Freaky teen zoe doll loves having wild sex in the street pornstars brunette

Freaky teen zoe doll loves having wild sex in the street pornstars brunette
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just from the other night with my girl and i, i just thought i would share it in a story! CLICK "Did you just take a photo?" "Yes." "Who said you could do that?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"I did." She smiled, pulling her towel up, covering herself. "Are you through?" "No," he said. "Take the towel off." She looked at him, thinking about his words. She was relatively camera shy, but when he was forceful like this, she melted. Against her better judgment, she let the terry cloth fall into a pink pool at her feet. He raised his iPhone. CLICK. "You look amazing," he said, rotating his camera.

CLICK. "Yeah?" she said, her hands on her hips. Her brown hair still wet, hanging straight down, covering her breasts. She pushed one leg forward, coyly covering her pussy with her hand. She had shaved for him in the shower, her skin still glistening. "Grab the counter," he said. "Bend over. Look back at me." "No way," she said.

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"I didn't ask." "You are still clothed. Get undressed, and maybe." He smiled. He kicked off his shoes and slung off his jeans, his boxer briefs and t-shirt flying off next. She was happy to see he was already hard, his cock thick and pulsating as he picked his camera up off the bed.


"Your turn," he said. She paused. She'd taken photos like this before, but she was usually alone. Still, she had trouble saying no. She moved to the bathroom counter, grabbing the cold marble, bending at the waist, her legs spread, looking over her shoulder. CLICK. "Like this?" she asked, arching her back. "Fuck," he said. CLICK. "Turn around." She complied. "Grab your tits, rub them for me." CLICK.

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Her pussy was already wet, soaked. She could feel it dripping down her inner thighs. Rubbing her sensitive nipples did not help.

"Anything else?" she asked, challenging him. "Touch yourself." She rubbed her cuties drill boyfriends asshole with big strapon dildos and splatter c amateur and babe, smiling. "Like this?" "Lower." "Where?" He smiled.

"Touch your pussy." She kept eye contact, staring straight ahead at him. He made her feel sexy. She slid her hands down her stomach, over her mound, letting her fingers disappear between her wet thighs. Her fingertips brushed against her lips, settling on her hard clit. CLICK. She rubbed the sensitive area, sending tingling sensations up and down her body.

CLICK. Her ass leaned against the counter, her legs suddenly feeling weak. CLICK. She closed her eyes. She liked hearing him breathe. Hear the sound of his phone. She liked knowing he was watching. Her right hand cupped her breast. CLICK. Her left continued its increasing pace. "I'm close," she said. "Good," he said. CLICK. "Cum for me." "Fuck," she said, biting her lip. She rubbed harder. Closing her eyes. She clenched her thighs together, opening her mouth.

CLICK. Her body tightened, and she felt it rolling throughout her body, a building pressure, looking for release. CLICK. She gasped when it hit her: A powerful sensation, causing her ears to pound and her legs to go weak. Her breathing slowly returned to normal, and her body felt like rubber. Her fingers were wet, and she let the tip of one dance around her mouth. CLICK. She sucked on it and stared at him. CLICK. "You are hard," she said. "Throbbing," he said.

"Want me to take care of that for you?" "Yes," he said. "Please." "Come here," she said, motioning him into the bathroom. He took her place against the counter as she dropped to her knees, resting against the soft rug. She grabbed his cock, thick and warm in her hands, and pulled it up, toward his stomach.

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CLICK. Her tongue started low, teasing his balls, and she licked up, all the way, pausing to suck in the head and savor the precum. CLICK. Her face was always his favorite part. Her eyes, her nose, her lips it all came together on a perfect canvas. She was breathtaking. And like this, on her knees, with his cock in her mouth … he could not believe his own luck. She released his cock, letting it rest straight out, bobbing in the cool bathroom air.

She used her fingertips to graze the underside. CLICK. Teasing him, her hand lightly circled the head. CLICK. Gripping it, tight, and pressing down, she stroked him, all the way to his balls, then back up. CLICK. She jacked him harder, pausing to spit on his cock the way he liked. CLICK. CLICK. She let a stream of saliva hang from her lip to his head, glistening.

CLICK. She jerked him faster, using both hands to work his cock and her mouth to suck the sensitive head. She moved down, taking in more shaft, down her throat, filling her mouth. She sucked him deep, taking him as far as she wild and racy stripper party lesbian college. She loved his cock.

She worshipped it. She could tell he was close. She could feel it. Also, he stopped taking photos. She glanced up, and he was looking down, mather sleep son hot focking dazed look on his face. She liked the feeling. She was on her knees, but had complete control over him. CLICK. "I'm close, babe," he said, a word of warning. She smiled and sucked him deep.

He thrust his hips forward. Holding it in. Pausing. Wanting it to last.

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He couldn't. He grunted and shot his load down her throat. Shot after shot. She swallowed him, sucking him down, letting whatever she couldn't swallow slip out of her lips. She stroked the shaft, milking it all out like a good girl. CLICK. She felt him shudder, and she let him slide out of her lips. "Tilt your head up to me," he said. She did, smiling, some of his cum dripping down her lip and over her chin.