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In teenie bh gespritzt tube porn
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Penny's Abduction and Slavery 2 Penny felt the vehicle slow then turn off the main road and fear of what is happening to hear rushed through her body like a tidal wave. About five minutes down what felt like a gravel road to Penny Luke stopped the pick-up. Penny heard the motor turn off and Luke got out closing the driver door. When he opened the back door Penny tensed up waiting for what ever came next.

She felt the blanket covering her body slide off and Luke gripping under her arms and dragged her out of the vehicle. She felt the sudden pain as he dropped her on the gravel road. The sudden impact on the ground took her breath and before she completely recovered he turned her on her stomach untied the pal bangs snatch of honey hardcore massage rope from her ankle chain. Luke good not resist making her scream behind the gag again and swatted her sore bruised ass cheek.

Fire shot through her ass cheek making her scream with the intense pain. Luke laughed as her scream of pain excited him. Luke left her laying on the ground face down, wrist cuffed behind her back hurting, ankles cuffed together, blindfolded, and gagged with the big black ball gag while he carried his bag, her purse and lap top into his house.

Penny was crying from pain julia ann erik everhard livegonzo fear as he walked across the gravel drive to her. He turned her on her back causing more pain in her arms and bruised ass making her scream into the ball gag.

She felt the vibrator on her clit increase speed for a few seconds almost sending her over the edge to an enormous orgasm only to be denied as he turned the evil vibrator off and removed it. Penny moaned loudly behind the gag with disappointment of being denied a badly needed orgasm at this point. She fought the urge to beg him to let her cum not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing her beg for sexual satisfaction.

Luke knelt beside her cupping both her tits lightly squeezing and rubbing her erect nipples with his thumb. She gasp and moaned behind the ball gag with both pain in her bruised left tit and pleasure from his manipulation of both tits. She squeezed her legs together pressing on her cunt drying to get enough pressure to orgasm. Luke noticed her efforts and her moan of pleasure and pain making his cock start to get hard again.

He smiled and squeezed her tits hard causing her to scream from the brutal assault which pushed her over the edge. She screamed as her body shook and her ass pushing off the gravel as the badly needed orgasm wracked her body.

She went into sub space as the most intense orgasm she ever had lasted for several minutes before she passed out. Penny woke up from the intense orgasm that made her pass out to realize Luke had her face down with her sore tits pressed hard into the gravel driving his big hard cock deep in her ass.

The pain shot through her ass like a ball of fire from the brutal assault he was forcing on her tight little ass making her scream and start crying. She felt more pain in her face, tits, and stomach as each hard thrust of his big hard cock pushed her into the gravel scratching her. Luke continued to brutalize her tight little as angry from her having an orgasm before he was ready to permit her to cum.

As he pounded her tight little ass Penny began to relax and the pain turn slowly to pleasure. She felt the pulsing of his cock each time he drove into her and she began to grip his cock with each in and out stroke of his cock.

Luke felt the intense pleasure from her squeezing his cock with her inner muscles of her ass and it drove him ever closer to his own climax.

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He drove his cock deep and hard into her ass and held there when he felt his ball pushing his hot cum to the surface of his throbbing cock. Penny felt the hot cum erupting from his cock filling her tight little ass and her body shook with another intense orgasm. Luke lay on top of her with his cock buried deep inside her ass until it went down. Penny lay face down blindfolded, ball gagged, wrist cuffed behind her back and twgirls one boy sex with a lot of oil cuffed together slowly recovering from her intense orgasm.

She felt his cock go soft and start to slide from her ass and tried to grip it with her ass muscles to keep him buried inside her. As his cock slid from her hole she felt a disappointing emptiness. Penny felt angry and embarrassed that she got so much pleasure from the brutal assault forced on her by her psycho captor.

She thought what the hell is wrong with her to not only take this abuse but get intense pleasure from it. Is she what she had heard termed a pain slut? She felt his hands grip her upper arms and lift her from the gravel onto his shoulder and move toward the house which was about to become her new home and life. Luke carried her directly to a metal framed day bed in his spare bedroom. Sitting her on the bed caused renewed pain in her bruised sore ass making her squeal behind the ball gag.

As she sat on the edge of the bed Luke removed the blindfold letting her blink and adjust to the light. When Penny adjusted to the light she saw her unmasked captor for the first time. She gasp in shock when she recognized him as the older cowboy she had seen at the supper market earlier that day. She tried to speak unsuccessfully asking him why he was doing this to her.

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Luke pulled a chain with a metal collar from the head of the metal framed bed. Placing the collar around her neck he padlocked it in place. The collar was snug but did not restrict her breathing. Penny's eyes opened wide with shock and fear as he attached the collar. She tried again to plead with him to let her go. Luke glared into her beautiful frightened light blue eyes and told her he is going to remove the gag. He then told her not to say anything or make any noise unless she wanted her tits as sore and painful as her ass.

Penny nodded her head indicating she would remain silent if he would remove the ball gag. Her jaw was hurting from being forced wide by the big black ball gag for so long.

He removed the ball gag letting her flex her jaw to relieve the pain.

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He then told her as she looked pleading into his eyes that he will remove the cuffs from her wrist if she will not try to fight him. She nodded her head in agreement. He pushed her head forward pressing her tits onto her knees and unlocked the wrist cuffs releasing her wrist from behind her back.


He took his hand off her head allowing her to sit up. He watched her intently as she massaged her wrist and arms getting the feeling back in them.

As she looked up at him he told her that she is the most beautiful woman ever in his life and she was going to make him a wonderful obedient slave that will give him enormous pride to own. His words made her start to cry making her work hard to suppress any noise for fear of what he had said to her earlier about beating her tits. She did not think she could endure a beating to her tits like he gave her ass which still throbbed with pain from that beating with his rough open hands.

Luke waiting for a few minutes letting her regain a little composer before telling her to rest now as her training would begin tomorrow. He left the room returning a few minutes later with two bottles of water and handed it to her.

She took the water opening one and drinking it down without stopping. He told her it would do no good to try to escape during the night as the bed she is chained to is bolted to the floor and she would miss badly needed rest that she will need for her tomorrows training trying futilely to get away. Penny sat on the edge of the lesbo honeys gape their deep butt holes and drill fat sex toys opening the second bottle of water and took a few sips as Luke left the room turning the light off and locking the door behind him.

He went to his room took a nice hot shower and crawled in to bed nude. He lay under the covers thinking about the fun he was going to have abusing, using and fucking his new slave as he trained her to serve him in every way.


Meanwhile Penny lay on her bed pulling the blanket over her naked body thinking about what her psycho captor had planned for her training.

Was he going to abuse her inflicting more brutal pain on her. She was sure that he was gong to use all her holes for his lustful pleasure thinking she could handle the fucking but did not think she could endure any more brutal assault on her tiny body. Thought of more pain made her feel the pain in her ass and tit from the earlier brutality he inflicted on her. She began to cry with the desperation of her situation and the oriental masseuse fucked on the massage table in her body.

She finally slipped into a restless sleep. Penny is asleep when the door to her room unlocked waking her. Her body tensed with fear as she heard the door open. She lay still on her side facing away from the door as Luke entered the room. He stood inside the door as he closed it behind him causing Penny to flinch. He watched for a little while noticing that the muscles in her neck and shoulder were tense and listening to her ragged breathing even though she tried to control her breathing and keeping her eyes closed to prolong the inevitable.

She felt the fear build as she listened to his foot steps crossing the room toward her. She jumped when he pulled the blanket from her naked body and turned to look at him. He pulled a chair to the front of the bed and sat down telling her to sit up and listen to him without speaking. When she was sitting on the edge of the bed pressing her legs together to hide her sex from him he smiled an evil smile that turn her cold. He looked into her eyes and told her she needed to understand the rules she would live by while she served him.

She sat shaking from the fear this cold man made her feel. The first thing you must understand is that any infraction of my rules will bring you painful punishment. The first rule is you will obey my every command without question or hesitation. The second rule is you will only speak with my permission. Third you will address me as "Master" when ask a question and you will answer all my questions truthfully and without hesitation. Fourth you will not touch yourself or orgasm without my permission.

Fifth you will wear only the clothes I approve and you will never wear pants or shorts only skirts or dresses. You will never wear panties or bra. There will be other rules as we progress but for now make sure you obey the rules I have given you or suffer the punishment that I will enjoy putting you though.

Do you understand what I have said? Penny nodded weakly and softly said yes. Luke slapped her hard across the right side of her face. She screamed with the shock and pain of the unexpected slap. She then realized her mistake and said yes, I understand, Hot tory likes her some anal pounding. He told her that slap was the only reminder should would get.

Any more broken rules will result in proper punishment with lots of pain. He told her he will not tolerate the slightest disobedience and in case she did not understand by now he enjoys hurting her. Hearing her scream and even cry from the pain makes his cock very hard. Seeing the fear in her face made him laugh with a nerve chilling sadistic laugh.

Luke sat in front of her looking at her intently. She thought the look on his face meant he was thinking of cruel ways to hurt her. This made her decide immediately she would not knowingly break any of this sadistic psycho's rules.

She thought the only way to survive was to please him in anyway she could submitting her mind, body and soul to him. Deciding this she hoped with all her heart that she could satisfy him to prevent any more abuse from him. The thought of the sadistic pain he could cause her made her tremble with fear but she also felt her pussy getting wet. She thought my body cannot seriously be getting aroused from the thought of this psycho using and abusing me.

Penny's thoughts were interrupted when Luke stood looking down at her. She slowly raised her head to look at him. He smiled and ask if she would like to eat. She meekly said yes, please Master. He pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the collar letting it drop to the bed before removing the ankle cuffs. He pointed to a closed door on the other side of the room and told her she could shower while he made her some breakfast.

She said thank you Master and watched him leave the room locking the door behind him. Yes looked around the room seeing there was no windows and only the bed, chair, a table and a small chest of drawers. She slowly raised her sore body from the bed and went into the bathroom. After adjusting the shower water she step under the spray picking up the bottle of body wash and cloth.

She used the wash cloth with body wash to clean every inch of her body spending extra time cleaning the dried cum from the brutal ass fucking on the drive way the night before off her ass and legs. She had spent more time in the shower than she thought. When she stepped from the shower using the large towel from the hook on the door to dry her hair and body.

She wrapped the towel around sex stories litil girl sex com breast and body and started to open the door to leave the bathroom. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks fear running through her mind. Before she opened the door she remembered him telling her she would not wear anything unless he approved it first.

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She removed the towel holding it in her hand she opened the door. Stepping back into the bedroom she saw him standing beside the small table. She froze in her tracks looking at him with pleading in her eyes. Luke looked at her and told her she could wear the towel while she ate her breakfast.

Penny's eyes lit up a bit and the corners of her lips moved slightly with an appreciative smile relieved that he was allowing her to cover up while she ate her breakfast. As she wrapped the towel around her she notice there was a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, grape jelly, a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee, a bowl of sugar and a small pitcher of milk on the table. Luke was looking at her real girlnextdoor facialized with asian bff pussylicking and oldvsyoung she looked back at his face.

He could tell she wanted to say something but did not for fear of punishment. He ask her if wanted to say something.

Penny looked surprised, smiled and said I just wanted to say thank you Master. This statement surprised both him and Penny. She felt confused that she had so easily said it and felt comfortable saying it. She thought to herself how right it felt and that she did not feel any remorse. Luke smiled and told her he would leave her alone to enjoy her breakfast. She said nothing but watched as he started to the door.

Before leaving locking the door behind him he told her that she had thirty minutes to finish eating, put the towel over the shower door and wait for him on the edge of the bed.

He went to the kitchen got him some of the same breakfast he had given her. While he ate he thought of some items he need for her training that he did not have and a few clothes for her when and if he ever decided to take her out. Penny finished eating putting the towel over he shower door as told, got her dishes from the table and washed them in the bathroom sink. She sat the dishes on the top of the toilet tank and looked in the mirror.

She could student fucking profesdor with big tits light bruises on her face cheeks and her long black hair was a tangled mess. She ran her fingers though her long hair trying to make it prettier for him. She wished she had a brush and a way to dry her hair wanting to please him to avoid more abuse. She thought about the time and walked to the bed to sit and wait for him to return. She noticed a thin short skirt and light blouse on the bed.

She smiled and started to pick it up to put it on then thought better of it since he had not told her to dress. She left the skirt and blouse on the bed and sat on her tender ass facing the door to wait for him to return.

Penny began to think what she could do to impress and please him to avoid any more abusive pain. Thinking about the Master/slave stories she had read and became aroused to on line. She men fucking cheerleader in the locker room some of the slave's positions to present themselves to their Master. Since she was told to wait for him on the edge of the bed she decided to kneel on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, arms behind her back facing the door.

Luke had finished his breakfast and was smiling as he cleaned the dishes and the kitchen. His thoughts of him setting the trap for her to break a rule so he could hear her scream and cry from her punishment made him smile. He was getting aroused thinking about punishing her before throat fucking her. He was feeling excitement as he unlocked the door and stepped inside to catch her wearing the skirt and blouse. Luke froze in his tracks and his draw dropped with surprise when he saw her in her slave position looking down at the floor.

He slowly recovered from his surprise and disappointment then felt a sense of satisfaction that she had so quickly submitted to him trying hard to please him.

Moving to her he stood in front of her so submissively kneeling naked on the edge of the bed, knees parted giving him full access to her pussy which he noticed the slick swollen lips caused from apparent arousal, arms behind her back and eyes locked on the floor in front of him.

He could not keep from smiling with pride of his new willing slave. He put his hand under her chin raising her head telling her to look at him. She obeyed with out hesitation. He looked into her beautiful light blue eyes, smiled and told her she had pleased him very much. His words gave her a happy feeling and a gleam in her eyes as she smiled at him. She gasp and let out a faint moan as he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

This tender action gave her an uncontrollable desire to please him even more. Penny sat silently with a smile on her lips as he pulled away from her and ask if she wanted to please him by giving him a blow job. She did not hesitate telling him truthfully saying I would like that very much Master. He step back from the bed opening his pants, sliding them with his jockey shorts to his knees and pointed to the floor in front of him saying on your knees.

Penny quickly with out hesitation moved from the bed to the floor on her knees in front of him. She kept her arms behind her back and looked up at him waiting for his next command. Luke smiled and said suck. She immediately moved her mouth to his cock liking up and down the sides, top and underside of his huge hard cock leaving her saliva coating his cock for easier penetration in her mouth and throat. Luke closed his eyes and moaned when she took the head of his hard cock in her mouth closing her lips around the head licking the slit and swallowing his pre-cum from the slit.

She slowly moved her mouth up and down his cock getting deeper and squeezing with her mouth and licking the under side of his cock with each up and down motion. When she had reached the point of taking the full cock down her throat Luke was quickly getting closer to shooting hot cum in her mouth and throat.

Penny felt his impending orgasm and pressed hard onto his cock forcing it deep in her throat and milked it while trying to breath though her nose.

Luke could not hold back any longer and emptied his balls directly down her throat into her stomach. When he finished cumming down her throat he slowly pulled his cock from her mouth. Penny sat back on her heels gasping for air. When she recovered from throat fucking her mouth she could feel the juices leaking from her cunt down the back of her legs onto the floor.

She knelt hands behind her back eyes cast down waiting for his next command and wishing he had pulled out two blondes give a soldier a handjob her mouth and fucked her pussy hard and deep shooting his cum inside her cunt.

Hopefully letting her orgasm. Luke stood in front of the kneeling slave feeling found feelings for her. He thought if this beautiful woman is not trying to deceive him waiting for a chance to escape he could actually fall in love with her. With this thought he decided to be cautious until he was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt what her true intentions were. He pulled his pants up and move to the table and sat in the chair. Penny remained motionless where he left her.

He called her name telling her to crawl to him. A thrill shot through her body when she heard him call her name and she quickly moved from her kneeling position and slowly crawling on hands and knees to him.

She stopped between his feet and assumed her slave position.

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Luke told her he had some questions for her and to remain in position until he returned. She remained still and silent as he stood and walked out of the room locking the door behind him.

She waited for his return and started to feel the need to use the restroom. Struggling to hold her bladder to keep from making a mess. Her thoughts moved to a movie she had seen called "The Secretary" in the movie a slave had been told by her Master to keep her hands on his desk and not move until he returned.

He was gone so long she was unable to hold her bladder and soiled her wedding dress with her urine. The thought of the movie made Penny wonder if it would please her master if she urinated on the floor.

Penny was thinking she could not hold her bladder much longer when the door opened and her Master entered the room. As he sat in the chair Penny took the chance of speaking. She quietly said Master? Luke looked at her and said speak bitch.

She ask may I use the restroom please, Master. Smiling Luke told her she could. She hurriedly crawled on hands and knees to the restroom to empty her bladder. Luke watched her perfectly beautiful ass and pussy as she crawled to the restroom. His cock started to get hard at the sight of her crawling away from him. After a few minutes he heard her crawling back from the restroom. Looking her way his cock twitched in his pants at the sight of her tits swinging under her body as she crawled to him.

Reaching her spot between his feet she assumed her slave position on her parted knees, sitting on her ankles, arms behind her back and eyes cast to the floor.

Luke felt deep satisfaction from the submission of this beautiful woman at his feet. He could hardly believe she was being so obedient and doing things as a slave that he had not told her to do. Like the slave position and crawling on hands and knees. He wondered how she knew what was expected of her. Had she been trained by someone else before he found her? He gripped a hand full of her beautiful black hair and pulled her head back forcing her face to look up at him.

She gasp at the sudden abuse but kept her eyes closed until he told her to look at him. She opened her eyes and saw that there was no anger in his eyes feeling relief. She became aware that her lap top was on the table in front of him. Looking into lets make one big gaping hole of my asshole eyes she waited for his command. Luke ask her if she had had any slave training before him.

Penny answered immediately saying no Master. This answer puzzled him and he ask if she had ever been butt fucked before he raped her ass the night before. She answered not before you took me last night Master.

Speak freely slave. How did you feel about being ass raped. Penny looked surprised at the question but knew she had to answer truthfully without hesitation. She told him when she came to and felt the pain he was causing in her ass she hated it but after a while and she was able to adjust to him in her ass and the pain turned to pleasure and he had forced her to have the most intense orgasm she had ever experience and she loved it.

She told him that was the first time she had every squirted as she cum. Luke looked into her face seeing the embarrassment on her face from revealing her true feelings about her rape. He was becoming more and more found of this beautiful willing slave girl in front of him.

He looked intently into her eyes and ask her what her true purpose is now. She smiled and said to serve and please you with my body and obedience to the best of my ability for as long as you will have me Master. Her answer almost brought tears of joy to his eyes. He composed himself and told her to sit in the chair opposite him.

She quickly obeyed his command and sat looking down in the chair facing him. He told her to relax and look at him. She did and he opened her lap top and powered it up. It ask for a password and he looked at her. He ask what is your password. Penny answered with out hesitation but her face turned red with embarrassment she told him it was "hot_cunt" Master.

He laughed and said really? She looked down and said yes Master. He typed in the password booting up the laptop checking her browsing history he found two sites she visited most. One was a BD/SM video site and the other was a site with short stories of BD/SM and Master/slave containing fantasy and true stories.

As Penny sat across from him feeling embarrassed she could hear the sounds of the submissive women on the video site as he viewed some of the trailers.

He then opened the short story site of Master/slave reading some of the story synopsis. When he finished he looked past the laptop at Penny's red flushed face. He smiled and told her to look at him. She did and he ask if she had ever done any of the things in the videos or stories. Penny meekly said no more than masturbating while viewing the videos or reading some of the more interesting stories, Master. Luke said so that his where you were familiar with slave actions to please your Master.

She responded yes I just want to please and serve you to earn your love and avoid the pain, Master. Luke looked concerned with her statement and told her, slave you cannot avoid all the pain since I get pleasure from hurting you but you will not have to endure the harsh pain of punishment as long as you please and obey me.

She said Master? Looking at her face he told her to speak. She responded with I am yours to use as you please and if it pleases you to hurt me then I will gladly endure the pain to please you Master.

Surprised that she said this she thought to her self that she should not be surprised since she had realized that the abuse she had received from her Master when he abducted her had actually aroused her and helped to give her the most pleasurable squirting orgasm of her life.

She thought that she might even enjoy any pain given by him and hoping it was not pain that would leave her sore and bruised for days. Luke felt his cock so hard he thought it was going to rip out of his pants. He closed the lap top, stood up and told her to clear the table of the dishes and laptop. She did as told and turned to him to assume her slave position when he told her to bring the bag he had placed on her bed. She picked up the leather bag and placed it on the table in front of him.

He put the bag in the chair telling her to stand next to the table, bend over, face on the table top and spread her legs.

At that point she thought she knew what he was going to do and did as she was told stretching her arms out to each corner of the table above her head. Luke nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob at her naked body stretched across the table with her legs open giving him full access to her pussy and ass. He thought what a great slave to anticipate fack ny wife big black coke desires before he even commanded her.

Pulling rope from the bag he tied her ankles to the legs of the table and her wrist to the top legs. He then put a large ball gag to her lips. She opened her eyes and opened her mouth wide to accept the ball gag behind her teeth. Her mouth fit tight around the large ball preventing her from making more than a muffled sound. She lay still breathing heavily through her nose fearing and dreading the pain she was about to receive. She knew that he was about to hurt her for his pleasure not for punishment.

She knew that he got aroused when she screamed and cried from the pain and wanted to please him so she knew she would not fight the pain and would scream and cry when the pain warranted it. Penny was laying tied across the table thinking about what she needed to do when she felt the pain fire through her upper back and shoulders from the hard lash of the flogger Luke hit her with making her scream as loud as the ball gag would permit. The jerk of her body raising her ass up and forcing her onto her toes with the muffled scream made Luke's cock instantly hard.

As she relaxed back to the table top he lashed her hard across her back below the first whelps from the first lash bringing out another scream and tears to her eyes. Penny opened her eyes and looking at Luke with pleading in her face hoping he would take mercy on her and cease flogging her back and fuck her pussy or ass.

As she looked into his eyes he swung his arm with another lash across her back. She scream and then moaned from the pain in her back but felt a tingle of pleasure and moisture dripping from her cunt. He hit her again and she moaned and humped the table edge with her mound. Luke smiled and said that is what I was waiting for stepping behind her between her wide spread legs, releasing his big hard throbbing cock he pressed it to her pussy opening. She spread her legs as wide as she could giving him better access to her cunt.

He rammed his cock deep in her pussy making her squeal behind the ball gag and push back onto his cock as he started fucking her hot wet cunt hard and deep. Penny met his thrust with her own feeling her orgasm rapidly building deep inside her. Luke spit on her little pucker pushing his thumb deep in her ass.

Penny had to fight to hold her orgasm back to keep from cumming without permission. Luke was nearing his own orgasm and pulled from her cunt moving the head of his cock to replace his thumb in her ass and without mercy shoved it deep inside her tight little ass making her scream behind the ball gag with the pain in her ass. He started pumping in and out of her tight ass hard causing her to squeal with each in and out thrust until she finally adjusted to his hard cock abusing her tight little ass then started to moan and push onto him while milking his cock with her ass with each drive in her ass.

With her pushing onto his cock and squeezing with her inner muscles milking his cock he rammed hard and deep to hold deep inside her tight little ass hole while he shot his hot cum deep inside her. Penny fought with all her might to hold her on explosive orgasm. Luke felt her need and heard her try to say please behind the gag and shouted cum bitch. He barely got the words out when she erupted with the most intense orgasm of best king in japanese school girl day forcing her to squirt copious amounts of her cum all over his balls, legs, backs of her legs and forming a large puddle of cum on the floor under them.

Once Luke emptied his babe with round ass gives a ride hardcore blowjob in her ass he lay on her back letting her come done from her orgasm and his cock to go limp.

He felt her ass squeezing his cock in her tight little ass making his cock stay semi hard. He pulled out of her ass, untied her ankles, wrist and removed her gag. Penny lay still until he completely untied her and waited for permission to move. She still felt his cum leaking out of her ass mixing with her cum before dripping down to join the puddle of cum on the floor.

Her back still burning from the flogger abuse she still felt the tingling in her pussy and the empty feeling in her ass from not having his cock buried deep in her. She heard him say knees and immediately slid off the the table to her knees then moved to here position between his feet as he sat in the chair with his pants down around his ankles.

She waited for his command and heard him tell her to clean his cock. Penny opened her mouth wide and took the full length of his semi hard cock down her throat. Closing her mouth tight around it she sucked and licked the full length from his balls to the tip of his cock head then licked it clean swallowing all she could get like a hungry kitten sucking its mommas tit.

Satisfied with the cleaning Luke gently pushed her away from his cock telling her to lick the cum from the floor. Penny did not hesitate turning and crawling back to the table she licked every small drop of cum from the floor. Finished she assume her position in front of Luke. He looked down at the top of her head gripped her long black hair and gently pulled her head back telling her to look at him.

She did and he told her that she had pleased him very much and that she was a very good slave. A shiver of pleasure ran through her and she smiled as he told her she could speak. Just wanted to say thank you for letting your slave please you and allowing your slave to orgasm Master. He told her that he let her receive the pleasure of an orgasm to reward her for being such an obedient slave.

He ask if he had hurt her with the flogger. She told him that the pain pleased me because it blond eurobabe flashes her nice big tits and pounded pornstars european you Master. Also it makes me very happy when you tell me that I have pleased you so you are proud of me, Master. Luke said very good slave now go shower and freshen up while I make us supper. She then realized that it must be getting late and neither of them had eaten anything since breakfast.

She turned to crawl to the shower when Luke told her she had permission to stand and walk until he ordered other wise. She stood, turned, smiled and bowed her head to him to thank him. She watched him leave the room with love in her heart for him. As she showered she thought she was very happy that he had abducted her treating her as he did making her realize how much she mia khalifa sex big prone and needed to be owned, used, abused, fucked and cared for.

She realized all this gave her a very happy warm feeling like she skinny latin beauty loves to be fucked felt wanted and needed. Something that had been missing in her life. The hot water hit the whelps on her back making her squeal and then smile from the pain. She thought about the flogging and hard fucking while tied to the table making her feel the beginning of arousal in her pussy.

She shook it off with a smile and stepped out of the shower drying off and moving to her bed to assume her slave position to wait for her Master.