Big boss xxx story download

Big boss xxx story download
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The night was still young, except for me. Except for the many creatures of the night that fed on the life blood of humans. My cock was practically begging for release, after having ridden and drained my first meal of the night. Now I yearned to do the breaking and riding. I may even let this one keep his life.


Not. He rounded the corner, not even knowing why he did. He was sober, unlike the first - a rough, tattooed, muscular Latin boy of 24. This one couldn't have been older than 17. He was a very slender emo twink.

Like me, he was pale. But where golden hair draped my shoulders, he had short and spiky black hair, with flashy red and blue hair dye covering the tips. He looked like a piece of cotton candy from the forehead up. I couldn't believe my luck. Actually, I couldn't believe my enchanted neon sign (which read "Fang Alley Bar") worked so well.

This poor thing will wish he never stepped out of his door tonight. "What am I doing here?" he asked himself.

Why, indeed? I stepped from the shadows and began to spin my mind numbing power around him. He looked at me like he couldn't understand what he was seeing. I pulled apart my cloak. The moonlight bounced off my pearly skin, my fully erect eight inches of slender meat, my shiny pink nipples - I loved my body, and I don't think I needed to make him love it too. Even the blood around my lips and neck, and dripping down my legs from my royally fucked asshole gave me a shocking erotic appeal.

I could feel his lust and fear. "W-who are you? What happened to you? Do you need help?" Good grief, a chatterbox. What a mood-killer. I exerted force into his mind and he got dizzy. "What I need is your lips around my cock, little boy," I grinned maliciously. He shook his head like he couldn't believe what I said, but his feet stepped forward and his knees came down. He grabbed my shaft and I purred to see his puffy lips with black lipstick cover the bright red mushroom cap of my shaft.

He sucked and I moaned. He flicked his tongue over my piss slit and I stroked his hair, hissing in appreciation. He groaned with enjoyment, and I smiled. He then began to move up and down my shaft, taking an teen minx kiara night gets her pussy beaten up per drop, until he was facefucking himself on my shaft.

"Oh! Oh!


Oh! Yeah, baby! Suck on my cock, you're doing so good. Oh, DAMN! Take it all down that slutty throat and get ready for my load, bitch!" He was such a good little cocksucker, I figured he deserved a treat. I grabbed his head and slammed into his jaw, his body too slack to fight back but he did gag, the convulsion cramping against my cold, dead cock.

What a turn on. I moaned as I began to dump 7 shots of my thick, cold seed down his throat. I pulled back and he sucked greedily on the last few pops, followed by a very long dribble of it. His mouth was full of my undead cream as I pulled him up to my lips. We French kissed, sharing my cum between us. I loved Vampire magic, it tasted so sweet compared to the acrid saltiness I had in life.

His lipstick smeared against my own lips, and I jabbed his tongue with my fangs and tasted his blood. He this scene is taking place as the girls are gettin tube porn like allspice, and suddenly memories of Christmas ham flowed through my mind. What a strange sensation. I shoved him up against the wall and he gasped.

"Wh-what?" I kissed him fiercely, sucking the droplets from his tongue. So many good feelings filled me. I needed to drink from the source, so I pulled away. He whined, trying to kiss me more. I kissed his neck and licked, soliciting a moan. The saliva numbs the pain.

I'm not completely cruel. Heh heh, yes I am. He screamed when he felt my fangs driving into him, despite the saliva. I left him too clear-headed and he was shaking through it quickly. He tried to fight me off, but my strength was far too much and his will bending to mine as waves of lust and pleasure were washing over his body.

His mind still knew what was happening was wrong, but something that feels this fantastic is impossible to fight. As for me, so many sensations long-dead were reawakened in me. The taste of allspice and the memories of Christmas and warmth and life flooded through me.

The blood was phenomenal, and I hated how much I loved it. "Please." he faintly begged and I burrowed my fangs deeper and sucked harder, gulping and gulping, "Ohhh fuck, yes! No." Huge feasts were spread before my eyes while so many flavors danced on my tongue. No, I couldn't kill this one but I couldn't stop myself. "I beg you. let me go.," something snapped in me. For one, brief, moment, I felt mercy. I eased my grip on his wrists.

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I stopped sucking down what must have been half of his blood and licked his wounds until the saliva's magic closed them. I stared into his eyes and exerted my will into him. "Do you want to live?" "Yes, please!" he whispered. "Then shut the fuck up and follow me." I pulled him through the door into the bar, away from prying eyes.

I threw him onto the already cold body of the hot Latino boy I drained earlier. He looked at the body in absolute terror but he could not disobey me. "Take off your clothes, bitch," I spat at him. I despised him for making me show him mercy. He obeyed in a flash, not knowing why he couldn't stop himself. The room was cold and his nipples were very erect, but despite the chill his cock was rock hard and he was embarrassed. Smiling at my victim, I loomed over him, my cloak still wrapped around me.

"Get on all fours. Cry as much as you like, no one will hear." He tried to resist, and it only slowed down the inevitable. In seconds, he was on all fours, his ass facing me.

He was quivering and on the verge of tears. My cock was smeared with saliva and some blood and his ass, I could tell, was still virgin. "I'm gonna pop your cherry, and you're never going to forget it," I smiled wickedly as he whined and let his head hang low. I parted his cheeks and my head touched that tight little bud. If he was going to live, I wanted him to suffer forever.

His scream as I ripped his ass in half rattled my bones and made me groan. He was so. fucking. TIGHT! Savagely ramming into his ass, feeling the tight cushions of muscle and the glide of his blood felt amazing on my cock. Death may dull the nerves but nothing like taking a sweet cherry while the body lay screaming and crying beneath you can make a vampire feel so alive again!

I swear, my heart pumped a beat as my whole body throbbed and unleashed stream after stream of my icy seed deep into his bowels. He would always have a cold gem of my essence inside of him, and I promised myself that this deliriously hot, tight, little ass would be raped by my eight inch rod again.

I shoved myself into his cramped little hole a few more times, and alluring cookie slamming session hardcore and european whined so miserably. Eventually, my cock deflated and I presented myself to his face. I grabbed his hair and made him swallow my cock and clean it. He nearly puked, but kept it down like a good slave.

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When he was done, I leaned in and bit into his neck and sucked out a few final gulps of dessert, leaving the holes open as I kissed him, his blood on my lips. He actually moaned at my kiss and reciprocated, which shocked me. I could feel his pleading and despair and arousal.

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His cock was hard, but too bad, I was satisfied. I pulled my wrist to my lips and bit, drawing a small amount of blood. I placed my wrist to his lips and once he understood, he sucked on it charming gorgeous teen serves a hard cock. Vampire's blood is incredibly addicting. He would have horrible cravings for it again before long, and only mine will satisfy.

"You are my blood slave. I will always be able to find you, and you will be able to find me when the craving hits you. Come back here, and you know what you will endure and I swear, in due time, my little pet, you will love it." I smiled wickedly and consumed him with my cloak. Dulling his senses I dragged him through the night and the shadows onto a darkened bench where I knew he'd find his way home and vanished into the darkness. I had yet another body to dispose of, and this one was probably not going to come back anytime soon, begging to be fed from and fucked senseless.

Such was one of my first nights in Fang Alley.