Naughty college ndash the new girl double penetration and doublepenetration

Naughty college ndash the new girl double penetration and doublepenetration
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Slave Of A Sith Chapter 3 Hello all. My second chapter did not have the best ratings so I have decided to leave the bestiality alone for the time being.

I hope you enjoy this chapter. It is also the longest chapter yet. Hope you all enjoy. Please remember to leave feedback! The beginning of the day after the showers had gone the same as yesterday. I had discovered more rooms and continued looking around. I was in my room looking through some of the books on the shelves when an electric shock went through my body. I began my search for master. I found her in the room, which I had thought was for punishment. I walked in and she was holding a whip and rope in her hands.

She pointed to the pillar in the middle room and told me to walk over there with my arms above my head. With the force master lifted me off the ground and held me against the pillar and tied my legs and arms up.

"Since you did not wear your butt plug all the time you are going to be punished harshly" master implied. She took the whip in her and before I could blink a harsh pain ran right through my whole body.

She had whipped me right in the stomach. She whacked me again and again moving closer to my clit. Every time I was whipped my body shivered in pain. She reached my clit, stopped for a second then with extreme force whipped me as hard as she could right square in the middle of my dripping wet pussy.

I screamed as loud as I could in agony but nothing would heal the pain that I felt. My master took a step back and laughed. "You little slut you are enjoying this. Time to make it worse" master snickered.

She went away to grab a few things and left me hanging there. A few minutes later she returned in the nude wearing what seemed to be a huge strap-on dildo "Time to put to use you little rosebud slut" she unhooked my ties. I fell to the floor. I could not stand my pussy was in so much pain. She forced me up leaning over a table. She re-tied my wrists to the table and with no warning she dove the whole strap-on deep down in my ass.

I was screaming with tears running down my face. She began moving at a slow pace in and out of my ass. She then began to pick up her tempo and hump my ass at a quickening pace.

After a good few minutes of speeding up she was thrashing my ass and I was in heaven. It felt so good having my ass filled with cock! She then took her hand off my shoulder and started smacking my ass. She repeated smacking my ass for about 20 times until it had turned red and gone numb. She then started fingering my pussy with one finger while still fucking my ass. She started to fit a second then third then four fingers inside of my tight cunt. After widening my pussy enough for four fingers master attempted to fit a fifth finger.

I was being filled. She pushed harder and harder and kept fingering my pussy deeper and deeper until she her full hand inside my wet cunt. At that point I had reached multiple orgasms and after one final one I passed out. I woke up still tied over a table but now I had the butt plug back in my ass. Master was meditating in the far corner of the room.

She noticed I had woke up and asked "So slave what have you learned about not wearing your butt plug?" "I know not to forget it or take it out of my ass unless ordered to.

I'm very sorry master" Master nodded and using the force untied me from my bounds. I tried to stand up but when I did I fell right on my ass. "My butt hurts so much master" I pleaded "Well next time you should have your butt plug in and maybe it wouldn't of had to happen bitch" Master firmly said.

I wobbly stood up and made my way to the door as I was leaving master said "Sith training begins in an hour go eat slut" I had gone and ate my lunch out of my bowl, taken a quick shower big black cock painful rep sex dressed in robes and grabbed my lightsaber.

I made sure my butt plug was in my ass poor lover allows flirty mate to penetrate his ex girlfriend for hard and made my way down to the training room. Master was in there waiting for me to arrive. "Good I was just about to zap you.


Today we will be strengthening your connection to the dark side. To do so you must confront you gravest fears and let them take you over. Tell me slave what do you fear?" Master asked. "I fear the dead" I replied, telling the truth. "I am going to put images and hallucinations inside your brain and you are going to let them do anything they want to you. Close your eyes" She ordered. I closed my eyes and suddenly master disappeared and there were people who looked like zombies.


I was not freaked out at first but the zombie multiplied into two and then into 4 then into eight. I was starting to feel scared. They began walking towards me and grabbing me. I was freaked out but I must follow master's orders. I let them grab my arms and lay me down on the ground. They began undressing themselves. I knew what they were going to do. I prepared my self, opening my mouth and took of my robes. I closed my eyes and within seconds had a mouthful of cock. I began bobbing my head up and down on the large dick.

I felt another one start to rub my wetting cunt. "I bet my master enjoys watching this" I thought. I began. I saw another one stroking their cock on my side.


I grabbed it and started jerking him off. The zombie rubbing my cunt began to stick his finger into my cunt and began fingering me.

I switched the cock I had been sucking and the cock I had been jerking and started sucking again. I saw the fourth cock approach my other side I grabbed the newcomer and started jerking it. I felt the zombie fingering me pull out and begin rubbing his dick up and down my soaking pussy.

He then stuck his cock in and started slowly moving in and out. At this time I switched the 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter I was sucking again and went back to jerking the other two.

Now I had the zombie who was fucking me moving at a fast pace and moaning. One of the cocks I was jerking pulled away and started to climb underneath me. He seemed to be going for my ass.

I was now lying on him. The zombie I had been sucking was now deep fucking my mouth. The zombie under me had found my ass and plunged his dick as deep as he could inside me. The zombie fucking my pussy moaned and shot five streams of hot sticky cum down my vulnerable womb. I felt him pull out and the zombie I had been jerking switched places with the zombie who had just came and started fucking me again.

I had all three of my glory holes filled with undead cock. I did no longer fear them. Just as I was approaching orgasms all the zombies disappeared and I was left lying in the middle of the room.

Master had reappeared looking please. "Very nice slut you did very well. You have a three hour break before slave training begins. I will see you then" I got up put my robes back on and walked away. I had gone ate dinner and now was reading a book about the old sith, when my collar went off. I made sure my butt plug was securely in my ass and began my search for master. I found master in her chambers meditating.

As soon as I walked in she noticed my presence and opened her eyes. "Tonight you will learn how to please a woman. You will learn how to lick a pussy correctly, lick and pleasure an asshole, and kiss/make out correctly.

Let us begin" She first told me to approach her and give her a lap dance. I walked up to her and started swaying my ass and sexily dancing. I then squatted right down on her pussy and kept dancing over her cunt. Master seemed very pleased with my dancing skills.

Next she told me to come up to her and start kissing her on her neck. I started with placing a gently ginger kiss on her neck. I then ran my tongue along her neck up to her mouth. I pressed my tongue against her mouth and she let it enter. I began exploring her mouth, as did she to mine. After minutes of passionately making out she pulled away and next told me to work my way down to her cunt. I started licking, and kissing my way down her body stopping at her b cup tits to lick and massage.

I gave a little nibble on her tit. She let out a loud moan. I worked my way down to her cunt and started lightly poking my tongue on the enterance to her pussy again she let out a loud moan. While I was working masters pussy with my tongue Master used the force on a vibrator next to her bed and brought it to my pussy. She stuck it deep within me releasing a moan from my mouth.

She then turned it on. I started letting out continuous moans while I started licking and sucking her pussy faster and harder. I continued this while reaching a few orgasms of my own before she let out a loud moan and her juices filled my mouth. She sat back for a minute.

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She then sat back up and told me to start on her ass hole. She rolled over onto her knees and told me to start licking and prodding her small hole. I started licking the outside and around. Then I started poking my tongue into her tasty hole and searching around. Once I decided it was lubricated well enough I started poking my finger into her hole and moving it in and out.

Master was moaning very loudly and seemed to be very happy. I quickened the pace of my finger. I stopped for a moment flipped mast back onto her front, put my finger back into her ass and stuck my tongue deep down her throat.

She did the same to me.

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After a few moments she experienced another orgasm this one much stronger than the first. I removed my finger from her ass but we continued making out.

We were going on so long I lost count of time. We finally broke away after what seemed to be forever but had only been an hour. She ordered me to stay in her bed and sleep. I lay over on the side and she begins fingering me to orgasm.

I reach my climax and fall asleep with her finger in my pussy. Well that is then end of chapter three. I hope you all enjoyed. I have been trying to do a daily chapter but as the chapters get longer it will become harder to post daily.

Feedback is appreciated! Thank you very much!