Blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed

Blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed
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Jan and Dan. I had agreed to see a movie with a guy from my work. We sat in the balcony, and there were only about three couples when we first got there. We started necking and I let him feel my tits inside my top, but then the balcony started filling up, and when some kids I knew sat down close to us, I asked him to stop for a while but he wouldn't, so I left the movie (and him) and started walking home.

A different time and place I would have let him go farther, just not in a stap daddy and daggers tits theater. People talked about me enough as it was. His attention had excited me though, my nipples were still hard and there was the unmistakable feel of wet panties as I walked.

I lived a short distance out of town with my grand parents, so it was just a nice walk to my house from the theater, and being an overweight teen I certainly could use the exercise. I just ambled along smelling the honeysuckle along the road and looking at the stars, really enjoying the night. Less than half way home a car pulled beside me, and really scared me, till I saw it was Dan, the local sheriff.

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He asked why I was walking and I briefly explained my date to him and he just laughed his deep jovial laugh. He said he was off duty and would give me a ride home.


Dan was legendary around our town, both for his dedication to law enforcement, and his penis. On the short ride home he caught me staring at his crotch, trying to see if it were true or not.

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I was embarrassed to be caught, and blushed profusely when he asked if I was enjoying undressing him with my eyes. I just giggled and asked if I was that obvious, all the while wishing the light were better.

When we got to my house he stopped the car across the street under a big oak tree that sort of hung out over the road, and offered a dark spot in the otherwise bright night, and started asking me about my movie date again. He wanted to know if the boy had his hand in my bra, or up my skirt, and I admitted his hand was inside my top, but that he didn't get his hand up my skirt.

His next question was, "did I ever let boys touch me there" and again I was blushing, and told him a little white lie, that "yes, I had "a few times" The honest answer should have two men fuck one hotty homemade hardcore "lots of times". My curiosity was killing me and finally I blurted it out, asking him if it was true about why he was called Donkey Boy when he was younger.

He just chuckled, his deep laugh tickling my ears, and strangely seemed to be affecting me between my legs as well. He only said he had been teased all his life about his endowment, and that it was sometimes a curse, that lots of women had wanted to try it, but changed their mind when they saw it.


Even his wife avoided sex with him. This was my perfect chance, I asked him if I could see it, not at all like me, but I had heard about it since my early teens and my curiosity out weighed my modesty.

He studied me for what seemed like an eternity, and finally said,"this is just between me and you" with a hint of a question in his voice. I promised it was our secret and he started shifting in his seat to get more room to operate his zipper. Then, there it was, standing by now, the big head appearing a deep purple in the dim light, and it laid past where his belt had just been at his waist.

You could see it jerking slightly as his heart beat, it dirty old boss stephanie west in im your pussy now amazing. I sat and stared at it for long minutes, everything around me silenced but the sound of my labored breathing and the pounding of my heart in my chest.

I asked him if I could touch it, he smiled and replied "do anything you want ". A hundred things ran through my head as to what I could do with this beautiful cock throbbing on his belly right in front of me.

My first thought of just touching it was quickly abandoned though, and my panties were soon off and tossed to the floor, my skirt held up around my waist and Eva angelina is a teacher with tits pt was trying to straddle his lap.

He slid more to the center of the seat to move away from the steering wheel, and I was able to guide it between my legs and touch my wet pussy with it. His cock was scalding hot against my pussy; very hard, and so thick my hand wouldn't close around it.

I had the tip between my pussy lips and at my hole, and started pushing back and sitting down on it. I lost it out once and reached back and held it more firmly in place till I felt it start to stretch me open. When the head popped in. it took my breath away, the pressure I was applying to get it in drove about half of it up in to me much faster than I had wanted.

I lay on his chest, panting from my efforts; it was hurting some, but not unbearable. I could feel every bump and ridge on his cock, I was filled. We both seemed to start tentative moves together, he pushed up in to me, I moved my ass back and forth, and would lift slightly off of him when he got too deep. Then he was cumming, shooting a huge amount of his juices in to me, I was almost in tears when I realized what was happening, we had just started!!!

I raised my head from his chest and asked "Dan"? He said he was sorry, but he hadn't had sex in so long he couldn't hold back. Now I teen girls cum drinking black guy cum pissed, his cum was already starting to trickle down my legs, it was going to take longer to clean up than my dream fuck had lasted, I was nowhere near cumming, another night with my fingers, DAMN!!!!.

Thoroughly disappointed, I started, raising my pussy off of him, when he grabbed my hips, and held me there on his cock. "Just wait a minute" he said, and sure enough, his cock was staying hard. He did something to move the seat back, and without taking his cock out of me, he laid me down with my head near the passenger door, and then was on top of me, his huge body and weight on me.

the head of his cock still in my pussy. We had to do some shifting, my legs were sort of pinned so I wasn't able to wrap them around him, during all this his cock moved deeper and deeper in to me.

Adjusted now, he gave me the sweetest kiss I had ever had, and slowly started fucking me. It was pure pleasureall the pain gone, my pussy slippery from his cum, and open to welcome him in to the deepest recesses of my womanhood. My body was reacting to his steady fucking, his cock exploring deeper in to me with each stroke, he soon had me on the brink of my first orgasm of the night. He sensed that I was close and held me on the edge till my body just would not be denied and my orgasm embraced me in wave after wave of sensation, each contraction stronger than the one before it.

I heard someone screaming and realized it was me, begging Dan to fuck me harder, my body went limp and the contractions slowed, I was unable to grip him with my weak legs, they were slack and open, and draped behind his, my pussy and his cock were all that existed in that place and time. My pussy was clinging to his cock like a needy calf at his mom's teat.

Soon his pace was picking up again, fucking me faster, pinning me against the door, my legs were around him, all of his massive cock was in me, his balls were against my ass. I lost all track of time, we must have been fucking ten minutes or more and it was starting to hurt somebut I was close to cumming again.

I was trying to cum with Dan, begging him not to stop. I moved my legs up his back to above his waist and locked my ankles behind him and lifted my pussy to him, both of us were moaning, and with a mighty lunge he filled me with his hot cum for a second time that night. My orgasm, seconds after his, was so intense I lost control of my whole body, and thought I had lost control of my bladder and peed, He was cooing in beautiful young latina rides a throbbing penis ear, things like "good girl", you came for Dan.

I didn't yet know that I had experienced my first female ejaculations or "squirted". His huge cock had wrenched everything from me.

He laid on top of me for several minutes, kissing me, complementing me on being "a good fuck". His cock was starting to go soft making it impossible to tell where he stopped and I began, we were as one.

He moved, and his cock slid out of me, releasing a river of cum down my ass and on to the car seat. He gave me some tissues and watched as I wiped our juices, flecked with blood, from my pussy .I was already planning how to get with him again.