Lovely cutie is geeting pissed on and splashes wet vagina

Lovely cutie is geeting pissed on and splashes wet vagina
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Marie (1) Marie had shoulder length brown hair, was less than five foot tall and had an innocent air about her that I found really appealing.

When she was embarrassed her face just looked so angelic and she would flush bright red, looking at the floor. She had a great figure for such a small girl which she inadvertently showed off when she wore low cut tops, not really low but they would show a fair portion of her breasts. She was 15 when she met my son Lee. They had been going out for a while before Lee asked me if she could stay the night.

While I was fairly certain they had been sleeping together for a while she was still underage and with a house full of boys I didn't think it was a good idea. I looked at Marie. "Are you on the pill?" I asked. "Yes my dad put me on it last year." She replied, somewhat embarrassed. "Ok, but as far as I know you are not having sex." They went up to Lee's room as fast as they could and the following morning Lee started strutting around like a proud peacock so I started to joke with the two of them.

"Just let me know when your ready for a real man Marie. Lee is just a boy and will never know how to give real satisfaction." We would laugh about it and Marie would get embarrassed and put on that look of hers, but she never objected to the fun and laughed at it most of the time, even if she was embarrassed.

Now that she was openly having sex with Lee she spent most of her time at our house. So I would get her up for college or if Lee went to college I would wait for her to get up, then make her breakfast. It was on one of these days I decided to approach the subject man versus boy sex. "Do you mind when Lee and I take the micky with you. About sex I mean." "I don't mind." she replied, "I know your only joking." "And what if I wasn't joking?" "Wha&hellip." "What if I said to you that I would love to show you what it could really be like.

How a man should make love to a woman for hours instead of minutes like it is now." I hadn't planned to say it, it just came out but now that it was in the open I waited for her to throw up or something. After all, she was being propositioned by a sixty year old man just who happened to be her boyfriends father. "What do you mean?" she said Surprised that she seemed to want details and had not run a mile I went into more detail.

"I have had many relationships and am very experienced with women. I could make love to you for an hour and not even penetrate you.

I could show you what a real orgasm is like and how you can have more than one at a time. I could make your body tingle and scream for more." "Oh! Ok." she said "Yes, I think you probably could." I held my surprise in check, keeping my voice as calm as I could.

"Would you like me to show you? Would you let me teach you how a woman should be pleasured? And how a woman can truly pleasure a man?" "Yes I might. But I couldn't do it while I was with Lee.

I can't cheat. It's just the way I've been brought up. But if we break up then yes I could be interested." I was stunned. But was she just putting me off. I looked at her quizzically. "No, really." she said with a smile, "I like you and you could mia khalifa xxxx sex stories rape me so much.

It would take years for me to find out what you could show me, and I know you care about me. Not like any boys I'm likely to meet for the next few years, should I break up with Lee that is." I think it must have been shock because I left it at that.

It was a week or so later that I decided that if she broke up with Lee she would not be likely to return to our house to have sex with me.

After some thought I nasty honey gets team fucked at home to try and push things a little at a time and see how far we could go.

Over the next few weeks we had a few kisses and I managed to get in bed with her one morning and run my hands over herb body, even though she had clothes on the feeling was just electric. My cock was so stiff I could have fucked her there and then.

She only objected when I undid her bra and started to remove it. But some progress had been made. Now I needed to get her into the situation where I could push things a little further, whether she liked it or not.

Every Friday Lee used to go to his mums so Mary and I would have a little while together before she went out with her tittyfucking dominatrix pegs subs tight ass fetish. One Friday her friends were not coming for an hour so I broached the subject of her profile photo on msn. "They are not very good. They look like they were all done on a mobile phone." I said "They were. I don't have any others." "Well you know I have all the right equipment, so why not come round tomorrow as you have the day off and let me take some for you." "Ohh I don't know.

I don't like having my photo taken." "Well why not let me take some, then you can put them in a photo album and give them to Lee as a present." This idea hit a spot.

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"Well what would I need to bring." "Just bring some clothes preferably some sexy ones. You know, not up to the neck and down to the floor" I laughed. "Ok. I will come round about eleven in the morning." "Great.

And while we are talking Marie. What about you and me." "What do you mean?" I had got up and was looking down at her at this point. She was wearing a tee shirt with a loose neck and from top and bottom boys xxx storys I was standing I could just see the swell of her petite breasts.

"What would you do if I put my hand down your top right now and touched your breasts?" "I don't know." She replied calmly. One thing I had come to realise about Marie was if she said 'No' then it was a definite no.

Anything else was a maybe. So I went for it. Slowly I slid my hand down her top, over the mound of her breast till I found her nipple. As I gently caressed it she let out a sharp breath. I moved from one nipple to the other gently caressing them till I could take no more.

My cock was throbbing only inches from her face and the urge to drop my trousers and wave it in her face was almost overpowering. I slowly, reluctantly, withdrew my hand. "That felt really nice." I said. Sounding a hell of a lot calmer than I was feeling.


A few moments later she left with her friends. I was so high I couldn't sit down all night. The following morning I got up early and showered and dressed in joggers and a tee shirt. She was a little late but I gave her a drink and sat her in the lounge taking some get at ease photos. Again she had on a low neck tee shirt so I made sure she showed as much tit as possible with some belly down poses. I had told her that my bedroom was the best place to take the photos as it was the lightest and tidiest room, so after about fifteen minutes we moved upstairs.

I asked her to change into something else but to leave the bra off this time. "I can't do that." She said embarrassed. "Oh.!" I said, "Why not it's not like I haven't seen them before is it?

Let me use yours intead

And I am pretty certain Lee has seen them." I laughed. "Hhmm I suppose so." She said, and slowly removed the bra clasping her hands over her tits to hide them. I clicked away, making her move from here to there and keeping her laughing till she wasn't even trying to cover them any more. Then I threw her another top that would hide absolutely nothing. "Here put this one on." I said. She went to leave the room. "Not much point in that really you might as well change in here.

It's not like I haven't seen your tits is it?" "Suppose not really." The camera was still clicking away and the sight of those juvenile tits finally in all there naked glory was superb. And seeing them made my mind up, I was going to fuck this little slut today. I took several pictures then said "Ok I want a couple for me now." I put the camera on the tripod and set it on automatic.

I sat on the bed and got her to sit between my legs facing the camera. She tried to keep a gap between us. "Relax." I said and tickled her in the ribs. She jumped and that made the straps of the top drop to her waist and I continued to tickle her till the entire top dropped. I grabbed her breasts and then released them tickling her some more. She couldn't stop laughing and was squirming all over the bed and without her realising it I had pulled her panties down to her knees and even got my hand on her cunt a couple of times.

Then I called a halt. She jumped off the bed and that is when she realised where her panties were. Around her ankles. I acted like I didn't see and she just kicked them towards the bed. I suppose she hoped I didn't know and she assumed that we had finished now but she was so so wrong. This was just the start. I sat on the bed and told her to sit next to me. Then I flicked through the photos.

On the camera Anyone looking through them would have thought we were having a wild sex session. Her panties round her knees as she sat on my lap or with me laying on top of her with her skirt up and her head petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex my legs look as though she was sucking my cock, "Ha ha.

" I laughed, "Looks like your sucking my cock in this one." "No you can't show that to Lee. Or anyone, it looks so bad." "Well then.

What are we to do?" I said softly, "If Lee or god forbid your dad see's these, well your going to be in real trouble. "No he can't." She cried, "Delete them." I stood up and put the camera back on the tripod. "I don't think so." I said, "Lee tells me you give a great blow job. So I intend trying you out and I am pretty sure your pussy will be really tight around my cock.


So what do you say?" I was standing in front of her now. "Your kidding. Right." I dropped my joggers to the floor and took my t shirt off. She looked up at me and then at my throbbing erection which I was pretty sure was the biggest she had seen in her life as all the others were on young boys. "I can't." I didn't say anything I just put my hand on her head which without pressure from me moved forward.

Her hand came up and gripped my throbbing member soon followed by her lips and then deep into her mouth. Lee had told me that she had practiced deep throat technique by using a sausage until she had it right, and while at the time I laughed, I wasn't laughing any more as I went deeper and deeper into her throat. My balls finally tapping on her chin as she moved my cock in and out of her mouth. I pulled my self free and told her to move back on the bed.

"I told you I would teach you all the ways a girl can get sexual satisfaction, and I will." I said "But I want some of my own first. The photo's can remain our little secret. Deal?" "Do I have a choice?" She replied quietly. "Errr. No." And then I got in the 69 position and rammed my cock back into her throat, lowering myself to eat out that hot little cunt ready for when I rammed my cock into it. I gently spread her legs and then lightly licked her pussy, she moaned lightly so I continued.

The more I licked the more I spread her legs till I had a clear view right up her pussy which was now mixing it's own juice to my saliva. Then I started on her clit, lightly licking at first them moving on to sucking at it and giving light nips.

She was moaning softly and pushing her pussy up at me. I pushed my hands under her body and raised her so that I could delve deeper and as I licked I inserted two fingers, going in and out, finger fucking her as I licked her swollen clit. Her pussy was gorgeously tight and gripped my fingers, pulsing and drawing them in further two cocks is what this awesome teen likes to engulf schoolgirl japanese further.

My cock was deep in her throat now and I could feel my orgasm rising. I pulled out of her mouth and, turning round, moved down the bed. I buried my face on her pussy again and lifted her legs onto my vixen having hot sex with her best friends brother reversecowgirl pussylicking. I moved up so her bum came off the bed.

Her legs were now resting on my upper arms, giving me a clear view of her pussy and her puckered arse. I guided her juices to that puckered entrance and then slowly inserted a finger. Initially she tensed but as I only slightly entered that warm place, and didn't move in further she soon relaxed again.

Still sucking on her clit I started to delve deeper into her arse. Japanese cousin fuck english subtitles tipped her over the edge and her orgasm took her to new heights. I slipped another finger into her arse and she moaned loudly. Each time she lifted her arse to push my face into her cunt my finger slipped further into her arse.

She was in full flow now, thrusting up at my hand and my tongue. As her orgasm rose higher and stronger. I moved her legs further up until my throbbing cock was at her sopping pussy. Finally I pushed my cock into her throbbing cunt. "Oh fuck." She cried, "you, oh, bastard. Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard oh god do it." She was pushing back up to me now bouncing off the bed and up to me as hard as she could. I pulled out of her and grabbed her arms putting her on her hands and knees facing the end of the bed.

I moved round behind her and rammed my cock back into that vice like cunt which gripped it harder and harder. I slipped my finger back into her arse, then two and when she didn't object I slid two thumbs up her arse, spreading her butt hole as wide as I could while I rammed into her, Even with her head buried in the bed I could hear her screams of pleasure. I slipped two fingers in her cunt gathering as much juice as I could and lubricated her arse with it.

Then as she flailed about in orgasm and punched at the bed I slid out of her pussy and popped my cock into her arse, just the head to begin with. Her head came up but her vaginal orgasm, assisted by my fingers continued, so as she again buried her face I buried my cock deep into her shit hole. I fucked her arse slowly to begin with as it gripped me tighter than her cunt, but as she relaxed the muscles I got faster.

Then once it was loose enough I started taking it in turns fucking her cunt and her arse. Now she was mine completely. No objections, no fighting, just unadulterated pleasure. If anyone had seen me I would probably have looked like a lunatic.

I had a huge smile on my face and I could feel my eyes were open insanely wide. It had taken a huge amount of willpower not to come but in the end it had to happen and I filled her shit hole with my juices, moaning loudly as I did so. Marie was still totally lost to her own orgasm. After one of the most powerful orgasms I could ever remember I flopped on the bed beside her.


I pulled her down the bed. "Suck my dick." I said. And fingered her clit, again reigniting her waning orgasm. She did as she was told and slowly wrapped her mouth around my shit covered cock.

I in turn finger fucked her till she finally pulled her pussy away. From there I instructed her in the art of cocksucking. I wasn't surprised when she fell asleep, my cock still in her open mouth. I knew this was only the first of many fuck fests I would have with Marie. In the meantime I would thoroughly enjoy the movie we had just made, without Marie's knowledge of course.