Gorgeous amateur gets it good on a picnic

Gorgeous amateur gets it good on a picnic
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Megan got herself into trouble when she drove drunk to the dentist. Shaneequa was passed out so Megan decided to leave. She goes to the worst juvenile hall in the country. She feels horrible without drugs. A girl named Tarea hates her. Tarea is tall, freckled, green eyed, fat, black haired, half Latina half Irish, and had big fists.


The first day in, Megan is held upside down by the girls and has her head dunked in a toilet bowl filled with shit, piss and used tampons. The dunk is for hazing purposes and she must stay in for a minute. Tarea sticks her big fist in and out of Megan's asshole.

They discover Megan's cock and she is an instant legend. The minute passes and Megan is let out. In a bold move she licks the shit of her face and swallows it. When all the girls leave, she pukes all over the walls. In the lunch room she likes to masturbate. She loves eating chocolate pudding and telling stories about her school. She listens to many stories of other girls. Like Amber got beaten by her father so badly she went deaf temporarily.

And Danielle had a 4 year wild student sex friends party on friday th scene daughter when she was only 12. That night she sticks both of her hands and feet inside girl's pussies. She also beats everybody at video games and basketball. Tarea fouls her one day. Megan is cut under her left breast. She rubs the blood on Tarea's shirt. Tarea moons her with a big crusty ass that has a tattooed bumble bee across it.

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She farts and Megan almost faints at the smell of skunk spray, urine, burnt toast, rotting meat, limburger, and egg salad. The smell is powerful and can be sensed all over Texas. Megan continues to play. Megan wins eleven to zero like all the other games. Tarea's position was usurped by Megan. Tarea vows revenge. At lunch Tarea throws a bean burrito at Megan. Megan is infuriated and punches Tarea in the throat and farts in her mouth.

She punches Tarea in the face. After gym class Megan fucks her bunk mate Alice. Her name is the same as her mother. Alice has a nice pussy and good boobs.

Her pussy is colored like grape jelly and has pus filled bumps all over it. It looks like someone beat it. Alice is just scarred by every VD except AIDS/HIV. They fuck in the shower and rub soap on each other's asses and boobs. The other girls masturbate while they watch the oddity.


Megan pulls out her huge uncircumcised cock and jacks off. Alice gets down licking the tip of the cock while Megan takes a big diarrhea shit again. The shit is mainly composed of turnips and pudding. Alice stuck her hand in Megan's ass and grabs a ball of shit. She fucked her up the pussy.

Alice is pregnant. Feeling they should be intimate. Megan asks her about herself. Alice says her mother was in prison and she was named after her.

Megan gradually pieces together the fact that she is Alice's sister. They now have an inbred baby together.

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They contemplate what they've done. Eventually they decide they should still fuck. Shaneequa's children are gone. She has nowhere to go. She leaves to a convent but decides they are too uptight. She meets Aurelia. Aurelia is a porn actress. She is in the most violent porn conceived. She is currently starring in a movie based on the Marquis de Sade. She decides Shaneequa would be perfect for the role. She auditions and gets the male lead. She tortures and fucks people all day for the roll. The movie is released and is a smash hit.

Shaneequa uses the money to hire a man to find the children. She hires Thomas Reeve. Reeve knows Irvine. Irvine was his friend. They were both detectives until Reeve and Irvine clashed on the amount of violence they should use.

They left and decided to start his own business. Reeve finds that Megan is in a juvenile detention center. He still has no idea where Petey is. Shaneequa is nominated for a golden globe for her performance. Megan sees her in juvie on the TV of Leland the guard. She then decides to become a lunch lady at the place that Megan is being held.

Leland is a tall black man who enjoys molesting the in mates. He fingers girl during shake downs and frisks. He has a gigantic penis that could even rival Megan's.

He tortures one unfortunate girl and planted evidence to make it look like she is dead. She is named Teresa. Leland fucks many asses every day. He beats the inmates badly. He likes Megan because she is more threatening. He makes her leader of the pack. Megan commanded many to do her bidding. She talks to Shaneequa and fucks her crazily. She was vulgar to many. She spat and puked on many to scare them. She asks a girl to put 3 piercings in her cock.

She once again builds an army of tough girls to fight the others. Her girls fight Tarea's. One of Megan's girls dies. The girl is Tammy. Tammy gets bitch slapped and gets her neck broken. Tarea's best fighter loses an eye when Megan retaliates.

The girls are forced to apologize, but Megan hides the eye in her ass. Megan puts laxatives and ipecac in all the girls Jamaican chicken patties the day afterwards. They all puke and shit. One is hospitalized. That night Leland snuck into Megan's cell and fucked her. He stuffed a nightstick brunette shoplifter gets her cavities searched by horny investigator her asshole.

She moaned. He got on top and shoved his dick in her ass and then he gave her a facial. He tied his cock around hers and made out with her. He poured milk on her boobs and squirted half a bottle of lotion up her ass.

She shits it out into his hand. She releases a warm log into his hand and green bottles circle around.

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The next day Megan is diagnosed with Hepatitis A. She is revealed to have slept with Leland. The girls only know. Alice now seven months pregnant resents her for this. Soon the VD is gone and two more of Megan's girls are lost. Tarea secretly bribed Leland to kill the girls by way of rape.

Both of the girl's vaginas were swollen heavily and bleeding. Leland rapes Megan again, takes her hepatitis shit and feeds it to the girl he tortured and pushes Alice down the stairs to kill the baby.

Leland tied up Megan's boobs until they were purple. Then he punched her eye until it was swollen shut. Then he came on her face and fucked her so hard her rectum prolapsed.

Then he made her lick a rusty spoon while shocking her urethra with electrodes. He sits on her face and points a gun at her heart. He smacks her tits and makes her swallow his spit. That same night, Alice gives birth prematurely and the baby has a condition called teratoma. It comes out feet first, so Megan, recovering from a brutal rape, pushes it in and takes it out. It has a gigantic gray tumor on its genitals. It's a girl. Alice's pussy had to be partially cut open to deliver the baby.

Tarea stomps its tumor, killing it and threatens Shaneequa's life. Tarea relinquishes Megan's mom after sucking some of her blood. Megan goes to the tortured girl downstairs and shoots her in the chest two and a double barrel shotgun.

The girl is alive and she beats her to death with the big daddy fucking boy hard of it. This is the hardest night of Megan's life.

Shaneequa finds Irvine who killed Reeve by garroting him in front of his own mother and father. He then shot the mother and father in the face. Shaneequa holds him at gunpoint with a shotgun. They go over their sordid pasts. Shaneequa tells of how her family resented her because of her testicles. Her testicles were actually in her chest but then receded to the scrotum. She had no penis. But during the gulf war and soldier was shot in the chest and he died.

He was an organ donor and she asked for his penis. The man was hell hung at eight inches. Irvine recollects the fact that when he was little his six sisters abused him and he poured tar on them and burned them together. He then decapitated a swan and burned it with them. Irvine reveals that he sent a letter to Petey claiming his family was dead.

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Petey recovers with a new face. His eyes, nose and lips are the same.

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But some changes were made to the cheeks and forehead. His hair changes from brown to jet black. He sees the note left by Irvine and is devastated but he wonders who Megan was. It ava koxxx milf boy xxx him 5 months to recover, so this happened 4 months before Megan's baby. He sprayed IV fluid at the nurse and left after groping her tits. Petey leaves the hospital to train. He meets girl named Inez.

Inez is legless luchador fan. Petey had slimmed down some and looked good in his suit. He saw Inez and instantly fell in love. She pursued him after his practice and introduced herself. They go on a date. She brings him home to her eccentric parents.

Hector is a stage actor and his wife Nancy is a critic. They have a series of awkward conversations with each other. The parents ask about his family and he reveals he has none. They take him in and fatten him up to be a luchador. He gains 3 inches to his waistline in no time.

He then faces Angel again. This time he punches Angel in the face. Angel falls and Petey elbows his sternum, crushing it. He then threw Angel into the stands. Angel gets up and performs a flying kick on Petey. He kicks Petey's face. Petey looses a tooth. Inez uses a climbing wheelchair to get in the ring. Angel grabs her and throws her out.

Petey gives Angel a kick in the balls that destroys them. Howling in pain Angel falls. Petey puts his foot on Angel's head. Marco appears out of the shadows to tell Angel to fight dirty. He had been doing it all along to get back at Petey. Marco thinks Petey tried to kill him. Petey kicks Angel in the nose. He jumps over the ring and asks Marco why he did it. Marco spits in his face.


They fight for about 20 minutes. While Marco is down Petey takes a dark and chunky shit on his back. He claims they could have had good relationship. Just then Marco takes a gun and shoots Petey in the shoulder. Marco shoots five other attendees killing everyone except Petey. Inez survives by hiding. He takes Petey to a meeting for Neo-Nazis and realizes that the Nazis took him in as one of their own. The hate group plans to blow up an experimental school in Mexico for gay and lesbian students.

He then tries to dehumanize Petey. He tells Petey to forget about everything as they blow up the school. He marches him through a desert. He shows where Petey buried him. He plans to push Petey in and cover his grave with a large rock. He makes a speech about his betrayal and points a gun at Petey he fires a Petey's shin. Petey falls. The gun is pointed to his head. Then Marco gives Petey a tourniquet so he won't bleed to death. He then gets a rabid badger and throws it on him.

The badger tears open his throat. Marco takes the badger. The tourniquet is so tight around is shoulders his throat bleeds less. Marco then finger rapes Petey. He breaks out and steals Marco's gun he shoots Marco's ball off. He puts Marco in a headlock and shatters his face. He then takes an ice pack and squeezes the contents into Marco's mouth. Then he takes a bicycle pump and sticks it in his vein. He puffs in it killing Marco. Megan plans revenge on Tarea and Leland. Silmultaneously to Petey's attempt at revenge, she grabs Tarea and rapes her.

Then she sticks her foot in Tarea's ass. Then she cuts off her big breasts and throws the fat against the wall. She takes the inside of one nipple and sucks it like a pacifier. Then she makes Tarea do the same thing with yo girl kissing and fucks her step dad in his bedroom second.

Then she beats her face in. She grabs Leland and straps him to a wood cutter. She confiscates his child porn. She faces his head away so he must endure a long cutting. She takes a .50 magnum and shoots Tarea's pussy off.

Tarea defecates onto the ground. Megan rubs the shit in her destroyed pussy. She cuts out Leland's tongue and feeds it to Tarea. She turns on the wood cutter which she lets slice Leland all the way to his belly button. She then pours soil on Leland's wounds. She breaks his nose.

Then she stretches the skin on Tarea's cheek. She then takes Tarea's platinum necklace and melts it. She pours the platinum down Leland's throat. She comes in Tarea's wounds and has vaginal sex with her.

She pokes Tarea's eyes and punches Leland in the face and cuts off his right arm. Then she leaves them in the basement locked after stuffing a Granny Smith apple in both of their ass's. Leland was the only one with the key. She turned the air conditioner on cool to chill their bleeding bodies.

She put in a web cam to look on a computer how big tit sex with her own son are doing.

Leland dies first. Tarea takes a few days before Megan gets bored. Megan goes down the stairs again and shoots Tarea with a Mauser pistol in the back of the head.

Tarea is on the brink of death when Megan finally shoots her again in the nose. Megan takes a fire extinguisher and beats her with it upside the head. Megan places a slug in her nostril, lemon juice in her wounds and leaves. Tarea is still alive. Also at the same time, Shaneequa angrily fires at Irvine's stomach, torso and thighs 5 times sending him out of a window. It was just said that Irvine is Petey's father.

Irvine mentions that Petey is in Mexico. He falls out the window and bashes his head against the concrete. Having killed the world's most office babes raven bay and kenna lesbian in the breakroom murderer, she is pardoned for her past offense.

She decides to bust Megan out. They leave incognito. They leave Alice. Megan tells her about how Alice could be her sister and Shaneequa's daughter. She ignores it. Feeling guilty they go back for Alice. Alice holds onto to Megan's cock when she falls. Just as the cock was about to be ripped from its base they land safely. Alice falls in a bear trap. She dies. Megan cries over her and has sex with her.

She eats out the pussy and licks it. She drinks her own tears while she has rough sex with the demented pussy.