Sexy zoey laine wants dads cock in her pussy

Sexy zoey laine wants dads cock in her pussy
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It was late, gone 7 and already three babes sharing two dicks at party realslutparty and deepthroat outside. Christina had had a trying day in the office and was tired and ready to go home for a long, hot bath and a glass of wine. Packing her things up into her bag she was startled to hear a door close in the other section of the office. She had thought she was the only one left, everyone else had gone home at least an hour earlier.

She had only stayed behind to finish a presentation for the next day, she hadn't want to leave until it was perfect. Fastening her coat she turned around to see Ed, one of the guys from Finance, throw his papers down on his desk and slump down in his chair. He didn't look happy. She didn't know Ed well but had seen him around and found him incredibly attractive. He wasn't her usual type but there was something about the way he came across that was very sexy, almost like he didn't quite realise how good looking he was.

She doubted he even knew her name, she was pretty new to the company and kept herself to herself- she wanted to do well and was quite shy with the opposite sex.

That's not to say she didn't like sex, she just had a very discreet way of carrying herself so no one would know what she really got up to in the bedroom, or wherever else took her fancy.

Anyway, now she found herself with a dilemma…he hadn't college xxxcom he amazing storys her but would hear her if she left. Yet she felt uncomfortable speaking to him, especially if he was as pissed off as he appeared. Which he clearly was, he was slamming desk drawers and sighing loudly, 'Fuck!' she heard him exclaim.

She looked over at him and studied him intently, He looked so hot as he sat with his head in both hands on the desk, a look of pure frustration on his face. She must have been daydreaming because his voice brought her back to reality with a bang.

"Hey, everything ok?" He was staring at her with an unexpectedly warm smile. "You're a million miles away&hellip." Shit. She'd been caught gawping red handed. "Umm yes, sorry, I was just looking who else was in the office, I heard someone…' she stuttered. God, she was such an idiot, digging herself deeper into a massive hole. "He knows you were checking him out "she thought, cursing herself. As if he would ever be interested in her.

"Well, it's just me…" he shot her a shy grin. She felt her stomach flip over. "Sorry, I just had a really bad call with some clients", he continued.

"Totally fucked it up- I'll be here until midnight if I can't sort this out. I was just letting off steam before I have to start looking at this spreadsheet again". "Oh, I thought it must be something like that.

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Can I help at all?" the words came out of her mouth before she had even thought them through. Like he would want her help with anything. He would probably laugh in her face. She was just about to brush it off and say "no, of course there isn't, I was just joking" when Ed cut in with "well, I could really do with a second pair of eyes to try and see where I have gone wrong with this, if you have time?" The exhaustion she had felt 5 minutes previously transformed into a flicker of excitement.

She didn't know why, he only wanted her to look at a spreadsheet, it was hardly like he was asking her out on a date but it had been a while since she had had any male attention having split up with her boyfriend a couple of months previously. She'd preferred to keep focused in her new job for a while.

It had been a good few months since she had last had any sexual contact with a guy and she couldn't deny she was incredibly frustrated- her vibrator was great but no replacement for the touch and scent of a real man.

"No problem, let me just take off my coat and I'll be right over" she replied, more confidently than she felt. "Before we start can I get you a coffee or something?

It might help?" "Coffee? Thanks, but no" he replied, "I have something stronger in my desk that I keep for nights like this when I have to work late." Opening his bottom drawer he pulled out a bottle of whiskey and poured a generous measure into two plastic cups. Pulling another chair over to his desk, he gestured for her to sit down.

"It's really good of you to offer to help me like this, surely you must have something far more exciting to do than spend your evening with me?" he said. Christina suddenly realised that in spite of his normal office bravado, he was actually a little bit shy and he seemed slightly nervous in her presence. She spotted him sneaking a look at her breasts through her white shirt, he saw that she had caught him looking and he started to blush slightly. Taking a swig of the whiskey she set down her cup huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi smiled back.

"Not really" she replied. "I had no plans. Come on, let's see what we can get sorted here" They both stared intently at the data on the screen and Ed began to talk her through the issues he was facing. As he talked, Christina took another sip of the whiskey and felt herself begin to relax slightly.

In fact she was struggling to concentrate- their faces were so close together, she wondered what it would be like to kiss him. It had been so long since she had been physical with a man and unless she was very mistaken, she felt that he was attracted to her too. Although Ed was talking, he kept trailing off and seemed distracted.

Every now and again he would look her in the eye and she ached to reach out and touch his face, hair, everything. Christ, she was horny. She felt herself start to get wet, the sexual tension between them suddenly seemed palpable. She was worried that he could sense how turned on she felt and yet at the same time she didn't care.


The warmth of the alcohol was making her feel more confident, and the growing pulse from her pussy was becoming harder to ignore. Flustered, she shifted in her seat. She found herself staring at his hands, wondering how it would feel to have his long index finger rubbing on her clit. Or probing inside her. Or how his hands would feel running down her body, over her tits, down to her hips.

He cheeks coloured as he looked up. He was staring at her again. "You're not listening are you?" he questioned gently. God, this was becoming unbearable. Did he feel the same? Glancing down, she saw the answer to her question. He was sat with his legs slightly apart and his excitement was clearly visible in the form of a raging hard on. She raised her eyes and looked him in the eye "No.

I'm not. I'm sorry. I'm not listening at all. I'm thinking about something entirely different instead" She had no idea where the confidence came from, but she reached down to feel him through his trousers.

She felt his dick respond and instantly harden as she gently squeezed the growing bulge under the fabric. She could feel the head of his cock and rubbed her thumb rhythmically over it, exerting just the right amount of pressure to make him groan as he leaned backwards in the chair, spreading his legs in anticipation of what was to come. Christina moved closer. She was incredibly turned on and could feel the familiar twitch and growing wetness sex poren bulu ketek lebat her pussy that signaled she was ready to give Ed everything he appeared to need and more.

She leaned in to kiss him- gently at first, just lips on lips, savouring the moment, and then within seconds she had her hand round the back of his head, her fingers grasping his hair and pulling him further into her mouth, their tongues urgently exploring each other. Ed moaned into her mouth as she moved to straddle him in the chair. Her tight skirt rode up exposing the tops of her stockings.

Fuck, all the days he had watched her walking around the office, wanted her.he had imagined the stockings and underwear that lay beneath the clinging skirts and trousers. Now he knew. Sheer black stockings and the glimpse of black satin panties, the tight, thin fabric revealing the outline of her bulging sex underneath.

She shifted slightly so that she was sitting directly on top of him, feeling him throbbing through his trousers. She could bear it no longer and reached down to unzip his fly. His dick sprang out and she sank down onto her knees on the floor in front of him, ready to give him a long, hard sucking. She licked the head, already there was a drop of pre cum which had leaked out, the taste of it fired her up even more and she sank her whole mouth down and took him right to the back of her throat.

She felt so dirty and up for anything. He groaned and grabbed a handful of her soft hair and began to fuck her hot, wet mouth. He was big but Christina took it all and was clearly loving it, she slipped horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed hand into his trousers to cup his bollocks and stroke the base of his dick.

He fucked her mouth faster and faster, she gagged slightly but neither cared, she wanted to taste every part of him, the smell of him was driving her wild.

She didn't want to stop but her own urgent need made her crave his hard length in her soaking pussy. She slowly pulled him out of her mouth, licked her lips, stood and turned so she was bent over the chair. "Fuck me.

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Now. This way" she instructed with a new found wantonness. "Take off my underwear, taste my pussy and jennifer and taylor screw with a strapon masturbation and brunette fuck me, hard".

He didn't need to be asked twice- he couldn't believe that she was asking him, nearly begging in fact, to fuck her. Standing up from the chair his trousers fell to his ankles. She turned further round and tugged his boxers down over his hips, his erection springing up, and rock hard and so ready. He leaned forward and hooked his finger inside her underwear and pulled it to one side, with his other hand he felt down between her legs for the very first time. She gasped as he touched her soft wetness and then probed gently inside her before raising his fingers to his mouth to inhale her blond latin bomb fucked by the pool and then put them in his mouth to taste her.

Fuck, it was so good. He was desperate to go exploring down there properly with his tongue. He grabbed her hair, roughly pulling her towards him to kiss her again, so she too could taste herself. She kissed him back with equally crazed passion, biting his lower lip before pulling away.

"No more". Christina said breathlessly. "Taste me later. I need you inside me now, it can't wait." Turning away from him again, she moved from the chair and instead, bent forward over the table, her skirt hitched up round her waist, her curvy ass exposed. He moved forward and pressed himself against her. He slipped the soft satin fabric of her underwear down as far as the suspenders would allow, his hands lingering at the suspender belt, the sight of which made him harder still, but she began to push back on him, opening her legs slightly so he could see her glistening sex fully and could control himself no longer.

Parting her legs further, he felt down and guided himself to her entrance. She was so wet already, with one thrust he was inside her. He groaned loudly with relief at finally feeling her tight and hot around him. She pushed herself back so his whole length was inside her and began to buck hard against him, moving her hips backwards and forwards with such fervour that he barely needed to move himself. He had expected her to want to take it slowly, yet was perfectly apparent that that was not the case.

"Harder" she ordered, "Fuck me, I want you to make me come hard around you". His pace quickened in response, thrusting in and out, his balls slapping against her, covered in her sweet juices.

He reached around to feel her breasts as he fucked her-she was still wearing her bra, there hadn't been time to take it off. He managed to undo the clasp with one hand and her gorgeous soft round tits were free.

Rubbing his thumb across her rock hard left nipple for the first time she writhed and jolted against him in response to the touch. The combined sensation of touching her breast and feeling himself drive in and out of her was already bringing him close to cumming. He sensed by her breathing and the intensity of her moans that she was close too. He wanted to tease her, take back control from the pace she was dictating and so pulled himself almost completely out if her and paused.

"Oh God don't stop" she begged, "please, fuck me hard I'm cumming." As he rammed himself back inside her to the hilt he felt himself explode and his body was taken over by the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

At the same time he felt her coming hard around him, she cried out, he felt her body tense and then finally relax as her orgasm washed over her. Sated, they clung to each other, his weight pushing her down onto the desk, neither of them wanting him to withdraw. "God that's was amazing". Ed pulled himself up and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Jesus, you have no idea of how many times I have fantasised about something like this happening with you but I never for once imagined it was reciprocated. And I never dreamed it would be that good". Christina laughed. Wow, What a thrill. A guy she had been eyeing up for weeks had been thinking about fucking her too. And what a fuck it had been. The frustration of the day had evaporated, there was a feeling of complicity between them, and the fact that he had clearly had such a good time was a massive confidence boost.

It gave her an idea. She wasn't done yet, and by the look of Ed's cock, which was appearing to grow again as he stared at her breasts which were pouring out of her blouse since he had undone her bra, neither was he.

Grinning wickedly, she unclipped one of her stockings. ''Can you help me with this?" she asked him coquettishly, "I need to get them off. Can you roll them down for me?" Quick as a flash Ed was on his knees, his hands all over her legs, pulling the stockings and then her underwear slowly down her thighs, over her calves and lingering at her ankles and feet.

There was so much of her he still wanted to explore, what they had done so far simply wasn't enough. He took the stockings off and brushed them over his cheek, they smelled of her, it was so sexy it made him rock hard again. "Oh, do you like those?" Christina asked innocently.


"I always wear them. Had you noticed?" Of course he had. He had spent many a distracted moment in meetings trying to look at her legs under the desk, imagining what lay beneath her tight skirts.

This had exceeded all expectations. "Sit", she commanded. "Back in your chair". He did as he was told and within minutes she found she was deftly fastening his wrists to the arms of the chair with the stockings as a very special sort of restraint. He could have ripped them but was enjoying being owned by this woman, so sat back and waited to see what was going to happen next.

He wasn't disappointed. Removing her shirt and discarding the bra that hung loosely about her chest, Christina straddled him again and this time, rubbed her ample breasts gently across his face.


He groaned in frustration at not being able to reach out and touch them, but instead flicked out his tongue to try and lick her hard pink nipples. Emboldened by being completely in control, Christina moved forward and placed her arms around Ed's head, pulling him towards her so he had free access to kiss and bite her tits. She screamed with pleasure as he sucked hard on her nipples and arched her back, so she could feel his length pushing against her wetness once again. She literally ached to fuck him.

Raising herself up slightly, she took hold of him and positioned him so that she could just sink down and take him fully inside her, which she did with a loud moan of pleasure. He felt amazing. He groaned out loud himself and yet again she began to set the pace, riding him slowly, taking all of his length and then pulling out nearly to the head before easing back down on him again.

It was her favourite position, she had missed it so much. She could feel everything, control him and kiss him hard at the same time. Her tongue probed his mouth frantically, while her thighs gripped his and she moved on top of him faster and faster. Powerless to push her down onto him due to the restraints in his hands, Ed had to content himself with pushing up against her, but he was at her mercy and as she rode him harder he felt his orgasm build again.

Fuck, what was this woman doing to him? He had never been this turned on in his life before, she knew exactly which buttons to press.

And press them she did, he could control himself no longer and he felt himself pumping her full of his hot cum for a second time, his body held in an earth shattering orgasm that made him weak at the knees and momentarily lose all grip on reality.

It was only as he heard Christina moaning and gasping that he knew she was also in the throes of another orgasm, her chest and face flushed, "Fuck, Fuck Ed, I am cumming again" she cried out. She gripped his arms tightly as she tried to steady herself as her body was totally overtaken with waves of pleasure. He had never experienced a woman come hot emo looking brunette stunning cutie masterbate no hd hard like that before.

Her body slowly began to relax as they gradually came back down to earth. Smiling at each other, Christina reached down to untie the stockings from his wrists. "We don't want to rip these do we?" she said with a wink. 'I'll need to be wearing them tomorrow".

Ed grinned. With that thought in mind, tomorrow was going to be a very good day indeed.