Big tit teen gets her ass pounded

Big tit teen gets her ass pounded
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.CHAPTER FOUR. When aunt Deena & I arrived over to Jacob's with the pizzas we've picked up, Laura Wilkins was there to greet us both. "Hi Cody," Laura said. "Oh hi Miss. Wilkins," I said. I remembered that she was no longer married, I didn't even know why I was still calling her Mrs. Then she said, "You can call me Laura Cody." "Oh, Okay Laura," I said. Then I introduced my aunt to her., "Laura, this is my aunt Deena. Aunt Deena, this is Laura, Jacob's mom." "Nice to meet you Deena," Laura replied.

Aunt Deena replied right back, "Nice to meet you too Laura." So Laura helps us carry the goodies into the house. "If both of you will both excuse me," Laura said, "I'll go tell Jacob you're both here." "OK," I said, "We'll wait." So Laura goes in for a couple of minutes to let Jacob know that we've come over to hang out with him and to watch the game. Then aunt Deena whispers in my ear, " You know, Laura's very attractive for her age- even with a son." Then I whisper right back at her, "Actually, she has two.

Jacob has a younger sister name Bethany who's about a year younger than me." "Oh," Deena said, "I see." About a minute or so later, Laura wheels out Jacob.

"Well hey, hi Cody," greets Jacob. "Hey Jake," I replied. And then without hesitation, I said, "I here you're not doing so well." Then Jacob asks, "Who is this cute broad that's here with you?" "Oh, I'm sorry," I said. So I introduced my aunt to him, "Jacob, this is my aunt Deena.

Aunt Deena, this is both mine & Darren's friend, Jacob." "Nice to meet you," aunt deena said. "Nice to meet you too Deena", Jacob said. Then he adds, "Mom, could you & Cody's aunt step out on the patio for a few minutes please? I need to talk to Cody alone. Thank you." "As you wish son," Laura said. And so my aunt & Jacob's mom stepped out on the patio. "I have a question for you Cody," Jacob said.

"What do you think of my mom?" "Well," I replied, "I think she's still highly attractive for her age." "You know she's not as old as you think," said Jacob.

date slam yo gorgeous french babe met off instagram & dad got married right out of high school." "Really?" I asked. Then I said, "So she's still got to be in her late thirties then, right?" "Precisely," Jacob said.

"The reason I ask is that I have terminal cancer to the pancreas.

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The doctors only gave me maybe less than a month to live." Jacob told me some other personal issues, such as his life insurance policy. But then he makes an interesting & unusual request, "One of the reasons I asked you & told you about my mom is the real reason I've asked you to come over here in the first place." "And that is." I said." "I want you to fuck my mom," Jacob requested.

WHOA!!! What did he just say?? Then it gets even more interesting as he continues, "I want you to impregnate my mom, and so does she." At this point, I couldn't believe my ears. My childhood buddy that Darren & I both grew up with, wants me to father his next sibling. But then again, It's one of Jacob's final wishes. And so, why not carry it out while he's still alive. Now I've got to admit, Laura is a real knock-out.


She is a nicely tanned, tall, slender. athletic gal who stands about 5', 7" tall. She also weighs about 140 & has an all-natural C cup size that are nice & firm. She also has nice, silky auburn hair that blends in during the autumn season. it's clear to me that Laura might still be fertile. But after chit-chatting for about a couple minutes, Jacob motions both my aunt & his mom to came back in. "Hey by the way, where's Bethany?" I asked.

"Bethany went up north this weekend for deer hunting", Laura said. "She left with their aunt, uncle and her two cousins last night. They won't be back until late tomorrow night." "Oh cool," I said, "I hope they get a big one. Darren & I are thinking about going up when he comes home from college Thanksgiving week. We might go with our two uncles, it's something my dad would've wanted us to do." "That'll be awesome," Laura said. Then Laura went into the kitchen and got glasses for all of us to pour our drinks in.

The game didn't start for about another hour and a half. So we ate a few slices of pizza and we all just sat around, mostly reminiscing about our childhood and asking about our families. "I know it's been a shit year for all of us," Jacob said. Then he continued, "I know things haven't been the same since your father died suddenly Cody.

Believe me, I've been there myself. I know what the rest of you have been dealing with." "I know you do," I said, "but what are you gonna do?" And Jacob's right. Laura's been a widow now for over a year. And now, she's gonna have to bury her son in the next month or so. So that's why Jacob said it's been a shit year. So finally after about a half hour of eating & chatting, Laura asks my aunt, "Hey Deena." "Yes Laura," aunt Deena replied. "Could I borrow czech milf stockings public pickup nephew for about a half hour-45 minutes?

There's something I need to do with him. Please?" "Oh, OK," aunt Deena said. "Thanks," Laura said. And so Laura & I got up, went into the kitchen to wash our hands and then proceeded to go into her bedroom. She then closed the bedroom door right after she followed me in.

Then she asked me a question, "Cody, did my son ask you to do something with me?" "Yes, he did," I said. "What did he say?" Laura asked. "Well," I said, "he asked me if I wanted to knock you up." "Did he say why?" she asked. "He said within a couple of years, you would be all by yourself," I said. "And he may be right, because Bethany would be off to college next year." "Well, that's part of it," she said. "The other reason is because I know it's hard for you to get laid because of your disability." She then continues, "Should I do in fact become pregnant, I'm not gonna ask you for any kind of child support.

Is that okay with you?" "Okay, I'll do it," I said. Then I continued, "But we must not tell anyone about this. Okay?" "Ok," she said. "Now, undress me." And so I began to slowly undress Laura. First, I put both of my hands up under her skirt to get to her panties down her silky legs, then I undid her blouse in the back by unbuttoning it. Then I was able to remove her bra. Boy, what an awesome sight. Here stands before me is a true classic beauty of a MILF. Her bare tits are nice and firm even with no bra on.

In addition, her auburn bush is neatly & nicely trimmed. And so without further delay, she walked me over to her bed and asked me to lay down. "Here Cody," she said, "why don't you lay on my bed & I'll ride your humongous cock.

This way, your chances are better at knocking me up when you shoot your load straight up. Is that okay with you?" "That'll be cool," I said without any hesitation as she strips my clothes off of me. And then I also began to notice that her pussy is glistening, a sure sign that she's wet already.

It is clear she means business and is ready to be boned be a big, young cock. Then she says, "Cody hun, as soon as I get slowly on your big cock, I want you to cup & squeeze my big jugs.


Think you can do that for me dear?" And without any hesitation, I was like., "HELL YEAH!!!" And so she got on top of me. But first, I had to position my cock just right. At first, I teased her slit which was really wet by now. I teased busty babe swallows spunk cumswallow and stockings a couple of times until I made a circular motion so I slowly slide it in.

Then she said, "I want you to put your big cock in, nice & slow until the head of your cock hits my cervix.

Okay?" "Ok," I said. "But you need to sit down really slowly so I don't puncture you." "Your asian love tunnel toying and blowbang japanese and hardcore Laura said, "I'm the one that has to do much of the work here. Are you ready sweetheart?" "Let's get it on," I said. And so she gently sits on my shaft, but I really had to stretch her pussy lips open.

It's painfully & obviously clear that Laura hasn't been fucked in a very long time, because she was really(and I do mean), really tight. So she let out a sigh at first when the head and part of my shaft slowly went inside of her at first. Then she said in a whimpering voice, "Oh Cody, Your cock isn't even in me all the way. But I feel like a virgin all over again on my first date." So I had her rise up slowly, then I said, "Just you wait dear, you'll really be squealing when I'll have most of my cock inside of your tight little twat." And she knew I wasa right, there was no way all of my cock way gonna be inside of her- especially since she hasn't been tapped in a long while.

So after she rose up, she took a deep breath and then slowly went back part way down oin my long, thick shaft, all the while nice & easy strokes. We had to do this at least a few times until her pussy was a little loose & stretched. After a few short strokes, she was ready to take whatever she wanted all the way in.

So when Laura was finally to slide back down, she was able to take most of my shaft all the way in. Thus, leaving the remaing 1-2 inches that I could see hanging out of her pussy. Then she lets out a big moan, "Oh, Cody. Your big cock feels sooo good deep inside me!!!!! I wanna ride you as much as possibly., maybe until I totally empty your big nuts." At this point, I was like 'Wow!' She really wants it and good.

So, I gave it to her, and ALL of what she could really handle. And shortly after slowly sliding down on me, she started riding me a little faster & harder and at the same time, I was cupping her tubes. They were nice & hard, making them all the more firm.

"O-oh, oh, oh, OHH!!!!!!" She yells out. "Don't stop. Harder, harder, fucking HARDER!!!!!!!" And so with that, She rode even harder as I was pumping harder myself. By now, our little sexual escapade was in full swing.

It got to the point where the bed started shaking. Laura & I were having the time of our lives. At the same time, My aunt & Jacob are probably wandering 'What the hell are those two doing in there?' Jacob knows, but I don't think aunt Deena does.

But anyway Laura began to moan again, "I-I., I., think., I'm., gonna., cum!!" Between each word she was saying and each thrust, it was clear that I put her over the edge. Because about a few seconds after she vlurted out that she was about to have an orgasm, it happened. She let out the biggest moan that anyone within a couple of blocks' radius could hear.

I could feel the inner walls of her pussy clamp & shudder as she unloaded all around my cock, and then some of it leaked onto my nutsack as well. But at the same time that she reached her climax, I knew that I was nearing mine as well. My balls began to churn & most of my shaft that Laura was riding hard on, was getting swollen. Then I told her, "Oh Laura, I-I. I.

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I'm gonna., Ohh, cum." "Cum inside my pussy, Please!!", commanded Laura. "Fill me up with your precious baby seed." And that was all it took because after I held it in for as long as possible to build up, I let it go with one giant thrust and a loud, grunting moan. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I said. I must've exclusive brandi love takes cock after shower several giant ropes of semen inside of her.

After a minute or so, she said, "HOLY SHIT!!!! DAMN!!!! You really know how to shoot a mean load." So no sooner after I emptied my balls, she collapsed right on top of me & we snuggled for about a few minutes. We were both keeping an eye on the time, even though our little sexual encounter only took us nore than about maybe 20 minutes tops.

So we decided to lay there for about another ten minutes, then we both got up and got dress to rejoin Jacob and my aunt. But as we were getting dress, Laura & I started to hear weird sounds. "Are Jacob & your aunt watching a porn?" Laura asked, "I hear what sounds like sex moans." "I don't know," I said, "let's found out by spying on them." And so about a minute after we both got dress, we quietly opened to door.

Then we both hear a familiar noise that neither one of us could believe.

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In a short distance, we heard what sounded like aunt Deena moaning. We could hear her saying, "Oh, Jacob. Your cock feels soo good in my hot pussy." Then Laura asked me in a whisper, "Tell me lonely years old granny pleases a stranger not your aunt fucking my son." Then I noticed that they're not in the living room when we slowly crept back out.

"Where the hell are they?" I asked "Sounds like it's coming from the bathroom," she said. She then adds, "They both must've gotten horny when they heard us moaning & grunting. I can hear them in the bathroom." "I'll bet they snuck in while we were doing it," I said. But then I ask Laura an interesting & personal question, "Has Jacob ever been on any real dates with any of the gals at all by any chance?" "That's a good question Cody," Laura said.

"Maybe we should ask him later. But right now, I wanna see whether or not these two are really doing it." So Laura has cooked up a plan. What my aunt doesn't know is, that the bathroom they're both in has a hidden camera. The reason is because in case something were to happen to Jacob, mainly because of his terminal illness.