Abella danger in big booty babe begs for hard fuck

Abella danger in big booty babe begs for hard fuck
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Once Jenny got to Amy's house she asked "so what's the game you told me I can play with animals?" "Well it easy all you have to do is take off your clothes, wave your butt in the air and they will jump on your back and mount you" Amy said.

"Wait you want me to have sex with animals that just sounds gross!" Jenny yelled "It's not sex where two different beings." Amy said.


"You don't know what I'm talking about it's called Bestiality it's when a human and an animal have sex together I hear it all the time on the farm" Jenny said.

"Then you already know what I'm talking about take your clothes off and just try it." Amy said pulling on jenny's pants. "I'm only going to try it once and thats it?" Jenny said. Both Amy and Jenny took their clothes off and called Dex and Rex into the room. Once they got there Amy told Jenny to get on all fours and raise her butt into the air.

Rex was the first one to see her and walked over and started to lick her pussy. Rex's tongue kept on going in and out of her pussy really fast making her moan really loud and open up her legs more to let his tongue go in deeper. Jenny's body started to shake as she was having an orgasm "this fells so good" she said as Rex started to lick faster.

Rex gave Jenny six more orgasms before he finally decided to jump on her back. "Looks like he's going to make you his bitch" Amy said with a grin.

On his first try Rex rammed his dick into Jenny's tight virgin pussy and started to fuck her really fast. "His dick is hurting me but it's starting to fell so good as I push back on it" Jenny said as she was grinding on his cock. "Your making me fell really horny right now just by watching you. Dex come over here and fuck me" Amy said putting her butt into the air while facing Jenny. Dex was quick to mounting her and was fucking her at the same speed as Rex was fucking Jenny.

Both were moaning, screaming, and gasping for air as they were going through orgasm after orgasm after twenty minutes went small sister and brother first time bleeding sexy story and soon both dogs were ready to knot them.

"Is this Rex's knot I fell pounding at my pussy trying to get in" Jenny said. "Yes get ready to fell pressure in your pussy as it grows bigger once inside you" Amy said. Once inside both Dex and Rex stopped and poured their cum into their tight pussies.

"His cum fells so good that it's making have another orgasm, keep pouring your cum into me like the bitch I am" Jenny yelled.

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after several more minutes of fucking Amy was already tired from being raped by both dogs a few hours ago so she let Jenny keep going. After Dex pulled out she let Rex fuck her in the ass while she suck off Dex.


Dex's cock was making the pain in her ass unbearable but she didn't care as long as she was having fun being fuck like a bitch. Dex soon stopped and pured his cum into her ass filling up her stomach while she was swallowing Rex's cum. "You really love animals do you Jenny" Amy said "I love them even more now that you told and showed me how it fells like.

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Jenny said after swallowing and licking her lip of Dex's cum. "Lets clean up my parents are coming home soon" Amy said. "what time are they coming back" Jenny asked, "like around 11:00pm" Amy said. "But its only 5:00pm we still have six hours left, come on Amy it's our birthday let's have fun with the time we have left please" Jenny said. "Fine but only for tree hours and then we clean up" Amy said. "Yes thank you Amy" Jenny said giving Amy a hug and a kiss on the lips that lasted two minutes.

"let us play a game called 69"Jenny said."What do you do?" Amy asked. "I's when two people have oral sex together since your slightly bigger then me you can be on top" Jenny said while laying down on the bed.

Amy got on top of Jenny and started to play with her pussy by licking the cum out of it making Amy have a orgasm and scream into Jenny's pussy. For the next ten minutes they eat each other out while fingering each other asshole. Without Amy seeing, Dex jumped on the bed and Jenny help him aim for Amy's asshole and put it in.

"what are you doing?" she yelled "Just adding to the fun" Jenny said. Watching Dex fuck Amy up close made Jenny go crazy she was horny that her orgasms lasted longer and for Amy was the same way being fucked in the ass and eaten out at the same time. Jenny was also playing with Dex's ball sack making fuck Amy even faster.Amy's orgasm was so big that it lasted for ten minutes and sprayed pussy juice all over Jenny's face. Dex's knot went inside Amy's pussy and shoot a big loud of cum into her.

They where stuck like that for an hour until Dex pulled out with aloud pop. Amy's legs were so weak that she could barley walk. So Jenny had to do must of the clean up while she rested.

They mad sure her was spotless before taking a shower together. While in the shower they did more playing then cleaning. Jenny would always grab Amy's enteada novinha dando o cu pro padrasto and kiss her while Amy would finger Jenny's pussy.

"Thanks for the birthday present" jenny said. "Your welcome next time let's do it in your farm." Amy said, "I look forward to it. Jenny said with a kiss on the lips. to be continued.