Heddie is the most inviting anal teenie

Heddie is the most inviting anal teenie
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Hey, this is my first story. It's a little long but definitely worth it. Be gentle.or not.whichever you prefer ;). I'm Alyssa and I have been dating my boyfriend Mike for five years and he finally proposed to me at his parents house yesterday. It was about damn time too. I was starting to wonder if he ever would. I was starting to think he wasn't really interested in me and that he was just dating me for my body and the sex.

He isn't really that good of a looking guy. He is average height, a little on the chubby side, average features. But he is smart, makes me laugh, treats me right, and he isn't bad in bed despite only being 5 inches fully erect. I,however, have always been a knockout.

I have long slightly curly raven black hair, a gorgeous face with full polity lips, long firm legs and a firm tight ass from years of volleyball, but my best attribute are by far my 44 DD tits that defy gravity.

Packing all that onto a 5'2" 125 pound frame, makes countless men and boys come unhinged. I have never cheated on my boyfriend.

I have had plenty of chances but I have never been that type of girl. Before him though, I slept with 15 men. Everyone from 3 high school teachers, 4 cops, the high school football coach of my schools biggest rival, a few random friends, two black college linebackers, and my college phys ed teacher.

All of them numerous times, and the two linebackers at once. I gave it all up for my boyfriend though because of the way he made me feel, and I thought I would never be with another man until the night I was engaged. My boyfriends parents are pretty nice people. Well, his mom is anyway.

His dad, Mark Sr., has never said much to me. His mom, Gloria, is the sweetest woman but she is huge and not at all attractive. She is a stay at home mom so she doesn't get out much. His dad on the other hand is quiet and gives off this too good for anyone vibe. He is, however, one of the most handsome men I have ever met. He has a body that is a cross between the Rock and Jason Statham.

The Rock's muscles with Statham's complexion, height, and lightly shaved head. He comes by his muscles from years of construction work; the company for which he now runs. I sometimes wonder how my boyfriend's mom ended up with him. If I had met him out somewhere before I met my boyfriend I definitely would have tried to jump his bones. He is too much of a weirdo for me though with the way he never talks to me and the way he makes me feel uncomfortable when he looks at me.

Anyways, I had No idea my boyfriend was going to propose to me. I later found out he had been saving for one of the biggest rings sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering the store because he said that's the only way he could fit enough of his heart into it.

He got right down on his knee after supper and proposed right there at the dinner table. His mom hugged me with tears in her eyes, and nearly engulfing me in her enormous folds. His dad didn't really say much. He just kind of gave me a little look and continued drinking his scotch as the rest of us excitedly talked and celebrated. After a while, things settled down and my fiance, his mom, and I were still in the kitchen putting things away and making tiny plans for the wedding.

His dad had moved off to another part of the house right after the proposal and we hadn't seen him since. My boyfriend got a serious look on his face an asked if he could have a moment alone with his mom.

I squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time and nodded as I gave him a peck on the lips and moved out to the living room and turned on the tv. I just sat there flipping through random channels for a couple minutes until I heard a cry of pain from my fiances mom and I dashed back to the kitchen to see that she had cut her finger on a knife as she was cleaning it in the sink. It was a really deep cut clear to the bone from what I briefly saw.

I didn't look much because blood makes me super queasy.


My boyfriend, knowing this, wrapped her finger in a towel and said he would take her to the emergency room and that he would let me know how she was as soon as he could. A couple minutes after they were out the door, I was still sitting at the kitchen table still in a bit of shock. I finally thought I should probably tell his father about her cutting herself which immediately triggered a flash back of her finger, and sent me running for the nearest bathroom.

I barely made it to the bathroom across from his parent's room and slammed the door when I started to gag. Luckily I managed to force the horrifying sight of blood out of my mind and not throw up. I took a couple of deep breaths and swallowed some water from the sink just to settle my stomach and walked out the door to find my fiancé's dad. I nearly ran right into him as he was standing just outside the bathroom door with a little smirking glower on his face.

You wouldn't think someone could pull that off but he definitely did. "Why are you slamming my doors?" He asked me with a hint of calm menace as he leered down at me. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Your wife cut her finger on a knife as she was cleaning it and blood makes me queasy. I thought I was going to throw up so I came running in here so I wouldn't make a mess. Mark took Gloria to the emergency room it looked pretty bad you might want to go there too." The whole time I was telling he started to smile a little and it really started to make m uncomfortable.

It was making me uncomfortable because I had never been so close to him before and the way he was looking at me was making me wet! He just kind of kept staring at me and looking me up and down as the seconds dragged on before he finally spoke. "Gloria is always hurting herself and it always takes hours at the emergency room this time of night. I've been to enough of those visits. Junior can handle this one. You're really going to marry my son huh.

Can't believe it took that little pecker head this long to ask with that body you have. Kid won't ever do any better. I don't suppose he told you I had to bet him to talk to you that day at the gym when you two met.

All he would do is drool and I told him if he didn't go over and talk to you that I would and that I would have you out in my car riding my dick in five minutes." I was completely shocked and completely turned on at the same time. I have always been quick to fall for an assertive man with a england sex stories story xxx pelivakhat chode attitude, but I wasn't going to let him get me. I had a fiancé now!

I tried not to let my arousal show or come out in my voice as I responded. "You shouldn't talk about your wife like that. She is a really great woman and loves you dearly. You should go to her while she is hurt. And I don't care how Mark and I met! We still met and its the best thing to ever happen to me! And there I no way you could have ha me riding your dick in five minutes." I would like to think that last part was true but as I stood there I wasn't so sure.

He looked like a predator that knew he was going to feast. "You're right. She is a nice woman and she does love me dearly and I love her in my own way but not enough. I'm only with her cause I got her pregnant with Mark.

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And honey, I can see right now that you want me already. You would have been sucking and fucking my sick in LESS than five minutes. I can guarantee you will be tonight too. We're only at the minute and a half mark." "You're an asshole.

I wouldn't touch you with my worst enemies mouth or pussy. And I definitely won't be sucking or fucking your dick tonight. I can guarantee it, because I love Mark!" Why wasn't I running from him? I was turned this girl will always be your cum hungry that's why.

He was reawakening the old me and I had to get out of there quick before I lost self control. I moved to go around him but he just blocked my path again and smiled a huge triumphant grin. I tried not to look at him and I was glancing everywhere. I mad the mistake of looking down and I saw a rather large bulge in his jeans. I quickly jerked my head up but he just laughed at me a little bit and moved in closer to me backing me against the wall.

He bent down and put his face next to my ear and I got a whiff of his after shave and it sent my pussy into overdrive and my nipples hardened to their maximum. He softly whispered into my ear blowing hot air all over it and sending tremors through my body.

"I can change your mind. You need a real man to fuck you. Not my small dicked son.


And your nipples have only gotten harder this entire time." He then leaned down a little more and lightly licked my jaw before softly kissing my neck and ending with a small bite just above my shoulder. This sent tremors through my body and I let out an uncontrollable moan of pleasure and lust. "I can't do this. I love Mark." I moaned out un-convincingly as he backed up away from me about ten inches which only served to frustrate me further.

I should have ran then but I was captivated as he unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid them and his boxers to the ground. I couldn't look away as more and more of his hard dick was revealed.

It just kept going and it looked like it was about as thick as a beer bottle. It was already the biggest dick I had ever seen. Even more so than the two black stallions I fucked my freshman year in college. I unconsciously and slowly licked my lips as it was slowly unveiled and glanced up at his face to see a huge smirk before my eyes were drawn back down just in time for it to spring out and slap me right on my pussy between my foxy sweeties screw the biggest strapons and spray load all around the place. It had to be twelve inches and every bit as thick as a beer bottle!

"I can't do this. I have to go to Mark." I defeatedly moaned out as he gave a little thrust pushing his dick further between my legs before pulling back a couple feet. He just kept smirking at me as he said. "I can change your mind." As he pulled me forward and down onto the carpet. I couldn't help it or deny it any longer.

I wanted to suck and fuck his dick. It was the biggest I had ever seen and my pussy was aching for it. I pushed out my chest a little and pouted my lips lexi belle tyler nixon ma belle babes at him. "Apparently you can. It's by far the biggest and most beautiful dick I have ever seen." I told him as I reached out with both hands taking his dick in my hands. My hands couldn't close all the way around it by themselves!

I stroked his dick slowly for a few seconds before looking up into his eyes with my chest pushed out as I slowly placed his cock head into my hot, wet mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and closed his eyes as I swirled my tongue around his head. I wanted this to be the best blow job he has ever gotten so I didn't play around.

I immediately started worshiping his dick with my mouth and hands. He moaned out, "3 minutes 45 seconds." As I swirled my tongue around his head again before shoving my head further down his cock, trying to fit as much of it as I could into my mouth.

It slightly pissed me off that he had been right. So, I pulled my mouth off of his dick and glared up at him. "I can quit any time you know!" "Bull shit.

Your mouth, pussy, and maybe your ass are mine now." He said as he shoved my mouth back onto his dick with one hand and tore my shirt off with the other. He was right and I completely gave up my charade as I took to sucking his dick with renewed vigor.

I was coating his dick with as much saliva as I could to make my hands glide smoother and sucking it off of his dick, what I could fit in my mouth, like there was no tomorrow as he moaned loudly.

His precum started to flow a little bit and it was by far the sweetest I had ever tasted. I couldn't wait to have his load fill my mouth. I was only getting about four inches in my mouth no matter how hard I tried. My mouth just wasn't stretching far enough.

I settled for four of his inches and increased my tempo and tongue swirling to make up for what I couldn't swallow. He was moaning like a dying man and running his hand through my long tresses like it was silk and giving little thrusts whenever I would pull back to just his cock head being in my mouth. I couldn't deny my pussy any attention any longer.

So, I slipped one of my hands slowly down my body and inside my skirt to my drenched pussy. I didn't play around there either. I immediately slipped two first time virgin sex porning storys inside and began thrusting vigorously causing myself to moan around his cock and my eyes to roll back in my head.

"Uh uh uh. Not yet you little whore. I'm going to fuck those gorgeous titties you have been teasing me with for five years before you get any attention down there." With that, he pulled my head off of his dick with a loud pop, picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder as he took off through the house away from his room. "Where are we going?" "The living room.

I'm going to fuck you on the couch in front of the picture window where the whole world can see." I didn't think it was possible for me to become wetter but the thought of being seen riding his huge dick sent my pussy into overdrive. He roughly threw me onto the couch sending my tits jiggling as he peered down at me with his massive member pointing right at my face.

I reached out to take it in my hands again but he batted them away and instead reached down and released my DD's. They didn't sag an inch and he just stared at them as if they weren't even possible muttering, "Even more beautiful than I thought." "You wanna fuck my big beautiful titties daddy?" I said with a seductive little smile at the word daddy as I moved onto my knees on the couch, bringing my heaving tits in line with his dick. I let some spit collect in my mouth before spitting it down between my breasts and asking him with a wink, "Well, are you going to fuck them or do I need to find a real man somewhere else?" I smashed my tits together with my hands and batted my eyelashes at him as I let another mouthful of spit roll down between them as he panted in full lust.

"I've been dreaming about this day for five years. You have no idea how many loads I have wasted into tissues all these years over you. When I'm done with you tonight you'll never be done with me." He said as he positioned his tip beneath my breasts and slowly slid it up through them. We both moaned in ecstasy. Him at finally being between my gorgeous gravity defying tits; and me at the feel of his hot, hard cock sliding between them, and the thought of him masturbating to my body for five years.

He went slow at first, savoring the feeling of my tits wrapped around his dick and occasionally reaching down to tweak my hard nipples. I just couldn't help but stare at his dick sliding up and down getting ever closer to my face, and fully filling the crevice between them perfectly. He was now leaking precum like a small faucet and it was really making his dick slide easier and easier.

Having my tits fucked is one of my favorite things and they are super sensitive so I started to moan and build to an orgasm already. I couldn't believe it and I forgot how good it felt to be reaching orgasm from having them fucked because it had been at least 6 years since anyone had gotten me off that way. I started to moan louder and so did he as I began to move my body against his thrusts slightly, encouraging him to go faster and harder.

His dick was now jabbing me in the chin so I opened my mouth and took his head and a couple inches in every time he thrust upwards, giving it a little swirl of my tongue ever time.

He moaned, thrusting harder and faster causing the couch springs to squeak, and twisted my nipples more as my moaning around his cock sent vibrations straight to his core. I started to suck harder and moan louder as my orgasm began to roll through my body. It was going to be a huge one, sex stories 2160p amazing gonna cum announced dldmasturbation he started to thrust even more vigorously as my moaning increased and he put a hand behind my head forcing my mouth down further.

That sent me over the edge, my pussy spasmed madly, I squirted, and I let out a long hard moan on his dick as my eyes rolled back in my head. It felt like my whole world exploded and it was a bigger orgasm than I'd ever had with my fiance in five years. Mark gave two hard thrusts and then pulled back so the tip was barely in my mouth as he threw his head back moaning.

He unleashed the biggest load I have ever taken straight into my mouth. The first shot half filled it, the second forced his cum out around my lips, and shot three through ten made my chin and tits a hot sticky mess as I tried desperately to swallow his sweet seed.

My fiancé's dad backed up a little as he panted heavily and softly stroking my hair. "Fuck, I haven't cum that hard in ages." He said as he used one of his huge index fingers to collect cum from my tits. "Mmm, neither have I. I'm glad you decided to seduce my inner slut." I said as I took his cum covered finger into my mouth sucking all his cum lovingly, and giving a moan as I noticed his still rock hard cock.

"I knew you were a little slut. You're not going to be able to get enough of my dick after I'm done destroying your little pussy." He said as he kneeled down between my legs and began sliding my soaked skirt and thong down my legs. "I can't wait, and you're wrong.I already can't get enough of your big fat dick. Your son is nowhere near as big as you, nor is any other man I have ever fucked.

Are you going to lick my tight little pussy? I've always been told I have the sweetest pussy anyone has ever tasted." "You're damn right I am. Your body belongs to me now not Junior." He growled out as he dove head first between my legs, attacking my clit.

I cried out in pleasure immediately and jumped against his rough tongue as I ground his head in with my hands. "UNNNNNHHHHHH. Oh fuuuuuuuuck baby! Eat my pussy Mark. Make me cum all over your fucking face!" He was taking my pleasure to a whole new level as he licked my pussy like he was starving.

I could already feel my orgasm building and it was coming fast as he licked faster and harder than I knew a human tongue could. "Unh unh unh unh, I'm so fucking close already. I'm going to squirt all over your face daddy. Fucking make me cuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm!" I screamed as he shoved his whole tongue inside my pussy thrusting it like a long flexible dick.

Calling him daddy only seemed to drive him wilder because he was eating my pussy like a champion now making his previous work look foolish. Just as I was about to cum, he suddenly jerked his head back away from my pussy and stood up as I half moaned half screamed in frustration. "No, please don't stop. I'm so close I want to cum all over you face." I said dejectedly as I moved my hands down to help finish my quivering pussy off.

"I don't fucking think so! The only place you get to cum tonight is on my fucking dick you little slut." He growled as he slapped my hands away and sat down on the couch next to me. The next thing I know he had me lifted up in the air and I hurried to get my legs underneath me as he positioned me over his stiff throbbing dick.

I was so wet that my pussy juice was dripping down onto his glistening, waiting dick. "Oh fuck yes. I want your dick so bad. I want you to cum deep inside me!" I moaned out as he held me over his dick. "Call me daddy.


Tell me you want me to fuck daddy's little girl. Beg for my dick you little slut!" Oh fuck, he knew just what to say to turn me on and I nearly came just from his words alone. "Oh daddy, please fuck me! Please! I need to feel your hard dick inside me.

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Fucking, fuck your little girls little pussy!" "Here it comes baby girl." He leered as he dropped me down just far enough to make his head pop inside my tight pussy, stretching me to new bounds in an instant.

Lucky that I was as wet as I was! "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.fuuuuuuuucckkkkkkk I'm cummmmming!" I screamed as my pussy clamped blonde with hot ass bouncing on webcam teen tighter than I've ever felt, squirting my girl cum out around his head. I sank against him and wrapped my arms around his neck as I panted and moaned into his neck. Mark snickered to himself as he plunged me down until his dick hit against my cervix.

I screamed in pain and ecstasy, and that was when I passed out. I slowly woke up feeling intense pleasure and like there was an arm crammed up into my stomach. I was slowly gyrating unconsciously, Mark was sucking on my right tit mercilessly, and he was raising an lowering me an inch at a time.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.You fucking bastard that hurt!" I moaned as the intense feelings of pleasure and slight pain coursed through my tight little body. "Its about time you woke up you little slut. It's been fifteen minutes. The good news is you are a champ and will definitely be getting my dick again because I'm all they way inside you.

I find it always goes better if the girl will pass out. She relaxes a lot more and i can get more of my dick in." Mark grunted as he lifted and dropped me more and more. "Uh uh uh uh.fuck.Uh uh.You.uhhhh.You could have.uhhhhhhh.really hurt me.UNNNNNHHHHHH!" I managed to moan succumbing to beautys oral sex blowjob amateur before he dropped me along eight inches of his dick sending me into another earth shattering orgasm.

"Ugh.fuck so tight. It would have taken too long if I hadn't made you pass out. Ugh ugh.I can't wait to blow my load in your tight little pussy." Mark grunted and moaned as he moved me along more and more of his dick until he had me moving along eleven inches of his throbbing dick so that just his head remained in me. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuccckkkkk me daddy!" I screamed as I gave myself to his fucking. I began to move on my own accord and gyrating my hips on my down stroke sending both of us to new heights of pleasure.

He started to smack my ass on my upward stroke and that drove me crazier. I knew if anybody looked in they would see the hottest fucking of their lives. I had my head thrown back with my tits smashed into Mark's face as I did my best to bounce my tight little heart shaped ass off of his hard legs. We were really getting into a good, hard, and fast rhythm.

I teen sister squirts and cums so hard having multiple ear piercing orgasms and he was sucking on my nipples like a starving baby. That was when the phone rang right next to the couch scaring me. I stopped riding Mark's dick as the full realization of what I was doing hit me and I started to panic, but Mark just jerked me down forcefully setting off another orgasm.

I bit down hard on his shoulder and he kept one hand on my ass to keep me moving as he reached over and answered the phone.

I nearly froze but he was too strong so I just kept riding his dick slowly. "Hello? Oh hey junior, how's your mother? Oh, that's too bad. Oh.I didn't think they would be able to process her so fast on a Friday night.

Bodacious booty and big black dick cumshots brunette, that's good, I'll see you in about 40 minutes. I gotta go I'll.Uh, yeah sure she is here." The last part Mark said with an evil gleam in his eye as he picked up the tempo of our fucking.

I tried to slow it down and refuse the phone but he just picked me up and spun us so I was on my back on the couch with my legs to his side's. He began to piston his dick faster between my legs causing me to rapidly build to another orgasm as I found myself breathlessly taking the phone.

"Unh.Hi.unh.I mean hi honey." "Hey sweet heart are you okay, you sound out of breath." My fiance asked with genuine concern and hopefully not a hint of suspicion. "I.yeah baaaaby.I'm fine I.I have just been worried about your mom and I've been hyperventilating because of the sight of the blood." I managed to squeak out as Mark's dad thrusted harder and faster, bringing me closer to another huge climax.

I was trying desperately to keep my moans down and sound normal but I had twelve inches of heaven sliding in my pussy. I felt bad but at the same time I had never been hotter in my life.

"Oh.Alright sweetheart, well, we should be back in about 40 minutes. I don't know why my dad didn't come, but we will be back soon." I could hear a hint of doubt in his voice and I think it grew more as he mentioned his father, and heard my labored, quickening breathing.

"He.wants to cum sweetheart. He just isn't ready yet.unh.and you guys are mother son xxx ebony sote huye on your way back.

So, he is just.unnnnh.going to stay here and wait for you. I'm about to.UNNNNNHHHHHH.throw up I think baby I need to no daddy xxx the step sleeper creeper to the bathroom!" "Oh, Alright sweetheart." I heard him say as I pushed the phone away to his father just as I let out a huge moan into my arm.

"Hey junior, sorry she is on her way to really letting go." I moaned at his evil double entendre. "You got it see you in 35." He finally moved the phone back over to the receiver and hung up. After that, he really started thrusting harder and faster, and sucking on my big black cock for sexy kita zen. I was now moaning at the top of my lungs and he was grunting loudly.

I wrapped my legs around his firm ass as he thoroughly ravaged my pussy. "Unh unh unh unh unh unh fuck fuck.fuuuuuuccckkkkk.daddyyyyyyyyyyyy.I'm fuuuuuucking.unnnnhhh.I'm cuming I'm cuming. I'm fucking cuming!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as his balls slapped against my ass and multiple orgasms rolled through my body. He gave me the hottest French kiss of my life as I peaked, and I nearly bit through his lip. "That's right baby girl you little fucking slut.

Unh unh.take it! Oh fuck yes you're squeezing me so hard. Fuck here it comes I'm gonna fill your womb. I'm going to fucking knock you up!" My eyes flew open at that and I was caught between panic and lust remembering that I had gone off the pill last month due to it causing complications.

"No! You have to pull out! I'm not on the pill!" He grunted and thrusted twice harder, and then stopped. "Is that what you want? You want me to stop because if I stop you never get this dick again." He said groaning as he made a handful of hard quick thrusts to emphasize his point.

"Oh fuck please! I need your dick.I can't live without! Do it you fucking bastard! Fucking cum inside me and make me pregnant!" Mark just grinned at my words and went into overdrive. He was fucking me harder and faster than ever before. He was pulling out until just his tip remained with each thrust as he kept his hands on my tight ass to gain extra leverage.

My tits were jumping wildly, and I was moaning like a woman possessed in one long continuous orgasm. "Unh unh unh unh.fuck me baby! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Fill me full of your hot cum!

UNNNNNHHHHHH! Fucking.make me pregnant daddy! Unnnnnnnnnnnnhhh!" I screamed swiftly, and at my mention of daddy, and making me pregnant he buried himself to the hilt and ground against my clit as he unleashed the biggest load I have ever felt. "Oh my fucking God! UNNNNNHHHHHH UNNNNNHHHHHH UNNNNNHHHHHH! I can.unnh.feel it filling my womb! It's so fuuuuuucking goooooooooooodddd! UNNNNNHHHHHH daaaaaddddddyyyyyyy!!!!!" I screamed out as the biggest orgasm of my life tore through my body and His hot seed was delivered into my womb by 16 powerful shots!

We just laid there grunting and moaning into each other with my tits smashed firmly against his chest and his still semi hard cock buried in my womb not letting any of his cum out. "So, what do you think little girl? Was it everything you imagined." Mark said as he slowly began to pull his cock from my over stretched, completely full pussy.

"Oh baby.that.was the best FUCK of my life. No one has anything on you. I can't believe I let you cum inside me. I could get pregnant." I moaned as his dick slipped from me, leaving me feeling hollow. "Oh, you'll get pregnant. I never misfire. You'll have to sleep with junior in a week after your pussy goes back so he won't be suspicious. And you're going to need to get cleaned up you're a mess. Also, you're only allowed to fuck Junior when I say." The thought of getting pregnant with his baby by his giant dick was almost enough to get me horny again, but my pussy was thoroughly fucked.

"But Mark is my fiance I can't hold out on him. And I definitely need a shower and so do you. Have you seen your dick." I stated as I stared at his cum covered cock while standing up on shaky legs. I always could take a fucking and keep going. "You're my bitch now and that means you fuck when I want, who I want, and only when I say you little slut!" He said as he gave my tits a little smack.

"Yes daddy." I said seductively as I looked down submissively and noticed his hardening dick. I couldn't believe this guy twenty years my senior getting it up again for a third time after the marathon fucking we just did!

"Thats a good girl. You know, I could use a new Secretary at work." "I already have a job." I said while slightly sticking my tongue out. "I can change your mind." He said as he gently pushed me back down on my knees and shoved his once again hard dick into my watering mouth. Part two?