Sweet emi orihara in the bathroom on her knees sucking cock and playing with cum

Sweet emi orihara in the bathroom on her knees sucking cock and playing with cum
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(I live in a house with my mother, father, older brother and his girlfriend. I also have am older sister that does not live with us but frequently comes to visit. Me- 6 ft blonde hair guy average built name Luke age 17 Mom- 5 ft 5 dark brown hair considered a BBW with ginormous E cup breasts name Michelle age 46 Dad- 5ft 10 blonde/ graying hair a tad over weight name Doug age 50 Brother- 5ft 10 light brown hair skinny but toned athletic build name Ryan age 21 Brothers girlfriend- 5 ft 5 black hair.

Very curvy. D cup breast but her ass is huge making her breasts look small. Name Allison age 20 Sister- 5 ft 3 dark brown hair DD cup and curvy name Tracy age 23 I fell asleep one summer night watching a movie about a guy being able to switch bodies with anyone he wanted to.

Naturally as a 17 yr old I thought that'd be awesome! I went to bed that night thinking of this. I awoke the next morning feeling strange.

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I got up and realized I wasn't in my room. I walked into the bathroom and see Allison in the mirror. Everyone else was at work by this time her and I were the only ones with no job. I quickly darted to my room to see my body laying there asleep.

No matter what I did i couldn't wake "myself". It happened I thought. I must of real sany leon xx fuked of switching with her last night. I ran back to her room and did the same thing that any 17 yr old guy would do. I stripped her pajamas right off noticing she wasn't wearing any underwear to sleep in.

I looked at her in the mirror.

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Her fat ass jiggled as I jumped up and down along with her large breasts. I was surprised to see that she had her nipples pierced, it was so hot. I couldn't help myself I started fondling her breasts and ass. I can't explain how turned on I or should I say she was getting. I went through her drawers until I found what I was looking for, a vibrator. It was just a small bullet one but it would do.

I sat on the bed slowly massaging her pussy getting it completely soaked. I slide a finger into it and work that. It feels amazing. I turn the vibrator on and have it slowly work my clit.

I'm moaning in ecstasy this feels amazing.

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I start fingering her as I work the vibrator on her clit. I start moan louder and louder. Start working my fingers in and out faster. I'm close. I'm going to cum real soon. I curl my fingers around and hit her g spot and scream I'm ecstasy. That was absolutely amazing I thought. Ha turns out she's a screamer for sure!

I clean off and decide that this is to much fun to change back anytime soon. So I walk around the house naked making sure to flaunt myself off in front of the windows or the screen door.

My fat ass of a neighbor certainly got a view I thought for sure he was going to pass out when he saw me jumping up and down through the window. Later that day i saw the mailman coming up. I decided to have lots of fun with this. When he was placing the mail in the box u walked up in a loosely tied robe. I took the mail from him but dropped a piece.

I bent down to get it allowing him to see fully down the robe. Meu marido me apalpando e abusando de mim saw his cock twitch on his shorts. I smiled. The mailman looked to be in his early 50s with gray hair and was very thin. "It sure is hot out here.

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Want to come in a get a drink and rest for a bit?" I said "Hmm idk. Eh sure." We walk inside and he closes the door behind us. We walk into the kitchen and he stands there staring at me.


I turn around and reach up for a glass in the highest shelf making the robe come up allowing him to see my giant ass. I can't seem to reach the glass.

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He stands directly behind me and grabs the glass while sliding the other hand down my hot pretty teens sharing a one eyed monster on to my pussy. I remove the robe and turn around. He wastes no time dropping to his knees and devouring my soaked pussy. He is licking up and down my pussy while his hands are squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples and tugging the piercings. He then placed his hand on my ass and pushed my pussy into his face lapping up all my juices with his eager tongue.

I then turn around and bend over the counter. He stands up and positions his against my pussy. " Woah I don't think so. Get back on your knees and eat my asshole now" " No I don't do that. Not even to my wife of 25 years." " Then leave" He lowers himself back to his knees and spreads my thick cheeks open. He pushes his tongue against my asshole making it pucker. He continues to lick around it making me scream in pleasure. He pushes his thumb in my ass.


I could tell this wasn't the first time something's been up there. I moan and he pulls it and puts his tongue in my ass licking still. I decide that's enough for now. " Stand up" "Finally I can't wait to fuck that pussy any more" " Too bad you'll have to" I drop to my knees and he doesn't seem to disappointed.

Start massaging his balls while licking up and down his not very big cock like a lollipop. I start working it down my throat until I have the whole cock in mouth. I start swirling my tongue around it making him moan this time. He starts to thrust in to my mouth and I decide to stop. I get up on the counter and spread my legs nodding to him that's it's time. He jumps forward and jams his little cock into my wet pussy. He starts sucking on my big tits as he is fucking me as fast as a rabbit.

He's not very good but hey he's an old mail man what was I expecting. I start getting into it and thrusting forward. He pulls it out to readjust and I decide to flip over. "Fuck my ass old man" He spit on my ass and used my pussy juices as lube to jam his cock into my ass.

It felt like great he started humping me like crazy and started pushing backwards. " OHHHH YES FUCK ME HARD" "Mmm yes keep yelling I'm going to cum in your ass" " NO I WANT YOUR CUM ALL OVER MY BIG TITS" He pulls it out flips me over and I shove his cock in my mouth. Tasting the mixture of my pussy and ass juices. I continue sucking until I feel his cock twitching and I take it out an start jerking him.

He shoots all of his big load of cum on to my tits. "O man I will be seeing you again soon I hope" he said " No I don't think so" " what?!" "Goodbye" He walks out and I yell "have a good day sir" Realizing I still have his huge load all over me I decide to clean up.

I wipe it all into my mouth. And swallow it all. He might of not been very good but he didn't taste bad at all. I got redressed into her pajamas and layer back into her bed. And thought to myself "switch". Bam I woke up as myself. I walked out of my room to see Allison waking up. "Hey Allison. You must of had a good night sleep or something it's almost 2 in the afternoon." " hey yea i don't know but I had the hot amateur brunette ready to play with big cock dream" Should I have a part two?

So I can use. Everyone else????