Milf penetrated in both holes with fingers

Milf penetrated in both holes with fingers
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A few days passed before I spoke to Milly again. She lived about 20mins from me and Julie and lived with her Sister Zoë. I was desperate to see her, but knew it would be suspicious if I suddenly took interest in a 15 year old. Half my age. But my luck was in on Friday night. Zoë had to work late, and asked me to get Milly sorted after school and take her home.

Julie was also working a late shift, so she told me to get some dinner with Milly and be hairy mature mom and milf soles lick jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play with it. This was brilliant, they were giving me an excuse to hang out with her.

So I lesbian toy talk threesome makes them wild Milly and told her of what was going to happen, and she was really excited for it.

She told me she had been spending all her time in her room "researching" things we could do. Her sister wasn't going to be back until early hours of the morning so we had all night. I had decided also that I was going to take her to a sex shop on the way home so she could pick out a few things.

I kept this as a surprise for her. The night before I had shaved my cock and asshole, it was smooth and made it look bigger. Also made it easier to clean so I didn't get nearly caught like in the hotel. So Friday came around and I swung by her school to pick her up. She came walking out and I could tell she was walking for me, swinging her hips from side to side, shirt slightly unbuttoned, grey skirt just above her knees and black socks pulled up just below the skirt. The only problem was that she was wearing some boring school shoes.

She got to the car and sat into the passenger seat. Then she proceeded to take off her shoes and replace them with some heels, heels that she had stolen from Zoë. Now she looked perfect, her glasses set the whole look off too. She was my naughty little schoolgirl and I could do whatever I wanted with her. Tattood girl with big ass enjoy in this lesbiens homemade set off in a different direction to what she was expecting and she gave me a funny look.

She was asking questions, and I wouldn't let her know what was going on. We drove for a few miles until we reached the shop. It was out of the way and notoriously relaxed in its attitudes. She looked and me and grinned, knowing what was going on. We got out of the car and walked up to the shop, she held my hand the whole time while tottering in her heels.

We opened the door and went into the shop, the guy behind the counter gave me a knowing look and smiled. He must have known she was underage, but seemed to get a kick out of it. We browsed the shop for a bit looking at most of the things, and the stuff that caught Milly's eye were the dildos and vibrators. But most surprisingly, she was asking questions on the anal ones.

So what I did is brought a selection, a 6" vibrator, a 8" Dildo and a Butt Plug. She didn't seem as keen on the butt plug, but wanted it anyway. I also got a few packets of lube just in-case. We put the stuff into a bag and walked back to the car. I then set off for Milly's house. I didn't notice while we were driving that Milly had slipped of her knickers and put them in the back seat.

She was sitting there playing with herself while looking at me when I noticed. The dirty minx was trying to turn me on, but I wasn't having it. I wanted tonight to last for a while, and didn't want to waste it early on. But she continued, she clearly was a very horny girl. She carried on for most of the journey home. I say most because about 500yds from the house she started to whimper, and I realised she had cum.

She had masturbated her self looking at me the whole journey. Her pussy was wet and so were her fingers. She asked me to lick them clean, I did and it tasted amazing, as usual. We got out the car, grabbed our bag of stuff and walked into the house, I didn't mind being seen by people going into the house with her, as everyone around knew who I was.

But this time I got a sense of excitement at the thought of people seeing me go in there. We got in and I dumped the stuff down. Milly sat on the couch looking at me, opening her legs a little. Still trying to tease me into fucking her.

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But I still resisted. I don't know how I did it though. It is every guys fantasy to fuck a girl in a school uniform, and I had one in front of me, wanting to fuck me!

I made us both dinner while Milly went upstairs and played on her computer, I was reminded off her innocence when I went up there to see her and I saw all of the Manga and Harry Potter posters on the wall.

She was still dressed from school, but now she was hunched over her computer screen. That was the geek I fell for sitting there. She looked amazing, perfect almost. She noticed me and I told her that dinner was ready. We ate dinner in what seemed like record time, and then devoured the dessert.

After washing up we sat down to watch some tv. Milly said to me that she preferred watching it in her room, so she persuaded me to go up there with her. We sat on her pink bed and watched TV for a bit. She was still in uniform and the heels. She knew how much I liked them so never took them off. I then decided I had had enough of waiting around and turned to her and kissed her.

She was clearly prepared for this and she kissed me back, passionately. I couldn't keep my hands to myself either and it started to caress her thigh, slowly working its way up to under her skirt. She whispered to me "Play with my pussy" I didn't need a second time of asking, and my fingers went to work.

Playing around the outside of hot brunette ashlynn taylor hungrily sucks a dudes cock lips, gently rubbing them up and down. I was teasing horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck clit too, by brushing my hand over the top.

Her breathing got heavier, and I could feel her body get warmer. I then felt her hand rubbing over my cock. I had my work trousers on still so I could feel every touch. She undid the zipper and pulled it out. It sprung forward like a coiled spring. She started to wank it while I played with her soft pussy.

That's when I remembered about our bag off toys that we brought. I leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed the vibrator and took it out of its box. It was white and made a low humming noise. I gave it too Milly who already knew what I wanted to see. She laid back on her bed and started to play with her own pussy.

She was touching the end of it on her clit, then putting the tip to the entrance of her slit. After a few seconds of teasing me she plunged it into her. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

I never thought I would watch a girl get herself off with a vibe for me. She was working it in and out, getting sweaty and panting. While this was going on I had taken my clothes off and began to jack my on cock.

Milly's eyes were fixed on it while she fucked herself. I had to do something, so I moved up to her face and planted my cock on her lips.


She opened them wide and eagerly started to suck my cock. She took her free hand and started playing with it, making me feel amazing. All the time she was still fucking herself. She then stopped, got up, put the vibe into her soaking wet pussy and put her panties on. She did this to hold it in there while she sucked my cock. She loved giving my cock all her attention. The hum coming from her crotch, while she took the whole length of me was almost too much to take.

Milly loved taking me up to her throat. She always gagged a bit but never seemed to break her rhythm. So now, I was getting deep throat while the vibe did its job. She must have started cumming again because she took it out of her mouth and gritted her teeth for a few seconds. She then removed the vibe from her pussy and put it into my mouth so I could get a taste too. I wasn't going to last that much longer bd collage girl sex schandal this happened either, so I warned her.

Expecting her to take it in her mouth. But she laid on her back and told me to sunny leone xxxwith black man bicg cock fucksstory 2019 all over her body.

After a few strokes I did. I was cumming ropes of the stuff. I had not cum since last weekend when we fucked in the hotel, so it must have been built up. I was cumming on her school shirt and her exposed tummy. A bit even got on her pussy, which she spotted and started to rub in. She took off her t-shirt and threw it to the floor, so now she was naked but for her heels and knee high socks. She then started rubbing my cum into her stomach and chest.


It was incredible sexy to watch. She told me its so she can have soft skin for me. We both then lay down on her bed and didn't know what to do next. I had just cum and wouldn't be any good for another 20 mins until I had recovered, and she was warn out from fucking her own pussy. That was red and slightly raw from it all. It was then I suggested one ebon rod for white holes interracial hardcore my fantasies to her.

I told her I had always wanted to fuck a girl up the ass. I said we could get her all warmed up while we recover. She was so enthusiastic it almost knocked me off the bed.

She told me she wanted to do it that night in the hotel, but didn't have the guts to ask me. She told me she had a shower so was all clean, and that she paid special attention to her ass just incase. She then flipped over and got on all 4's. She was keen. I started off gently, just brushing her asshole with my fingers, then spitting on it to create some lube.

I then began to massage her hole. Very slowly running my finger around it, and then wiggling it on the hole. She told me it felt good, so I got a little braver and leant in and started to lick it. I knew she like this from the other night too, and it enabled me to get more saliva on there. She decided the best way to do it was for her to get on her back so she could see me. Plus it meant she was able to play with her nipples more.

She got on her back and put a teddy bear under her ass to get it her anal fantasies caught on camera tube porn the air more. She put her legs up in the air and I started to work my fingers back to her ass. This time being more vigorous with my playing. Probing a little harder and deeper. She didn't seem to mind, and eventually after a few moments of playing I popped my index finger in her ass.

She let out a little wince, but soon relaxed enough for me to start working it in and out. She was clearly enjoying the whole experience, as while she was still on her back she was rocking her ass against my finger, almost trying to push it deeper in. It was at this point I got braver, and put some lube on her ass and began to try and work my second finger in there. To my surprise it slipped in rather easily, but finger fucking her ass took some time to ease up.

But it did and I was going at it for a while.

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I then decided it was time for the Butt Plug we brought. It wasn't massive, but certainly big enough to open up her ass more. I got it out of the bag, lubed it up again and teased her ass-hole with it. She was begging me to pop it in, literally pleading with me for it.

So with a gentle push her ass-hole took it from my grip and held it in there. She really loved the sensation, but now I was useless for a while. So I crawled up beside her and kissed her. I kissed and caressed her telling her what I was going to do with her virgin ass.

While I was doing all of this she had slipped a finger down to her pussy and started playing again. This girl was seemingly horny all the time. I was kissing her with a butt plug up her ass and all she wanted to do was get some extra for her self. Now, all I could think about was getting that butt plug out of her ass and fucking it.

So I got her to stop playing and get on all 4's again. This time she looked incredible sexy as there was the little circle on her ass-hole. My cock was hard and lubed up, so all I had to do was get the plug out, which took some work as she seemed to want to hold onto it forever.

But I eventually got it out and her ass-hole was visibly more open than before. I positioned myself at the entrance and poked my cock onto it. She was now begging me to fuck her, pleading almost.

So with one swift motion I plunged my cock into her virgin ass. We both took a breath, as she felt it fill her up, and my as I realised how tight it was. I put some more lube down there and began to pump away, slowly at first, trying to open her up, but speeding up over time. Milly was loving it, pushing her ass back onto my cock and grinding it round. She also kept telling me how great it felt, this girl had a filthy mouth on her.

Some of the things she was saying were blowing my mind. I slowed for a moment when I realised the situation I was in. Me, here in Milly's bedroom, pounding her ass and her begging for me to cum inside it. After thinking this I couldn't really hold on much longer.

With that I told her I was going to cum and she pushed her ass back onto my cock as much as she could. She told me to cum deep inside. Which I did, I started cumming and just at that ravishing tiny chick gets her narrow snatch and slender ass hole fucked she started cumming too.

She had been playing with her pussy the whole while. We were there locked together, me blowing a load up her ass and her with soaking wet fingers. I eventually stopped, and my cock slipped out of her ass.

It was a sight to behold. My cum dripping out of her ass-hole and her looking back at me, just a sweaty mess. She turned round and put my cock in her mouth, sucking it clean. All the cum was off it. She stopped and gave me that cheeky grin. She then laid back down and I leant in for another kiss. She told me she loved me and that she wanted me all to herself.

My head was torn, how could I be in love with her. She was 15. But my heart was there. I loved this girl. I had never fucked Julie up the ass in all our years together. But me and Milly did it on the third time. My mind was racing with all the other things we could do together. But it was also very aware that I needed to get home before Julie returned. Me and Milly had been fucking for hours and didn't realise the time.

She got up and put on her Pyjamas, not worrying about the cum in her ass. She checking in on my wife beanys massage put away the sex toys, at the same time telling me she was going to get full use out of them.

I pack up my stuff and got going too, not before kissing her at the doorway. We had to find a way of spending more time together, but that was something I was going to have to think about while I was away with work over the next week.