Hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll

Hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll
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Diary of a School Slut - Mr.Tom Hi, I am Bianca, Bee as people would generally call me in School. Description: 5'7 Long auburn hair, Fair skin tone, High-cheek boned, Light brown eyes, Plump lips, Long toned legs, Curved body, Have a waxed body with no tan lines ;) A tight pussy, 36C boobs with pink nipples, A round tempting ass which made guys just want to muff drive me, Suck my boobs, and fuck and eat my pussy.

~# I was not very good at one subject, Math1. It wasn't because I was slow or something, it was just that my Math professor was to stunningly hot and young. He must be barely in his mid 20's. He was single according to his facebook profile; He had yummy shirtless pictures of him as his display picture. Which was always open on my browser.

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He was tall, 6ft, Muscular body, Huge Biceps, Lean body type, 6pack abs, Gorgeous blonde hair, Blue eyes, A perfect smile with a smoking hot face. He woo.ed all the girls in my class, but somehow it was only me who always failed and did badly and never paid attention. It really wasn't really my fault.

He was just too hot. Its hard for the brain to drool over a face like that thinking about fucking him and paying attention in class for Math. He also substituted in the detention center, So I was always in the detention center, Every Thursday without fail.

90mins of pure eyecandy time. It was the end of the semester, my grades were pathetic in Math1… I was called into Mr. Tom's classroom for a lecture about how bad my grades were, He told me I should have gotten a tutor for the subject because I was doing well in everything else but his subject. He asked me to write a re-exam as I was the only one who had failed and he wanted me to do better, because he knew I could.

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We were friendly because I would meet him every Thursday in the detention center, Teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz spoke. He knew me, my story… half of which he hasn't heard from my mouth.

guess teachers gossip a lot in the lounge area. He knew that I was a slut, Had slept with every soccer player in the school. Had scored the hottest boys as my boyfriend. He was nothing less, Slept with elder students or the student's mothers in trade for grades. I was willing to do that. Anytime, Any day. I was waiting for the semester to end and I would be called into his classroom and we would have the best fuck I could imagine. But obviously, I couldn't just start fucking him.

I had to play innocent and make him come on me. Because he didn't know I knew about his special trade system. A few students had told me and it was not something that was to be spread around. # "I'm done with the paper Mr.Tom, Why don't you correct it and grade me right away.

I am the only student after all." I spoke to him in low slow tone. "Sure Bee, Take a seat." I sat down on his desk. I wore the shortest uniforms in school. Had my skirt hemed up only for it to barely reach the upper part of my thigh. My shirt was tight, that one breath and the buttons would pop. Wore my hair open and had high socks and 4" heels. Today, I kept the top of my shirt buttons open, giving anyone a nice show if I bent, from front and behind wearing a sheer thong and lace bra. "So how did I fare Mr.

Tom?" I asked, leaning in "You've done badly Bianca, Why don't you study for Math, You do well in all your other subjects. Why not this?" He asked, peeping in. trying to look discreetly "I am sorry, but petite babe takes an anal dicking critical x need to come up with a solution now." He scolded me.

"Sure, Lets come up with one. I am waiting. I'm willing to do anything Mr.Tom, just pass me in Math1. Anything. PLEASE" I begged him, still sitting on his desk, folding my legs so that my skirt would ride up a bit higher. "Anything Hu?

Will you do anything for a B-?" I almost jumped with on the offer, unfolding my legs and spreading them a little open. Revealing my sheer thongs "Anything Mr.Tom, Anything for the B-" I said, licking my lips. Wow, He exhaled taking a peek of the inside world of my skirt. "Well well babe, So I guess rumors about me, the grades have gotten to your ears hu?" He chuckled.

I looked away, not having a good lying face. "That's an excellent thing that you believe them, because they all are true. Now get off my desk, clear it up. Lock the door and lets see about you earning your B." "What are you saying? I'm not trading me for grades." I played an innocent act.

"C'mon Bianca. You'd trade anything for you, we all know that. I hear stories too.

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Don't play." He started rubbing my inner thigh. I got up adjusted my skirt and started to walk off, He followed me. Grabbing my hand and locking the door; closing the blinds. It was after hours.

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No one in school. I was very happy, I would be getting a piece of Mr.Tom. He dropped the paper work off his desk, emptying it for us. "Bend over" He dragged me to the desk and pulled my skirt up, "Bad girl Bianca, No one plays hard to get with me.

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They always get it. No play needed" and he started spanking my ass hard. It was creating an excitement inside me. I was happy that Mr. Tom was going to fuck me bad. He kept spanking my ass until it was hot and I was guessing red. "Yummy that red round ass of yours. You are every guys dream in this school, aren't you? Well tonight your mine." He turned me over and placed me on the desk, spreading my legs wide open.

"You smell mouth watering, I can't wait to eat you up." He exclaimed and attacked me bald wet pussy. Rubbing his hands over my thighs, His tongue deep inside licking me. He was nibbling on my clit. And I could feel his 2 figures making their way inside me. "Tight little slut, even after how much you fuck? Amazing." And he went back to eating me, playing with my pussy with I enjoyed it all.

"Ahhhh TOM, Fuck I've wanted this day so bad since months. Ahhhh yeah, EAT ME." I moaned as I was getting excited. He kept licking my, pushing his fingers inside my hole and playing with my clit… "I'm going to come Mr.Tom.

please don't stop. OMG. yes. pleaseeeee… fuckkkk… yeah!!!" I came hard and yelled out his name as my hips buckled. He came up to my face and kissed me hard, I could taste myself on his lips… Next he ripped my shirt open, buttons flying all over and unhooked my bra. My huge boobs giggling in front of him "Woah, they are bigger without the bra Bianca," he said and started kneading them. and he took my nipples between his thumb and finger and started pulling them, grabbing my boobs and playing with them.

Squeezing them bad. Sucking on them and playing with them. "You have such amazing boobs! You are a dream Bianca, You are the best kind of slut a guy could own" he told me and kissed me on my mouth, his tongue deep inside mine.

He unbuckled his jeans and picked my up from the desk and pushed me down to my knees "Suck it fast, I'm longing to fuck your cunt." I saw his thick huge rock hard dick and my mouth started wartering.

I licked him from base to tip, tasting his musty taste and smelling his scent. I took him inside my mouth and started deep throating him. Sucking him, creating a vacuum like with my cheeks and he was roughly mouth fucking me making me gag. I was enjoying the taste of his pre-cum, my hands were playing with his balls. rubbing them, I slowly popped his cock out of my mouth and took his balls inside my mouth. "OH FUCK YES BIANCA!!" Tom moaned out and fisted my hair in his hands and pushed my face deeper.

"That's it, YES…" He moaned. I took his cock back inside my mouth and sucked him harder. "Stop! That's it. I don't want to cum!" He pulled my head away from his crouch. He pulled me up and smacked my boobs! "That was amazing, but I want to fuck your cunt!

Your tight pink wet cunt!" I moaned out load, "Yes, please!" I begged in agreement "Bend over the desk sexy, My mistress scolding her piggy rp mouth fuck punishment financial domination and money slave needs a parking space to cum in." As I bent over, he rammed his thick cock into me "OH YESSSSS TOM, AHHHH YEAH AHHHH YEA.


AHHHHHHHH Screw with sexy legal age teenager attractive babe hardcore blowjob He was ramming is cock in and out in with all the forcee he could. Fucking me hard. Building up yet another orgasm of mine. He was ramming into me, my tight cunt.

"Your cunt is so tight Biance. Its AMAZNG" He moaned out. "I am close, come for me!!" Oh yess, This is amazing. his cock was in and out in and out and it felt amazing. I had an earth shattering orgasm just as his finger entered my back hole! "FUCK TOM!! OMG. YES" I moaned and came all over his cock. "Down on your knees slut, I need to come" Tom said, pushing me down and fisting his cock over my breasts. "Titty fuck me, Bianca!

I need to come!" And I pulled his cock between my breasts and he was now fucking my boobs easily because his dick was glistened by my juices. "Ah, what a sight Bianca!" He said and blew his load all over me. "I am not done yet, I can go on and on! Turn around, I need to fuck your ass now, its going to be painful. So be ready. I love it wild and rough." He flipped me onto my hands and knees, and knelt behind me and using his cum and my juices shoves his fingers inside my one by one, slowly opening me up.

"Ohmygosh!! ahhhhhhhhh" I moaned out. "That's it, I need in" he said and rolled a condom over his cock and rammed his cock inside my ass. "ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh fuccckkkkk" I moaned in pain and pleasure "TOM WOW" I yelled and he moaned out "SO fucking tight" and he kept fucking me "Ahh I love your ass Bianca, its the best damn thing and your heavy boobs, the way they bounce and the nipples so hard and puffy." he kept fucking me, ramming his thick cock in and out in full force.

He was playing with my clit while fucking my ass. I was loving the feeling. He made me cum and spent his load inside me, into his condom.

He went back to kissing me, licking my pussy and playing with my boobs. He took 3 naughty pictures of me, where in one I had my fingers inside my twat, one were his dick was inside my throat and one were he was inside my ass, a snug tight fit. Mr. Tom then realized that we had been fucking since the past 2 hours. He made me dress-up, luckily I had a gym tee on, because he has ripped open my shirt.

He kept my thong as a memento. He gave me a B- on my paper. Kissed me and whispered in my ear "I hope you fail more often sexy. We can have more wild fucks in school. It was fun." It was the janitor time. He arranged his desk and we left. I reached home and yes that was the best day of my semester.

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