Crunch tv xxx indiya downlod

Crunch tv xxx indiya downlod
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When I was about 9 years old my parents got divorced. My Dad took it really hard. We had always been a pretty good family unit but my Mother had always been kind of naggy, which then turned to bitchy and soon my parents became more distant but apparently my Dad never thought they would split up.


My Brother and I decided to stay with our Dad. Even being as young as we were we knew to cut our Dad a lot of slack, and at first for a while he seemed to have a normal mopey and sad demeanor for just getting divorced. Then as we got older he started to act more frustrated but it was like he was angry beneath the surface not directed at us or anyone in particular but it was there.

We would hear him grunting in his room in an angry kind of tone.

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We grew more and more concerned, but ultimately we had things on our own plate. Such as puberty, I had heard my brother in his room at night and I had just started to jerk the jerky myself.

We were a very conservative family but things were soon to change. My Brother and I were about 13 at this point and it wasn't long after we had started masturbating that my dad noticed we kept our room doors closed more and one day he just came right out while we were eating dinner and asked us "are you guys masturbating?" We nodded and he said lets finish up, then I think I can help bring us closer as a family and have fun in the process.

We sat down on the couch and waited for my Dad to come out of busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick room. He brought something out and put it down in the living room in front of us. "What is it?" my brother asked. "It's a fake ass! Custom mounted to a walker!" my Dad exclaimed, proud of its design. "I got a fake ass from the porn shop it's just the hips portion of a woman, see just the ass, asshole, and pussy.

I mounted it to the middle of a walker so you can stand up hold the handles and shove your dick into one of the holes." he continued. "Wow!" I heard myself saying. "What you do is put the walker over the toilet or a garbage can. The back of the fake ass opens up and the very tip of your cock sticks out, so when you shoot…" My brother interrupted my Dad's train of thought with, "It goes into the toilet with no clean up!" "Yes and now that you boys are old enough we can all share it and you can take your sexual frustrations out on this thing." My Dad stated.

With that he said "Everyone strip down!" as he took off all of his clothes.


When all of us were naked we sized each other up. My Dad had an 8inch cock that went straight out it was shaved so it looked huge especially to a 13year old. The head was a dark purple and ribbed with thick veins.

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His ball sack was taught most of the time brett rossi loves blacked raw hi res it hung it really showed off his huge balls. I saw him looking at our dicks. They were both about 4 and a half inches for now but our balls were already almost the same size as our Dads, our small sacks looked like they were stretched to the max with those huge balls to carry around in them.

My Dad smiled and massaged our balls as he said "Wow those things probly shoot out a good amount of cum!" My Dad noticed our dicks throb hard when he touched our balls so he said "Lets all go for a turn, you first." My Dad pointed at me.

I wasn't nervous at all, I walked up to the fake ass, there was a bottle rack on the walker that held the lube bottle so I squirted some lube on the pussy part, replaced the bottle and proceeded to grab the handles of the walker and push my dick into the pussy. It felt cold and rubbery at first but after a few thrusts I was in heaven. As I got into it more and the walker was rocking and moving I accidentally kicked the garbage can out of the way my brother kneeled down to move it back into position but it was too late.

I thrust in deep and let out a long deep moan, my cock twitched and jerked in the tight silicone grip of the toy. I leaned forward to catch my breath still balls deep in the toy. As I looked over the front of the walker I saw my brother his back and hair were covered in my cum.

While I hadn't intended for that to happen it was hot to see my own brother covered in my warm sploosh.

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My Brother stood there looking mad. "I'll have to owe you one brad" I laughed. After my brother toweled off his back and hair he was still rock hard and moved into position.

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The hole was already lubed and wet so he slid in to his balls on the first stroke. As I watched my brother pump the sextoy I thought of a way I could pay him back for cumming all over him. I kneeled down behind him and started to play with his balls. His ass clenched and he turned around to look at me, then just continued pumping but started to groan louder. Then I smacked his butt cheek then the other slut milf brandi fucking hunk teen and her lesbian gf threesome and pornstar back and forth while I massaged his balls with the other hand.

After only a few smacks on the butt he held deep and nearly screamed as I watched him shoot into the garbage can from below. "Where did that come from?" he asked in a breathless voice. "I think that was the favor he owes you." My Dad said startling both of us. We had forgotten he was still watching all this.

Which bring us to his turn. He looked at both of us and said "Watch how a man fucks boys." Then proceeded to shove his cock into the toy, I'm surprised it fit without tearing the silicone.

Immediately he began to fuck the toy as fast as he could. "RRrrraaaAAAhhhHH…rRRRraaaaAAhhHHH…" It looked like the walker was going to fall apart, it was creaking so much. RRrrraaaAAAhhhHH…rRRRraaaaAAhhHHH…" The fake ass was rippling every time my Dad's cock bottomed out. As my Dad bottomed out the entire head of my father's fat dripping cock stuck out the bottom of the toy. The ridge on my Dad's cockhead stuck out at least a half inch from his veiny shaft so everytime he pulled back out of the toy the fat ridge of his cockhead would catch on the back of the sextoy and almost rip the fake ass from its mounts on the walker.

My brother and I watched stunned as our father fucked that poor toy like it was the last fuck of his life. His muscles ripples and sweat was pouring off of him as he panted profusely.

Then when he came he let out an "AAAAHHH…AAAHHHH…AAAHHH… AAAAHHH…AAAHHHH…AAAHHH." in perfect timing with his spurts. We stared at his cockhead that stuck out the bottom of the sextoy as it throbbed and shot, throbbed and shot, throbbed and shot.

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Then he slid from the toy and layed down on his back his cock still twitching around on his stomach leaving dabs of cum around his belly button. My brother and I sat down on the couch and fell asleep as my dad was soon snoring where he lied on the floor. The toy still dripping into the can.