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Teen sucks seniors cock young old pornstars
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I have an idea. I'm going to do this story from Jake's point of view. If I am correct it is Christmas eve today so yeah should be fun.

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In the beginning is extreme drama, as a few have wanted. Then fun ^_^ Last night with John was awesome. Him and Alex welcomed me in with open arms and John opened his hot ass up for me to have fun with.

As I sit on the couch bed with him asleep next to me, I look back on it and I think I made the right decision coming here. John is crazy hot. I don't find gingers very attractive but if John likes Alex too I can live with it.

fuck rape in the wood wake the fuck up." Alex stormed out of the room. Groggily, John mumbled something and got up to say hi to alex. "What's up babe?" he asked. Alex slapped him across the face. "You bitch. Why did you FUCK him and not include me?! IM YOUR BOYFRIEND FOR CHRISTS SAKE!" he said.

"You said don't have too much fun." John responded.


"I wasn't being serious you dumbass. You just cheated on me." Alex responded, now to tears. "Alex.I'm sorry." Alex got dressed and stormed out of the apartment. Me and John watched him drive away. "Holy shit.what the fuck have I done.my boyfriend wants to dump me on Christmas eve. I'm an asshole." John said. "I'm here for you dude, let's think this through. Apologizing didn't work, so maybe we should make Alex want you back." I said.

"How?" John said. "Look up." I said. "Mistletoe. Dude cheat on him more? how does that help?" he said. "We have to make him jealous. He hates you. I don't want to do it this way but it's the only choice.

Me and you have to find a way to get Alex back." "Not like that." he said. "You're right I was kidding haha. What can we do, seriously though?" "We have to go get him and prove I love him." John called Alex. "Dude please listen. Can we talk this out?

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It's our first fight and we've been dating for months. Don't let it end this way." "John.fine.

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I'm coming home and we can talk this out." Alex responded, then hung up. "Thank god." I said. "Here's what were going to do. Alex is jealous I fucked you. So, you are going to fuck him Jake." John said. "Okay." We sat quietly awaiting Alexs arrival. When I heard a knock I opened the door. Me and Alex and John sat on the kitchen counter.

"Alex its our first fight.I still love you. I only did it to show him he's welcome here. I didn't fuck him. He fucked me. Only." John said. Alex looked toward me. "Is this true?" he asked.

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I nodded. "His cock never entered my ass." I said. "We can make this okay again Alex." John said. "How?" Alex said. There was a short silence before I said "Fuck me Alex.


Punish me for fucking your boyfriend by thrusting your behemoth cock into me." Alex thought. "That can work. Not now though. Tonight. For now let's have a good morning." Alex said. "I'll make breakfast." I offered. I started making French toast and bacon and Alex went back to his room. I suddenly felt Johns soft cock on my ass and him hugging me. "Thank you for saving my relationship. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go have make up sex with Alex. Let me atleast blow you as thanks while you cook." John said.

I turned around and John got on his knees. My dick started twitching as it got harder. John put my dick in his mouth and started deepthroating me. "Alex taught you?" I said. He nodded. My cock grew to it's 8 inch hard as I started fucking his mouth. With every thrust he took me in deeper. His tongue felt like magic working together with his lips. He clearly was better at blowing then Kevin. "Shit you're a blowjob master I'm about to cum." I said. I came in his mouth and he swallowed every drop.

He got up and said "Thanks Jake." and ran into the room. He rough sex machine melissa moore begs for rough sex the door cracked, perhaps by accident. I could hear them talking.

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I finished cooking and went to listen. "Alex forgive me by fucking my ass with your behemoth." John said. I noticed I could see through the crack perfectly and watched in carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks as I saw Alex's dick approach Johns ass. I started to get hard and slowly started jerking. John was moaning and I could tell he loved the huge feeling of Alexs cock in his ass.

Alex started thrusting extremely fast as John started moaning. John was on his back legs spread on Alexs hips. After a couple minutes John started riding Alex. How that didn't make him cry was insane. Alexs cock was so thick. I was scared knowing it'd be in my ass. John moaned louder and louder and Alex yelled "Fuck! CUMMING!" I jizzed in my hand right there, as Alex came in Johns ass. The two started blowing eachother so Alex could get hard again.

As soon as Alex was hard he got on all fours as Johns 7 inch hard infiltrated Alexs ass. Alex began to moan and John slapped Alexs ass. "Bitch take my dick all the way. " John thrusted faster and to the bells each time, his bells bouncing and hitting Alexs. Alex got on top and started riding John. Your cock in me proves you love me.

But, do you love him too?" John looked at me and then back at Alex. I'm guessing he wasn't telling Alex I was watching.

"I love you both equally. Why can't he stay and have us be a 3 way. Were all men. Sara was a mistake. You and him aren't." John Said. I wanted to run in and thank him but knew how stupid thatd be. "Where is Jake anyway?" Alex asked "In listening distance. Come in Jake." John said. I felt a chill down my spine and walked in.

"I suppose you heard it all." Alex said. "Yeah.I saw it too." I said. "Well now you're with us then. Come, fuck me too." Alex said. I was hungry for ass and moved John aside. I started thrusting Alex like a madman, horny as hell. Alex started riding me. While he was riding me, John slipped through and lowered his cock into my mouth. He started thrusting and Making out with Alex as they moved up and down together. John tasted delicious and Alexs ass felt like heaven.

I started moaning and my cock twitched. "I'm cumming!" me and John said together. I came in Alexs ass and John came in my mouth. He tasted so sweet. Me and John got on our knees and blew Alex til he came. Half in my mouth half in Johns. We both swallowed and I kissed John on the cheek. "Thanks guys. I want to stay." John nodded and Alex too. "Let's have breakfast!" We ate breakfast and the day continued as normal. We baked cookies for Santa that night and had threesome sex on the couch again, falling asleep naked together, awaiting Santa.

Tomorrow = the three boy's first Christmas as a.triple? Couple doesn't work haha. Btw I know Santa isn't real but who cares