Agedlove lacey starr fucking hard with soldier

Agedlove lacey starr fucking hard with soldier
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I was cowering in a corner of my cell, when I heard the sharp click-clack of high heels on a stone floor. I pictured, with dry humour, a sexy warden wearing high heels and coming to punish the poor prisoner. That was what kept my spirits up in this wretched place; humour and fantasies.

As the person with heels came closer, I was able to glance at her through the small barred hole on the cell door. Even from afar, she seemed like a formidable woman beautiful face, long black hair, dressed in black from head to toe, and she somehow had this air about her… I can't explain it, except that maybe the best word to describe her presence would be 'charisma'. As she spoke to the jailor, her hands emphasized her words with vivid gestures.

The jailor seemed scared, but showed admirable courage in denying the lady what daddy fucks his playmates daughter xxx the study swap demanded.

I already knew, watching from afar and without being able to make out the words of their conversation, that this woman had the self-confidence of someone who was rarely or never denied. And as it turned out, she wasn't this time either; when the jailor refused to give in, she up and walked away, only to return a few moments later with the poor jailor's superior. And this mysterious lady was granted an access to the prison.


I was curious about this woman, and very much in love, even before I had ever talked to her. As she walked past my cell, I retreated from my watching spot, only to see her come towards my door and ask the jailor to unlock it. I retreated all the way into the corner, suddenly terrified. Even if being alone in my cell meant being lonely, someone coming to my cell usually meant very bad news.


The woman stepped in, and the jailor closed the door behind her. For a while she just stood there, watching me. Teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman avoided her gaze, but stole glances of her hands. Those big, strong, soft hands I suddenly wanted to touch.

She didn't japanese attractive hotties get wet with vibrator squirting and hardcore any closer, respecting my personal boundaries; instead, she spoke to me. "Come here," she said, her voice soft and bereft of all that demanding tone she had used on the jailor. "Don't be afraid," she added when I hesitated. I took a cautious step closer, but hesitated again.

I wanted to ask who she was. And what she was doing here. What she wanted of me? I wanted to believe she didn't mean me any harm, but as long as I wasn't sure I could not be at ease at her presence. As I stood there, eyeing her still not her face, only those beautiful hands and the high-heeled shoes she was wearing she extended her hand to me.

"Come on," she renewed her plea, her voice even softer this time. "I'll take care of you." I froze at those words, and slowly lifted my gaze to meet her eyes. Seeing the warmth in them made me take a slow breath, just to steady my racing heart. And no more hesitating; I closed the distance between us, taking her extended hand, and she pulled me into an embrace.

I closed my eyes as she pulled my head against her chest, caressing my hair. I inhaled her scent, a sweet perfume, not too overwhelming but certainly noticeable. For a long while, we just stood there, as she was holding me close and stroking my hair, rocking me softly in her arms.

After what felt like an eternity, she planted a soft kiss on my head, then lead me to sit on the bed. Sitting beside me she cleared a strand of hair from my face, then took my hands into hers. As she was looking at me, I knew I could tell her anything I wished.

"What's your name?" I asked. My voice was hoarse, since I hadn't spoken aloud in days. She lifted her hand to caress my cheek as she replied, "I'm Kaliopi." Content with that answer, I leaned in to rest my head on her shoulder. She kept stroking me, my cheek, my hands, my arms, my thigh. There was a long moment of silence, until I lifted my head to look at her one more time. She had a somewhat Slavonic face with the big nose I always liked in Slavonic girls and long, very straight black hair, and judging by the wrinkles on her face she was in her mid-40s.

Suddenly I realized I was staring at her lips, and wanting to do a lot more than just stare. I leaned in again, to whisper into her ear, "Te sakam." A wonderfully useful phrase, since it means both "I love you" and "I want you". I stayed close to her ear, knowing I was so close she could feel my breath. After a while I slowly retreated to meet tasty vixen taste cum after sucking teen dick eyes again.

The warmth in them was still there. I placed my hand on her cheek and leaned in.and the first touch of those lips was all but divine. She kissed me back, so tenderly I feared my heart would burst. As she slipped her tongue into my mouth, I inhaled sharply and, unconsciously, pushed my body against hers. Her hands were caressing my back and my sides, and the kiss that had started out so tender and delicate was becoming more and more passionate. She now took the lead, peeling my shirt off but never stopping the kissing for long.

Then she gently pushed me down to lie on the bed, and came next to me, her hands now caressing my stomach. Hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock can't even describe how wonderful those fingers felt on my bare skin.

When her hand touched my breast through the fabric of my bra, the feeling made me hold my breath long enough for her to let out a small chuckle and remind me to keep breathing. I smiled as I resumed breathing, and her hands kept traveling on my skin. Soon, she added another sensation, softly brushing her lips on the side of my neck. I tilted my head to give her better access, and she used the opportunity to kiss the same spot properly this time.

She even sucked gently, not hard enough to leave a mark but hard enough to draw a very needy little moan out of me and make my hips buckle against her. She smiled against my neck, a smile that I could not see but could feel on my skin, and kept planting kisses down my neck.

Her hand now rested on my inner thigh, and I was very aware of it being there, almost where I needed it the most but not quite. But she managed to distract me by placing a kiss on my breast, just on the border of the fabric of the bra. As I subconsciously arched my back, she slipped a hand under me and unhooked my bra, then swiftly removed the garment. It was gone so fast that I almost didn't notice.

As the bra was discarded, she now had full access to my breasts. She placed small kisses on the skin, then swept her tongue over a nipple, making me arch my back again. She sucked the nipple into her mouth, stroking her fingers over the other one. I bit my lower lip, seeing in my mind how those beautiful fingers with bright red nail polish looked like on my breast.

As she kept licking and stroking, my body was moving on its own accord, and I was becoming so wet that I seriously needed to lose my pants. Which she understood soon, taking a break from the caressing in order to pull my pants away. Panties followed suit without further ado, and so I was completely naked. Which reminded me of the fact that I wanted to see that gorgeous body of hers, too.

She had managed to charm me so completely that I had literally been mindless for a while.

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Knowing that I couldn't keep my wits about me under her administrations, I decided to act quickly. Yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock opened my eyes (when had I closed them?) and tugged the hem of her shirt, not finding words but wishing to communicate my intentions by gaze.

She understood, lifted herself up a bit and removed the shirt. I lifted myself too, slowly bringing my hands to touch those big, soft breasts. After a while, she smiled at me and removed her bra, after which I simply couldn't resist and took one of those beautiful nipples in my mouth.

She placed her hand on the back of my head and arched her back, and I was happy to fulfill that unspoken wish, sucking a bit harder, then licking, then sucking again. She took my hand and guided it to the other breast, then covered it with her hand, leaving my hand comfortably squeezed between her breast and her hand.

Her quickened breath and soft sighs were music to my ears. After a long while of enjoying those gorgeous breasts, I lifted my eyes to see her face again. She placed a finger under my chin and gently brought me up to kiss her lips again. I did so, my hands on her shoulders, as she gently swept me back to lying down on the bed, this time coming over me, parting my legs and positioning herself between them. As her sex touched mine the first time, I gasped and ground myself against her, desperate for greater contact.

She repositioned so that her sex was now against my thigh, and her thigh against my slit. I wrapped my arms around her neck as we found a steady rhythm of grinding against each other, pulling her down for a kiss.


She tucked her long hair behind her ear, then took my hand and pushed it down on the male suspect banged by female lp officer, above my head, her fingers intertwining with mine.

She bit my lower lip, so gently it didn't hurt, but sent millions of little shivers down my spine, making me gasp into her mouth. As my breathing was getting quicker, she leaned close to my ear so I could hear and feel her equally excited breath, then she nibbled at my earlobe, making me moan aloud. She then lifted herself a bit, and I almost cried at the lost contact. She more than made up for it however, sliding two fingers into my dripping wet cunt. As she set a steady pace, my hips buckled to meet her hand with every thrust.

Her lips were still only an inch away from my ear. "Do you want to come?" she whispered in a low, husky voice. I was too far gone to utter a simple coherent sentence, but I made a sound in the affirmative. And a desperate one at that. She kissed me on the lips, long and deep, and then leaned close to my ear again.

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"Come on my hand, little one. I'll be here for you. I'll take care of you." Those words again, and her quiet, husky voice, her breath in my ear she drove me over the edge. And she kept me there, kept me riding the wave of my orgasm, holding me close and safe at the same time.

It seemed nasty honey gets team fucked at home last for several minutes, and when I finally came back down, she squeezed me tightly against herself, kissing me on the cheek, on the forehead, keeping her arms tightly wrapped around me. I eased myself into her touch, feeling safer and more comfortable than I ever had.

I fell asleep in her arms, as she was idly caressing me, sometimes muttering sweet little words for me. Somehow I knew I would be safe, and she would still be there when I'd wake up. I don't think I had ever slept that peacefully before, as I did in her arms that night.

She kept her promise; she was taking care of me.