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Bigtit dominant pussytoying european teen lesbian fetish
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS Chapter seven—Mom Mark and Teeny's parents, Frank and Susan, had their own sad stories. Frank and his girlfriend were very much in love and had married right out of high school. A few months later, his wife and unborn baby were killed by a drunk driver.

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Inconsolable pain lasted for over a year before Frank finally started to accept his loss and to begin the healing process. Frank, determined to improve his life, decided to enter college and graduated four years later with a degree in business. While in school, he met a few girls who seemed interested in him and who wanted to cure his obvious sadness.

None of these relationships went anywhere, mainly because he simply couldn't maintain interest. The word went around and He was left alone. After graduating, he accepted a job with a small but very successful consulting firm.


He hid his sadness with hard work and long hours not realizing or acknowledging his terrible loneliness. Susan left home at age sixteen mainly to escape a very unhappy home life.

Her father could not seem to hold down a job mainly because of a drinking problem. Her mother struggled to care for her twin five-year old brothers and tried hard to keep the family together. Her father was becoming abusive and the way he looked at her when he came home drunk frightened her.

One night, he crept into her bedroom and began fondling her breasts. She awoke and yelled when he fingered her pussy. The next morning she packed her few belongings and left. Susan at sixteen was beautiful and friendly, hard working and outgoing. These traits and others made her a very successful waitress at a restaurant located a block away from Frank's office.

Customers who were charmed by her personality, quick smile and good service rewarded her with generous tips. She was able to support herself fairly well although her apartment left much to be desired. Her obvious and virginal youth kept most of the male clientele from hitting on her although there was a lot of flirting and teasing.

Even without make-up she was exceptionally pretty. She had large beautiful tits, a very small waist and a lovely flair from her hips to her gorgeous round ass. Her oval face and long dark hair emphasized her my dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen blue eyes.

Her long days on her feet resulted in beautiful long legs. Shortly after she started work, Frank came in for lunch and immediately noticed Susan. Her youth and beauty attracted him, reminding him of his high school sweetheart. She was working the counter, so he found an empty seat and she quickly brought him his menu and promptly delivered his lunch order.

"Hi, I'm Frank. What's your name?" "Susan." "You must be older than you look. You can't be much more than high school age." "I'm sixteen," she replied. "I had to drop out of school to support myself." Frank was not aware that he was attracted to her simply because she looked so young--just as his late wife once was.

He wanted to see more of her but could not bring himself to ask her out. Instead, he started taking every lunch at the restaurant in order to see more of her.

When he found out she worked both the breakfast and lunch shifts, he began to take his breakfasts there as well. Always generous with his tips, and always friendly with her, he made lots of effort to find out more about her.

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Over a period of several months, he was able to learn her story and she the tragedy of his lost wife. When he found out she was turning seventeen, he asked her if she would like to go out to dinner with him to celebrate her birthday. Susan had gradually become attracted to him over the months and had decided to ask him out herself if he didn't act soon.

She accepted his hot samantha parker takes a mighty huge cock for cash and in due course he picked her up from her apartment and they went to dinner at a nice restaurant.

After dinner, he gave her a small present and when she opened it was delighted to see an attractive tennis bracelet which he placed on her wrist. It was the first birthday present she had received in years and was delighted with it.

Upon return to her apartment, he walked her to her place and Susan turned to him. "Thank you again for a lovely dinner and for the bracelet. I love it and will wear it always." She hugged him and raised her face to his and he bent down and gave her a light kiss. She responded with a harder kiss and opened her mouth and explored his mouth with her tongue. "Would you like to come in?" she asked. "I can make us some coffee." "I'd love to," he replied.

Susan unlocked the door and stepped inside and held the door open for him. "It's not much, but its home," she told him apologetically. Frank responded with a kiss, this fucking session in different positions hardcore and creampie exploring with his tongue. Susan opened her mouth and held him tightly as they kissed. Her breasts pressed into his chest and a flood of lust woke his long-dormant sex life.

He moved his hand to her tits and gently caressed them. Susan experienced a massive surge of lust and desire that shot down from her tits to her pussy and generated a roiling heat in her lower belly. She put her hands over his and held them to her tits.

Frank turned her so that her back was to him and fondled both of her tits with his gentle hands. Susan moaned and wanted more, as did Frank. Using his left hand to explore her soft tits, he moved his right hand down her torso in a circular motion gradually nearing her crotch. She moved her legs apart and he responded by cupping her mound and massaging her pussy.

Susan thrust her hips and started to hump his hand trying to increase the wonderful feeling. Her cunt was generating a flood of moisture. She was in unknown territory but, anxious for more, she moved her hand between them and touched the bulge in his pants. Frank began to unbutton her blouse with one hand and unbuttoned her slacks with the other.

He two kinky bimbos have fun with toys her zipper down and then put his hand into her pants and inside of her panties. Reaching her pussy, he located and gently caressed her clitoris. Susan gasped at the sudden flash of new sensation, then lust and desire made her begin to pant heavily. Meanwhile Frank had opened all the buttons on her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders.

He quickly released her bra strap and pulled it off and tossed it on top of her blouse. With both hands, he pushed both her slacks and her panties down her legs. Stepping out of her shoes, she was now totally naked.

Turning her to face him, he took a moment to admire her body then said "You are incredibly beautiful. I could look at you forever." Pulling her close, he bent down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and kissed and sucked it. Then he grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her naked body against him and rubbed his bulging cock against her.

Turning her again, he slid his finger into her dripping wet cunt and pumped it in and out of her hot hole, eliciting her moans in time with his finger fucking. Totally immersed in sexual sensations, Susan turned and began to frantically pull his pants open, pulling them and his shorts down when she succeeded.

Frank's shirt quickly followed, leaving them both naked in each other's arms. Grasping his cock tightly she said, "I want you to put this inside me.

I want you to make love to me.


I want more. I want to fuck! I want you to fuck me all night long." Frank picked her up and carried her to her bed and laid her down. "Please be gentle," she whispered as he joined her in bed.

"It's my first time." Susan spread her legs wide and Frank kissed his way down to her cunt and then licked her clitoris and slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Susan could not help it and responded by humping her pussy against his mouth. She was soaking wet and becoming more so as her arousal generated ever more lubricating fluid. "I'm ready," she said shakily. "I want you inside of me." Kneeling between her legs, he lowered his body on hers.

Susan grabbed his cock and guided it to her entrance. She was so wet, the head of his cock slid easily into her waiting cunt. Frank slowly and gently thrust his cock into her, gradually going deeper until he reached her cherry. He stopped and asked if she still wanted to go all the way.

She responded by suddenly thrusting her hips upward, driving his cock through her cherry and into the depths of her hot and tight cunt.

She grunted at the sudden sharp pain but did not stop humping her hips, marveling at the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Frank joined her rhythm, the two of them gradually increasing the speed and strength of their fucking. Susan came first, squealing her ecstasy while pushing against him trying to get him deeper into her hot young body.

Frank was still hard and after giving Susan a chance to recover and catch her breath, began moving his cock in her cunt in that ancient rhythm of love, keeping his motion slow hot scoops japaneses naughty toying hardcore and blowjob minimize her pain but using the entire length of his hardness.

When she finally reached her second orgasm, Frank came and spurted a full load of cum directly on her cervix. "That was wonderful," she sighed. "I never knew there was so much pleasure in sex. I want us to do it with you again and again." Susan soon discovered she loved sex and was insatiable. She loved Frank and took every opportunity to fuck him. Her workday ended after lunch and Frank would take late lunches so they could dash to his place and fuck like rabbits.

She gave up her apartment and moved in with him, giving them even more opportunity to join their bodies. On weekends, they would literally fuck all day and all night. Inevitably, Susan turned up pregnant. A quickie marriage and they were back at each other until shortly before Mark was born. Frank loved her larger boobs and the sight of Mark nursing her tits would arouse him and he would fuck her as soon as Mark finished sucking on her nipples.

A couple of years after Mark was born, they decided to have another child. Tina was born when Mark was three years old and he christened her with a nick name that stuck: Teeny. For some unknown reason, Frank's sex drive began to diminish after Teeny's birth.


They had less and less sex and by the time Teeny was thirteen, their sex life was almost non-existent. Susan was still as lusty as ever but nothing seemed to change and she spent her days frustrated, horny and sexually deprived. She had several opportunities to cheat with attractive men who, sensing that she was horny and vulnerable, made obvious advances. However, she still loved Frank dearly and was not ready to take that fateful first step.

However, she was constantly day dreaming about sex with other men, masturbating as she fantasized about their cocks in her pussy. Her belly ached with desire and she knew that unless something changed soon she would probably begin to fuck other men.

Susan was aware of Mark's friendship with the Terrific Trio but was not really worried; believing that the threesome would protect each other and that there would not be any sexual escapades with Mark. She was also not aware that Mark and Teeny were sexually active and fucking each other, nor was she aware of Carla and Teeny's masturbating together and that the two of them were fucking Charlie every chance they got. One day, not aware that Mark was home and changing clothes, Susan walked into his room to pick up dirty laundry and surprised him while he was totally naked.

"Oh," Susan stuttered. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were home." She quickly backed out of his room and walked down to the laundry room. "My," she thought. "He really is a handsome hunk. And he has a gorgeous cock." Those thoughts awoke her sex drive and she shivered with a frisson of desire spiced with lust. "If I were one of the Terrific Trio I would fuck him in a minute—no matter what the other two did." A few weeks later, Susan was in her room inspecting couple fucking with milf on the table nude body in front of a full-length mirror, when Mark came walking by the open door.

Frozen by the awesome sight of her nude backside and her nude reflected front, Mark stopped and stared until she saw his reflection. Her startled response woke him up and he mumbled an apology and walked down the hallway to his room.

Thinking about it, she decided she had better talk to him to be sure he was okay with the incident. She put a robe on her still naked body and knocked on his door.

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"Mark? Can I talk to you for a minute?" "Come in, Mom," he replied. Susan opened the door and found Mark sitting quietly on his bed. "Mark, I'm sorry. I should be more careful to make sure the door is closed when I'm changing." "That's okay, Mom. You don't need to worry about me." "What did you think when you saw me?" "Well, I I guess I just wanted to look longer. You are such a beautiful woman. But I don't think that would have been right." "Mark.

I don't think you were wrong to want a longer or a closer look. You are a handsome and lusty young man and those thoughts and desires are only natural.

If you want to look at my body more, I believe that would be okay as well. Would you like to look at my body more closely? Naked?" "Yes. So long as you say it's okay. I want to see all of you." Susan untied her belt, opened her robe and let it fall to the floor, exposing her luscious sexy body to his lustful and eager eyes. She slowly turned in a circle then stopped with her full front nakedness exposed to his wide eyed gaze.

She stepped forward and stood directly in front of him. Mark slowly reached up toward her tits but didn't touch until Susan scorching blonde licked and fucked and got a cream masturbation blowjob "Go ahead. Touch them if you want. I want to feel your touch." Mark took both tits in his hands and caressed them, rolling her nipples in his fingers until they stood out firm and proud.

Standing up, he took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it, then did the same to the other nipple. Reaching around her, he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and massaged them, at the same time pulling her against his hard body. "Mark?" she whispered. "Mm hmm?" he responded, with one of her nipples in his mouth. "Remember a few weeks ago when I walked into your room and caught you naked?" "Mm hmm," still sucking her tits. "Well, you're a handsome young man and I'd like to take more time to look at you and to admire your handsome naked body.

Do you think you could let me take a long look?" Mark quickly tore his clothes off and stood proudly in front of his naked mom. His cock was fully hard and standing tall. They eagerly inspected the other's naked bodies, turning this way and that, both becoming more sexually aroused. Mark reached for her and pulled her body tightly against his, then rubbed her tits with his chest. Turning her slightly, he moved one hand down to her pussy.

His mother grasped his hard cock and started to jack him off. Mark found her clitoris and started to rub it.

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Her response was a moan and a squeeze of his cock. Dropping to her knees, she took his cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck it. Mark lifted her off his cock and pushed two fingers into her wet pussy, then added a third. His mother humped his fingers and moaned with pleasure.

"Would you like to put it in me?" she said quietly as she squeezed his cock. "Yes," he responded softly. "I want you. I've always wanted you. You're hot and sexy and you always make me hard. Do you want to make love or do you want to fuck?" "I want you to fuck me fast and hard," she replied as she lay down on his bed and spread her legs wide.

Mark knelt between her wide-spread legs and put his cock to her cunt entrance, then shoved the entire length of his cock into his mother's hot luscious body. Taking her wishes as his cue, he humped her as fast and as hard as he could, keeping it up in spite of his mother's multiple and powerful orgasms. "Go ahead and cum. I can't take much more." With that, Mark came and filled his mother's cunt with his cum.

"Thank you, Mark. That was wonderful and I really needed it." After a short rest, Mark rolled his body over hers and entered her again, but this time he made love to her slowly and gently until they reached simultaneous orgasms. "I can't wait to do it again, Honey. You're a wonderful lover, strong and gentle, and you have a beautiful big cock and it felt amazing inside me." The next day, Mark came home and found his mother washing dishes.

She was wearing shorts and a tee shirt and had both hands in the soapy water. Coming up behind her, he gave her a big hug then moved his hands to her tits. "If you dry the dishes while I wash, we can finish faster and then we can go upstairs and fuck," she said. Mark slid his hands under her tee shirt and unsnapped her bra, then unbuttoned her shorts and slid her shorts and panties down over her ass cheeks, exposing her cunt lips.

Freeing his hard cock he pressed it against her cunt entrance and slid it into her hot box. With his cock buried in her, he pulled her tee shirt and bra off, then used his foot to push her eurobabe victoria rose sucks off and gets pounded for cash hardcore and brunette and panties down to her ankles and then began pumping his cock into her cunt.

She was powerless to stop him. He pulled his cock out of her wet cunt and then pushed her down on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. He squeezed her tits as he fucked her and she came quickly and violently. Now well lubricated, he moved his cock to her ass and started to push it into her ass. "I want to fuck you every way possible," he told her as his insistent cock continued to slide into her bowels. His mother was moaning continuously when he finally got his whole length into her ass.

"Omigawd," she cried when he spurted his cum into her. The next day, he found her doing laundry. Without a word, he took the bottom of her tee shirt and pulled it over her head. He undid her pants and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles.

Finally, he unhooked her bra and then took time to admire and caress her naked body. Pushing her down on her knees, he fucked her mouth and got the best blow job of his life.

The third day, she was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of tea. Stepping behind her, he slowly stripped her naked then had her bend over and hold her ankles. This pose put her cunt at the same height as his cock and he used her hip bones as handles and pulled her back onto his cock forcing it into her cunt until he felt the tip bump her cervix.

In that position, Mark could get more of his cock inside her body and by pulling her hips and pushing his cock, the head popped into her cervix. When he came he shot his sperm directly into her uterus. After that, Susan left her bra and panties off while waiting for him, or at times wore nothing at all while waiting for him. Mark made good on his word and fucked her every way they could think of. Susan was in heaven. She had not had this much sex since before she married. She thought she had better get birth control pills, hoping it was not too late.

Finally one day a naked Susan met him at the door and said "From now on, no more fucking.

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We will make love and we will be kind and considerate when we do. Now let's go to my bedroom and make love." "We better wait for Teeny," he replied. "She won't want to be left out." "What? Teeny? Have you been fucking your sister?" "Actually, she's been fucking me. She's really good." When Teeny showed up, she was surprised to see her naked mother sitting with a fully clothed Mark.

"Your brother insisted on waiting for you. Apparently he wants to fuck both of us at the same time." "Wow!" Teeny exclaimed, as she began to shuck her clothes. "This should be interesting and fun." When she was naked, she went to her mom and said, "Mom, you've got an awesome body. I don't blame Mark for wanting you. Are we going to fuck here or upstairs?" "My bedroom," her mom replied.

They were soon all naked on Mom's bed. Mark was on his back with his mom straddling him and riding his cock buried in her pussy.

Teeny knelt behind Mom and played with her mom's boobs with one hand while massaging her mom's clitoris with the other. They were so totally involved that they did not notice that Frank had come home early and found them pleasuring each other. When Mom saw him she gasped out loud and the three of them froze, waiting uma cant continue gaming with her stepmom licking her pussy see what he would do.

"Interesting," Frank said. "Continue. Don't let me stop you." Slowly, they restarted their three way sex session, quickly becoming so involved in sexual heat that they did not notice that Frank had started to remove his clothes. When he was naked, he walked toward the group. Teeny saw him first and exclaimed, "Put it in me first, Daddy. I've wanted you to fuck me ever since my boobs started to grow." Moving to the side of the bed, she got on hands and knees and raised her ass high for her Dad's cock.

Frank did not hesitate and could not resist a sexy young girl. His cock slid neatly into his young daughter's cunt and his new-found lust overcame his reserve and he began to hump her sex as fast as he could, keeping it up until he shot a load of cum into her little body. Frank's access to young pussy revived his libido and he started to have more sex with his wife.

He also continued to have sex with Teeny, and on several occasions, fucked both Teeny and Carla. …to be continued…