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Horny asian takes large vibrator japanese hardcore
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I woke up the next morning feeling a little less than myself, I shouldn't have had Pre-Phone sex with him, I should be playing hard to get. He doesn't deserve that part of me.

At least not now. I got up to go make breakfast, my mom still wasn't home. Great! Only heaven knows where she is. At blowjob fuckin and rimjob for halloween I got the house to myself, time I clearly needed to relax and get my head screwed on straight. I had breakfast on my own, I watched some T.V. Then I took a shower, the hot water was relaxing on me, I couldn't stop thinking of charles,Him holding me and jus_.

I had just finished rinsing my hair in the shower when my phone began to ring, I stepped out the shower & quickly wrapped my hair so I could go answer it, It was my mom, she just wanted to let me know she'd be home later on so I must not worry to much. As if I'd waist time worrying about her, I barely see her she's always at the office or something, living her double life I guess. I unwrapped my hair from my towel and let the water drip down my back, it was relaxing.

I put on a sweater, some pants and some boots on, it was a little colder today. There's not much to do I thought, might as well get some work done. I spent about an hour trying to get everything done. It was about 12:30 when I was finished with everything.

I hate new places, I don't know anybody & nobody knows me. *sigh* "I might as well go and take a walk outside or something" I said to myself. I put in my earphones and headed out. The neighborhood was pretty nice,Extremely quiet, I walked past one of my class mates .I couldn't quite get his name right. I guess you could say I love the attention, its always funny to see guys go quiet and shy when I'm around them, its a little strange though,but I like it.

"Oh hey" I said removing one ear piece, "H-Hi Deana" he said with a nervous smile, "W-What you doing around here?" He asked "uhmm well me and my mom moved into some house nearby,I just thought I could use some fresh air, you know?"He was so cute when beauteous babes share ramrod at legal age teenager casting hardcore and blowjob was nervous.

"Oh I see, Its always good to have company around. I guess I'm gonna be seeing you around more often" he said moving closer,I could feel his body heat,My heart beat quickened, I took a step back"Y-Yea sure K_" "Keith" he said quickly interrupting me. "Right Keith! Sorry I'm terrible with names" I said brushing my hair behind my ear, he laughed "I wouldn't expect you to remember my name." He said, I never really noticed how well built he is.

"Most girls like you don't notice guys like me." I was now looking at him in his eyes "Girls like me?" "Yea, extremely Gorgeous girls like you" I laughed, "Corny much?" I teased, we both laughed.

"Well I was just trying to get you to smile" he said. "Well it worked." I said smiling at him "You going anywhere specific?" He asked, "Na not really just wanted to check the place out. Want to come with?" I asked. "Would love to but I have to_" "Come on!" I said giving him a pout, "S-Sure why not, I guess I can't really say no to you" he laughed.

We Walked for a while talking about school, and places. Can't believe I've never spoken to him, he has to be the sweetest guy ever. "Hey keith are you seeing anybody?" "Na" he said "Great cause I want you to meet one of my friends, she's coming over next weekend". "Ohh if she looks anything like you, that would be great" he said "guess you're gonna just have to wait and see" I smiled at him. The area was pretty big, we had a park in our complex and a club house too.

Keith's phone rang so he slowed down to answer it, I continued walking ahead of him, after a while he caught up to me "uhh look Deana I have to go, but I'll check you out, give me your number?" He handed me his phone, I put my number in "I hope extreme anal fun 0258 tube porn plan on using it" I said "yea definitely" he pulled me closer to him so I could give him a hug, he was extremely warm, it was a nice tight hug, I think he had a boner, cause something was poking me on my tummy.

He let go and took a step back "B-Bye" he turned and left me. I continued walking for a bit until I reached a dead end, I put my earphones back on and started listening to music. It started getting cloudy so I decided to head home, I guess I missed a turn or something cause I was in a totally new place "Shit" I said to myself starting to panic a little.

Nothing looked familiar. I walked past some apartments, they where pretty nice, at least I had a slight idea of where my house was, I had just turned the corner when I felt an arm grab me, I gasped in shock "hey! Wat_" it was charles behind me "ohh its you." I said "you don't seem too excited about that" he teased.

"You came all the way here just to visit me" he said "uhhh no I was actually just headed home from my walk" I said pulling my arm away "oh sorry, I didn't xxxx bp sexy and porn story sex stories to scare you" he said.

"It would take much more than that to scare me" I hit his arm. He laughed. "Ohh so you think you're tough?"He said giving me his cute side smile. "I guess I could be if I wanted to." I said, "Ok tough guy, why don't you come inside and chill for a bit" he had his hand out to me, I looked at him for a while "Come on" he said, I put my hand in his and he led me back towards the apartments.

The apartments where still new so he didn't have much neighbors around him, he fiddled with the lock for a bit, then the door slowly swang open, he let me in first then walked in behind me.


"Well this is home" he said, it was a cute cozy apartment "wow, this is nice" I sat down on the couch, "you want something to drink?" He yelled from the kitchen. "Sure anything warm please" he came back a few moments with hot chocolate he handed it to me and sat across from me. We didn't say anything sani lioni sax bp vidieo a while, we just sat in silence.

He is so beautiful, his eyes had me in a trance, I loved the way his hair fell on his face a little, his cute dimples, and how he always blushed when I was around him, I squeezed my legs a little trying to get rid of the mental stimulation he was causing me to have.

I swallowed to hard, and started coughing, which brought me back to life. He got up from his seat he placed his mug on the table and he rubbed my back slowly "You okay?" He said looking me in my eyes, "Y-Yeah I'll be okay" my cheeks went red, I couldn't deal with him being so close. "Good" he said brushing my hair out of my face, he reached down and kissed me on my forehead then left to go sit back on the chair.

we sat there looking into each others eyes. saying nothing. "Y-Y-You don't have to sit so far away" I finally broke out "T-Thats the only way I t-think I can control myself when I'm around you" he laughed to himself "you hungry?" He said trying to change the subject "uhh no.

What do you mean control yourself?" I asked "I mean you make me want to do things to you that I don't think we should be doing" he took a final big sip then stood up and left for the kitchen.

he came back and sat down. "D-Deana. You don't feel w-weird about yesterday, do you?" Why'd he have to bring it up. "N-No do you?" He smiled "not at all" he said "G-Good" I relaxed a little.

"About the party tonight, can't we just stay in? I feel a little sick." I said "Sure, I wasn't really feeling it anyways, why what's wrong with you?" He moved to sit on the far end of the couch I was sitting on. "Nothing serious Flu I think" he moved closer to put the back of his palm on my forehead, "Wow your heating up" he said removing his hand. He got up and brought a blanket for me. He wrapped it around me then left to go take his seat across from me, he switched on the T.V "Let's see what's on" he browsed thru the channels, he stopped on a channel that was showing a chick flick.

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It began to rain outside, heavily. We watched the movie in silence laughing to ourselves. I couldn't help but stare at him every now and then. "Hey, aren't you feeling cold?" I asked "I'm okay" he said. "Come join me?" I extended the blanket, he swallowed hard then got up to join me, he moved under the blanket and covered himself, keeping his distance.

We continued to watch the movie in silence. I removed my shoes and put my feet on his lap, he was a little uncomfortable, but it was cute. His breathing increased a little, he looked uneven,"Excuse me" he blonde guy cruelly fucked girls striptease and hardcore away a little "I'll be back" he said and quickly got up and left, I heard a door shut behind him.

I focused my attention back on the T.V. it took him a while but he finally returned and sat back down next to him, this time he placed my feet back on his lap for me. I was rubbing them on his lap trying to get them warm, I accidentally moved my feet up towards him and it brushed against his crotch,I could feel his bonner against my foot I moved away quickly "S-Sorry" I said "Its okay" he had a big grin on his face.

Wow he was really packing down there and I wanted to feel him again. He continued to watch the movie, laughing every now and then,it made me feel more comfortable. I watched him in silence, It was hard to pay attention now. I moved my legs closer to him again and my foot was on his boner, his erection jerked to my touch but he continued to ignore me and watch T.V his heart beat quickened I could see it from the way his chest started to move underneath his shirt. He didn't push me away so I'm guessing he liked it.

I started to rub my feet against him. He looked at me "Dea_" Shhhh I interrupted him and continued, I moved my feet and sat down next to him, "Let me take care of you" I said looking into his eyes, he swallowed hard and moved back a little, I moved closer and started to unbutton his jeans. He let out a soft sigh "Look you don_" I kissed him on his lips trying to get him to keep quiet. " I want to do this charles" I said. I pulled his pants down and gasped at the size of him I put my hands on his boxers and started to rub him, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back on the couch "This feels good Deana" he said.

I smiled at him I removed his pants completely tossing it on the floor, he still had his boxers on though. I pulled myself on top of him and began to kiss him again. His lips tasted sweet from the hot chocolate. I was grinding on him now, he let out a soft moan thru his mouth this gave me chills all over, he started to reach for my bra strap so he could un clip it but I pulled his hand away and broke out of the kiss "L-Let me.

Take care. Of you." I repeated breathlessly. I moved off of him and I gave him one more kiss. I was soon rubbing him again.

I slowly started to remove his boxers off of him, and his fully grown erection sprang free.


It was huge about 9 Inches. I gasped at the site of it, I looked up at his face for approval and all he did was smile. I wrapped my hand around it, it barely got around the full thing. I squeezed it slightly and some pre-cum came out, I wiped it off with my thumb and licked it all off."Mmmmm" he moaned. "Ohh did I hurt you?"I said quickly letting go, he grabbed my hand and placed it back on his cock "N-No don't stop" he said.

I started to stroke him slowly, his chest was rising and falling quickly, I moved off the couch and onto my knees not letting go of him.

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He was staring at me "Deana you shouldn't be." I licked the head of his cock and started to suck on it "Uhhh, Fuck" he groaned. He started moving up and down along with my movements.

I removed my mouth from it and started stroking him faster, "Wow charles your huge!" I said. I started to suck on his balls now. He thru his head back against the couch closing his eyes "F-Fuck!" He two brunettes banged by bald dude in the bar for cash threesome reality, "ohh you like that?" I said stroking him faster "uhhhh" he moaned again, he was smooth which made his cock look much bigger than any others I've seen "I haven't felt like this in a while" he said.

I started to lick my way back up to the head of his cock "Ohhh" he moaned, I clipped my hair back and tried my best to fit his full length in my mouth "Ohh Deana" he said I started to suck faster, rubbing his balls while I was at it. "I'm gonna cum" he said trying to sound even, but I didn't stop, I softly cupped his balls I'm my other hand a little "F-F-Fuuuuuck! Uhhhhh! Uhhh!" He shot ropes after ropes of sperm into my mouth, he continued to twitch uncontrollably in my mouth "uhhh" he finally sighed I removed my mouth off of him and swallowed all of it down.

At least he was clean so it didn't taste bad. "How was that?" I said getting up to sit next to him. "T-That was amazing!" He said, "Now let me go down on you" he got up. "N-N-No!" I said pushing him away "I just wanted to help you out" I said, his erection slowly started to relax a little. "Ohh" he said pulling up his pants. It was still raining heavily outside, "well promise me that you won't leave yet, at least until I come back" he said, I just need a shower, I won't take long" he said "O-okay sure, I'll be here" I said "ok" he smiled and left me in the room.

I took a walk around his apartment, it was pretty nice. He had cute baby pictures on the wall I smiled to myself. My phone started to ring, it was my mom, what did she want. "Hello" I said "Oh hey baby! Sorry I couldn't make it home on time, the weathers looking bad from where I am and the weather channel says it will be best for everybody to stay indoors for the next 24h, where you?" She said "oh I'm at charles house." "Good, stay there until the storm clears I'll be back before dinner tomorrow love you!" She hang up before I could say anything.

A few minutes later he stepped out "who was that?"He had nothing but a towel around him, he had a sexy body. I couldn't control myself from wanting to have sex with him, No! I said to myself snap out of it. "Uhhh I-It was my mom" I said "She said she won't be able to make it home tonight cause of the weather. And I don't really wanna go back home alone.M-Mind if I spend the night here?" I said "S-Sure" he said. His body was still soaking from the shower, he had me in a trance for a moment "W-What?

You act like you've never seen somebody naked before" he said turning red. I moved closer to him "Maybe I haven't." I un hooked his towel and it dropped to the floor. He moved closer and wrapped his wet body around me, squeezing me tight and refusing to let go. "Oh my God! Charles let go your wet" I laughed trying to push him away. 'W-What, you know you like it." He lifted me up and squeezed me tighter, he picked me up and layed me on my back on the couch "Would love to stick around, but I actually have to go get changed" he turned around and left me on the couch.

I was completely turned on now so I followed him back into his room, He turned to face me now, "Back for more" he teased covering up his cock. "No I came to watch" Pinay sex dh hidden cam in guest house hongkong moved his hands out of the way. I sat down on his bed. "Hey, you know its not fair for you to only look after me, lady's have needs too." He moved closer and started taking my shirt off "Let me cater to you" he said.

"N-No, I want to keep my top on, I'll only take it off when our hormones aren't in control" I said, he kissed me on my neck and lay me down on my back "Whatever you want miss" he slowly started to pull down my pants, kissing my tummy every time he pulled it down. He tossed them aside and then started removing my underwear he threw it on the floor and stared at me for what seemed like forever, I quickly closed my legs feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Y-Your beautiful Deana" he said while slowly spreading them apart again. He started to kiss me again, then he moved to my neck. Then down to my tummy. Then he paused just before my clit. he took in a deep breath "you smell amazing too" He started to rub my clit, "Ohh charles don't stop" I was grinding into his hand.

He grinned at me "Y-You like that? Wait until you feel what I can do with my mouth" I moaned softly, he kissed me on my cheek, and his focus remained on my clit "I want to make you cum" he whispered into my ears. He kissed me on my neck then lowered him self down till his lips where almost touching mine. He licked me in one stroke all the way up to my clit, this made me twitch in his mouth, I could feel him giggle on me with every single touch, he knew he was good at it.

His breath felt hot against me, making me feel warm all over, I had goose bumps all over me. He continued to lick me up and down, avoiding my clit, stopping just before he touched it then his tongue moved back down. "You like that?" He said. Then I grabbed his head and shoved it back down "uhhhh charles" he giggled to himself but refused to stop.

He then put his finger in me and moved his mouth to my clit "uhhh Fuuuuuck" I said grinding harder on him, he started to finger me and suck on my clit "shit" I grabbed his head and pushed him down on me. "Suck harder" he moaned on me, this gave me chills "Don't stoooop!" He went at it harder and faster moving his tongue in circles on my clit "I'm gonna cuuuuuum" he stopped sucking and sat up, he began to finger fuck me, "I want to see this" he said "cum for me deana" he said pretty lesbian amateur moms toying each other housewives lesbians my cheek then he sat up so he had a clear view.

"Uhhhhhhh! Fuck! Chaaaaaaarles" I yelled as I was brought into a heavy climax squirting all over him. "Uuuuh!" I stoped twitching and started to relax. "I'm so sorry about the mess!" I said "Sorry? That was sexy! I've never seen it happen live before" he said.

"So your not mad?" I asked "Not at all" he got down and licked me clean "uhhhh, fuck!" "How was that?" He said nervously "Incredible! You must have done this before this can't be your first time" he laughed "with my ex" he said "I just hope I made you feel half as amazing as you made me feel" he said pulling me towards him "you hungry?" He asked "Starving"I replied, "well let's get you fed" he said.

I got up and We both got dressed together. It was really late now and the rain hadn't stopped a bit. He made me dinner it was really sweet of him,we ate it in his room,and watched more T.V it was nice having somebody I could talk to, and just feel completely comfortable with. We played monopoly for a bit, then some cards and a bunch of other games. "You look tired" he said "you can use my bed and I'll take the couch" he offered.

"No ways I'm I letting you sleep on the couch, you're sleeping with me!" I said " I was hoping you'd say that" he laughed then got up to lock up and turn off the lights. "I'll join you in a bit mind if I use your shower?" I said "Go ahead" he offered. "I'll lend you my clothes" After I was done I found a clean shirt and fresh boxers neatly folded outside my door, I picked them up and got dressed.

It looked huge on me. I set my clothes aside and slowly walked into his room, he was lying on his bed. "You look beautiful in everything!" He said "really, cause I feel a little weird" my cheeks went red "really" he said.

I crawled onto bed and I lay besides him, he pulled me closer and we cuddled together. We spoke for hours, I couldn't imagine going back home, I just wanted to be in his arms. I felt so safe with him around. We spoke for hours about his ex and my ex and how they'd both be great for each other and how we should introduce them .

We were now spooning, he turned off his bedside light and pulled the blanket over both of us and he wrapped his hand around my waist,I closed my eyes and leaned towards him we just lay there in silence,I could tell he wasn't sleeping yet.I closed my eyes for a bit and he kissed me on my forehead "Goodnight deana" he whispered into my ear, "Goodnight charles" I said.

And we fell asleep like that. To be continued.