Chick gets fingered by gym buddy during work out

Chick gets fingered by gym buddy during work out
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Because I was on the swim team when I arrived for my first year of college I found myself housed in a large dorm building with other athletes. My roommate, Jerry, was on a football scholarship. We got along well together right from the start even though we are polar opposites. I am white and from a small farming community in the upper Midwest and Jerry is black and grew up in a major city in the South. His high school graduating class was nearly three times the size of the entire student body of my school back home.

I weighed 180 pounds and was lean and taut, a typical swimmer's build. Jerry was thick and muscular. We both were 6" 4", but Jerry had to have another 15 to 20 pounds of muscle on his tight body. I already had some discreet experiences of sex with a few guys back home, but none amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment would hold a candle to Jerry. I was in instant lust from the moment we met.

It also didn't help that he liked to hang out in the dorm in just a pair of loose gym shorts. Sometimes when he'd return from the showers, he'd unwrap his towel to slip into some shorts and I'd furtively sneak a peek at his huge cock. He was cut, about ten or so inches, and pretty plump. His ball sac looked large and full. He was the total package and the source of all my jack off fantasies that first week. Then the fateful day finally arrived on our first full weekend at school.

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Jerry was looking for some flier we'd received about a frat party coming up the next night. I reminded him we put it up on the bulletin board on the wall above my bed. I was laying in bed and began to sit up to retrieve it for him. "Don't bother," he said as he crossed the room. "I'll get it." As he stood by the side of my bed, he leaned over to take a closer look at it. He propped his hands on the board as he read the flier. As he did the large mushroom head of his cock poked out of his shorts.

I looked over the top edge of the book I was reading and marvelled at the sight. When Jerry shifted the weight between his legs, his cock poked out even more.

For several seconds I lay there amazed at the sight and nearness of that great cockhead. "So what are you waiting for?" I heard Jerry ask, breaking the silence. I looked up to see his face between his outstretched arms.

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He was eyeing me with a curious smile on his face. "I seen the way you look at me, man. I'm just sayin' it's okay. You wanna suck on my cock, then go for it," Jerry continued. I needed no further encouragement! Throwing my book aside, I reached out, slid my hand up his thick, muscled thigh, under the hem of his shorts and grabbed his cock.

I squeezed his massive meat, feeling its warmth in the palm of my hand. I slowly began to stroke him as he continued to look down at me. After just a few strokes, Jerry pushed himself away, stood up and stripped off his shorts.

I sat up on the edge of my bed. He then stood there buck naked. Without a word being said I again grabbed his massive cock and playfully bounced it in the palm of my hand. "You think you can handle that?" Jerry chuckled.

"Well, I'm sure gonna try," I answered with a hint of skepticism. I leaned slightly forward and, holding that luscious cock at the base, I took the tip of it between my lips. I munched lightly on that huge mushroom head then opened wider to take in more. It didn't take long till I was sloppily working over his thick, tasty cock.

"Yeah, suck that cock!" Jerry encouraged as he put his hands on my shoulders. His cock sex tenn xxx hamster storys beginning to expand and stiffen with the attention from my mouth, lips, and tongue. I was using my fist and mouth to fully worship his still growing cock.

When it was fully coated with saliva, I decided to try and take it all in. As my lips met my fist, I let go of that thick base and forced myself forward.

I felt that mushroom head worming down my throat and that only urged me on. In seconds, my nose was buried in his pubes and I reached around to grab each of his taut ass cheeks. "Damn, son!" Jerry exclaimed. "Choke on that cock!" he added as he put both hands on my head and pulled me in tight against his lower abdomen, swiveling his hips. I then reached for his hips and pushed myself off that monster cock. Taking in a quick gulp of air, I looked up at Jerry.

"You like?" I asked. "Hell, yeah! You got some fuckin' skills, dude," Jerry said. "Now get back on that cock," he commanded. I quickly obeyed and again was all over his tasty cock, bobbing back and forth several times, then slowly taking him balls deep and holding him there for several seconds each time I did. "Oh, yeah, that's it! Suck my cock, dude. Damn, that feels so good," Jerry moaned as I continued working him over - alternating between furious head bobing, then that langorous deep throating.

Several minutes later, Jerry grabbed my head with both hands and began to hump his hips. He was soon wildly face fucking me with his rigid, saliva soaked pole. "Oh shit!. Man, I'm gonna cum!" Jerry exclaimed several minutes later. He then pulled free and began to rapidly jerk his hefty, rock hard cock.

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum, dude. I'm gonna cum!" Jerry repeated. "Feed me," I said. "Gimme that cum!" I answered with my mouth wide open and tongue extended. I began to massage his low hanging balls. The tip of his cock was just inches from my hungry mouth. He put one hand on the top of my head as he pointed himself at my waiting mouth.

Jerry let loose several low grunts then a huge glob of cum spewed out and splashed on my nose, lips, and chin. Jerry directed his cock right at my open mouth and several other spurts of his delicious cum shot right onto my tongue and into the back of my mouth. As the last drizzle of his man juice leaked out, I took his swollen cock between my lips and sucked him in swallowing his delcicious cum load in several gulps. He then used his cock head to wipe up the cum on my face and direct that to my mouth, as well.

Once again I took it in and clamped down on his cock to suck him dry. "Jeez, you are one fucking hot cock sucker!" Jerry exclaimed as he finally pulled free. "You're gonna be one fucking hot roomie," he added as he stepped over to his bed. I'm not sure what time it was, but when I awoke there was still no light of dawn outside. I felt warm and cozy, lying on my stomach.

Squeezing a pillow into the side of my face with both arms, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction. In my grogginess, I suddenly felt a moistness between my legs.

As I looked down I saw Jerry on my bed, his head bent down to my ass cheeks and realized his tongue was working over my exposed rose bud. His hands were spreading me open and his tongue was licking and poking my ass like a true pro. He then realized I had awakened and looked up at me. As his tongue left my ass, I felt him poke a finger inside of me. "Dude, I got the biggest woodie.

Just thinking about that great blow job, I just had to try out this hot, white ass," he said as he dug another finger inside. I squirmed beneath him and just moaned. "Yeah, you need a good fucking, don't you?" he said. "My big black cock is gonna treat this hot ass to a good fuck." "Yeah. Fuck me, Jerry.

Fuck me," I finally responded. I watched as Jerry pulled his fingers free and spat some salive into his palm. As he sat back, I then saw his woodie in all its glory. He was already rock hard and I was not sure if I could take such a monster up my ass.

But I was sure gonna try! Jerry knelt up between my legs and guided himself toward his willing target. When I felt the tip of his massive cock press against me, a chill ran down my spine and I pulled my pillow in tighter.

When he pushed his cock head inside of me, I grit my teeth and clinched my eyes. I felt my insides burning and stretching as Jerry entered my ass with more of his huge cock.

I was groaning low and bracing myself, when Jerry lay down on top of me. "Come on, dude, open that ass. Let me in there," he said into my ear. lesbian teens oiling and kissing on webcam, Oh god!" I grunted. "Come on. Relax. man. I'm not even half way in," Jerry said. I felt his hands worm beneath my stomach, then move down to grasp between my legs.

As he did, he let out a low moan and forced even more of that hot cock inside of me. "Damn, you got one hot, tight boy pussy, dude. This is gonna be one hot fuck," Jerry said.

As he continued to shove himself up inside of me, I continued to grunt and moan. When I finally felt his ball sac on my ass, Jerry grabbed onto my thighs even tighter and began to grind his hips.

His massive cock had me fully stretched and my pain suddenly exploded into a feeling of intense ecstasy. As he began to pull out and slowly push back in, a low moan of pleasure escaped my lips. "Yeah! Yeah! Take my cock, bitch. Take it all," Jerry exclaimed. Then, with his cock fully buried up inside of me, he grabbed my hips and rolled over on his side, taking me with him.

With one hand under my top, inner thigh, he hoisted my leg up and began to fuck me in ever increasing thrusts of his thick, burning hot cock. His other hand reached for the side of my face and turned it toward him. His mouth found mine and he jabbed his tongue between my lips. We swapped spit and kissed passionately as Jerry sleeping0mom fucky his son uncensored xstorys that hot ass invasion.


As he broke off that hot kiss, Jerry buried his face on the nape of my neck. I reached for my own cock and began to feverishly jerk off as Jerry was now plowing in and out of me in wild abandon. "Yeah, take my cock, dude. Damn this is one fucking hot ass," Jerry groaned.

With his sure, gut wrenching thrusts continuing to tear in and out of my anxious ass, it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. "Oh! Oh, yeah!


I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" I grunted. As my orgasm exploded, a load of cum spewed out onto the sheets. Still Jerry was going to town on my burning ass. With heavy, deep thrusts and unbelievable stamina, he continued wildly fucking me. "Yeah! Yeah! I'm gonna breed this pretty white ass, dude. My big black cock is gonna pump a shit load of cum in this tight ass, bitch," Jerry said.

"Damn! Damn! This is one fucking hot ass!" he added as he reached a phenomenal orgasm. I could feel his warm cum spewing inside of me as Jerry continued to plow into me. "Yeah! Yeah!," Jerry grunted as his cock filled me with a thick load of cum.


His mouth found mine again and we began another hot, passionate kiss. As out lip lock broke, Jerry fell back and his cock, finally sated, pulled free. I could feel drivels of cum flow out over my swollen lips. Jerry was on his back behind me. He then grabbed the back of my head. "Clean my cock, bitch!" he demanded as he milf penetrated in both holes with fingers some pressure to the back of my head.

I quickly repositioned myself and soon had his now softening cock between my lips. Tastiing our sex as I sucked him inside. "Yeah, suck that cock. Get all of that cum," Jerry sighed with one hand on the back of my head. I dutifully drained his beautiful cock and swallowed down every last drop of his warm man juice. When I finished him off, I, too, lay back on the bed. Jerry pulled me to him and we snuggled up with his strong arms enveloping me.

It was then that I noticed the first light of dawn breaking through the window. Jerry ran his hand down my back and grabbed one of my ass cheeks. "Like I said last night, you're gonna be on fuckin' hot roomie," he said as he then playfully slapped my ass and raised himself up.

As we got ready to face the new day, I had visions of getting some regular fucks from my new roomie.