Fleshly bawdy cleft pleasurings lesbian and college

Fleshly bawdy cleft pleasurings lesbian and college
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Watering the plants Joe looked at the four girls ranged in front of him. They were in a small meeting room in the large rambling conference hotel and it was his job to impart some knowledge into them - important knowledge. As the new Quality Assurance trainer it was important that he made certain that the company sales representatives understood the basics of Procedure Validation and Document Management.

It was, he said to himself, a fascinating subject but somehow the people on the hot pizza delivery girl gets a large sausage didn't always agree; he tried interspersing the procedural details with witticisms and little jokes, but for some reason they didn't always work.

Anxiously he started with his best joke. "I always say" he began with a nervous smile "you can read a course a lecture but you can't make it think" Oh that was a good one he thought, surely they would find it amusing. Katy, sitting in the audience suppressed a yawn, God this was going to be boring. It was impossible even to pretend to laugh. And Katy laughed easily. She was the Salesgirl of the Year, famed for her good looks and her honey voice.

The voice that was so persuasive that it was rumoured she could sell condoms in a convent, and had indeed done so.

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The course dragged on and on until it closed with Joe's final joke "So make sure the document you write is the doc you meant to write!" He couldn't suppress a smile.

The combination of wit and pertinence was just so apt. Katy came out of her reverie. Thank God he was finished. She couldn't have stood another minute of that. "And so" Joe added "I hope you will all join me for a drink in the bar after dinner" The girls groaned Good God, lumbered with him for the evening. They didn't know that Joe was also inwardly groaning at the thought. He had been instructed to make the offer by his boss who thought it would help bond the team.

It was the last thing he wanted to do - stuck with a load of girls when there was a good documentary on the television about the life cycle of the tape worm. What would girls talk about: boring things probably, washing machines and where to buy the best hats he supposed. He found the girls in the bar after dinner.

They smiled encouragingly, and continued talking. They were not talking about washing machines, or hats, they seemed to have only two topics of conversation. Men and sex. It appeared that they had had a lot of both.

Joe ordered the drinks. He was not normally a drinker and the alcohol soon made him feel somewhat woozy and not a little uninhibited. The girls had got on to talking about penises and which was the biggest they had seen. Joe pretended to be watching the television above the bar. Penis size was not a subject he wanted to get into. Somehow he knew what question was coming.

Katy turned to him, smiled her winning smile and asked him in her most captivating voice "How big is yours Joe?" He blushed scarlet because he knew at that instant all the girls were imagining him naked, imagining his penis. He blushed because he blushed easily and it gave away how embarrassed he was. Katy smiled; she liked that; people who were embarrassed easily could be manipulated easily.

"Oh, er, average" he said. It seemed the safest thing to say. Katy laughed inwardly. It was fun teasing him. He was so easy to tease. She decided all of a sudden that she was going to have a good evening. She knew how to get people to do what she wanted; she knew she could get him to do what she wanted, and she wanted to have some fun with him to make up for the boredom of the day.

He would be putty in her hands. The bar closed at eleven. "We'll have to go up to my room", suggested Katy "we'll get a bottle of champagne and toast the success of the day" The success of the day! She thought he was the success of the day. Joe glowed with inward pride. Of course he would have to join in the toast.

They repaired to Katy's room on the top floor of the rambling building with the bottle of champagne which Joe somehow found he had bought and paid for.

Joe found his inhibitions slipping even more as the champagne was consumed. "We'll play a game" said Katy "something a little bit naughty? Joe's a good sport, he can be a little bit naughty. You agree, don't you Joey. I know you can be a bit naughty" she said to him appealingly hot bbw gets both her sweet holes fucked her big eyes wide open.


Never ask somebody if they want to do something. Tell them they want to do it, then tell them they were going to do it. That was how to get people to do what you wanted.

She wasn't Salesgirl of the Year for nothing. And she knew how to manipulated Joe, she knew how to plant suggestions in his mind, knew that he would do whatever she said.

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What could Joe do? It would have seemed churlish to refuse. And yes, he hadn't known it sexy lily jordan steals and fucks for freedom but he could be a bit naughty. "What game" he asked "I know" said Katy "Truth or Dare. You love that game don't you Joey. I'm sure you want to play" She knew the importance of addressing him by the diminutive. So intimate, yet establishing her as the authority figure, the person to be obeyed.

How could he refuse. He couldn't, he'd been told he loved the game, that he wanted to play and immediately he felt he did want to play. "Of course" he said "er. Could you just remind me exactly how you play it?" Katy smiled to herself.

He hadn't a clue. "Well I give each person a dare to do or ask a question which they must answer truthfully. Of course the dares will be a little bit naughty and the truths will be a little bit embarrassing. That's the fun of it. That's what you enjoy so much" "What if you don't tell the truth or don't want to do the dare" asked Tracy, one of the other girls. "Oh, we can't have that, can we Joey" "Oh no" said Joe, he felt somewhat obliged to agree "If your answer is adjudged by the others not to be the whole truth, or you don't go through with the dare you have to pay a forfeit" "What forfeit" "Oh I think we'll have something really naughty for that.

I know, something you'll really like Joey. If they fail in their task the girls will have to take all their clothes off" Joe's heart gave a leap. This sounded really like fun. The girls grinned to themselves.

They somehow knew who was going to take their clothes off before the end of the evening. The game started. The girls all got innocuous tasks or banal truths to tell. Suddenly when it came to him Joe knew what the question was going to be. "A Truth for Joey then. How big is your erect penis Joey" Joe winced.

He would have to tell the truth. He was a hopeless liar, and if the girls knew he was telling a lie they would make him take all his clothes off.

For the first time he wondered just for a moment what he had got himself into. "Er, four inches" he mumbled "We didn't quite catch that" said Katy "you must say it a bit louder.

"Four inches" Joe almost shouted The girls collapsed with laughter.


FOUR inches. "Well" said Katy "at least we know nobody would lie about that" The truths and dares went round again to Joe. Katy smiled; she had a really good dare for Joe this time. "Right Joey, this is your dare.

You have to phone down to reception and tell the receptionist that you have a small penis" "What… but I haven't" said Joe, turning bright red "Oh… of course not" said Katy good heavens he didn't think four inches was small "you just have to say you have.

Or if you prefer you can take all your clothes off and show us your penis", she added grinning "then we'll all see if you've been telling the truth". Joe was horrified. He couldn't just pick up the phone and say he had a small penis. But the alternative, being naked in front of these girls, was just too embarrassing for words. He picked up the phone and pressed the button for reception.

His heart started thumping and his mouth went dry. "Reception" a voice answered. Joe froze. It was a girl's voce. He had been expecting a man. "Er…" he tried to think of a reason why he would mention the size of his penis, "do you know where I could get a packet of condoms".

It was the first thing that came into his mind. He heard a slight gasp at the other end, then the voice collect itself and become professional. "There's a chemist across the road" "Thank you" Joe stammered "I'll need special ones. I'm afraid I have a small&hellip. a small…" no matter how hard he tried his mouth was so dry the words wouldn't come out.

"A small what?" asked the girl. Her voice sounding strange "A small er … headache" said Joe. He just couldn't say the word 'penis' over the phone and his only thought now was to extricate himself from this awful situation.

"Headache?" the girl sounded puzzled "Yes. That's why I need the Panadols" said Joe. The idea had come to him to suggest the girl on reception had misheard. "Oh… Panadols I thought you said… Well never mind.

You can get them over the road" the receptionist put down the phone. Weirdo, she thought. Joe hung up. He turned to the girls. Katy was grinning even more. "Oh! Joey" she said "You disappoint me. Now you are going to have to take all your clothes off" Joe's heart gave a thump. In his preoccupation with getting out of the phone call he had forgotten the alternative.

She had told him to take all his clothes off. They were going to see his penis. They were bound to say it was small now. He tried to convince himself that it wasn't really, it was average, but he knew what they would say.

Katy saw him hesitate. She looked at him with her big liquid eyes and put on her most persuasive hypnotic voice. "Come on Joey" she said "You know you have to do it, you dani daniel behind the scene you want to do it.

You know we have to see your penis. You know how exciting it would be" Joe heard her speak. Was it the champagne? Was it the effect of being in a room with four lovely girls so different from his normal humdrum existence or was it Katy's voice? The voice that had trebled turnover in the sales department. Whatever it was he realised she was right. He did want to show them his penis. He did want to little college girl and tribu african naked.

To be completely naked in front of these girls. Without fully realising why he found he was taking his clothes off. Tracy and the girls watched in amazement. They hadn't really expected it. They didn't expect it now.

They thought he wouldn't go the whole way this stuffy boring training guy. But he did. In two minutes he was standing there in front of them in his underpants and they looked on astonished as he pulled them down and stood in front of them in his birthday suit. Completely nude. "Well I now we know why you gata gostosa do site se mostrando na webcam so worried" said Katy "you've only have been telling her the truth.

It must be really embarrassing for you standing there with no clothes on showing us everything. So humiliating.

Unable to hide your little willy" Joe looked down. She was right. What had he done. He did suddenly feel totally humiliated. He cringed, holding his hands over his willy as best he could. "Can I have my clothes back now" he pleaded stammering.

Katy smiled. So far so good. She had got him naked and made him show them his cock, but she had some more fun lined up. "You get your clothes back when you do a special dare" she had a very special dare lined up. She held up Joe's room card key which she extracted from his pocket and another similar one from a hotel she had stayed at before. They were identical in size and shape, only different in appearance. "This where you see if you get lucky" she said "you stand with your hands behind your back.

I'll put one card in one hand and the other in the other hand. Then you try to choose the right one, and you go out the room and shut the door behind you. If you've chosen the right card you can get back in. If you have the wrong one", she smiled knowingly, "you have to go down to reception and explain you've been locked out your room in the nude and get them to make you another card.

And that will be so embarrassing. So utterly humiliating with a girl on reception. So bad that if she looks at your penis you'll wet yourself" Joe cringed, but what could he do. He just had to get his clothes back. Somehow he felt completely under Katy's control, standing there naked in front of the girls while she gave the orders. He stood nude and trembling with his back to the girls. His hands shook with nerves while he felt one card put in his right hand and one in his left.

Katy and the girls looked at him. His room key in his left hand and the dud in the right. Katy patted his bare bottom "Think hard" she said, her voice softening into that persuasive tone that had made companies product the leading brand in the field, "you want to choose the right one.

You don't want to be left with the wrong one", her voice was soft and penetrating, "make sure you're right. It would be so bad to be left out in the nude. So embarrassing to be nude in the hotel lobby. So humiliating Joey, you'll pee yourself when she looks at your penis. You've just got to choose the right one." The girls grinned.

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Katy had costume shop customers wife wants the d subtle way of persuading people to do what she wanted. She knew precisely the power of suggestion that the right words could bring. The words penetrated Joe's brain. He was in a state of high anxiety and somehow the message that he wanted to be right struck home. His mouth dry and his heart trembling he clung on to the card in his right had and dropped the left. Then he had to get it over with.

He marched to the door. Opened it, clicked it shut and ran to his room. His heart was thumping. He didn't dare look at the card. He opened his hand willing it to be his room key and found himself staring at a strange hotel logo. His heart lurched.

Bizarrely he tried the key in the door. Of course it didn't work. There was nothing for it. He was going to have to stand there in the corridor all night and be caught in the morning when people started getting up, or go down to reception in the nude to get a new card. He crept along the corridor, terrified of hearing the noise of a door opening or someone coming.

Along the corridor stark naked and down the stairs. Back along the corridor. He was trembling with embarrassment. There was nowhere to hide his nudity if someone came. He arrived at the lift and pressed the button.

Inside the room the girls giggled uncontrollably. "Hadn't we better let him back in" said Tracy "What, and spoil all the fun" said Katy "anyway he'll be on his way down to reception by now" "Surely he's not actually going" said Tracy "Of course" said Katy "I told him to go, so he'll go. It's all in the mind. If you plant the suggestion in right way some people will always act on it. And believe me, he's the sort who will always do what you tell him to" "But you said he was going to wet himself when he got to reception" said Sharon "Precisely, and he will", replied Katy "we'd better go and see how he gets on" Joe wasn't getting on so well.

He was standing outside the lift with his hands over his cock willing the lift to come before anybody appeared in the corridor. At last it arrived and the doors clanked open. Thankfully he stepped inside and the doors shut.

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Blessed relief - for a few minutes he'd be hidden. That was until the lift doors opened of course. Suddenly it struck him that there might be people waiting for the lift when it arrived at the ground floor. That party of girls on a hen night he'd seen earlier! His heart gave another lurch. The lift stopped and the doors slowly opened to reveal… a darkened empty lobby. He stepped out of the lift and the lights operated by the infra-red sensor came on suddenly bathing him in a bright shining light.


Debbie was sitting in the little back room behind reception. What a tedious night. Why had she volunteered to do it? Nothing ever happened on night shift, except weirdos ringing up with small whatevers.

She wasn't aware that Joe was scurrying across the spotlit lobby and about to ring the bell. The sight that greeted her when she came out was to put it bluntly a surprise. A naked man was standing there trembling, his hands desperately trying to hide his penis as he burbled something about being locked out of his room. Oh gosh what should she do now. She tried to remember the procedure for dealing with curvy lesbians with natural big tits and big ass fuck with strapon guest who had locked themselves out.

Handle the situation professionally she thought to herself. What should she do? Oh yes. "Have you any identification on you?" she asked. Oh dear he had nothing on he couldn't have any identification. "Er you'd better just wait here a moment" she said backing into her little room. Better just make a new card key out for him as quick as possible. Joe stood there. He was feeling utterly humiliated standing in the nude, in the bright light in the hotel lobby. Just as Katy had said he would be.

Debbie came back out with the card key. Her eyes were inevitably drawn down to his naughty bits. Joe saw her stare fix on his penis and Katy's words came back to him. So humiliating he'd just have to wet himself. And suddenly he realised: his bladder was full and wanted to pee. He tried to control it, but every time she looked at his penis the urge serving big ass ebony teen lola amor back to him until he couldn't control it any more.

He was going to have to pee and he was going to have to do it now. But where. He couldn't just stand there and pee in the middle of the hotel lobby. But as he thought of Katy's words the urge came over him uncontrollably. Debbie held out the card and stared amazed. The man started peeing into the large pot plant in the middle of the lobby.

Joe looked at her horrified. There was nothing he could do about it. His bladder was full and he just had to continue peeing stark naked in front of her until it was empty. Katy and the girls crept to the edge of the lobby and peered in from the darkness of the stairwell where they could not be seen.

An amazing sight greeted their eyes, Joe was standing there in the middle of the lobby in the nude blushing scarlet and trembling all over as he peed into a large potted plant container under the astonished gaze of the receptionist. They thought they had better rescue him.

Joe looked round at the sound of the approaching footsteps. He hadn't thought things could get worse but he soon realised they just had. The three girls from the course were walking towards him and he was still peeing holding his cock carefully in his hand. They waited until he stopped and watched fascinated as he shook the last few drops off the end of his willy.

Katy took the new card from the hand of the bemused Debbie and handing it to Joe said "you'd better get back to your room" Joe took the card and ran.

He sat up in his room all night until he felt he could safely creep downstairs and check out. With some trepidation he gave his room number to the daytime receptionist.

His worst fears were realised. "Did you get back to your room all right?" she asked. "Er. Yes" said Joe following the flicker of her eyes towards where the security camera recorded everything that went on in the lobby.

Oh dear, he knew what was going to be on the hotel Christmas video.