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Shemale extremely painful anal rape force gangbang crea
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Hello it's me Becky again, and this is the story about the surprise my son gave me. I was at work going over some contracts with my paralegals. It was about 3:30 pm and I was just finishing the meeting with them when Ryan knocked on my door.

"Hello, Mom are you busy?" He asked opening the door. "Oh sorry I didn't know you were busy. I'll come back later." He finished. "Oh sweetie it's okay I'm just finishing up please take a seat on the love seat." I smiled at him. Ryan took a seat which faced my desk and put the backs of my paralegals to him.

"Walter, Amy. This is my son Ryan." I said pointing toward him. All three smiled and said hello and we went back to our meeting. Walter was talking "In sub paragraph 3; Section 4 we need to clarify one hawt legal age teenager beautiful girl keeps His voice trailed off to me as I looked past him to Ryan. He was looking at me and smiling; He winked at me and pointed down and mouthed the words "Legs" Then did gestures with his hands for me to spread them.

I just shook my head slightly to say no. Then nodded towards my paralegals, but he just said mouthed the words spread them. I wasn't prepared for him to stop by so I had panties on; I wished they were sexier anyway. I just had on my white cotton briefs on, but my dark mound came through a little bit so I gave it a shot anyway. I started to spread my legs and pull up my skirt a little, and as I did this Ryan slid down the love seat a little to get a better view.

"Rebecca? Are you okay you seem a little distracted?" Amy asked me. "Um no I'm fine. Just a little tired." I answered pulling myself up in my seat and pushing my skirt back down. I looked over at Ryan and he had a big smile on his face.

"I think that will be all for today. I have to go over some stuff with my son. So if you'll excuse us guys." I told them. "Take off a little early today. You guys did a great job on the Goldman contracts." I added. They left and I walked over to the door and locked it after a moment or two so they wouldn't hear it lock.

"What the fuck? How do you have this affect on me?" I asked as I turned toward him. He was only a step away from me by that time and he took one more step and kissed me; put his arms around me a lifted me up. I got so wet when he did things like this to me.


"I just thought I'd stop by and see if you wanted to go to a late lunch or early dinner?" He asked me. "Sounds like fun. How about we get take out? I'll get it delivered and we can watch a movie tonight." I said looking into his eyes. "That sounds great, and while we wait we can." he stopped and started kissing my neck.

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He put his hands all over my body, and it turned me on so much I reached down to his crotch and started rubbing. "I want your cock baby." I said to him. He reached down and I horny claudia shotz rides on a hard dick he was going to pull my skirt up, but he pulled my hand away from his crotch.

"What are you doing? Did I do something wrong honey?" I asked him. "No you didn't Mom I just got you something and I thought we could us it now." He said.

"What did you get me? I told you no weird shit. I'm not going to puke on your cock or anything!" I told him as he walked over to his book bag.

He pulled out a bag and brought it over to my desk. "What's in there?" I asked him. "Just some stuff I picked up at this new shop open down town." He said opening the bag, and pulling out what looked like a small white box. "This is for you to wear while you're at work." He said handing me the box.


I looked it over and it's a pair of panties that vibrate with a remote control. "Sweetie this is very sexy, but I can't wear these while I work." I continued "I could get disbarred or lose a client if I cum while I'm in court or with them." I finished throwing the box down. I saw how sad he was about that.

"Tell you what I'll wear them while we go out on our own." I said touching his leg. "That sounds like fun mom." He said grabbing something else from the bag. "This is for you right now." He handed me a tear drop shaped black rubber thing.

"What the fuck is this thing for?" I asked him holding it up. "It's a butt plug mom. You'll stick it in your ass while I fuck you." He answered matter a factly.

"Oh my that sounds fucking great." I blurted out with a big smile on my face. "I thought you'd like that." Ryan said with a smile. He then pulled out a longer box that was about 12 inches in length. "This is a pole that I'm going to attach your wrist to behind your back while I fuck you." He told masseuse ivana sugar gets her ass pounded amp gaped hardcore while he opened it up.

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He pulled out a 3 section pole with rubber wrist straps and laid it down on my desk. Just thinking about using on this stuff was making me so horny. "So you just thought you'd buy all of these things and I would just use them without a word." I told him trying to sound concerned. I don't think it worked, because he walked over to me and kissed me deeply. He lifted me up and over to my full length window.

My office had three full length windows in them. "What are you doing?" I asked. "We can't do anything in front of that. Someone might see us." I finished. He didn't answer me just carried me over to the window and put in down with me facing outside. "I don't think anyone will see us, and if they do no one will be able to see who's fucking you. You're a partner here no one can fire you." Ryan said. "Well you're right and it won't be the first time I fucked someone in the office." I said looking over my shoulder at him.

"I knew you were a slut." Ryan said. He pushed me against the window and pulled up my skirt. "Look at that ass. Mmmm! You really do have a great ass mom." Ryan said giving it a little slap. "Well I keep it up for someone special ebony bbw sydnee playing with her twat my life."I said putting my hands on the window and pushing my ass out a little more.

Ryan reached into the bag and pulled out what looked like a bottle of KY jelly. "Oh my!


I'm getting wet just thinking about you putting that thing in my ass." I told him squirming a little. "You are such an anal slut aren't you mom." He said putting some over the butt plug, and then a little on his finger. He walked over to me and pulled down my panties. I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy and then I felt a finger go to my asshole.

"Mmmmm" is all I could muster to say. I was so horny I wanted to yell out right there for him to fuck me. Then he put two fingers in my pussy and one in my asshole, and started finger fucking me.

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I wanted to spread my legs more but my panties were around my knees. I asked while gasping "Please Ryan pull massive boobs emma butt pussy slammed by throbbing cock panties off. I want to spread my ass better for you." He did it without saying a word, and without stopping. With my panties off now; I spread my legs further so he could get a better view and access to my asshole.

"Please Ryan stick that butt plug in my ass now!" I pleaded with him. "Okay and I want you to put on the pole too." Ryan said. "Okay I'm not sure how to do it." I told him. "It's okay I'll put in on for you." He said and he stopped finger me, and got the pole. He walked in front of me and told me to keep my arms where they were.

"I'm going to lock your wrist in this, and if it's too tight let me know." He said. He tied my wrists and then walked behind me again. "This is so fucking hot mom! I can't believe you love fucking me, and you're an anal whore." Ryan said. My face got red, and my pussy got wet. "I can't believe we're fucking either. It turns me on so much thinking about fucking your hard cock." I continued. "Now if you wouldn't mind Ryan. Please put that butt plug in my ass, and your hard cock in my pussy!

NOW!" I said a little louder than I should have. "Shhh! Even though I was kind of dreaming of Amy catching us and joining us, I don't want anything to ruin this good thing we got going on." Ryan said pushing the butt plug in my asshole. "Mmmm, yeah baby push that deep in my ass." I said gripping the window for support from my knees buckling under the pleasure.

After the plug was all the way in he started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy. "Are you ready mom?" Ryan asked.

"Why do you always asks me that?

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Just stick it in; I'm always ready for your cock. Now fuck your mom!" I told him sternly. "Yes mam!" He said pushing his cock deep in my pussy. "Oh God yesssss!" I said through my moaning. Ryan just grunted and fucked me harder. He pushed the plug in deeper with every thrust. He grabbed my hair and bit my ear lobe; making me moan even more. "I'm going to keep fucking you whenever I want mom.

I know you want to, and if you black lez with big tits licks pussy I'm going to deprive you of my cock for one week." Ryan said slapping my ass again. "you got that slut?" He asked. "Yesss. I understand baby. You can fuck me whenever you want." I told him panting. "Great! I have another great surprise for you mom." He told me. "Really! There's more?" I said between my grunts and moans.

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"What is it?" "I'm about to cum in your pussy!" He said and held my thighs close to him forcing his dick deeper in my pussy. "No you can't.

I'm not taking the pill, and you don't have condom." I said in a worried tone. Even though I had wanted this; I knew we shouldn't.

"It's too late mom. Your pussy is now full of my cum, and it was the best thing in the world, and I know you don't mind that much. Because you're not pulling away from me or anything; you're still bent over with my cock in your pussy and a butt plug in your asshole." He finished. With him saying that to me I had to admit I had wanted it, but I didn't want to get pregnant from my own son; did I?

I just stood there bent over with my sons cock and cum in my pussy thinking what would happen if I did get pregnant; would our child be deformed, mentally handicap, or both?

I started to cry, and Ryan grabbed my waist and pulled me up towards him, and kissed me. "Whatever happens Mom I love you!" He said wiping away a tear that rolled down my cheek. He then tapped my ass and told me to get dressed. "When you get home we'll talk about this more. Love you, and I want to fuck you in the shower tonight just do you know." Ryan said as he zipped up his pants and then put everything back in the bag blowjob while playing video games sneaking around with daddys playfellow in his book bag.

It hurt a little when he took the butt plug out, but I didn't say anything. I just wanted Ryan to be happy, and I couldn't believe I was even thinking about this, but I think I was falling in love with my own son.