll just be super quiet. I need it real bad too." Max's jaw almost hit the ground when Hanna came back out to join them.

Hanna had on, what seemed to Max, the same top as her mom, but only green. She looked amazing in it, but he wasn't going to tell her that. She had her hair down now as well, and it looked great against the green fabric. One thing he noticed was that she had left a few buttons undone towards the top, and her nipples were quite hard and poking through the silk material. The hem was shorter too, than Gwen's, and it stopped a couple inches below her ass cheeks.

"Oh my Honey. You look very pretty in that. That was a good choice for you" Gwen said. "I think so too. Jen is going to be so jealous when she sees it." Hanna said, speaking of her roommate, who she has been lovers with for almost two years now. They both know it is not something that will lead to a permanent relationship, since Jen is moving back to the west coast when she graduates, and Hanna is either staying in Boston, or moving back home.

Since Max knew about Hanna already, he didn't even bat an eye at her comment. His perverted part of the brain thought that it would be sexy to watch those two, getting it on. Hanna made a comment about seeing Max in his PJ's, but since they were covered by the blanket, she couldn't.

Max told her when the movie is done, she would see how they look. No way could he stand up now, he was still half hard, and Gwen knew it, and she just chuckled softly.

Hanna then cuddled up to her mom then and took part of the blanket as well. She made a comment about how nice it was just the lovely brunette masturbates with a sex toy of them having family night. The way she positions next to her mom, Max could see one of her breast and most of her hard nipple. In fact, Hanna looked over at Max and just smiled, knowing he could see it too.

After seeing that he saw her that way, she had a warm feeling between her thighs, then wished he was naked with her, and make love to her like her mom described how it was between them. Later, when Gwen and Max went to bed, Gwen was on top, riding him slowly and cooing with each thrust.

She tried hard to stifle loud noises, even though she wanted to scream out how great he feels inside her. The hardest part was when she came the first time, as she rode him.

She has always been loud when orgasming, so this was hard to not to be vocal. After cumming, the flipped over so Max could be on top, as she wrapped her loving legs around him. "Oh God Baby, you are so deep. Cum soon for me. I need your seed inside me tonight." she whispered in his ear. Downstairs, in Hanna's room, she was busy with a toy herself. She could hear them through the vent making love, and it had her so turned on. She came after hearing her mom's muffled cries of her orgasm.

She too had to hold back her moans of delight, so they wouldn't hear her as well. She could then hear them as they changed positions. She could even hear the beds rhythmic movement of Max on top. Hanna thought to herself, "Oh God yes Max, fuck me, fuck me like this." When she heard them speed up, her toy sped up as well. She was close to another orgasm, when she heard her mom's muffled cry, and then Max's, as they reached orgasm. When wife playing with pussy while sucking cock heard them, hers was turned loose as well.

When Gwen came back to bed, after visiting the bathroom, she said they should wake early and have another round of love making, since Hanna sleeps very soundly. Max agreed with her plan. If up to him, he'd be still inside her, but understood why they should wait.

He hoped that Hanna could not hear them tonight. ********************************************************************************* It was 7am and true to her word, Gwen was in the mood, as she lay on her side and slowly stroked him awake. When she saw his eyes open, she smiled and said good morning lover. Then she mounted him and they started making love.

Only this time, they were both a bit louder than the night before. As Gwen started riding him faster, she looked down at him and smiled, then said, "Baby. I don't know where you are in this relationship, but I am there and I need to say it finally, I Love You" "Oh thank God.

I love you too. I was waiting for you to say it. I have been there a long time, but was so scared you would not be yet." Max said. A tear formed in her eye as she started riding him harder. "Oh God Babe, I love you so much. Oh God. Oh God I am going to cum" she said, not caring if her daughter could hear or not.

That set off max as well, as he pump his seed deep inside her. As they came, they kissed passionately, not caring about morning breath. If a couple in love can't share that, then they shouldn't be a couple. Max and Gwen lay, cuddled together for a long time, kissing and repeating how much they love one another. It was almost 8am when Max said he was getting up.

Gwen said she was going to lay in bed a while more, if he didn't mind. Of course, max didn't care, but he needed coffee and something to eat. Plus he had a busy day ahead of him. He was going over to one of the IT guys that works for Gwen. It was the Ohio State, Michigan game, and the guy had invited a bunch of people over.

He knew Gwen was not into American football, so why torture her with that. Plus, it would build a stronger team at work. Gwen was happy he was going too. She thought he needed some male companionship at times. Max was busy reading news on his computer, while he sat at the kitchen island, drinking coffee.

It was almost 9am, when Hanna appeared. She was dressed like the night before, and even her buttons were undone, like they were the night before. Max thought, if he was younger, he could see himself with her. He was pulled out of that dark corner of his brain, when he heard Gwen coming down the stairs. Gwen was wearing her same shirt as the night before. She went right to Max and hugged him tight then kissed him. " Morning Baby" she said like they hadn't seen each other since the night before.

Except, it had been just a little over an hour since she felt Max's hot cum flow deep inside her. Hanna stood and watched these two as her mind went to last night and then again this morning. She heard them again this morning which made her horny again. " How come I don't get a morning greeting like that mum? Hanna asked, then giggled a little. Gwen walked up to her hugged her tightly then kissed her lips as well.

Hanna moaned slightly then returned the hug. Max wasn't sure but he thought Hanna's one hand squeezed Gwen ass. He just let it pass without comment. The three then enjoyed coffee and talked about the upcoming day. Max needed to leave in an hour. He wasn't really into going to a Michigan man's house for the game, but he already committed, so he would go. The girls planned on being lazy, then maybe do some shopping.

What they really planned on doing was make love, like they had for the past three years. Gwen knew they should stop, but she could never deny Hanna this pleasure. Gwen told Hanna to yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde get the new things they bought yesterday, which Hanna happily agreed too.

When they were out shopping, they stopped in a store that catered to adult needs, and picked out a couple of dildo's and three new strap on units.

One of them was the same size and girth that Max is, the other two were smaller, with one being only 5 inches, but fairly thick, and another that was only 4 inches but the thickness of two fingers put together. Gwen laughed when she told Hanna that one was for anal, until she could get used to the other two. When she could accommodate the biggest, she then would allow Max to take her analy.

It had been years since she tried anal and knew she had to work up to it. Gwen finished cleaning up the dishes when Hanna came back with her bag. The girls then walked up the stairs, with Hanna leading the way.

As they climbed, Gwen noticed Hanna's naked butt cheeks and commented, "Good thing you did not have to bend over to pick something up in front of Max. He certainly would have gotten an eyeful of your butt." Hanna laughed and said, "Oh Mum. Would that be so bad? You know me and men, but that man turns me on for some reason. He's hot." Gwen laughed then smacked her on the butt and said, "You little tart.

You shouldn't tease him like that. Of course, I would reap the benefits of the teasing." and giggled more, as did Hanna. Once in the room, they took off their nightshirts and were completely naked, then came together in an embrace and kissed passionately.

Gwen then led Hanna to the bed, where Hanna got on first and lay on her back and spread her legs for Gwen. When Gwen started crawling on the bed, Hanna noticed she had shaved.

"Oh my God, when did you start shaving it all off?" she asked "Back when Max and I first got together. After the first night together in bed, and I saw how he was shaved. It makes me feel so sexy like this, and God, Max is so sexy like that too. Plus, no hairs when giving him oral." "Well, you are right, it does look sexy. Maybe I'll shave off my strip too. Jen would like that I bet." Hanna said, as Gwen moved up her body and now laid on top of her and kissed her. Then she moved down Hanna's body, kissing and licking, spending some time on each boob and nipple, before kissing down to Hanna's extremely wet sex.

"Oh God" Hanna screamed as Gwen tongue found her soaking slit. Gwen was patient, and wanted to make this last, so she purposely stayed away from the younger woman's clit. As she continued to eat Hanna, Hanna's body was moving all over the place, and moaning a great deal.

It had been since June that these two had been together, and it was something they loved doing. Both knew in today's society, it was wrong, but to them, it was a perfectly fine way to express love for one another. It wasn't long though, before Hanna's body was rocked by a violent orgasm.

Her whole body shook, as Gwen's mouth enveloped her clitoris, sucking and chewing on it, as her daughter started cumming in her face. Then Gwen moved up and lay next to Hanna, while she recuperated from her orgasm.

It was a short break, before Hanna assumed the same position as Busty joslyn cheats on bf for jack napiers bbc creampie had just been in. The girls kissed passionately for a bit before Hanna started heading south on Gwen's body. Taking her time to pay attention to Gwen's breasts and nipples.

Then as she started licking farther down, she stopped and said, "You know last night, when you two went to bed, I could hear you two making love." "Oh my God, Really?


We tried to be so quiet. I'm so sorry if it bothered you." Gwen said. "Bother me? Hell no. I was so turned on by it. I had my toy in me and kept pace with you two. I came both times you did and a few more to boot. He sounds like a wonderful lover." Hanna explained. "Oh Sweetie. He is the best I have ever had. He has yet to disappoint me in bed, or wherever we do it. No man has ever made me cum as much as he does. An his staying power in unbelievable." Gwen said as she ran her fingers through Hanna's hair.

"I could tell… I'll be honest, I was wishing that was me under him, doing me with that big cock he has. At redhead with big tits loves getting fucked from behind I got to see him naked once.

I may prefer women, but If I ever found a man like him, he can take me any day he wants me. Classic kristara barrington tube porn really do want to be with a man again. And after hearing how he made love to you, I really need to venture out again." Hanna said to her mom as she started to lick again. When Hanna's tongue reached Gwen's swollen lips, Gwen took a hard breath in. She had always loved Hanna's tongue down there.

If Hanna had one thing over Max, it was her oral skills. But that is only because a woman knows what a woman likes. Hanna licked and sucked Gwen's pussy, like a starving person attacked a piece of meat. Then she noticed a strange taste, picked her head up and asked, "You sure do taste different today." she said with a smile. "I hope you like it Baby.

That's what's left of Max's cum from this morning." Hanna got a wicked look on her face, and said, "MMMMMM it taste pretty good. I wonder horny sluts receive anal in hardcore fashion I could ever get it from the source one time" then giggled. "Yes it does taste good. I love his cum.

What's even better, is when he cums in me, he usually goes down and cleans it up, then feeds me some of it. The first time he did, sort of shocked me, but turned me on even more. Now it's an everyday happening between us, except this morning.

He and I fell back to sleep right afterwards……&hellip. Oh Fuck Baby. I miss your tongue in me." she cooed as Hanna started working her tongue inside the folds of Gwen's wet pussy.

Gwen has always enjoyed the sensation Hanna could bring her. Today was no different, but Gwen knew this would probably be their last time as lovers. Somehow she would have to tell Max about what she and Hanna shared. But for now, she might as well enjoy this last time. After Hanna made Gwen orgasm hard, they switched to a 69 position and brought each other off again, almost simultaneously, which was a norm for them.

Then Hanna reached for the biggest strap on and asked Gwen to make love to her, like Max does to Gwen. Gwen asked her if she was sure, size the toy end was pretty big. Hanna laughed and said Jen has one that even longer than this, and she takes it fine. They started slow, and Hanna was in heaven.

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She closed her eyes and thought it was Max burying his cock deep inside her hungry hole. The more she thought of max, the hotter she was getting. "Oh God, Fuck Me… Fuck me harder. Pleaseeeeeeeeee" Gwen was turned on by her daughters dirty talk, thinking it was like mother, like daughter.

Hanna was holding her legs now up and spread wide, as Gwen started to thrust harder and deeper into her hot pussy. As she fucked, the toy would rub her clit, helping her along to her orgasm in a short while.

Gwen then took each of Hanna's legs and bent them back by her head, and thrusted deep inside her. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkk… You are so fucking deep in me…&hellip. Does he fuck you hot amateur busty milf fucked in her living room this?" "Oh yes Baby&hellip.

When we're in the mood for hot sex, this is my favorite way of fucking, besides on top. You like it Baby?" Gwen asked "Oh Fuck… Yesssssss. Love this&hellip. Faster… I'm going to cum soon." Hanna shouted. Within minutes, Hanna was cumming. Her whole body shook and her eyes rolled back into her head, as the orgasm overtook every fiber of her being.

Gwen then started cumming herself, but it wasn't as hard as earlier, but that did not matter. Bringing Hanna to a wonderful orgasm was her goal, a goal she easily obtained. When they both came back from their orgasmic ride, they lay in each others arms and cuddled. Hanna was clearly in a blissful state and very saited. Gwen too, was in the same state. She had missed this loving from Hanna, but now started to worry about how this will affect her relationship with Max. She thought she could easily hide this from him, but if they were to move forward, she knew in her heart, she would have to tell him, penthouse karina white katie j masturbation lesbian let the cards lay as they might, on the table.

"Oh my God Mum… That was the most intense sex I have ever had… Jen and I get wild at times, but nothing has ever brought me off so hard, and sooooooooo good. If Max gets you off like that, you better hold on to him tightly. I swear, you ever allow me to join you two in bed, I definitely will be there, just to feel his hard cock fucking me like that." Hanna said, as she caressed one of Gwen's breast.

"And if that did happen, what would you be doing while he did fuck you?" Gwen asked, as she felt her pussy tingle with excitement.

"Have my tongue buried inside your hot little pussy, eating you to a fantastic orgasm&hellip. Oh God, I am horny again. Take off the toy and let me fuck you with it." Hanna pleaded. This time Hanna was in charge and loved the feeling of fucking her mother. They fucked hard and fast and lasted only ten minutes before they reached their orgasmic bliss, once again. The only thing missing was the cum that shoots out of Max's wonderful cock. When they rested a while, Hanna got up and said she'd be right back.

When she returned, she had her laptop with her. After finding what she wanted too, she showed Gwen the site that had Sex Stories. Then found a story about a mother and daughter, and their sexual exploits. As they sat next to each other, they read the story. Both were highly engrossed in the story and both found themselves being turned on by what they were reading. Gwen had thoughts of going back down on Hanna, but put that in the back of real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn mind and continued reading.

After finishing the story, Gwen asked where she found such a site. "One night, Jen and I were looking for some porn and this site came up. They also have short porn clips on this site too, but most of it is paid actors doing it, so it is kind of hokey. But they do also have amateur stuff too, which you can tell are real people having real sex with real orgasms, which are far better, at least to us.

But we started reading these stories. We pretty much stayed with the girl on girl stuff, but when I am alone, I do like to read the romantic one's between a man and a woman. They also have quite a few with mom, daughter and dad, or step dad playing together, which I found super hot." Hanna said, as she tried to locate a good one for them to read. "Oh wow.

This is a cool site. I love romance novels that have sex in it, but it never gets this graphic. … You know Honey, you should start dating guys too. I mean you don't have to end what you do with Jen, but if you ever want a man in your life, you will need to forget about that kid from high school. There are so many out there that are good, and loving, and would make sure your needs are taken care of." Gwen told her. "You mean like Max!.

God I'd love to find a man like that. He is nice, and quite handsome, and from the sounds of it, takes care of your needs quite nicely." Hanna said with a giggle, then shouted "Here it is. Mom, Daughter and Step Dad exploring sex, together." as she laughed a bit more.

"Yes Honey. Max does take care of my needs and then some… You know I never speak to ill of your father to you, but he doesn't even come close to Max as a man, and definitely as a lover." "Mum, my father is the ultimate loser. I don't talk with him nor do Amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment plan on either… Let's read this one." Hanna exclaimed.

As they read, Gwen closed her eyes and pictured Max and Hanna having sex and making love, while she watched. Then Hanna and her would make love for Max's benefit.

As she continued reading, she could see Hanna, who was sitting Indian style, with legs crossed, playing with her clit. "You are pretty turned on by this one. So am I. You know Max and I have a bucket list of sorts going, of some fantasies we'd like to live out. One big one is a threesome with another woman." Gwen said. "That sounds hot. I volunteer to be the other woman." she said with a giggle.

"MMMMMMMM I bet you do. I personally would prefer you too, but I still need to tell Max about this, and who knows, he may just leave me, which scares me." Gwen said with a resigned look on her face. "Oh Mum… He may even accept what we have done. He looks like and acts like an open man. Maybe you should never tell him." Hanna said "Oh Honey. I wish it were that easy.

But I could never live life with a secret like that, with Max. he deserves to know and hope he does understand." Gwen said as a tear formed in her eye. Hanna then reach over and hugged her mom and kissed her and told her she will always be there for her and loved her completely. Gwen then suggested they go shower and dress, and straighten out the bed, because that game is probably in the later innings. That made Hanna laugh as she corrected her mother by telling her it is football and they go by quarters, and not innings, which is baseball.

'Well, football to me is what they call soccer over here. You know me and sports, I could care less about them." she said, as they headed off to the shower. ************************************************************************************ That night, after Max came back home, Hanna went to her friends house again. Max did notice that Gwen was awfully quiet ever since he got home.

He asked if something was wrong and Gwen said she had a migraine headache. She milf penetrated in both holes with fingers the headache she was experiencing was caused by the stress of having to tell Max about her close relationship with Hanna.

Earlier, she had thought of telling him that evening, but then thought better of that. She did not want to ruin Hanna's last days at home with drama that this may cause. She then decided she would tell him once they got back from dropping Hanna at the airport the next day. Gwen had some pills from the last bout of a migraine she had a few months back, and finally took some that evening. Of course this made her drowsy, so she decided it was best to go to bed, even though it was only 9pm.

Max had helped her up the stairs and into bed and even laid with her until she fell asleep. Him doing that, touched her deep inside, but then the dread of the next day brought her back to reality. The next morning, she felt no better, in fact the pain was even worse.She wanted to run away and hide, knowing this would probably be the last day of Max living with her.

They were to depart for the airport by 10am, and Gwen knew she was in no shape to go, so she meekly asked Max if he would take her, without Gwen being there. Max said he would with no problem. Max parked at the airport, and escorted Hanna inside to the check in line. Hanna had told Max he really didn't need to do that, but he insisted, stating he would feel better knowing she had no problems, at least until it was time for the TSA check in.

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Just before she was entering the area for TSA BS, she turned and gave Max a hug, and a light kiss on the lips. "Max. I am so happy you are in Mom's life. She needs a good man like you. Take care of her please." then turned and left. Max had told her he had all intentions of taking good care of her. His trip back to Gwen's went smoothly, but Max could not shake a funny feeling. Gwen had been acting strange, ever since he returned from watching the game yesterday, but he could not pinpoint anything that may have caused it.

Maybe she was upset because Hanna did flirt a bit with him, and was showing way more than she should have, at least in Max's mind. Not that he minded. She is a beautiful woman, and a nice body. Yes. a little chunky, but still, a man could do a lot worse. Max entered the house and did not find Gwen downstairs. As he started up the stairs, to the bedroom, her heard sobbing.

The door to the room was half open, so he pushed it open more, to find Gwen, curled up on her side, still in her nightshirt, that revealed her panty covered butt. He also saw his two suitcases sitting over by the closet he had been using. "Oh Christ" he thought, "she must want me gone for some reason" "Gwen… Honey?

What's wrong?" Gwen slowly rose up and sat. Her face was wet from tears and her eyes puffy and very red. She looked at Max, and just stared for a minute.

Her mind raced to figure out how to tell him. She wanted to just run and hide, but that wouldn't solve anything, so she took a deep breath and started talking. "Max. I have a big secret that I need to share with american girl porn sex vedio. I am sure once I have said it, you'll be leaving me, so here goes." she said, and then started telling him everything about Hanna and her.

As she spoke, Max was a little numb, but then thought about himself and his incestuous affair he has had with his sister over the years.That started when he was in college and his sister, who is two years younger, was a senior in high school. Their parents had gone to Florida for a vacation and they were alone, and got drunk. Before long they both said how attracted they were to each other, and before joseline kelly got fucked by stepdad while mopping they were naked rachel roxxx cumshot compilation lord of cumshots making out, which led to sex.

By the time their parents returned home, five days later, they had slept together every night, and had sex countless times. Gwen kept talking about how she knew it was wrong, but they just couldn't help it. Tears were flowing down her face as she finished up with her story. Max, now nervous too, since he had a secret to share with her. He really did not care about Gwen and Hanna sharing their love, but how would she react to his tale.

"Honey… I guess we are both guilty of not sharing everything about our lives. I too, have a secret I have yet to tell you. Once you hear it, you may want me gone anyways." So Max told her about he and Angela having sex. Not only when they were younger, but the occasions since then, up too a few months back, before he met Gwen. That time was when Angela came to his house one weekend, after they came back from Florida.

Angela was upset because she had known ben had been cheating on her for years, but just never caught them. Ben had been cheating on her for many years. Max knew it, as did Angela, so it made anytime they were together okay in their minds. This time though, she caught them in the act, in her bed no less. So she was ending this marriage and just needed support from the one man she knew would give it to her.

For her part, Gwen just sat and listened. She thought, "Oh My God, I'm not the only one." She thought too that she wasn't about to judge this man because of this. How could she, seeing what she has been doing. When Max was done, he took her hand and asked, "Do you want me to pack up and leave?" Sheepishly, she looked up and said, "No.

Unless you hate me, then yes, I would prefer you go. But how come you didn't tell me they were divorcing." "That's because he is still there with her. So who knows if they really are. Anytime I talk with her, there is always some lame excuse as to why he is still there. So why say anything until it is official, you know. And for the record, NO.

I don't hate you. I love you Gwen. If this is your only secret, then I do not want to run away." Gwen started crying again, but somehow said, "Oh Max. I love you too." then kissed him hard. Max then told her to go take a shower and cute asian blonde is happy and squirting up. No more crying and stressing over this. Max was relieved too, since Gwen did not ask him to leave either.

He then got up and took his suitcases and put them away, which made Gwen smile, as she got some clothes and went into the bathroom to shower. Max changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt, then went downstairs. About 20 minutes later, Gwen appeared in the family room.

She was wearing a pink top and a pair of black lycra yoga pants, that hugged every curve, and showed off that she wasn't wearing any panties, since her camel toe was quite pronounced. Max just stared at her, taking in how sexy she looked. Then asked, "New pants I see." Gwen giggled, and said, "Yeah. From shopping the other day. Hanna talked me into them. She said how comfy they are, and she is right. She got a couple new pais too.

One is a bright blue and then a deep purple pair." "Well. Thank her for me. They make you look very sexy. I hope those are to be worn just around the house. If not, I'll have to beat the guys off." he said then laughed. Gwen thanked him for the compliment, then said, "Oh, not to worry, only you get to see me like this.

If I did wear them out, I would definitely wear a thong. But I do feel sexy in them. In fact, hold on. I'll be right back." A minute later, she returned and tossed a package to him. He opened it up and took out a pair of shorts, made with the same material.

Gwen asked him to put them on. Max got up to upstairs and change, but Gwen laughed and said, just put them on here. Max just shook his head and dropped his shorts. As he started putting them on, Gwen whistled. Even flaccid, it outlined his size quite nicely. If he got hard, he thought, no way would it be hidden.

"Now that, is sexy to me. You can thank Hanna for those. She feels xxx com kompoz full sex stories a woman can dress sexy, her man should too." Gwen said with a soft chuckle. "Yeah. Well that is one person who isn't going to see me in them." he said. "Oh Christ Max… She has seen you nude already. Just try and not pop a hard on, if you do have them on." she said with a hard laugh. Gwen then walked up to him and started kissing him passionately, knowing full well just kissing will set him off.

And she was right, the longer they kissed, the harder he became. Gwen's hand reached down and fondled his erection through the thin material, then stepped back. "MMMMMMMMM, Nice… That's what I was hoping to see… Take me upstairs and let's take care of that." she softly said, as her hand continued to lightly stroke him.

Gwen did take care of him. She started with a blow job, but when she felt him close, she grabbed the base and squeezed hard, to quell that urge to cum. Then mounted him, even though he protested that he needed to eat her. She rode him hard, cumming a multiple amount of times until he finally filled her with his hot seed.

This time though, he flipped her on her back and dove between her legs, sucking up their cum out of her, then feeding what was left to her. Even though they had fucked hard, the only words spoken were "I Love You's" to each other. "Oh Wow Baby. That was so hot. God I love you. But after that workout, I am famished." Gwen said. "I know. That was great and I am starving too. Let's go eat." he said, as he helped her up and off the bed.

They didn't bother with clothes, as they padded downstairs, fixed dinner, then went back upstairs and made love again. ************************************************************************ The next week flew by for them. The project was on schedule again, and going well. One evening they had a repeat performance in Gwen's office, but this time, Max took the initiative which made Gwen even hotter. Gwen was loving this risk they were taking, but she also felt it did them good to be able to express not only their love, but their lust for one another, no matter where.

During the evening time, while Max studied some of the data that he had loaded into his program, Gwen was busy reading stories from that erotic web site. By the time they were ready for bed, Gwen was usually ready for sex as well.

Max didn't complain at all and enjoyed her sexuality, no matter how tired he thought he was. That Saturday, they went to dinner, then a movie. It was their version of a date night, that his parents always enjoyed. He also thought back, and smiled, remembering how Angela and he would look forward to their parents date night, after they discovered how much they enjoyed sex between them.

Their parents car could not have been more than a mile into wherever they were going, when Max and Angela undecent legal age teenager sucks a shlong girlfriend homemade be naked and enjoy their own lustful night, or at least a couple of hours of pure sex.

When they arrived back home, they went upstairs and got undressed and crawled into bed. Max had been curious to what Gwen had been reading on her laptop the whole week, but forgot to ask, only because Gwen was usually ready for a good love making session or an all out fuck. This night, he finally asked: "Babe. I've been curious, what have you been ready on your laptop, damn near every night? Not sure what it is, but boy, it does make you horny." Gwen chuckled and told him to hold on, and got out of bed, ran downstairs and got her laptop.

When she returned, she turned on the light on the nightstand and booted up her computer.

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She then went on to tell him about the site Hanna had showed her, with all these erotic stories. Once she started reading some of them, she just couldn't quit, and it made her extremely horny, which benefitted Max. Luckily, Gwen had book marked 2 of them, that really got her going. One was about a mother, daughter, and the mother's boyfriend. Although Gwen and Hanna never had a threesome, she would really love for palatable hotty fuckes in a cute way hardcore massage to happen with the three of them.

After showing Max the the story, Max suggested putting it up on the TV, which hung on the wall. So he streamed it to the TV, and they started reading. It started innocently enough, but built into a erotic, cum filled story. As they read, Max would look over at Gwen, who was curled up next to him.

He could see her breasts rising and falling heavily, so he knew she was turned on. He too was turned on as well, as his cock became quite hard, just reading this story. Gwen finally noticed his cock, big and hard and took hold of it. "I'd say someone is enjoying the story.

God, you are so hard. Does this turn you on Baby?" she cooed out "Honestly, it does. You know it is one of our bucket list acts. But this would involve Hanna, from the looks of things." he responded.

"I know Baby. I too want another woman to join us in bed, and who better than someone I trust and love. Especially with a man I know would treat her right and show her how a lover truly is to a woman." Gwen said, as she pushed the laptop over and then straddled him and took him inside her. "Oh God baby&hellip. Your cock feels so fucking good inside me." she said. "But Hanna is a lesbian. She wouldn't want this." Asian nurse threesome interracial anal fuck and dp filling ass pussy and mouth stated.

"Oh Sweetie. You actually couldn't tell that she has a crush on you. You know she heard us that one night, then the next morning. And while we made love and fucked, she was doing herself. Then later, when we were together, and she started eating me, she tasted you, since you came in me earlier that morning. That really got her going and to quote her, "God. I want to taste this right from the source". So Baby, she wants you, and I want to be there and while you two do this, you can eat me." she said, as she started going faster.

"My My, you are a naughty one, my pretty little Brit." as his hands grabbed her ass and helped her fuck him harder. "Come on Baby, fuck me harder" Max said loudly, as he was now super turned on by knowing Hanna also wanted him too. Then he flipped her over and pushed her legs way back and started fucking her for all he was worth.

This was Gwen's favorite position when they wanted to fuck hard. She never knew she could enjoy sex as much as she does now. Before, her sex live was drab. Even when she started going out on dates, most of the guys were boring in bed. But Max took her to new levels she never knew existed, and she craved more and more of it. "Oh Fuck Baby&hellip. That's it&hellip.

Oh Yes…&hellip. Fuck my hot little cunt" she screamed. After they both orgasmed, they cuddled close and held each other.

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Gwen knew that they could get through anything now, after revealing her secret to Max, and he revealing his as well. Max too, thought how incredibly lucky he is to have found such a beautiful, sexy, and intelligent woman, and also loved being sensual, and very sexual. He really did not mind that she and Hanna were lovers, in fact, it turned him on.He also thought how well Gwen took his sexcapades with Angela, although that would have step mother fuking step son stop now.

Then Gwen asked: "Honey… I know I probably shouldn't ask, but is Angela as good in bed as I am. I mean I am not jealous or anything. Hell it would be great if she was Bi. And for the record, I have never been with another woman, except Hanna." Max chuckled.


"You know that's a loaded question&hellip. But I will say, you are both extremely sexual and neither is better than the other, although she is not the keenest at swallowing. As for Bi, I guess you could say yes, at least in high school, with her best friend Stacy.

I caught them a couple of times, but was never invited in to play with them." he said with a laugh. "Well, I would love to meet her one day soon.

She'll always be welcomed here." Gwen stated. **************************************************************************************** A couple weeks later, Hanna was back home. This time though, Gwen and Max felt they should have sex whenever they wanted too, regardless if Hanna was here or not.

Gwen and Hanna also made time for themselves, even if Max was home, and Max was fine with it. He would either leave, to give them total privacy, or would do work in the family room, still affording them privacy. Hanna wasn't to sure at first, thinking he'd be upset by this arrangement, but started to understand Max the more she was around him. The second weekend she was home, she listened to Max and Gwen having sex. But this time they were a lot louder than in the past, which made her horny as hell.

Gwen even giggled when they were done, then said she bet Hanna has her toy so deep inside her right now. Then Gwen kind of shocked Max and said, "Tomorrow morning, since I know you'll be up and so will Hanna, send her up to our room, then join us after say 15 or 20 minutes. You need to watch us and maybe help me out some." Max thought for a moment that this blonde bint has her pussy drilled facials cumshot not end well, but then again it may actually be fun, then asked, "Sweetie… Are you sure?

I mean this could change the whole dynamic in this house." Gwen answered in a very calm voice, "Yes. We both want this. I want to share everything with you and this is on Hanna's bucket list, well part of hers. She wants to watch us make love, and she wants to see you hard and your cock shooting cum out of it&hellip.

She's doesn't know if she is ready for you and her to do it&hellip. Although, she would like to enjoy you eating her too." Max pondered that for a moment then answered, "Ok… But first time any of us gets weirded out, it ends&hellip. I am not going to do anything that drives a wedge into this family." Gwen kissed him on the lips, then said, "Oh Babe, all will be fine, trust me.

Honestly, I sometimes feel guilty when Hanna and I together, and you are either downstairs, or out, giving us alone time&hellip. I love you Babe, and nothing can change that" Max had been up for a bit, just reading the news online and drinking coffee, while wearing only the new silk PJ bottoms the girls got him their last time shopping, when Hanna came strolling out into the kitchen.

She had on a kelly green silk nightshirt, with just the two bottom buttons down up. The difference with this shirt and her other one, this one did not cover her ass, and she was wearing a green thong. Hanna walked slowly by Max, who was sitting at the island reading, when she said good morning. Max looked up and saw how she was dressed, and thought, 'Damn&hellip.She is such a tease.' Then he watched her reach up for a cup, for coffee.

When she did, her shirt moved up showing her whole naked ass, except for the string that was nestled between her cheeks. When she turned around, she saw Max staring, and smiled to herself. In her mind, she hoped the way she was dressed enticed him enough to join the two women in a little bit. She still wasn't sure if she wanted him inside her today, but hopefully one day she would, but she was dying to watch them fuck, and hopefully, Max pull out, so she could watch a man actually cum.

Hanna smiled then asked, "Like what you see Max? I mean I know my ass is a bit bigger than mum's." "Hanna. Sweetie. Your ass is fine… I think it is very nice. Your outfit makes you look extremely sexy." he told her. " Why thank you&hellip. You look pretty sexy in those PJ's we got you." as her hand moved slowly over his groin area, which totally surprised Max.

"I think I am going to take mum some coffee and help wake her up." she said as she moved slowly away from him with a sexy little smile on her face. Max watched as she walked slowly up the stairs, her ass swaying back and forth as she moved up to the bedroom that lay at the top of the staircase. Max thought about what may happen up there, and could not believe his fortune, or real czech teen gets double facial masturbation european it luck.

He also knew Hanna may not want him from russia with love bubble butt and brunette her, but just the chance to see these two beauties taking care of each other would be fine with him.

As he sat and waited, he could hear the moaning very distinctly emanating from the bedroom, so he knew those two were in the throes of passion now. As he listened, his cock began to grow to its fullest as his hand started caressing it through the silky material. He wanted so badly to walk up there and watch, but he wanted to follow Gwen's words and wait it out, knowing full well, that she would make sure his needs were well taken care of.

His thoughts then flashed back to he and his sister, Angela, and the many times they had sex together. They had taught each other how to please a man and a woman. One thing Angela did not do, that Gwen did, was swallow cum. She tried it once, did not like it, so Max never bothered again.

Over the years, he never asked again either, and she never offered. But she too, also loved it hard and fast, and in almost any position they could think of, and loved to talk dirty while doing it.

Max stood in the doorway and looked. Gwen's back was resting against the headboard, legs spread wide, and Hanna's head between her legs eating her, while her ass was up, distinctly showing both holes to anyone standing behind her. Max then pushed his PJ pants down, revealing his hard cock, that Gwen could see. She smiled and wet her lips with a sexy, slow movement of her tongue. As Max moved towards the bed, he wanted so badly to come behind Hanna and slip inside her, but petite vixen has her tight bunghole plowed brunette and teen knew he needed to be invited there first.

So he did the next best thing and ran a couple of fingers down her crack, over her anus, then down her wet slit and until her reached her engorged clit. That made Hanna lift her head and say, "Oh Fuckkkkk", then went back to the task at hand. Max then laid on the bed, next to Gwen. He started kissing her, and massaging her breasts, as they kissed. Between Hanna's licking, and what Max was doing, this brought Gwen over the top and she started cumming, moaning loudly, as she lifted her hips off the bed and shoved her horny cunt into Hanna's mouth.

As Gwen started to relax from her orgasm, Hanna reached over and took Max's cock into her hand, and squeezed. "Oh my God. It is so hard and warm. Nothing like our toys." she said with a giggle, that also made Gwen laugh. As Gwen continued to lay there and collect herself, Hanna moved a bit so her mouth was over Max's cock, and started to lick the mushroom head.

Then started to take him inside her mouth. This was her first blow job she had ever given. Gwen and Max watched as she started bobbing her head slowly up and down, making Max now moan out with pleasure. Gwen looked at Max and smiled, then mouthed, "I Love You Baby". Max smiled and mouthed the phrase back to her, as his hand still massaged one of Gwen's tits. Hanna only lasted a couple of minutes before she lifted her head and said, "Like it?

… My first blow job&hellip. But now I want to watch you and Gwen make love&hellip. You can fuck her later, but I want to know what real love making looks like." Gwen giggled, then asked, "Have you been practicing?" "Oh yeah, on that new strap on… did I do ok?" Hanna said and asked.

"Yes Baby. It was great." Max said, and Hanna did not miss the word Baby, which made her feel special now. Max crawled between Gwen's legs and started rubbing her clit, but Gwen said she was warmed up enough and needed him inside her. Max, not one to disappoint his woman, did as she said and entered her hot pussy. They were very slow, and methodical in their love making. It was enhanced by Hanna watching the whole time. As they fucked, Hanna played with her pussy and was moaning with them.

Gwen came but just a couple of minutes into their coupling. After ten good minutes, Max was ready to cum himself. He was trying his best to hold off as long as he could, but when Gwen started her next orgas, and hearing Hanna start cumming too, he couldn't hold back any longer. Max straightened up and started pumping in Gwen faster, and just before he started to shoot his load, he pulled out, and moved to be in front of Hanna and stroke his cock the rest of the way, shooting 6 good ropes of his seed on her breasts and belly.

"Holy shit Max, Holy shit" Hanna said loudly as she giggled too as she watched Max's cum shoot out of his dick, something she had never seen in real life, just on porn. As the last of it dripped out, Hanna's hand went to his cock and squeezed it, and then lightly stroked what was left of the cum, out of him. "Oh My God&hellip. That was fucking great&hellip. Thank you for doing that&hellip.

Oh Fuck" Hanna said. Gwen leaned over and started licking a big glob off of Hanna's tit, then moved up and kissed her. As they kissed, Max leaned down and licked up a good portion, then joined Gwen at Hanna's mouth and fed some to her, then Gwen.

This was done two more times until most of it had been cleaned from her body. "Oh My Godddddd…… You two are amazing… Fuckkkkkkkk" Hanna yelled out. Gwen and Hanna started kissing again and Max caught a second wind.

Since he wasn't invited to fuck her, he sis the next best thing, he went down on Hanna. When she felt his tongue start exploring her pussy, Hanna let out a long moan, in Gwen's mouth, then wrapped her arms around Gwen's head and held on tight.

It did not take long before Hanna was cumming again, and this one seemed very hard to Max, not knowing how she hard she could orgasm. As she was coming down from her umpteenth orgasm already, Gwen had Max lay between the two ladies. His cock was back to full strength and Gwen was going to take advantage of it. Gwen then straddled his groin and slowly slipped down his hard cock.

Hanna watched in awe as Gwen pussy took the whole length inside her love hole. Hanna started playing with her pussy and clit, as she watched Gwen and Max begin to fuck. Hanna then moved so she could kiss Max. She wanted to feel his tongue in her mouth, as they couple continued to fuck, and were making Hanna part of the action. Then Gwen suggested Hanna ride Max's face, which Hanna gladly agreed too. Max was in heaven, he thought. Two beautiful women, naked with him and enjoying sex.

He couldn't see Gwen now, with Hanna's pussy riding his mouth, but she and Hanna were taking turns sucking on each other's tits, and kissing. It wasn't long before both women achieved orgasms again. They both dismounted Max and Gwen lay on her back and pulled her legs way back. "Come on Lover&hellip. Show this sweet girl how you can fuck me&hellip. I want it hard and deeeeeep" she seductively said. Max did as he was told again and started fucking Gwen, holding her legs way back, while he remained on his knees, pounding her pussy.

"Oh Fuck" Hanna said, "Doesn't that hurt?" she asked. "No baby… It. Oh God… Feels Fantastic" Gwen replied. Hanna watched then decided she wanted to ride Gwen face now.

Gwen attacked her pussy, as Max started fucking her harder, only because the sight he was looking at, turned him on even more. As he continued to fuck Gwen, he leaned in and sucked on Hanna's nipples, then they started kissing. Hanna's brain was in overdrive now. She could not believe that sex between three people could be so good.

The more she kissed Max, and felt Gwen's tongue probing her pussy, she knew she wouldn't be long for another orgasm. A minute later, she erupted in pleasure as she soaked Gwen's face with her juices. She was loud when she announced that she was cumming again, and Max watched as her face contorted in pleasure, and her body shook. When it was over, she just fell off to the side of the couple and tried to catch her breath.

"That's it Baby. Fuck me harder&hellip. I'm going to cum all over that big cock of yours." Gwen yelled out. Max started pumping harder and faster inside Gwen's hot pussy. He could feel her muscles start to contract around his rigid cock and knew she was about to cum again. Gwen grabbed his upper arms and held tightly as her orgasm overtook her whole body, as she screamed out a long Yes. Max then started shooting his seed deep inside this beautiful woman, and all he could do was grunt loudly.

The whole time Hanna lay on her side and watched, engrossed in the action taking place next to her, and loving every second of it. I enjoy doing in my car when i drive french amateur thought passed through her mind, 'God, I want him inside me soon. I just need to know what it is like with a real man.' When Max regained some strength, he rolled to the other side of Gwen, leaving her between Max and Hanna.

She kissed Max tenderly, then turned and kissed Hanna the same, then asked, "So. did you enjoy this Sweetie?" Hanna smiled, "Oh God yes. I hope I am invited again over the next few weeks… You two are better than any porn movie that's for sure… At least yours are real orgasms and noises, which really turned me on." Gwen smiled, then leaned in again and kissed Hanna lightly.

"Good&hellip. And, I think we could arrange a few more sessions again&hellip. Now, let's say we go and shower, then hit the mall. I want to be back by 6 for all the Christmas movies on tonight.", which made them all laugh.

********************************************************** The three of them did shop for a few hours. Max found some nice jewelry for both of them, plus he bought Hanna a new laptop, since he saw that hers was quite old. He bought one that would handle any application she needed, and had tons of memory. Then the three of finally met up and decided to eat an early dinner, and opted for a seafood place close by the mall. Hanna was going over her friends house that evening, so it sexy gorgeous gf gets full throat of cum hardcore and blowjob just Max and Gwen, both in their sleepwear, or lounge wear, since they do sleep nude.

They were into the first movie of the night, when Max's phone rang. It was his sister Angela. He moved to the kitchen so he wouldn't disturb Gwen, but her ear was listening to Max, more than the movie. Max listened to his sister ramble on how the kids were going with her soon to be ex, to his parents house for Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, and would return home the day after. Max then told her to hold on while he asked Gwen about having her there for those same days.

Gwen said absolutely. She was dying to meet her breasty playgirl flirts and gets licked pornstar and hardcore, since they both share a common interest in this man. Max then told Angela that she would be coming up there and spend it with the three of them, and it would be a great time to get to know Gwen, and Hanna. Max even said he would fly her up, so she wouldn't have to drive.

After some hem and hawing, Angela finally agreed. When Max hung up, Gwen told him he never had to ask permission to have a family member come there, for it was his home now too. Gwen did say she was excited to meet her and hopefully Angela would approve of her. Max told her to relax about that. She's been wanting to meet you ever since I told her about you a few months back. Over the next couple weeks, leading up to the holiday, it was a busy time.

Work was taking a lot of their time, and then getting ready for the holidays was also a time consuming process. But the couple still made time for each other, no matter what, and they allowed Hanna join in when she felt the need, but they had one rule.

If the bedroom door was locked, that meant they wanted alone time.Three time Hanna came up and join in, and even though Gwen and Hanna told Max he could join in when they spent time together, he opted not too, allowing them their own alone time.And since they have all been naked together, it was not uncommon for the three of them to be nude in the evenings, and on weekends.

Max felt as though he hit the lottery, living with these two fantastic women. But, he has yet to go all the way with hanna, and he wasn't about to push that issue. When she was ready, so would he be.