Slim teena gets screwed in a gangbang

Slim teena gets screwed in a gangbang
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The Sugar Cane Plantation - Chapter 4 When she awoke, Eric was still sleeping but June was already up. Finishing in the bathroom she slipped out, trying not to wake Eric, into the other room where she found June. June smiled and greeted her. Cynthia asked her if they should go to breakfast or wait for Eric. June looked at with a funny expression and replied "Neither right now love.

I have something that I need very much like for you to do for me". Cynthia assured her she would and wondered why she even asked. June smiled, stepped over and put her arms around her and whispered "thank you love, then it's time for us to go to the dungeon".

Cynthia thought that they had tested the bounds yesterday, but at this point would refuse June nothing. "Of course Ma'am" she answered and began taking off the clothes she had just put on. "No lover" June said as she put her hand over Cynthia's to stop her from undoing the buttons on her blouse.

"Not you today. Today it will be me!" Cynthia was confused and bewildered, and also suddenly apprehensive. All she had seen of June since the two had met was the strong dominant woman.

She had seen her interact with Robert in his submissive role, and of course she ruled Eric ruthlessly. Her own submission at June's hands had been overwhelming. For June to be the submissive… it was hard to grasp. Cynthia tried to come to grips with the idea. Yes, June had mentioned that she was a pain slut and enjoyed submitting on occasion. Cynthia had accepted it when Poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys mentioned it, but this was different.

She looked into June's eyes. "Love I would do anything for you, and if this is what you want I'll try. I just don't know if I'll be any good at." "Of course you will. You've got the pent up sadistic streak in you. I've watched you.

If for some reason you really, really find it bothers you, Robert will be more than happy to make me scream. It's just that I'd so much rather it was you love" Cynthia, sounding more assured by far than she really was hugged June and whispered in here ear "Don't worry my love, you'll be screaming before too long, but I think I'll make it last a long time".

June kissed her deeply and thanked her. Arm in arm the two left the sleeping Eric in the sexy babe double stuffed by black guys and headed for the slave quarters. Halfway there June turned to Cynthia and simply said "thank you". Cynthia responded that she would do anything for her, but June interrupted her.

"No. Thank you for remembering about my relationship with Eric and not making me walk down here chained and naked". Admittedly the thought had crossed her mind, as Cynthia remember her own journey yesterday, wrists chained behind her, hobbling in leg irons and naked for anyone wandering by to see. But she actually wanted a moment to talk to June, to get a better feeling of what June wanted, before she actually restrained her sexy friend, and told her so. "You'll be just fine.

And besides, there are some things that will make it easy for you. One thing that turns me on a lot is if you make me suggest ways for me to be tortured. It's sort of a devil's dilemma knowing that if I suggest something bad, you'll do it to me, and if I suggest something not bad enough I'll get worse. All sorts of mental gymnastics that we can put to use.

You'll be fine love!!! By now they had reached the door, but as June explained, they lingered outside. It was as if the door was not just a physical threshold but a mental one as well and both women wanted to take a moment before they crossed it.

As Cynthia digested this, June continued. "And later, once you've got me fixed as you want me, and amused yourself, you can invite Robert to participate. I'll leave that up to you. He's incredibly sadistic, especially since he knows what a pain slut I can be, and I do sort of owe him a crack at me. It's your call love". Cynthia pulled June to her and kissed her deeply. "Are you ready love?" she asked taking a deep breath. "Yes love I'm ready, and Cynthia, one request". As Cynthia still holding her close and looking into her eyes waited expectantly, June continued.

"I really, really need to scream for you." As she finished, she reached into her pocket and handed Cynthia a pair of handcuffs that she been carrying. Cynthia took the cuffs and feeling a wave of emotion flow over her said simply "Strip" It was as if a switch had been flipped.

The whole dynamic between them went tumbling end over end as Cynthia watch June standing naughty fucking for cute oriental attractive babe the sunlight by the door begin removing her clothes. The blouse and bra. She noted how incredibly hot her friend looked standing there topless, still wearing jeans and her boots. She shed her boots and reached for the waist of her jeans when Cynthia stopped her.

Taking her arm and turning her around, Cynthia locked her wrists behind her back, making sure the handcuffs were snug. She then turned her back around and stepped back to study her new captive. She really did look sexy with her nipples hardening, pulled back arms exposing her breasts more prominently. Deciding to leave her partially clothed, Cynthia took hold of her arm and marched her through the door, down the long room where slaves had once slept, to that room she had visited only days ago, but seemed like an eternity.

Once inside the playroom, she stopped her ward, and unfastened her belt and the snap on her jeans, pulling them down, noticing that June had elected to forego underwear in anticipation.

Holding her as she stepped out of her jeans, she studied her friend, now completely naked. "Before we really get started, I want to study my property for the day. Position one" she ordered. Though it was difficult with her hands cuffed behind her, June complied as quickly as she could, eventually ending up on her back with her cuffed hands under her.

She obediently brought her legs up and back, as far as she could without the use of her hands to help, and spread her legs as far as she could, lying there patiently. Cynthia marveled at the sight presented. The mental of the dominance and submission drove itself home again.

Of course she'd seen June naked before. They made love together and she'd spent what seemed like hours between her legs, worshipping the very pussy that was on display for her now. But this was different.

She was clothed, June was naked. June was exposing herself on command, and was spreading her legs wide so that her intimate parts could be studied for Cynthia's amusement. Cynthia felt the dampness between her own legs and knew instantly that all would be fine. This was like topping Eric or Robert, but this was June so it was so much better!!

And yes, she knew that she would enjoy hearing her friend and lover scream!! As June lay there obediently Cynthia reached out and began to tease her, letting her fingers slide along the labia, lightly rubbing the still covered and hidden clit. As she teased and stroked her captive she asked her.

"Well tell me June, and be honest. What drives you really, really wild? Not promising that I'll oblige you I have my own plans, but I want to know what's going on in the deep dark corners of that mind". "I enjoy having my breasts and pussy tortured Ma'am" she started. Cynthia cut her off.

"That's tits and cunt, olivia austin and quinn wilde nasty threeway session from now on you are slut". Was June actually blushing slightly? No must be her imagination she thought as June continued. "Sorry Ma'am. Slut craves having her tits and cunt tortured" "We'll talk later about what you've had done to them, for now I want you in restraint that is going to be as uncomfortable as possible for a while.

You know more about all the toys here, so give me some options for an extended position for you. One that will hurt." Cynthia could not believe the words she was saying.

It was like a hidden personality was latching on to June's pain slut psyche and going forward. June, still lying back completely exposed, hesitated just briefly. "Ma'am this slut should probably dani daniels xxx sex stories story put on the horse of the rest of the morning".

When Cynthia ordered her sax story sex stories xx 2019 show her, June, first asking permission, wrestled herself up and led Cynthia over to a device in the corner that Cynthia had not noticed before.

"This is the horse Ma'am" June said as they stood before the wooden structure. Four sturdy legs held two flat sides that leaned together, forming a narrow ridge at the top. "It will cause slut moderate to serious pain for as long as you choose to keep her on it" "Demonstrate" Cynthia ordered. Obediently, June, getting on her tip toes moved to straddle the device, the two sides spreading near the bottom forcing her to spread her legs, with her crotch resting on the narrow ridge.

Cynthia noticed two sets of straps on the side pieces, toward the rear. June noticing her glance said "yes Ma'am, those are for slut's feet. Using them insures that all of the weight is on her cunt." Cynthia began enjoying this prospect very much. She could see how this thing could be extremely painful, very quickly. She rubbed her own crotch through her shorts, enjoying the erotic sensation as she imagined how June's pussy might be feeling.

In pretty blonde babe sucks off and railed by pawn keeper midst of her thoughts about the fate of June's vulva, June interjected "if Ma'am chooses, there are certain refinements that can be added". "Describe and explain so that you can experience them". :"Yes Ma'am. First a collar with a strap to connect slut's wrists.

Cynthia found it nearby and buckled it around June's neck. Then pulling the cuffed wrists into the small of the lovely woman's back, she fastened the snap clip. Her captive would not be able to use her hands to lift herself off the horse.

"Thank you Ma'am. Next, there is a leather discipline hood. Ma'am might put that on my head. Cynthia, knowing that June would soon show her the full menu of torments found the hood and slipped it over her lover's head. Openings for nose and mouth insured easy breathing, but sight was taken away. Laces at the back allowed it to be tightened around the victim's head. Cynthia could only imagine the sensation of dark, sightless confinement!

"Tit clamps are on the table over there along with a bungee Ma'am. They will keep slut's nipples in considerable pain" Sure enough, Cynthia retrieved two vicious looking clover clamps to which were attached two relatively strong rubber cords.

She stopped to tease first one, then the other of her lover's nipples erect. Then opening each spring loaded clamp in turn, settled them on the presented nipples. She made sure that the tips of the clamps bit right at the base of each nipple. June's sharp intake of breath as she clamp bit told her they were quite effective. "Now if Ma'am chooses, I can help insure this will experience considerable suffering and discomfort for as long as Ma'am would like".

June continued. "Slut should be fixed so that she cannot move Ma'am. There is a ring behind me. A leather strap can be used to connect the back of the hood to the ring. Cynthia was getting the picture very quickly and probably could have finished on her own, but listening to June giving instructions for her own torture was hot.

June had been right. She was loving this! "Slut's tits should now be put in more pain Ma'am. The bungee cords on the clamps can be fastened to the ring in front of me. Once slut's tits are fastened, tightening the head strap will insure immobility and considerable pain." Cynthia needed no more encouragement. She stretched the rubber bungees until she could fasten the hooks to the ring at the front of the horse.

This had the effect of causing June to not only cry out, but to lean forward, trying desperately to lessen the pinching and stretching of her nipples. She then walked behind her captive and began pulling and tightening the head strap. First just June's head was pulled back and Cynthia was ready to stop.

"Ma'am this slut needs to suffer more if Ma'am pleases, so the strap can be tightened. Cynthia pulled and tugged and the effect was stunning.

Beautiful breasts stretched and pulled forward, while the hooded head was pulled backward. "Thank you Ma'am for providing the punishment slut deserves.

The last two steps if you please Ma'am" will add to it." Cynthia told her to go on. "Ma'am may want to make sure that slut's cunt is open and spread by the ridge, and then secure slut's ankles to the side of the horse." Cynthia knew that this whole combination was excruciating, but the last instructions were going to make it pure hell. Cynthia was beyond caring though. Working on getting her naked lover onto the horse and restrained had started her juices flowing. Perhaps June really had unleashed a monster.

Leaning over, she inspected June's vulva, already crushed and pressed along the narrow ridge. She reached down and tugged and pulled at the outer lips, realizing how slick and wet they were, until each was on the ridge, spread. The edge of the ridge dug cruelly into the tender membranes of her spread pussy.

Cynthia took each foot and fastened it with a strap to the side of the horse, behind her. The end result was a picture of pure torment. June could move slightly forward, though not much, by tilting her head further back. But while this ever so slightly lessened the tension on her nipples, it put more of her weight on her pussy, especially her clit. Leaning back took some weight off the front of her cunt, but stretched her nipples even more. June looked so lovely sitting on the horse, moaning softly.

Cynthia could not help put lean over and kiss her. Cynthia found herself getting more and more turned on. June was completely immobile and already in considerable pain. Deciding to add still one more thing for her to think about, Cynthia found the whippet that June had used the night before.

Though she could not see it, June knew what it was when placed it in the blonde's cuffed hands. "For your tits when I come back" she whispered into June's ear. " I'll be leaving you now love." she said as she gently stroked her lover's face." I've never been on one of these, but I can imagine you're already in a lot of pain, and of course it will get worse.

I'll be thinking of you over breakfast. Goodbye Love." June could do nothing but moan in the dark silence imposed by the hood. Time was meaningless. In the inky blackness she could do nothing but sit on the horse, the ridge digging into her sensitive inner membranes, her crotch bearing her weight and feeling as if it were going to split.

The seconds went by, the pain just grew and grew and there was nothing she could do.

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As Cynthia left, she tried to digest the events and developments. She had already decided after yesterday that nothing stranger could happen. Now of course she had babe with glasses exchange pussy for sex again been wrong.

Her friend and lover had tossed everything upside down!! But as with everything else she had experienced in the incredibly short time, this left her overwhelmed with pure animalistic lust. Last night she had been naked, exposing herself, pleasing both men and women with her mouth, hoping desperately that on one would want to fuck her freshly whipped pussy.

Today, she was walking to a late breakfast having left her lover sitting on the horse in considerable pain that would only get worse. It was the last that was blowing her mind. Last night she had felt so incredibly submissive to June. Sitting naked at her feet had seemed the most natural, the most right thing in the world.

Today her panties were soaked at the mental image of June straddling the horse, her delicate pussy crushed by the sharp ridge, her nipples clamped and pulled. As she had so many times, she decided not to worry about it. It was pleasurable. It was hot. There was no sense analyzing everything to death. And oh yes, did she mention it was hot?? She thought about going to her own room for some relief before eating, but decided against it. The day was young and she wanted to stay on an erotic edge as long as she could.

Sexy college pretty awesome gals hardcore reality the dining room she noticed Robert was there, enjoying a cup of coffee, looking very much she thought like the owner of this plantation must have appeared years ago.

He motioned her to join him and poured her coffee and juice. "Forgive me for being presumptuous but I couldn't help but notice that you came from the slave quarters and that your lovely companion of late is not with you.

Would I be safe in assuming that she is otherwise occupied and will not be joining us for quite some time?" Cynthia could not help but smile at the manner in which Robert had put it. He too was such a whirlwind of contrasts.

The owner of a delightful resort, polite to a fault. But when circumstances allowed, not only a purveyor of the deep art of whips and chains, but a man who would readily alternate between tormenting a woman and being her abject slave. She could not help but be amazed at how so many personalities could reside in one mind.

"I think 'otherwise occupied' is a very good way to put it Robert" Cynthia answered. Then smiling even more, she went on… "as we speak she's actually riding the horse that you so thoughtfully made wrong turn movie porn story it was Robert's turn to smile. "Wonderful" he said, pausing for a moment. Cynthia could almost see the workings of his mind as he formed a mental picture of the lovely blond naked, fastened astride the cruel device.

He went on. "You know you should consider yourself blessed and fortunate. June is a special, a very special person and holds a place near and dear to me" Cynthia turned, urging him with her inquisitive expression to continue. "I've already told you about the origins of this place. Eric and June were early guests before the slave quarters were remodeled, and we soon became friends.

Long before anything had been done to the facility, over some nice cognac probably a glass or two too many we learned of our mutual pleasures." "I would love to hear how that came about .interjected Cynthia.

"How do you sit there in polite company and bring it up? There have to be some signals or clues. I mean it can't just be 'please could I have some more wine and by the way, I love to be tied up and whipped"? Robert chuckled at that and went on. "No of course it's more subtle than that, but perhaps not as subtle as you might think.

June and Eric are a good example. With just a little observation, it became quickly apparent that he was submissive to her. Her glass never was empty. He never sat down in a room until she was seated.

If he was speaking and she started to say something, he was immediately quiet. Finally that evening, as I say, perhaps after one glass too many, I simply gave them the opportunity to open up. After a few comments designed to let them know that I was liberal minded, I mentioned that it appeared that they had a special relationship. That sort of comment can be brushed off as generically complimentary, or it can be an opportunity to share. June took it that spinner rebel lynn sucks dick and banged as the latter, and after just a brief pause during which she was obviously appraising me, casually responded that Eric was in fact her slave.

From there of course, as they say, the rest is history. The end result was that they convinced me that there was a need for this kind of place.

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Eric even loaned part of the capital needed to renovate the play space, and he and June helped locate some of the items and arranged for them to be shipped here. So as you can see, they are special people to me. And you and June as I've noticed, seem to have formed a very close bond very quickly.

I'm happy for you. Now, tell me about the plight of the woman we both dearly love." Cynthia proceeded to tell Robert how June had blown her away by wanting to be taken and punished. "Of course as I think about it, I realize that she and I are really much alike. I thought I was just screwed up because I loved it so much when you opened my eyes as a submissive, and then at the same time got so turned on when June topped you and Eric. Your explanation and assurances by the way went a long, long way toward helping me come to grips with all that." "You have no idea how much I cock ninja studios full storys porn winky pussy sister enjoyed watching you discover yourself here.

But enough of all of this this is talk for a cigar one evening. For now, tell me about our delightful submissive for a day" "Well she asked me to go to the slave quarters I thought she was going to pick up where we left off.

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She made it clear that today it would be her that suffered. I was a little apprehensive at first, but that went away. She got into the role of letting me know what she needed, how she could be tormented." Robert smiled. "Yes she's very good at that from both sides. It's something I find incredibly hot, again from both sides. It's a natural progression from the 'thank you may I have another' response demanded by many giving corporal punishment.

Sort of helps provide feedback and some guidance and at the same time so very humiliating to be specifying your own punishment. But I apologize please go on" "At first I was nervous, but as soon as she stripped to the waist and I had her hands cuffed behind her I knew it would be fine. She was so beautiful standing there. I moved her inside and finished stripping her. Then I made her present.

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I don't know what it's like for a man, but for a woman, spreading like that, not just exposing yourself, but actually presenting your pussy is so fucking embarrassing.

And it doesn't matter how many times the other person has seen you naked. When they're fully clothed and you're lying back with your legs spread, then pull them up to give them an even better view.

It's always so very awful and so very hot!" Robert smiled at her as she visibly squirmed a bit in her chair. Cynthia continued. "Not much more really, I asked her what sort of punishment she thought would be appropriate, thinking in terms of locking her in a cell with some restraint. She mentioned that she deserved something a little more severe and suggested the horse.

And there she sits as we enjoy our coffee. I left her with nipple clamps pulling her breasts forward, her head pulled back, and holding the whippet that I promised I would use on her breasts when I returned.

Now it was Cynthia's turn to smile as glance at his crotch revealed his growing erection. "Oh and of course, June wanted me to let you know that you are more than welcome to join in her punishment today. She mentioned that you might be especially cruel after the way she treated you the other day." "Thank you.

I would dearly enjoy that and oh yes, be assured that I have some particularly intense torments in mind for our mutual friend. She really does crave pain, much more so than you or I. It's one of many my roommate giving me head and swallowing my cum she comes here. Eric is a complete submissive and loves her far too much to give her the pain she needs. Ironically, just because I do love them both so much, I am perfectly willing and in fact love taking her to those special places she needs to go.

Come, let's go and visit our victim. I think this is going to be a delightful day!!" As they walked back to where the lovely June sat in torment, Robert was quite animated. "You are the one that will be topping your lovely friend, but if I may, can I make a couple of suggestions?" Cynthia replied enthusiastically that she would appreciate that, that as a novice she was afraid of not being intense enough on the one had, or too intense on the other.

Robert assured her that with June, short of injuring her, there was no such thing as too intense, and that it would be June craving more that Cynthia was willing to dish out. "Don't worry Robert explained, we'll have a good time with her.

But for now, I would suggest getting her off the horse reasonably soon. She's been on it a while. In an extreme session I once made her ride it for three hours, but she was unable to walk until the next day. We might want her available for a few more, shall we say 'activities' before then" Cynthia nodded. "I confess I had not meant to leave her this long sort of lost track of time as we chatted. But I think she can stay on it long enough for a nice breast whipping.

I did leave her holding the whippet, and would not want to disappoint dad helps compeers daughter with sex ed proving papa wrong. "Ahh yes" Robert sighed deeply. "The erotic delight of a woman's breasts. So beautiful, so erotic, and so very sensitive. Punishing them is always intense for both parties!

I think that is an excellent idea. Have you used the whippet before?" When Cynthia shook her head no, Robert explained.

" It's really quite easy and safe. Because it's so thin it digs deep, but because it's so light, it won't cause any injury. A perfect little toy to make your victim howl and cry.

And Cynthia, with June, there is no need to hold back, You'll see what I mean, but unless she's really crying out, it's not enough!" Robert followed behind her as they made their way into the playroom. God the sight got her juices flowing. She could feel her panties getting wet. June was moaning, lightly rocking back and forth as she straddled the vicious blonde gf kendall kross fucking with her bf in the boat. Her breasts were stretched out in front of her, the nipples and angry red from the clamps.

Stepping closer she could see June's punished vulva swollen and an angry red from being crushed against the sharp ridge. But if she had had a moment's doubt about where her lover went while she had been gone, it vanished as soon as she saw the wide wet stain below the spread pussy.

She reached out to touch the pussy, feeling the hot, wet slickness. June was in her own space fueled by lust and pain. Reaching behind her captive, Cynthia took hold of the whippet. The contact brought June back the real world. Back to the incessant pain of her stretched nipples and the splitting agony in her crotch. She was moaning, begging to be let down. Still blindfolded by the sweet natalie heart spreads her pussy to fuck pornstars fingering, while she knew that Cynthia was there, she had no way of knowing that Robert was standing next to her.

Cynthia decided without saying anything to remove the nipple clamps. That they had hurt was obvious by the scream that gurgled out of June's throat as they came off and blood flow was restored. An inspection revealed angry red, swollen nipples with the indentations of the jaws of the clamps clearly visible.

Cynthia stopped to stroke and lick them bringing more moans from her captive. "Time for my slut to experience a nice tit whipping" she said as she continued to stroke and tease the lovely breasts. She reached behind June and unfastened the snap holding her wrists to the collar strap.

June instantly reached behind her grabbing the top of the horse, trying the lift her crotch off of the demonic ridge. Cynthia though was having none of that, and novice though she was, was learning quickly. She began tightening the strap going to the back of the hood. With her breasts freed, June found herself leaning further and further backward. Finally Cynthia fastened the cuffed wrists to the same ring as the hood strap. Her hands could no longer lift her off the horse and found herself leaning back along the ridge of the horse in a backward arch.

At least the pressure on her pussy shifted from the center of her vulva backward, closer to her ass. Robert admired Cynthia's handiwork and smiled. She had shifted her charge from sitting astride the horse to arched backward on it. She was still hooded so could not see what was going on, but realized that her head was pulled far back and her breasts were thrust upward, obscenely exposed.

Cynthia was in no rush. She knew the effect of prolonging and anticipation. And hell, it was getting her wet too! Taking her time to stroke and tease, she was enjoying herself.

June shivered whenever she let the tip of the whippet lightly graze a nipple. Cynthia was surprised that June could feel at all, after the clamps had mauled her nipples for the last hour or so. June was still lightly moaning. The pain had lessened with the shifting of her weight backward, but now the sharp ridge of the horse was beginning to make itself felt on her perineum and even her asshole.

Cynthia continued lightly teasing, alternating between her fingers and letting the whippet graze the exposed breasts. Then she had a revelation. She handed the whippet to Robert and without saying anything gestured that he should proceed. Robert smiled wordlessly and stepped over. Cynthia used one hand to tease June's right breast, letting the fingers of the other tease the inflamed and raw pussy lips.

Robert lightly extended a finger and traced a line on the underside of Junes left breast, at the base. The realization that someone other than Cynthia was there hit June about the same time that Robert snapped the whippet squarely into the flesh at the base of her breast. As her breast exploded into pure fire she screamed freely, shaking her head as much as the retaining strap would allow, and jerking her body across the brutal ridge of the horse.

Before she could take a breath to gasp, he snapped the whippet onto the same breast, this time squarely catching the nipple.

Cynthia felt her pussy throb and gush at the sight and sounds. The whippet buried itself, virtually bisecting the nipple, going deep into the breast before it stopped. The angry red and swollen nipple pushed far in to the breast before it bounced back, the breast itself deeply indented and flattened on her chest, and of course the howling scream as she thrashed around trying to escape the terrible pain that coursed through the whole breast.

Robert handed the nasty little instrument to Cynthia, who leaned down and whispered to her lover, through the hood "take a deep breath love this is really, really going to hurt". She then attacked the other breast. She used the same technique that Robert had. First the tender underside, then the nipple itself. The she worked outward from the nipple catching the sides, then the top. All the time June screamed like a person possessed, begging her to stop, yelling that it was too much more than she could stand.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the whipping stopped, and Cynthia held and comforted her friend and lover as Robert removed straps and cuffs that had held her so tightly to the horse. Helping her down, they both supported her until she could stand, albeit gingerly. But her ordeal was not over and new xxx filam story ebony sex stories knew it. Transport restraints were applied.

A chain locked tightly around her waist with a wrist cuff at each side. Her hands were pulled across her body and locked it the opposite cuff created a sort of straitjacket effect. Oversized handcuffs rather than regular leg irons were locked on her ankles so she was limited to tiny, shuffling steps.

Only then was the hood removed. June stood there, eyes bloodshot and red from crying, blinking at the light. She was already exhausted from her ordeal and the day had just begun. To her credit, though she did not forget what was expected of her.

"This slut thanks you Ma'am for torturing her cunt on the horse and whipping her tits". Cynthia could not help but kiss her deeply, then let Robert lead her out of the playroom, past the infamous breeding rack to the cells. Leading her inside he picked up a large cup of water and let her drink her fill before himself kissing her deeply and locking the cell as he stepped out. June's situation was far better than it had been. She was merely tightly restrained hand and foot, and locked in a cell.

She would obviously be allowed time for the tortured body parts to recover. God how she wanted to rub her burning and aching breasts.

The whippet was brutal. Because it was so thin the blows impacted deep into the tissue. It was a completely different and more intense effect that being slapped or flogged. Not only did her breasts sting and burn on the surface, especially the poor abused nipples, but each breast itself throbbed and ached.

Her vulva was so sore it pained her to put her legs together. In asking for the horse she had forgotten how badly it hurt a woman from the last time Robert had put her on it. It was such a terrible and intimate pain. It was going to be a rough day. In the meantime Robert and Cynthia left and returned to the main house.

Cynthia decided to relax by the pool for a while. Robert left to tend to matters around the inn. Both very much aware that their charge lay naked and restrained in a cell, trying to recover from the first of what would be several painful interludes.

As she walked in from enjoying her afternoon in the tropical sun, she met Eric coming out of his room as she was opening hers. Pleasantries exchanged, he observed that she had been sunbathing. She acknowledged and mentioned that she was going to grab a shower, carefully avoiding any mention of going back to the bffs hot cheer sluts flash fuck coach where June waited in considerable less comfort than she.

What Eric said next caught her completely unprepared. "Since I assume June is indisposed for the day, I would be happy to be of service to you in any way that you would like. I would love to help you with your shower Ma'am." Her first response was to politely decline, but she stopped herself.

"What the hell" she thought to herself. He had seen her splayed and exposed, she had not only seen him getting his cock whipped, but had watched him being broken down in the fiddle" She turned to Eric and replied "I think I would like that.

That would be very nice" It would be my pleasure Ma'am" said Eric as he followed her into her room. She started to remove her suit, but Eric stopped her saying "please, allow me to do that for you". He turned on the shower to let the water flow, tested the temperature himself, then carefully removed her bathing suit top and then the bottoms.

Cynthia began to get a little self conscious as he first undressed her, then helped her into the shower sun and nader feet kis xxx realized, he was not in any way lusting after her, or staring at her. He was concentrating on attending to her. As she stood and let the warm water run over her body, she realized that Eric had removed his own clothing, and had stepped behind her, taking a wash cloth, and gently soaping and rubbing her back, then her shoulders.

He began to knead the muscles there and she had to admit that it felt great. As she turned around, she glanced down to see his cock securely imprisoned in the metal cock cage, held in place with a small brass padlock.

Obviously despite his cock whipping June, knowing she would not be around all day, wanted to make sure that Eric did not transgress. Something about standing naked in the shower with this man who was sexually helpless gave her a sense of lust and power. She knew she could, and realized now that she probably would, demand sexual pleasure from a man who could not experience release himself. She closed her eyes, letting her mind drift as she felt his cloth covered hand lightly massaging her breasts, then drifting down her stomach.

He surprised her though by urging her to sit on the bench in the shower and starting to wash her hair. As he stood before her his imprisoned cock only inches from her face, she savored the incredibly erotic feeling of his hands and fingers skillfully massaging her scalp. It felt heavenly. As he took the hand nozzle and gently rinsed her hair she could not help herself she reached out and took his locked cock and heavy balls in the palm of her hand. "Is it terribly frustrating Eric?" she asked.

"Wouldn't you like to be stroking that cock, or having me stroke it? Perhaps take it in my mouth?" At which point she leaned over and placed her lips around the imprisoned cock, feeling small patches of skin through the evenly spaced ribs of the cage. She knew he could feel her mouth on isolated parts of his cock too. As was easy to predict, she watched his cock try to grow in its cage .It had nowhere to go.

The ribs and rods of the cock cage were digging cruelly into the sides and the head of Eric's cock, and he moaned. "Yes Ma'am it is extremely frustrating, but I'm happy to do it for my Mistress. But yes, right now you are driving me crazy.

But of course you've done that intentionally, which is your right". Cynthia loved the power. She slid back on the bench, opening her legs, enjoying watching Eric's eyes locked on her pussy. "You may continue" she said. Eric got on his knees with the washcloth and ever so gently, but thoroughly washed her pussy, gently parting the lips to lightly clean in between, then moving lower with his fingers.

Cynthia gasped as his cloth covered finger lightly rubbed around her asshole, pushing just slightly inside. "Grabbing a handful of his hair she pulled his face into her crotch with the single command "Lick!" Eric was devoted to pleasing women and if June was not here, he would do his best to pleasure Cynthia who he knew was his wife's friend and lover. He put his heart into it, laving the lips with his tongue, teasing the clit out from its hood, forcing his tongue up inside of her, then putting his head down as far as he could to rim her freshly washed asshole.

He labored ceaselessly to pleasure this woman, any thoughts of his own sexual pleasure or release long forgotten. Finally Cynthia came explosively as the water cascaded over the two of them. Shaking and shuddering after her orgasm. She allowed Eric to help her up, on shaky legs, and stood, leaning against the counter as he dried her off. He found some powder and lightly dusted her, then rubbed cream into her skin. "June was a lucky woman" she thought to herself". She could not remember when she had been pampered like this.

It was hotter still because the one pampering her was himself naked, with his cock locked safely away. There is was stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european possibility that he expected anything in return.

Just the chance to give pleasure. She thanked Eric and he quickly dressed and withdrew. Before he left he stopped and looked at her.

"Thank you for giving June what she needs. I wish I could do it, but I just can't stand to even see her hurt, let alone hurt her. You two are good for each other" Before she could reply, Eric had slipped out the door.

These two were so much on love it blew her away. And saddened her a bit. She wished she had someone that worshipped and adored are as much as Eric did June. It was late afternoon when she joined Robert for a light supper.

He suggested that since it might turn into a late night, perhaps a cigar and small glass of cognac on the verandah would be appropriate. Cynthia agreed and joined him. "I had one of the girls go and check on June to make sure she's alright and make sure she had plenty of water. No food she'll be a hungry girl tonight." "So tell me" he asked Cynthia, "have you given any thought to what June will suffer through tonight? Anything specific, or a combination of treats?" "June has made several comments about bondage allowing the slut in us to surface.

I'm going to give her that tonight. And I really, really want to give her a serious pussy whipping. How about you? Anything special you have in store? Robert exhaled and sweet chick nina elle loves fucking hard meaty dick hardcore and cumshot the cigar smoke spiral up to the ceiling, then answered.

"Oh definitely. Something she has asked for indirectly but craves. I'll tell you if you insist, but if I can orchestrate it all properly it will be very hot and intense I think you'll appreciate being surprised." "My man of mystery and surprises. Of course I'll wait. I owe you so much for opening my eyes. I'll trust you to make it a grand finale!!" Together they made their way down to the dungeon, Cognac snifters and cigars in hand it was almost as though they were enjoying a leisurely tropical stroll.


Once inside, cigars and brandy finished, they made their way to their victim. Hearing them enter, June did her best to move to the bars and present herself. Her restraints did not allow the kind of exposure that was expected, but nonetheless she tried to obey.

Naked and restrained, June looked hot. There was no other way to put it. "Time to get you ready for the evening love" Cynthia shared as she unlocked the cell door. She quickly unlocked the restraints, replacing them with a locking leather cuff on each wrist and ankle. "Take a moment to stretch, then it's time to fix you properly for your evening.

June complied, flexing her arms and legs briefly, then allowed herself to be led out of the cell. Cynthia led her to the breeding rack, and knowing what was expected, June positioned herself on the padded rests, waiting to be restrained. As Robert obligingly strapped her tightly into the device, Cynthia took the time to stand by her head, tightly locked down into the front brace, and stroke her face.

"Tonight love we will belong to each other. You've already taken me as yours. Tonight you're going to be mine. I was a little nervous at first, but you made me understand that I really, really need to make you scream and beg tonight. And you will love. Tonight I'll make you scream from your soul." With her hand on the small of June's arched back, she felt the woman tremble and shudder.

She couldn't tell though if it was because of what she had told her, or because Robert had taken the opportunity to stroke and tease June's pussy, so blatantly presented by her position. Cynthia suspected it was the arousal. She stepped behind the bound woman and as was now almost the norm in this place, felt the sexual rush at the sight.

Ass pushed high in the by her arched back, legs splayed apart. From behind she was all ass and cunt. The swollen lips of her vulva were thrust backwards, pouting invitingly, droplets of moisture easily visible. Cynthia remembered that just a few days ago it had been her fastened that way.

She reached out to gently stroke and tease the offered pussy, loving how June tried, as little as the tight straps allowed it, to push her pussy against Cynthia's hand as she moaned in frustration.

Only yesterday it had been her. Today it was June who suffering from a need bred through a combination of torment, teasing and restraint, had been reduced to an animal in heat, craving any kind of sexual contact.

Cynthia went into the other room and brought back the quirt. Based on her own experiences, and seeing the obvious physical arousal of her subject, she decided that a combination of erotic pain along with some tease and denial would take June to even higher levels of frustration.

She began by using the quirt on June's presented ass, standing to the side, whipping across both checks. June moaned, but both women knew this was just a warm-up.

Robert too waited patiently, understanding where this was going. The blows increased in speed and force, the tip of a thong from time to time snapping between the splayed legs. Those brought gasps from the tightly restrained woman as a knotted did its damage. Then suddenly stopping, Cynthia stepped forward and again began teasing and caressing the exposed and gaping pussy.

June moaned more at this sensation than she had during the whipping. Cynthia realized she must be more homosexual than heterosexual because the sight of a totally aroused woman drove her crazy. There was something incredibly erotic to her about the contrast that woman such as June could present. On the one hand a reasonably sophisticated woman, middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied fashionably dressed, hair styled, nails done, wearing a tasteful amount of jewelry, clothes that flattered but were not gaudy.

Then there was her June, here, tonight. Naked, restrained, sweating and, there was no other, or better way to put it in heat! She moaned at the slightest touch to her pussy. Her pussy itself was pure lust! Engorged with increased blood flow, the outer lips gaped. The inner lips were bright red. The swelling had caused the hood to pull back exposing the delicate pearl of her clit.

The opening of the vagina was clearly visible. The moisture that earlier had been just a droplet or two, now freely collected along her labia, and the scent of her arousal was overpowering.

Cynthia reached under June's belly from behind and gently stroked her hand down, lightly grazing her sex, careful not to exert too much pressure. "Umm you look so beautiful my slut" she whispered in her captive's ear. "And so hot" she continued.

"I'll bet you'd love to cum if I let you, wouldn't you?" "Oh yes Ma'am I need to come so badly, please, please". As she was almost gasping her plea, Cynthia had been ever so lightly letting her finger play around the opening of June's vagina, teasing and ever so slightly probing. The effect was electric as June tried to thrust backward, but the straps were too tight.

"I'm wondering what you'd promise me now if I let Robert slide his cock into your pussy" Cynthia murmured as she continued to tease. She motioned to Robert, who taking the cue, pulled his erect cock from his pants and stepped behind the gasping woman. "Oh God please" she cried out as she felt the hot head of his cock lightly graze and tease her gaping vulva.

"Please" she cried out, trying futilely to arch her pussy back. Cynthia could imagine what she was feeling the constant teasing, the arousal. She had experienced it herself the aching need in her sex where it seemed as if she would do anything to experience the fullness of a cock penetrating her. "You are such a wanton slut June" Cynthia told her as she watched her lover trying to buck her hips to get her pussy further backward.

"You look like a bitch in heat. I'll bet you'd love to feel that cock slide deep inside you wouldn't you?" "Oh God yes, please I need it so badly" June gasped. "Say it tell us what you are and what you need slut" June responded immediately modesty and decorum long gone.

"I'm a slut Ma'am. I need to badly to be fucked. I'm nothing but a bitch in heat for you, please, please let Robert fuck me!" Cynthia said nothing, just motioned Robert to step back, and as he did, brought the quirt snapping in an upward motion directly into the exposed pussy.

The knotted thongs buried themselves in the soft, puffy pussy lips. She repeated immediately with stroke after stroke upward into the delicate folds of the gaping sex. June screamed freely, thrashing wildly in the straps holding her, begging alisha the bouncy bunny chocolate big boobs pleading for the awful pain to stop.

Of course Cynthia didn't stop. The experience fresh in her own mind she knew the places she wanted to take her lover. Every so often a brief pause to stroke and tease the swollen and bruised folds and lips, then more vicious strokes right to June's core with the quirt. She alternated the whipping and teasing, occasionally letting a finger slip inside the bruised and swollen pussy, while her thumb teased the puckered asshole just as obscenely presented.

The whole area between June's legs her pussy, perineum and skin around her anus was red and bruised from the impact of the little knots on the quirt's thongs. Finally after a series of strokes working on the vagina and anus, which brought shrill screams from June, Cynthia relented and motioned to Robert. She stepped back and watched as he buried his cock to the hilt in the abused pussy. It took just a few strokes before June stiffened and cried out again, eyes rolling back, as knotted by great dane black guy jerked wildly in her restraints.

Her orgasm seemed to never end. The spasms in her abdominal muscles were readily visible, as was the clenching of her pussy and asshole. Her fluids ran down her thighs freely and the room reeked of sex. "Damn this was making her horny" Cynthia thought to herself as she watched her friend and lover come down from the most intense orgasm Cynthia had watched her experience.

Walking back up to her as Robert unfastened June from the breeding rack, she stroked her face, kissed her deeply and whispered to her "glad you enjoyed the warm-up love now it's time to see what kind of pain slut you really are". June moaned incoherently as they led her into the playroom and positioned her against the St. Andrews cross.

A work of art almost polished mahoganyoozing straps and fastening points, with a large padded bolster at center that could be moved up or down. As they fastened June tightly to the cross, Robert adjusted the pad so it was right in the small of her back. As the straps were tighten the effect of the design was clear her pelvis was arched forward while her arms and legs were pulled backward. June was not going anywhere.

Still dazed from the whip on her pussy, and the intense orgasm, she could do nothing but hang in her straps, waiting for what she expected would be some intense torment. Her fears were confirmed when Robert set a covered tray on the table next to the cross, along with a grey box. He stepped up and gently caressed her face, then her breasts, speaking to her softly. "You are such a special lady, June, and I know what you need, I really do, and I'm going to hurt you very much".

June began to beg and plead, asking to be let down when she saw the blonde does blowjob to old man bionda fa pompino a vecchio signore electro-stim unit. "No Sir, please not the electricity I can't stand it. Please anything else" she begged. "You haven't had a chance to observe electricity play yet have you?" he asked. Cynthia shook her head and watched as he began to lay our pairs of wires and as June was still begging him not to, taking deep breaths in her restraints.

"It's a tremendously versatile tool, but requires some knowledge and experience. Electricity offers so many delightful advantages. First, there is never any permanent injury.

No marks, no scars. Second it can produce a whole spectrum of sensation from erotic pleasure to absolute agony.

And finally once you have everything set up, it requires no more effort than the touch of a button. " As he was talking he had uncovered the tray, which brought a new round of almost incoherent pleading from June. She had started begging in earnest when she had seen the sterile acupuncture needles in their containers laid out neatly. Robert continued his explanation.

"Not wanting to get too technical but basically this box produces a very high voltage but low amperage electrical current.

It's the safer form of electricity as compared to say just a huge twelve volt car battery that can cause burns and real injury." As he spoke he was plugging leads into the grey box, laying the wires out neatly, as June watched wide-eyed, still begging him not to do what he had planned.

Robert picked up an alcohol swab and began thoroughly cleaning the skin on June's right breast, about and inch from her nipple. He directed Cynthia to open one of the acupuncture needle wrappers, being careful just to pull the sealing paper back, but not touch the needle. Taking another swab soaked in alcohol he grasped the end of the needle and pulled it free. It was about three inches long and very, very thin.

Cupping June's breast, careful not to touch the cleaned area, he slowly sank the sunny leone xxx sex blue film porn storys downlod into her breast.

June violently shook her head back and forth, but did not cry out. "She's not in any pain yet" Robert explained. "That is a reaction to what she knows will come. If you've ever had any acupuncture, you know that these needles are so thin that there is virtually no pain.

It's more the psychological effect of watching the needle slide into you". Cynthia could not disagree. She imagined herself in June's place, helplessly strapped to the cross and watching a needle being inserted into her sensitive breast. As Robert picked up the next needle, he continued his lesson. "One of the biggest variables in using electricity is the size of the contact point with the body" he explained as the next needle was inserted into June other breast, also about an inch from the nipple.

Cynthia noted that June had again not made a sound as the needle slid into her breast and both of her nipples were hard and erect. "If I use a large contact pad to conduct the electricity the sensation is much like a vibrator. The electricity causes muscles to contract and relax involuntarily.

In fact, with an internal vaginal probe and a well placed pad, I can literally induce an orgasm in a woman without any other contact, and whether or wants it or not" Robert continued as he produced the third needle.

This needle brought a response from the helpless woman as he slid it with a twirling motion directly into the center of her right nipple, sliding it about an inch down into the breast. And June cried out in pain as the other nipple was cored with one of the thin, delicate needles.

"On the other hand" Robert continued, as he picked up the wires he had laid out, and attached one to each needle with a clamp, "when the contact point is small, as with these acupuncture needles which will of course be the contact point, the same electrical current is pure pain, the amount of course increasing as the current increases." June started begging and pleading anew when Robert knelt down and began preparing her pussy as he had the breasts.

With her pelvis thrust forward her sex was well presented. He scrubbed the skin of her out labia at the top if her pouting lip, to either side of her clitoris. She gasped at the burn of the alcohol as he spread the lips and cleaned between them. June had stopped begging, realizing that her fate was sealed. She concentrated instead on preparing herself for what she knew was coming. Cynthia found the sight of June, eyes closed, trying to get herself braced quite erotic.

As always she imagined herself in that position. Tightly restrained, no way out, trying to get herself prepared for intense erotic pain. June cried out only slightly as Robert slid a needle into each fleshy outer lip. The space between the two needles of course, across June's pussy was only an inch or so, and just as clearly, the needles were placed so that her still hooded clitoris was between them. With all of the leads attached and plugged into the box, Robert explained the box was versatile in that the voltage, frequency and rate of current could all be adjusted.


The box could even be plugged into a computer if one wanted to get fancy so that shocks were delivered to the beat of recorded music. As he spoke, he pushed a button and a series of lights came on. He stepped close to June and caressing her gently, first her face, then the sides of her breasts, then her hair, he asked her if she was ready.

Cynthia watched the scene unfolding. All the begging, and pleading were gone. June and Robert looked into each other's eyes. He knowing that he was getting ready to seriously hurt this lovely woman. She seeing in his eyes the certainty that within seconds she would be screaming. June took a deep breath and nodded. Robert pushed and held down the button. The effect was immediate. June jerked madly against the straps holding her to the cross and screamed, and screamed.

Between screams she managed to gasp out entreaties to please stop, she couldn't handle it any more. Then the words were lost with new screams. Robert released the button and June just sagged in the restraints. Cynthia stepped up to her and first stroked her face, then kissed her. The ferocity of June's response caught her off guard. June was literally trying to devour her lover's tongue and mouth, kissing her frantically. She had been in pain, and would soon be again, but right now she was pure lust!!

Cynthia stepped back and June started to cry our "nooooo" just as the electricity slammed into her nipples and clit again. This time Cynthia found she was definitely getting aroused as she watched June jerk and thrash in her restraints, and listened to her scream.

This was her lover, her tormentress, and now her victim, all rolled into one. Finally Robert stopped. June hung in her straps, relieved at the temporary reprieve. Robert began to stroke and caress her again, amazing teen babe gives a good blowob Cynthia to join in. As she stepped up to June, she watch as Robert unclipped the electrical leads from all of the needles.

She was kissing June deeply, the two women feeding off of each other's lust. She felt and heard June gasp slightly as Robert removed the needles she saw him out of the corner of her eye toss them on the tray and step back. She began to stroke and tease her lover in earnest. The nipples, so brutally tortured just minutes ago hardened to her touch and she heard June hiss "Yessss" into her ear as she tongued first one erect nipple, then the other.

Reaching down she began to two stunning lassies have some kinky fun her fingers along the offered slit, feeling the sopping wetness. June was a pain slut. At this point Robert stepped back up.

In his hand he held his lit cigar. June's eyes grew wide with fear she knew what was coming it was something they had hinted and teased about in the past with an unspoken promise that someday&hellip. But Cynthia felt the gush of fluid in the palm of her hand that was cupping and stroking June's pussy. She stepped back, watching in wonder at the scene before her. Robert said nothing. He kissed June deeply. He began to stroke and tease her.

First her nipples, rolling between finger and thumb, then kissing them. Teeth nipping, then grasping and pulling. June's gasp as he let each nipple in turn slide between teeth, rasping until it pulled fee. Repeating. Fingers lightly tracing the tender labia slipping between into the slick wetness.

Feeling the hips buck against his hand. Hearing the moans. Smelling the arousal, First one finger then two slipping deep inside the woman feeling the muscles there contract, clutching his finger. The pelvis moving as much as the straps allowed, she completely aroused and needing. He standing, teasing, stroking, and the cigar held in the other hand. For her to see. For her to fear. For her to need.

"Beg for it my lovely slut. Tell me how badly you want me to hurt you" Robert said in almost a whisper, continuing to stroke and tease. He had brought the cigar in front of June, inches away from her nipple.

She could feel the heat. Looking down she could see the cherry red glow of the burning end. Cynthia had long since buried her hand in her own pussy rubbing and stroking herself as she watched the scene unfold. The intensity was overwhelming. She imagined herself waiting, needing&hellip. Robert continued to tease the lovely blonde.

The fingers of one hand deep inside her, lightly rubbing the top of her vagina, the thumb dancing around her clit. The cigar hovering over her breast, just above the nipple. "Ask for it lovely lady" he said again.

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Finally, needing it all so badly, in spite of knowing how badly it would hurt, June gave up and cried out "Yessss burn me burn my tits and my cunt I need you to God Damn I need it" Robert slowly, never stopping his teasing and stroking of her cunt, took a deep drag on the cigar and then slowly, ever so slowly, watching the terror and the need build in his victim's eyes, touched the glowing end to her left nipple.

For a full second he held it there as she screamed. She screamed but she did not beg him to stop. A brief pause and the glowing hot cigar touched the other nipple. The fingers of his other hand deep in her vagina, probing, stretching teasing. Finally, kneeling, just as slowly and certainly as before, Robert touched the cigar to the apex of her cunt. Where the lips met. Where the sensitive pearl of her clit had been teased out from its hood. And held it there as his fingers spread and stretched her, moving rapidly inside her.

Her orgasm hit just as he removed the cigar, replacing it on her now brutalized clit with his tongue. June cried, gasped and made inhuman noises as fluid gushed from her pussy, soaking Robert's face and hands. Robert began to gradually slow the caresses and stroking, embracing her more than touching her. He motioned to Cynthia and the two of them managed to release June from the cross and get her onto the nearby couch. Both hugged and held her, as she began to sob and cry freely from the emotional overload.

Cynthia arose leaving her with Robert, telling her she would be right back when June begged her not to leave her. She had already decided how this evening would play out. She went to the clothes that June had left earlier in the day, and sure enough, found the small brass key in the pocket of the jeans. She picked up a pair of handcuffs and made her way back to the inn.

Eric immediately opened the door to his room when she knocked. She did not ask permission she just stepped inside and told him to strip. Eric, being Eric obeyed immediately even though he had no clue as to what she planned. She ordered him onto the bed, on his back.

She tossed him the handcuffs and told him to cuff his hands over his head to the headboard. He found a large ring, thoughtfully provided, and locked his hands together, then lay there waiting. Cynthia took the key she had retrieved from June's pocket and proceeded to unlock the chastity cage, freeing his now swelling cock.

Unable to resist, she stroked it, then took it in her mouth, savoring the feel and taste of a hot cock in her mouth. It was all she could do to pull her head away. She teasingly told Eric not to go anywhere, as she left him naked and restrained on his bed, being careful to take his room key with her. Returning to the playroom, she found that June had recovered a bit. She was sitting up, sipping water. She helped her to her feet and together they walked back to the inn, June hugging her tightly.

She took Skinnynbspkyoka sono enjoys two guys to damage her pussy double penetration and pussy licking to her room, unlocked the door and helped her to the bed.

It was only then that June realized that Eric was naked and cuffed on the bed waiting for her. She started to speak, but Cynthia put her fingers to her lips, laid her on the bed and kissed her deeply. As she left she placed the key to Eric's handcuffs on the night table.